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Sharing an audio lecture on spices by me to a group of Ayurveda students and enthusiast.  This lecture gives an overview of Ayurveda fundamentals, food preparation tips, eating sleeping times and use of spices as medicine. The fundamentals of this lecture are in lieu with many aspects of this blog which have been discussed through the articles ad comments. In a nutshell the lecture gives a summary of many points that have been discussed. As the blog is getting expansive many comments and questions get overlapped and much data is lost in the loops and threads. I hope this lecture may help you in understanding certain fundamentals of human body and in your quest for health and self healing.

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  1. Thanks for the audio lecture and it is very interesting to hear your non commercial approach towards health. But in your write ups we also see recommending therapies like virechana for pcod and cleansing. I think you should cut off those recommendations and prescribe people simple an costeffective therapies.

    • Hello
      Thank you for your comments. Just to put in transparent perspectives, this blog aims to educate about various available Ayurveda protocols for a disorders which have been proven effective. It does not recommend anything without a physicians expertise. Certain disorders cannot be must not eb treated with internet remedies. The remedies given here with sample diet protocol are just a starter to help people and its always recommended they follow up with a proper Ayurveda physician for long term gain. In addition each Ayurveda physician has his own unique way of diagnosing and treating a ailment and that in itself is the functionality and multi-dimensiolity of Ayurveda. Costing in Ayurveda again is dependent on the logistics like medication, physician setup. There are many centers in India which offer free or very cost effective PK therapies also and hence only ones promoted or advertised must not be taken as face value. This blog aims to hence inform the novice about all treatments they may have encountered [as seen in comments section] and educate about why they are performed and why they maybe useful. In case any of the write-ups in any article indicate else wise this note should be taken as a explanation. Thank you once again for your comments. IN following write ups it will be seen that a more transparent medium of communication is used.

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