A video lecture recorded during my visit to Connecticut USA, 2016 has been edited and put up in 5 Episodes. A playlist has been created which I am embedding here. Hope it is helpful to all of you readers.
(Video quality is not good, audio quality enhanced but basic. Do use headphones)

Contents as Follows
1. Introduction to Ayurveda for Women
2. Dinacharya
3. Spices for health
4. Common ailments q&A
5. Common ailments q&A


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  1. could you please write an article about type 2 diabetes and its management with herbs and some good tips. we need this topic coverage from you. request you to write at the earliest. thanking you amd with gratitude for all the useful videos.

  2. Would you recommend the same kind of water restrictions of not consuming surplus water even for coffee, tea, soda and alcohol drinkers. These drinks dehydrate the body so if we are regular coffee or tea drinkers should we also cut down on water consumption?

    • Hello

      2 parts to answer
      First i do not recommend tea in any form as its worst poison you could havr (green black any). I do not want to ho into technicalities of it , maybe i will write an article on it. Coffee too is not but its better of the evils.
      Water only drink when thirsty. Does not matter what you drink . If you body requires it will tell you. With restrain and practice you can know the signs

      I actually do recomend Single malt whisky to all my clients and its a good medicine. To get maximum benefits and drink it well I have created a seperate youtube channel for my students. I am sharing a playlist from it called as “Single malt education”. There is a 3 part documentary on how to drink whisky. Though nothing is promoted its for those who want to drink it responsibly and it also answers your questions regarding it

  3. can type 2 diabetics also have refined oil? are unrefined oil the cold pressed once? the prices are very high in the market for cold pressed. please contribute an article about reversing type 2 diabetes in ayurveda.

    • Always use unrefined oil. what is natural always gets assimilated well. the whole concept of removing good bad fat from oil completely changes its medicinal properties. so as long as you follow a good dinacharya [see second video of the series] then its fine. Remember most disorders are never caused by individual ingredients but wrong combinations and lifestyle

  4. how to eat and how to breath, the most basics of life are presented beautifully by you. Thank you for all the useful videos and for you knowledge too. unfortunately, how to eat and how to breath are multi billion industry across the world. you have made it so simple with ample logic. great

  5. I just want a clarification…why japanese have the highest life expectancy across the world despite of consuming green tea and lot of salt on their soya sauce. if tea and salt are poisons why do they live so longer and healthier. could you please clarify these.

    • Hello
      To clarify. Things mentioned in the lecture are observations and synthesis from my own practise and experiences. Nothing is poison or nectar. So do not take anything in a linaer way. Things have been discussed with a particualr dinacharya in mind.

      I have a seperate channel on “whisky” and health benefits. You can watch that. To many its posion as alcohol but it is medicine too. 🙂

      Now coming back to your question of tea & salt. I get this question many times in my practise too where i stop tea etc but allow liquor. Understand green brown etc whatever tea comes from same plant “C.sinensis” and as is true with all plants if used with right knowledge it can be beneficial. Tea is a very specialized entity which needs to be brewed collected etc in specialized vessels & methods which not many are aware or for that matter can afford. Its an art a specialized lifestyle. What most people around the world use is tea husk. Second each thing needs to be consumed with proper timings and food. Most time especially in India people may not eat food but they will want tea, if not they get irritated etc. Just like wine, or a good refined alcohol, tea and coffee itself need to be understood in that form. Its the abuse that causes inflammatory disorders. Same with salt. Salt what we require is already in the foods we eat. What salt we use is for taste. Injudicious use causes osmotic incompatibilities and also dependency & cravings , a reason why young children etc crave junk food.

      Coming back to japanese, they may have high life expectancy but its not just attributed to tea but many other lifestyle habits they follow, Not all Japanese have high life expectancy. Many in modern world are suffering from same issues as obesity etc as their gene pool is also changing. Its not only tea but right combination of traditionally prepared food and most importantly the discipline in timings they follow.

      The idea here is not to ostracize tea or coffee or salt or anything but to point out that if one is suffering from inflammatory disorders first stop these things which are likely the cause of abuse as these are things one uses daily in their lifestyle. Atleast in my clinical practice I advise this and its a simple non-expensive measure one can try out for few weeks and see the change. These lectures are for those who want to introspect within their food habits and see if changes occur. It is not to convince or justify anything.

      Rest its each ones own interpret what they want to follow. There are people who eat raw meat and yet are healthy . There are ones who eat so called “satvic food” yet have all diseases. hence its agni [enzymatic complex] which decides whats posion & whats not. The very innate factors which I observe have been put forth here to help readers try and understand their idiopathic symptoms, evaluate with minimal risk and observe. if beneficial always seek professional help.

      I hope this small narrative may help clearing some air about your questions

  6. thanks for all convincing explanation and time taken to answer them. I have been a type 2 diabetic since 10 years and have maintained hba1c level of below 7 consistently. However, now i am experiencing mild level of deafness. could you please instruct the mode of treatment followed to reverse deafness before it manifests big. based on your suggestions i will follow up with an ayurvedic doctor.

    • hello
      Mild deafness can be attributed to many things. sensorineural deafness due to past medication [tb etc] or vaccine [hpv] etc. Only an audiogram may be able to say. Also Hb1Ac levels though offer a very good perspective of how body is synthesizing glucose it never tells u how its utilized by hormones. So I would first get an audiogram done to rule out nerve damage.
      Secondly deafness can come due to blocked sinus too or eardrum compression. So once you get that checked out much can be done to reverse it
      Till then if you follow the dinacharya well as its mentioned within 2-3 weeks and hopefully in 1-2 menstrual cycles inflammation parameters go down, glucose synthesis stabilizes and nerve damage or inflammation can be arrested.
      Till then using head phone for long period or talking on phone etc avoid.
      also understand that main function of ears is to balance the body, HEARING IS A BONUS. so if body feels that its loosing balancing abilities it will make u deaf or create tinnitus etc which is a awareness signal
      so see u ea6t sleep on time to not create acid reflux, avoid inflammatory parameters and hopefully your condition will improve
      as indicated if it does seek professional guidance from goo ayu physician for long term benefits

    • Hello
      you can follow dinacharya strictly and first get a proper understanding of whther you body is digesting food properly & nit creating any inflammation. If that achieved you can slowly with discretion use basmati rice , though unpolished or par boiled rice always preferable

  7. I was treated for my type2 diabetic under an ayurvedic doctor, the procedure followed was a detoxification process, with lot of dietary restrictions followed by some unknown medicines mean to say names not mentioned were prescribed. The initial detoxification gave excellent results where my blood sugar levels, cholestrol levels had become normal. But very soon I was back to square one and however I tried with the dietary restrictions and later with ayurvedic tablets also I could never control my blood sugar levels independently. I was getting panic with raised blood sugar levels and had to go back to allopathic medicines for better results. The doctors who treated me never prescribed using of mud pots, or stop cooking in pressure cooker, coffee and tea consumption was allowed. However rice was cut off. Despite of eating only 2 chapatis also my bg uses spike rock above 200 . When I reverted back to the ayurvedic doctors they also very casually said, this can only compliment and restore back to allopathic medicines and closed the deal.

    I have nothing against it, just wanted to share my experience. Your videos are educative and informative and thanks a lot for all the uploads.

    One question I have is how long one can use the clay pots for cooking? Is there a time limit for the usage?

    • Hello
      First understand lowering sugar level should not be a target but synthesis of sugar. Sweet is a type of sugar but all sugars may not be sweet in terms of body pathology. Body converts glucose etc to glycogen to support all organs of body to enable them to function. there are lot of intricacies involved in it. the body sugar may reach but may not be accepted, etc. This sugar is transported by rbc and hence hb1ac gives a correct overview. Cutting conversation short, once you start any ayurveda etc medicine you must gradually taper allopathy meds taking in account that receptors are loaded with them so even after initial result with ayurveda process the effect last till 15 days. Secondly the term detoxification is badly abused. there is nothing to detoxify in the body. If you mean Panchakarma by it, then PK is just an aid for bodys hormones to reset.Hence with proper diet, gradual reduction of dose both allopathy & ayurved & creating a system of eating waking sleeping you can get good sugar control and prevent complication. Understand if only reducing blood sugar was the issue, the best medicine is Insulin :). Hence understand if it did not work for you maybe the outlook was limited or the understanding of disorder was not followed up properly. Diet means abstaining to prevent inflammation not reducing. Like in my practise I keep people on a particular diet and rebuild it with all utensils, cooking methods so in long run their body can eat most things and do well. So Its great you tried well but if one particular therapy did not work, does not mean all won’t. thats beauty of Ayurveda that each doctor has his own way of approaching and treating disorders as per their understanding of disorders. For example I never ever used Panchakarma in my practise from cancers to common cold and only treat on diet and minimal herbs. Some others may use complex formulations. However its your responsibility to understand the disorder in simple terms ask relevant question and make the necessary changes. I am not pointing fingers but i have seen people who come and say “we have tried everything this is our last hope” but when I ask them to leave “tea” they say “give some expensive medicine but let me have one cup atleast”
      Hope you got the point. rest all the best & thanks for your input it may have added to many blog readers questions.

      Clay pots etc use till they smell foul or crack. generally replace very 4-6 months

  8. Educative and informative
    Name of the spices mentioned specially for curing womens disorder is not clear
    Whenever you mentioned name please reality it twice and also specify sanskrit and Indian names for the convenience of Indian students
    Thank you very much for your valuable guidance

    Vishvash Vyas

    • Hello
      These are spontaneous recorded lectures not professionally done. So audio is not clear. Additionally these lectures were recorded abroad so names are used in that conjunction. If you have any concerns with certain spices name please mention, I will provide the equivalent names, may benefit others

  9. so can pcod and thyroid women can also eat pizzas and burgers before sunset? is this advice applies for women without or with disorders? I have heard lot of things about mango leaves, boiling them and drinking the conocation for diabetes rype two patients. does it really help diabetics

    • hello
      the body works on a specific rhythm, eating on time helps body metabolism food better, but if organs are taxed or the demand and supply gets jolted the type of foods matters. eating pizza, burgers or that matter even idli dosa if digested properly creating proper juice is fine else they will cause immune reactions. so understand its not the food type but how and when its prepared and how it reacts. anything that contains refined sugar (bakery products) or fermented will cause issues. So better follow the diet tips mentioned in audio lecture for 2-3 months and if you see results consult a good ayurveda physician for a long term approach. Also go through the article and comments very carefully.

      About mango leaves etc, understand only taking herbal remedies for chemical values is not a holistic ayurved approach. it can best termed as “allo-veda” where you are diagnosing by one but giving remedy by other. Ayurveda has a logic to how things work in each manifestation from micro to macro taking in account individual traits, and stimulus. So if you aim is only lowering blood sugar, i have not seems anyone get harmed by metformin (infact it is one of the meds to have better effects) or insulin. Understand in ayurved even metformin is included as ayurveda works on dosha principles so all chemicals, herbs act through it. However the sad part is in india there is no responsibility towards using herbs as all consider its without side effects. All things interact and produce effects, only we do not imbibe oir understand them. So my advice, try to work with a physician who understands a common physiology towards all diseases or disorders in a system and work it out from bottom.
      Rest taking herbal remedies is up-to your discretion

  10. Is maintaining a hba1c value of 6.2 without taking any kind of allopathic or ayurvedic medicine is good for type 2 diabetics. The only way I got this is through controlled and splitting the meals in small sizes.

  11. what is the difference between hyperglyceimia and diabetes. I have normal fasting of 85 but hba1c of 7.9 and my post pradinal values are 170. Does this make me type 2 diabetic

    • Hyperglycemia is just energy un-utilised by the body (in form of sugars). When body is unable to convert external energy to internal form or the converted energy cannot be utilised it shows in blood. This condition over period of time when starts causing symptoms imbalances is termed bas diabetes depending on classification. Understand sugar is type of contributing factor but oil enzymatic dysfunctions are there even bitter food can cause diabetes. many people mistake high sugar with diabetes and try to just reduce sugar instead of trying to understand its utilisation.
      hb1ac gives you the amount of sugar utilised by body over 3 months. Though arguable many find it as correct indicator of diabetes. RBC in your body carry energy to various organs and cells. when the energy is not transferred it remains on them and that gives an indication. since Rbc change or have life of around 16 weeks the test is generally repeated after minimum that period.
      Remember this are just pointers as to how modern medicine approaches the disorders. This pointers can be used as reference but not be used to substitute chemicals with herbs and chec.

      This is just a small layman explanation to simplify.

      Hope this helps

  12. !what cauaes heart blockage. I neither smoke, nor drink alchohol and most of the times eat only home cooked meals. at ahe 50 i was diagnoised with nintey percent heart blockage and a stent was put. all the parameters loke diabetes, bp and cholesterol are normal. I am a vegetarian by birth had lot of work stress, but everyone had these days. this condition of mine has shocked me, could u pls give more tips to prevent further damagr to my heart. I do not want to go for more stents.

    • Hello
      Smoke and drink are like social evils, There are many things that cause ill health. Understand that Ayurveda does not grade food as good and bad only contributory to its digestive value which again depends on time and cooking methods right to utensils to addition of salt etc. So only being vegetarian does not ensure you will be healthy. If all parameters we think are safe we put it down to stress. Life has got nothing to do with your emotional financial problems. It just sustains itself. I have myself released a book on health benefits of alcohol as mentioned in ayurveda. Does that mean its good no. Everything if taken with proper knowledge and lifestyle can add to benefit. Ultimately we all die. Thats the truth. Ayurveda focusses on how one can utilise his her body to be independent. Hence follow the dinacharya lecture I have posted on the blog.Follow the timings and cooking methods and you should be good. To damage already done seek a good counsel set with a nice ayurveda doctor who can guide you on all aspects of life. Remember ayurveda is science of fundamentals not materialistic media. Chemical does not mean “unayurveda” or herbal “ayurveda”. As herbs acts on dishes so do chemicals. It all depends upon how we integrate everything around us in one cyclic rhythm and make peace with our surroundings. Hope this helps.

      • does cooking in earthern vessels gives us surplus lead and cause problems in.older age? what is the best way to prevent heart plaques from developing? does eating guava everyday help? how to prevent inflammation in easy way

      • Well there is no definitive answers in. food. We see wrld as black and white and tend to abide by it. In cosmos there is no distinction of chemical and physical. What you assimilate is natural. Gases like sulfur dioxide etc are pretty much natural on Jupiter and even on earth. Hence only through awareness of right food timings, habits and cooking methods can one ensure longevity. Remember the goal of life is not preservation of body but to utilize it independently. If you are diseased you are a liability, as blunt as it may sound. In that ethos, one must stop searching for herbal organic safe things, try understand the body as a clock and biorhythm amidst the cosmos and adhere to it with awareness. That’s what i prescribe and emulate and share through my works.

  13. my hba1c iw 5.4 but pp suagr is 200. my doctor considered me as pre diabetic and put me on metformin. how is this kind of values come. I am very sueprised

    • Hello
      Pathological data and its interpretation is subject to your doctor and it would be wrong to comment on it. From my perspective and its only my opinion , is that any values high or haywire unless critical must be first checked through diet and repeated again. This is purely onmpathological basis. On personal grounds, I am unaware of your vhistory or if any underlying condition may have warranted so. If you feel a bit elsewise, its always better to consult another doctor fresh without prejudice and get an opinion. Also, do not self medicate or diet without supervision. This advice is just in response to your query as subjective and not intended as a counter to the medical advice imparted to you. Discretion advised.

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