NLAM Travel Diaries #EP-08 , Zachung mystical Buddhist worship centre, Arunachal Pradesh

NLAM presents 8th episode of short video documentaries about traditional healers , ethno-medicine & local customs & culturesin India. These are made during excursions to heritage village & exclusive valleys to collect Vedic herbs & documenting traditional knowledge. A short interview with local resident Guru from Tuting. He takes us on an trip to the ancient village of Zido where Buddha is worshipped in form of a natural stone sculpture Zachung. The natural oil that exudates from it is a medicine. The beliefs are rooted in ancient yogini worship. Insights..

This interview is part of NLAM project to document traditional & ethnic customs and medicines towards Ayurveda, Yoga & Tantra.

Knowledge presented here is for educational and awareness purposes. Please do not self-medicate. Use proper guidance of a qualified Ayurveda physician for the same.


If you consider supporting the service you can donate on the NLAM page.   NLAM is an Ayurveda repository that conducts free online courses and also audio-visual content towards Ayurveda & Yoga. Helps me keep the services free and running.



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