Leukorrhea [White Discharge], An Ayurveda Approach

Leukorrhea (Leucorrhoea) or white discharge is a common complaint amongst women. Modern system of medicine has no effective remedy for the said problem,. Most of the time a prophylactic Anti-Bacterial or Anti-Fungal treatment is initiated which reduces the problem but does not prevent recurrence. Much emphasis is given on hygiene conditions [true to some point] in terms of lifestyle and sex.  It is important to know that Leukorrhea must not be confused with the vaginal mucous which is normal. It acts as a disinfectant and also provides lubrication to the soft genital tissue during an sexual intercourse. The discharge often increases before menstruation and just before an orgasm.  The Leukorrhea discharge generally has a free flow sometimes ranging from milk like constitution to being semi-transparent causing intense itching and burning, often leaving a stain on clothes.  In my clinical practice , I have observed that most women who complain of back pain, loss of appetite, mood swings, recurrent urinary tract infections, joint pains often report a history of chronic Leucorrohea.  Continue reading