With fast paced lives, urbanization’s, and technological advances, many disorders are now understood in a different way, evaluated on different levels. The art of treating the body as a whole is fast disappearing and specialization is taking deep roots. Add to this quick gratification to suit modern styles, different aspects of diet, nutrition ; various therapy modes can be too intimidating and confusing. Of all health problems, women disorders are more complicated as each women has to go through various hormonal upheavals each cycle which is influenced by her social and physical life. Ayurved as a science has deep rooted philosophy in understanding each life form with respect to its evolution and social and material changes it adapts itself too in various era and providing solutions for a better quality of life. It is said that One cannot preserve the body, but utilize it to the full” and thats what Ayurved aims to achieve. This blog gives an open perspective to various women disorders from a whole body analysis, about how pathologies work in response to social and material lives, what options are available to better them and what one needs to do on core levels to get complete control. The blog along with health articles also discusses certain core issues regarding myths, beliefs related to women and ancient traditions especially related to India and their applications for better life.

I hope reading these article may help you gain various insights into complexities of human body and how we abuse it for our preconceived gains and notions. I wish through this blog  I may be able to serve and help as many women towards good health choices and a vision oriented lifestyle which imparts happiness, fun, creative satisfaction and peace


For women more interested in Ayurved and its medicines , I would like to inform about National Library of Ayurveda Medicine [NLAM], a first of its kind online database of Ayurveda which gives analytical and statistical information on Ayurveda medicines and as of now has information about 1300 classical formulations with references to over 700 plants and 60 treatises in an effort to standardize Ayurveda and create consumer awareness.

NLAM  further provide FREE  online Ayurveda courses through NLAM Education in a unique and rich audio-visual format for enthusiasts. One can also watch all NLAM videos about Ayurved at the NLAM Youtube channel


Readers please take note, the aim pof this blog is to educate women about health issues, available options and correct approach towards solving them. Remedies mentioned in articles are for general use and one must use them with discretion. Though being safe, if one benefits from it it is always advisable to seek supervised help if one wishes to continue with the protocol

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    • Hello Vasanthi

      Yes you can delay them and also prevent further if you follow the Ayurveda cycle and its application as mentioned in this post. Also if possible if you find results consult a good Ayurveda physician near you to understand the protocol and imbibe it. There is no one stop solution. You ahve to undertake a protocol till you attain menopause to have minimal damage.

      Also a small remedy is to mix coriander leaf juice with Multani Mitti and apply to your hair. after it dries wash of the hair and apply pure coconut oil. Do this for a month and your grey hair will reduce. Please repost your comments if found useful for benefit of all

  1. deari sir,
    i am suffaring from 3 misscarej and 2 abortion in 4 n 5 mounth.my genetic reports r normal , what i do?

    • Hello

      In brief I can explain the problem as such that , child bearing is quantified by the body. If a womens body feels that in conceiving a child or sustaining it would be endangering her resources it will not let it grow. Its basic theory of survival. The reports may show no abnormilities because they are just reference ranges. It like 10 houses require 10 bags of grains each and you provide 100 bags to the administrator. However there is no guarantee that the administrator may distribute it evenly

      Similarly in your case you need to fortify your reproductive system for at least 3-4 menstrual cycles with Ayurveda herbs and diet befoer taking a conception chance. After conception again for 4 months you have to take herbs to fortify the fetus. This can be done under supervision and you can refer an Ayurveda physician near you for the same

      However till then follow the tips mentioned in the articles here

      Eat at regular times. Do not et after sunset. Take any of the decoctions of Shatvari mentioned in the articles. Also stay away from brinjals, chilli, excessive salt. Do this for 3 menstrual cycles. once you conceive you can revert back here for further instruction

      However i would still recommend to consult an Ayurveda physician near you for optimum results

    • As mentioned in the article, PCOS requires a treatment where first eggs are produced naturally and secondly they have the quality to sustain full term pregnancy. So the treatment which will address both problems is the best treatment. As you know in a women with no disorders eggs only form once a month , so to address PCOS where no eggs form, it cannot be a short therapy

      You can safely follow the guidelines mentioned in the article which amy help you. The article is put forth to make everyone aware of the immense benefit of Ayurveda in addressing such disorders. On a deep level i would suggest to visit an Ayurveda physician near you and follow his guidelines to have a complete cure

  2. Internet is a source of information and knowledge. But there are so many sites in net which are nothing but gibberish. But when I visit your site – I felt that – in net there are lots of sites (like this) from where I can get lot of information too. And if I say truly – your site is fantastic. I’ve bookmarked your site in my browser; I hope in future days I’ll get more valuable information from your site.

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am 57yrs old female.My menopause phase was very painful with lot of bleeding,irregular periods,pain in uterus,etc.Now,everything has stopped.I have not removed the uterus inspite of doctors recomm it.
    I am suffering from Hypothroid since three yrs & taking Eltroxin 50mg.
    Since Three years,my main problem is Intolerance to chill & cold,be it peak summer or winter
    I always wear warm clothes,glouse,sox, chappel.
    My Feet becomes chill,numbness,tingling feeling.
    Suddenly,i will start sweating.Always Intolerant to Fan & a/c.
    Disturbed night sleep. Having Sinus problem,ear & tooth pain.
    I do yoga regularly,learnt from a Guru.
    Kindly suggest a remedy.

    • Hello

      Your problems are compounded by Thyroid anomalies and also not reaching a proper menopause which happens with proper relaxation of hormones. Remember just having a proper pathological report does not ensure your thyroid hormone is synthesized properly. Also you have to monitor for Thyroid antibodies, a point majorly overlooked in Thyroid treatments and have a graph of your findings every 3 months with both Panel 1 and 2 testing.

      Now coming back to solutions, you need to regularize your life by getting early, sleeping early, eating at regular times, not sleeping during day time., and not eating after sunset. Reduce your salt intake , intact prepare your food without salt , add salt from above [by mixing in water, use saindhav salt]. Stay away from peas, peanuts, curds, green chillies, rice, sea food [completely, do not even eat food that has these things].

      For medicines you can start with a preparation called “Dashmoolarishta]. Take 10ml dilute with 30ml warm water , add 5ml of castor oil [warm]. have it two times a day empty stomach [in morning first have eltroxin than after 15 minutes this]. Do not eat 1hr after this medicines. If you start getting loose motions reduce the dose of castor oil

      This will slowly fortify your lifestyle and symptoms. If you find some relief, consult an Ayurveda physician for better personalized long term solution

  4. Dear Sir/Madam

    Is there any number/address you can be contacted at? Please let me know as I would require some consultation about my condition.

    Thank you

  5. Please advise on ayurveda treatment for hand eczema. I have had this for the last 9 months. on my hands. Steroid creams and oils (sesame/Coconut) and oatmeal lotions suppress it but it does not go away. I live in warm climate (Florida, USA) and this flares up more when weather changes suddenly. Dermatologist said its likely due to detergents ( I am usually careful and use mild kind) or stress (that I do have but I handle it well).

    I thinks its due to sweat or auto immune deficiency (I am fairly healthy otherwise and rarely fall sick). Wanted to add that I am a 40 yr old woman, so in the perimenopause age. I am a native of India settled in USA, and prefer alternative therapies.

    • Hello

      Eczema and similar disorders happen due to inability of the digestive organs to secrete enzymes to optimum which leave the food in a state not recognizable by the body as nutrition. You can compare this to altered Ph of the juice which is unique to each body. In such case the body either trie to throw this or convert it to fat for future use. In terms the juice harbors many pathogens which lead to various disorders as uric acids etc, skin problems being one of them. In coures of life body has to provide optimum nutrition to vital organs to sustain life and skin , hair etc are expendable and hence if any deficiency occus these are first to sufe. Recurring eczema must be evaluated from same point and hence you require both internal and external trreatments to get complete cure. Though internal treatments are best done under physician guidance I would advise you to do the same. I will give you some home remedies and tips which if you can follow will definitely help you

      1>First stay away from soaps. I know this may seem little inconvenient, but to all my patients suffering from similar disorders I advise them to avoid any kind of soaps whether herbal or glycerine base. do not even enter a washroom bare footed if someone has taken a bath before and use gloves while washing utensils. You can use herbal powders like Triphala , besamn in place of soap. Use water medicated with Neem leaves or mint leveas while bathing. This itself will help in most cases

      2>Salt is your second enemy. In my pratise I keep patients without salt for certain days to get compete control. You can go on complete slat restriction whenever eczema sets in for time being. Drink Rice water a lot [Cook 10gms unpolished rice in 750ml water. Then carefully collect the above water without disturbing till some amount is left above rice which you can discard]. have this as meal

      3>Do not eat after sunset , go to be bed early and rise before or at sunrise

      4>Completely avoid, pickles, yoghurt, sea food, brinjals, peas, peanuts, cauliflower, and rice, Tur dal

      5>Now for remedies.

      a>Burn wheat seeds in a vessel by covering it and puttin on flame till it reduces to ash. Collect this ash. Now mix with warm virgin coconut oil [make th oil warm by placing bottle in warm water]. Apply this mixture on the patch. First apply on a small patch and then if beneficial apply over other area. It is common to find increase irritation and burning initially, which can be controlled by placinga warm cloth around the eczema

      b> 2tsp of peanuts [raw]. just rub them in water to obtain a paste [like chandan] . Rub this paste on the eczema. Along with this. soak 5gms black raisins in 100ml water and boil it to 50ml. Filter and take this tea internally 2-3 times away

      c>take a tamrind [entire]. and make a paste in virgin coconut oil/ cow’s ghee, apply on the patch

      This will help. Do any one of the remedy and than try other. If you do with proper diet and times, this will work very well. if you get good results consult an Ayurveda physician for long term solution . Hope it helps

  6. Namaste. I would love to know more from you about how a woman can strengthen her apana vayu before and after giving birth. I am due to give birth for the first time in May and am very interested in this subject. My apana vayu is historically not very strong (scant bleeding during menstrual cycle; tendency toward constipation; plus a “missed abortion” immediately prior to this pregnancy, in which the fetus died but my body did not miscarry), so I want to be sure I am helping it to garner strength before I give birth and to rejuvenate fully after in the weeks after the delivery. Thank you for this blog!

  7. I am getting relief from pradantak tablets for lower back pain and slight leucorrohoea but getting patchy skin and swelling on my eyes with its consumption, I have used lukowin from Sharangdhar and it gives same sypmtom.
    I am 62 yrs of age and all these are giving me harmonal changes. Kindly help.

    • Hello

      If you are getting relief from Pradarantak laugh, than seek an Ayurveda experts advice by personally meeting for future course of action. Pradarantak lauh contains metals and it is imperative that after few days use you consult an expert who will evaluate the exact dosages and diet for it. Many of these medicines require strict diet . Also if you abstain from salt and than restart in minimal qt, than your skin problems will be relieved.
      Do not continue Pradarantak lauh for more than 48 days without guidance

      However you can try other herbal remedies safely for more periods as mentioned in the article

  8. hi Sumit i m really happy to log on to this site as it seems to solve so many questions related to women health.i have a personal querie,i m suffering from Leucorrheoa i suppose as i have white transparent dischrge since my puberty.At times it becomes very smelly and sometimes there is no smell.At times it is very itchy but at times it is fine.i have a serious back ache,have dark circles around my eyes,leg pain,patchy skin hair loss dry hair and skin,starting of joint pains.Are these syptoms related.What should i do.yes i have mood swings too.Please help and guide.

    • Hello

      Yes all symptoms are related and hence do not do separate meds for separate symptoms. Following the diet mentioned in the article and the simple remedies will help a lot. Also the symptoms co-relate to a weak hormonal subjugation towards menses which needs to be corrected. [See the menstrual spot test mentioned].

      You can do the following

      Boil Neem leaves 100gms in 500ml water till it turns green. Now filter this and add alum 10gms to it. Use this solution to wash your vaginal area. You can also soak a cotton and keep it in the vagina as pessary morning and evening. This will control itching and discharge

      You can use the Arjun bark remedy for internal use. Along with this you can take Lakshaadi Guggul 2 tabs 2 times a day with milk. Avoid eating after sunset. Do not sleep through the day , avoid green chillies, yoghurt, pickles, brinjals, cauliflower, sea food, rice for dinner, tur dal. Use minimal salt. Infact cut down on salt or use salt free food atleast once a day. Use Saindhav salt

      This will help immensely. During menses leave salt completely for 2-3 days. Use the menses decoction mentioned in the article about “PCOS”

      If you find the treatment useful, Please consult a good ayurveda physcian near you for long term solution. The remedies mentioned here are general and may eb useful or even provide relief, but one needs to evaluate the disorders from long term management and hence take the treatment under supervision.

      You can mail me your location, If reqd I can suggest some good physcians around you of my acquaintaince.

      Best Regards

    • I am also facing similar problem of Leucorrohoea with dark circles, and due to estrogent level varying in younger women and older women, i am unable to take Pradantak tablets as i get harmonal imbalance resulting in patchy skin and puffy eyes.Though i get relief with pradantak on my lower back pain and good stamina.

      I am residing in Kandivali W, kindly suggest a good ayurvedic physician.

      Mrs Jp

  9. My daughter is having pcos and hypothyroidism and her period is irregular , she id taking metformin and thyroxine also when she is taking dinette she got period other wise no period due to that she got fats and hair on face please help. She undergone telescopic surgery for cyst.
    What ayurvedic medivine she should take for regular period and for removing this problem from root.

  10. Hi,
    i am Rima i delivered a baby boy on 7th march 2013 [3 months 18 days old] how to detect whether the placenta is remain inside.
    i would like to tell u that my stomach has remain as it is, i mean to say i still now look pregnant it has not gone down even after tieing and putting abdominal belt is this the sign of placenta remains?
    and secondly i do have a lactation problem, for first 6 days there was no breast milk and after that its like few drops i use to have shatavari pre delivery and post delivery too but still now its only the drops that my baby gets after lots of medicine and other lactation powers there is nothing. Dr. suggested NAN PRO for my baby. i am giving him BALGUTI every sunday. please do help me and suggest me some ayurvedic medicine for breast feeding.

    please do the needful.

    • Hello

      Placental remains has nothing to go with stomach girth. Placental remains generally show up with mild fever pain etc. Generally in Indian tradition few things like ladoos made from Dink [Gond], and some spice tea is given to evacuate the remains. So if you have had that no need to worry.

      Less breast milk secretion can eb corrected with certain herbs. Now shatavari is agood herb if you take it as a decoction mentioned in the article in entire form. Powdered shatavari may not be of that help. You can use Shatavari and Vidarikanda these 2 herbs as mentioned with milk. Also use water medicated with fennel. If you still not getting good secretion, its better to consult a Ayurveda physician near you who would aptly guide you about specific remedies to improve your condition. Do not worry , be in a pleasant mood and all would be fine

      Best Regards

  11. thanks for your instant reply.
    can you suggest me any pharmacy in Goa where i can get Vidarikanda and Shatavari as herb or any online pharmacy which can give me pure form of both.
    i am searching this for last three days.

    and what about my stomach is it going to go or i will remain like a nine month pregnant women.

    • Hello

      A genuine herb shop would do. If not you can always contact the Gomantak Ayurved College in Goa.
      As I have already mentioned, your stomach would resolve if proper diet and lifestyle modifications are made which may strengthen the bones and reduce fat. This would also require certain yoga exercises under supervision. I would suggest you better consult a good physician near you and get this problem solves. No internal medicine is going to help as a magic pill. Fat metabolism is afflicted by hormones and one needs to concentrate on that

  12. hello friend

    i really appreciate the valuable suggestions reg ayurveda for women reg various segments.. i would like to get an appointment from you as i have long history to discuss is it posisble to get your valuable appiontment !!!

  13. hi,
    as you suggested i have consulted a ayurvedic doctor named Dr. Anil Patil.
    As i also have VATA problem they have given me some medicine and also Shatavari but in powder form and had asked me to take it with water as mine weight is too high its 80kgs and my height is 5ft.
    secondly i want to tell that i use to do baba Ramdev’s yoga before my pregnancy so let me know which one is better take in a consideration mine is a cesarean and only four months have passed.
    i am thankful to ayurveda for women for their valuable time and suggestion.
    i am happy as i know that i have a friend in the form of ayurveda for women with whom i can discusses my health issue.

    • Hello

      As suggested, in Ayurved each physician has his own line if thinking of how they asses the disorder. The idea is to get a fair understanding if this protocol and than put in all effort . It is ethically wrong to comment on ayurved treatment given by a doctor as one never knows how he has approached your case, so if you have shown faith than stick to it. Discuss with them what you are trying to achieve and give it full commitment. Do not ask opinions about your treatment else you would be confused or probably also fall into traps of commercial goons who may influence your thought. O ly knowledge about the body and what you want to achieve will show you light. I have given you basic understanding of what your problem is, rest you need to have a long term view and follow in wherever you have put your faith.
      Also remember in women all disorders mostly are hormonal and they take time to reset and show results, so do not panic, be patient and you will see results
      If you are doing yoga consult your doctor and ask him what is right. Yoga activates , deactivates the sympathetic, para sympathetic nervous system and plexuses which initiate enzymatic and hormonal responses and hence must be done with care. Also the first parts of Yama and Niyama must be followed before any asana or pranayama
      Whatever you do just have a good protocol of diet and meds with supervision and follow it. If you do, generally results may be evident within 3-4 menstrual cycles.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for your appreciation of the blog. Good to know it is helping people make healthy decisions.

      Best regards

  14. Hi,
    i have discuss with the doctor only about my pain and breast feeding and nothing about my obesity or bulging tummy as if know i don’t want to take any medicine for that and would like to be fit by doing yoga or pranayama. thats the only reason why i have question you regarding the same.

    and as you said keep faith i’ll do that.


    • Hello

      You have to understand in Ayurved there are no pin point meds like allopathy. Everything is related. So you cannot have medicine for pain and do something for your tummy. Of course exercise will help, but my advise would be o tell your physician everything that troubles you and he may sort it out at one go. Just my advice

      Hope it helps

  15. ok friend i’ll do this and thanks for your advice and understanding me so well.
    and now i’ll tell my doctor what exactly i want.
    thank you once again.
    but i’ll be back if i need your help.

  16. Hi,
    I am suffering from PCOS and infertility.Two and half year of my marriage comlete. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy has been done.Ovarian drilling also done.Both tubes are patent.Ovaries are polycystic.I am taking clomiphene since 3 months but no result.follicle does not grow.if it grow not acheived good size
    .In first cycle clomiphene 50mg and follicle size was 11 mm at the 12th day to 16th day of period.
    In second cycle doctor give me menogone injection at the 7th,8th and 9th day and it results follice hyperstimulate and follice becomes cyst of size 31 mm at 16th day of period and next period came on the 21th day of period.Doctor again suggest clomefene and same follicle does not grow well and size was 11 mm and no follicle rowth.Now doctor suggesting that she will do IUI.there is no prolem in my husband.
    If f ollicle is not growing wellthen how is IUI possible.
    Now what should I do.Please help me.

  17. I am a 31 year old woman suffering from SLE for the last 6 years, and diagnosed with lupus nephritis one month ago. I am on very heavy allopathic immuno-suppresants. I would really like to consult you and switch to Ayurveda and Yoga. Would you please share your contact details? Thank you.

    • Hello

      SLE is a auto immune disorder. Auto immunity and SLE are two different things. There are not much blood test to determine SLE, but it is understood by a range of symptoms. It has to be treated as any other auto immune disorder. When SLE manifest in its aggressive forms it affects kidney, lungs and then we determine it. Whatever the diagnosis the main aim is to fortify immunity. In modern medicine they try to suppress immunity by steroids . High does steroids wil eventually shut down the immune system with nowhere to go. In later stages drugs like Rituximab which in brief anti cancer drug is used which potentiates action of steroids.

      Now to resolve SLE one needs to

      1> Fortify and strengthen immune system so it doe snot flare at any given infection or change of weather
      2>To strengthen the damaged organs
      3>To create a protocol where this is maintained over a period of time

      This can be achieved to a degree of satisfaction with individualized lifestyle and diet changes and some medication. Of course it requires supervision. Being a women is also a advantage as one can use Menses to great effect. You can follow the rules and changes I have mentioned in my article. Also follow the menses protocol.
      This disorder more than medicine requires resolve and grit to overcome the reason being our hormones fluctuate 3-5 times a year depending on our genetics and place we stay and if we can achieve harmony for one year than progress is very easy. Unfortunately many approach Ayurved or similar when much damage is done.

      In disorders like SLE there are 2 factors
      1>one when body is compromised by not flared
      2>during flares the organs suffer like lungs, brain, kidney and they themselves become a secondary disorder

      One needs to asses and guard against this. I do not know where you are located. You can mail me at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com. I will guide you accordingly. All the best

  18. Hi Im a 26 year old women and a mother of 3 year old baby with pcod and hypothyroidism. my periods are not regular and very frequent (three to four times a month with 3-4 days of flow). now im on allopathic medicine nevelon. kindly suggest me an ayurvedic treatment for my problem

  19. Thank you so much for a very quick response. Am so glad I came across your blog. Its very informative and Thanx for responding for all my doubts each time with all details. Am very grateful .

  20. I had laproscopy ( right ovarian cystectomy) for ovarian cyst with torsion 2 months ago and got rid of ovarian cyst which was quite big in size. Before taking decision regarding the laproscopy i consulted ayurvedic doctor and he told me to go for laproscopy as the cyst size was too much and he told me with ayurvedic medicine one can reduce the size( 5.2 *.7 cm) of cyst n that too it will take approximately 2 months. I did twice ultrasound and mri too. Finally went for laproscopy as there was a danger of harming the right ovary. After 2 months of surgery i went for sonography and got the normal impress but it states that left ovary shows 23 mm diameter follicle. kindly suggest the best homemade or ayurvedic remedy to balance hormones. If possible, suggest a common herb or something that can be taken by men too as my partner has hormonal imbalance problem too. Love your blog, your help means a lot for all of us.

    • Hello
      if it was easy to give one herb for cyst than it would not have been a problem for so many women. Understand having follicles does not mean you are not ovulating. First get a follicular study done to see if you are ovulating. If not get an AMH done to check your ovarian reserves and other tests like insulin testosterone. If the reports are not great you may need to recreate your hormonal balance by proper diet and meds and if got results go on doing it till you conceive. Once conception occurs maybe this things reverse.
      Understand only dissolving cyst is not a treatment. Cyst for most part are harmless. So get the right approach. Not only read my article but many times through the comments section and you will understand your problems better
      the diet and few remedies mentioned on this blog and through comments are good enough to help you but consult a good ayurveda physician near you and discuss the problem and only take treatment from one who explains to you in entirety the goals you need to achieve and in long term benefits. many times we go medicine shopping like, cyst remedy, hormone medicine and end up with unnecessary costs and disappointment. Right knowledge and approach will not only help you seek right remedies but also good healthy life

      hope this helps

  21. I am 35 yrs old married for 10 yrs not concieved yet . had gone through 2 failed IVFs last yr.after which my periods become v v light .only brown spotting for 2 days only . it has been happening from last few months .had consulted one of the much hyped aurveda institution and taking its medicine from the last 4 months but not even 1% improvement is coming in my periods …..kindly suggest

    the name of the clinic from which i m taking consultation is jiva aurveda faridabad

    • Hello

      I hope you have read all comments and the Infertility, PCOS article carefully. You will find your answers clearly there that if your hormonal system is not right, even if you implant a embryo it wont go the distance. Understand fertility is not fertilization but having a full term baby.
      So first get the basics right that
      !>you need good eggs
      2>you must ovulates
      3>hormones must be good enough to sustain endometrium and baby if conceived

      So this is achieved through good diet and meds with long term approach. Always question and find empirical solutions whenever taking treatments. Sometimes we rely too much on doctors and do not research more. Since you have already done IVF etc you must have depleted your ovarian reserves and abused the body with hormones for implantation. I would tell you to first relax visits a good ayurved physician, work out a diet and medicine plan and first see you get good menses with good eggs and ovulation. Only then you will conceive. You can take diet tips and timings from my article and follow but would eb better if you can consult few ayurved physicians and arrive at one good decision. If you can mail em your location, I can send few references but again you must interact with them and only follow one that you believe with

  22. Can you please suggest good ayuveda doc in mumbai, near virar vasai area?
    My mom has been diagnosed frozen shoulder? please suggest some treatment.

    • Hello
      Frozen shoulder needs to be treated with internal medicine and also some external treatments like panchakarma. You must contact a good specialist near you. I do not ahve much refernces in area you desired. If there is any other locality preferable in Mumbai, please inform

  23. Kindly provide for some PCOS ayurvedic expert in the San Francisco area. The NAMA website is listing too many doctors and it is not clear who is an expert.

    • Hello

      Ayurved is an individualized protocol. I would request you to read through the articles and comments get a p[roper understanding of what you would like to achieve. Than you can contact a few doctors whom yo think are convenient enough and ask them relevant questions. If you feel the approach of the practitioners are on lines of results you may go ahead. It would be difficult to pin point in Ayurved about doctors who specialize in particular disorders especial complex ones like Thyroid, PCOS etc where there are many influencing factors. Even I would not consider myself a specialist in-spite of treating these disorders for many years as each person is different and hence I have listed general protocols which may benefit many ,yet they may require further individualized treatment to completely solve the riddle. One dimensional disorders like Kidney stones etc are fine. Hence You may have to talk with a few and decide who suits your approach and comfort as PCOS is a long treatment. Still you can send me an email, I will try and see If I can guide you .

  24. I am having 8 month old son and he is having eczema since he is 2 months. I am not sure why he got eczema is it anything to do with what I ate during pregnancy.
    Do you have any solution to cure infantile eczema in ayurveda.
    I tried using karanjana oil but it did not work much. I am applying steriod that determatologist prescribed.

    • This forum is strictly for women and hence comments on Male disorders are not encouraged.
      Eczema is due to undigested milk which causes microscopic toxins leading to disorders. If eczema is suppressed by steroids first externally and then internally too which most doc do if its uncontrollable & can lead to asthma in long run. Many vice versa whi have asthma at infancy and treated with internal steroids develop eczema after 5 -6 years a trend I commonly observe
      You need to treat him with proper herbs which may help him digest milk and evetually amke the recurrence dissapear.
      I have given some insights in my article

      My advice would be to seek a good Ayur doc near you and treat him with proper insights.
      Forum being restricted to women, I will refrain from making any medicinal comments on the issue so as to preserve the brevity of this space.

      Hope these insights help

  25. I am 41 years of age. So far I have been having periods in and around the stipulated date. This month it has occurred within 17 days, initially with a spotting and I continue to have light to medium bleeding for the past 15 days. Iam a little stressed out on the jobfront meeting deadlines- longer hours of work. I work from home,so no hassles of travel.I don’t feel tired,or suffer from any pain associated with periods. I am able to do my daily responsibilities. I am a little worried as I have not experienced periods this long. I believe in ayurveda.Seeking your advice.

    • Hello
      sometimes due to change in work pattern a faulty egg produce periods may go haywire, so do not panic. It can also be sign of w weakening hormonal system.
      So do not first take any hormones to pre-post pone your menses because of your job commitments because even one pill can damage a sensitive hormonal system and if it does in your case you do not want to give you hard earned money to people like us 🙂
      So read the PCOS article completely and first try and get into strict diet and lifestyle timings. Eat and sleep on same time. Cut out all sugars and take the decoction mentioned for menses
      If you are experiencing inches gain esp near the bust and suddenly your clothes getting ties, mood swings, cravings irritability than its better you get a USG done of your pelvis
      If the usg show multiple cyst than get a blood test of foll done
      S.insulin fasting
      Ft3, Ft4, TSh
      FSH estardoil [on 2nd day of menses]
      Testosterone [Free and total]

      this will help you gauge your hormonal profile and help you take necessary steps so you can arrest problems with right approach

  26. Hi i m really encouraged to write here after reading yiur replies
    I am 28 yrs and suffering from pcos.trying to conceive from last 3yrs and had gine through 5 IUI out which 3were succesful bt lead to miscarriage in first two months always.now i want to move on ayurveda.i reside at rajouri garden new dlhi plz suggest me a good ayurvedic physician nearby
    It will b great help to me if u could give some suggestions too

  27. hi dr sumit,
    While i tried to procure the ingredients for baalgutti, my ayurvedic doctor said that though the formulation is good, these ingredients are not available in good quality. alternatively, he has presribed a pure gold bhasma to be mixed with honey and administered within 24 hours of birth. would this method suffice?

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