Decoding Vedic Astrology

Astrology has its own love hate relationships. A very respected person from field of science once said to me, “If 1/2 of the world believes in Astrology, that does not make Astrology valid“. I could understand his predicament because the converse may also apply  that If rest half of the world does not believe in Astrology then they stand invalid. If we look at the reasons why Astrology is not considered as a serious option by many and as mere form of entertainment or anxiety is because of the way its concepts and ideas are viewed. Predicting events through astral charts, using some attractive stones to alter and influence thoughts etc; are often subjected to ridicule. Questions like
Why does a huge planet like Jupiter is seeking out just me?
How can the sun just identify me ?“;
Is the saturn fed up with his rings that he is meddling in my business ?
may have been a part of conversations and humorous discussions in many lives. So let us try and evaluate these concepts from a logical point of view.  Continue reading


Breast Cancer, An Ayurveda Approach


Breast cancer in simple terms can be explained as abnormal growth of breast cells due to rapid rate of division than the healthy cells. Breast apparatus in women consist of milk ducts located on the inner inning of breast tissue and lobules which supply milk to these ducts. The ones occurring at the ducts are known as Ductal cancers [most common] while those at lobules known as lobular cancers.


Our body sustains itself by continuously growing new cells and expending old ones. Cancers occurs in cells when their life-process undergoes mutations or in simple words untoward changes which disrupt their ability to grow, reproduce or die. Normal cells divide and replicate as many times as needed and stop.  Continue reading