Enhancement of the Girl Child. A unique Ayurved protocol.

What is  enhancement of a new born ?
Enhancement can be equated to optimum functioning of physical, spiritual and cognitive abilities of a child from birth creating a strong foundation for success in evolution

Whats sort of abilities are we talking about ?
Abilities in terms of immune function, memory, physical strength, vocational and oratory skills are something which can be influenced with administration of herbs, certain external  stimulation through massages, sounds [mantras] and exposure.

How can this be influenced?
Ayurved and Indian Vedic sciences considers life as an amalgamation of Jiva [one can correlate it to spirit, soul which carries properties but is unable to express them without a medium] and Body with its assets [Sharir, Indriya [sense entities] and Mana [a cognitive apparatus which acts as a medium/interpreter  between the needs of jiva and its expression from the medium]. when a child is born it is born with a pattern of properties of jiva [one can call this karmic influences] and fresh medium body [which can be free of anomalies or with certain anomalies [genetic defects, organ defects etc]. Also the gender of the child determines the flow of prana [energy] through the hot and cold channels and how it influences each organs. Ayurved has made detail study of all this apparatus and suggested certain facets to improve and have a healthy successful life through diet, herbs and certain spiritual aspects like Mantras and Yantras which alter the metaphysical states and hormonal synchronization of the child.

How does this work on various aspects ?
By proper diet of the mother, good breast milk quality and giving certain select herbs right rom birth one can prepare the baby for higher cognitive function and enhanced immunity. This has been mentioned indirectly by many references through various treatise. In my clinical practice I have put it to use over past 5-7 years and have observed children show explicit developments. Right from birth the first step is 6 months after which the child as it weans of breast milk one must prepare for next step up-to dentition. From dentition the nextstep goes up-to 2 years where maximum brain development can occur. After 2 years there is no brain development only increase of developed parts. Its like opening as many doors till 2 years and then filling those rooms. Once this golden period is lost not much can be done. After 2 years the next step comes till 5 years where immunity can be maximized and foundation of physical reflexes be installed. After 5 years the next step is till puberty when secondary sex characters take place and after that till menses. Taking the right approach and a long term one helps one bring the best in your child make her ready and equipped for the competitive world

Ok you got me interested, now can you suggest how to implement this  approach for maximum benefits
The approach is not manifold but singular. So it is easy to follow if little application, dedication and belief in long term gain is ingrained. As you plan your finances, plan your baby. The years gone by will not come back so start as early as possible, I will break this down in easy steps

Breast Milk Quality
Take a clean earthen vessel. Add some fresh water. Drop 4-5 drops of breast milk in it. It should dissolve or blend immediately. If it floats for a while or sinks or breaks than this milk is not considered optimum as per Ayurved. So you must take certain herbs and diet changes to improve the breast milk quality. I have mentioned few remedies in the article Care of the new born  to purify breast milk. One can use that. If not the most simple remedy is to boil fennel seeds in 150ml water and reduce it to 50ml. Filter add 2 drops of honey and consume each night. Avoid eating food that increases wind and phlegm [peas, peanuts, curd, white rice, dinner after sunset, chillies, sea food , tea coffee]. Once optimum milk is formed most of your work is done

Preparing herb enhancement set for the child

Procure the following herbs

  1. Kakadsinghi [Pistacia integerrima]
  2. Manjishta [Rubia cordifolia]
  3. Nagarmustak [Cyperus esculentus]
  4. Sagargota [inner seeds kernel] [Caesalpinia crista]
  5. Ativisha [Aconitum heterophyllum]
  6. Vanshlochan [Bamboo manna , orginal]
  7. Rudraksha [Nepali,3,4,5,6,7 facet][Elaeocarpus ganitrus]
  8. Balharad [small fruits of Terminalis chebula]
  9. Aragwadh / Bahava []fruit pulp ] [Cassia fistula]
  10. Pure 24 karat Gold string
  11. Pure silver string
  12. Chandan bala lakshaadi tail
  13. Salam panja [Orchis latifolia]
  14. Honey [pure, non boiled, specifically from small golden bees]
  15. Vidanga [embelia ribes seed [dehusked. one year old]
  16. Balantshep

These above can be easily procured from any Ayurved herb shop. Insist on entire herbs. For people not in India you can source most of this from online resource or get whats available. Now all the above must be used as per a particular pattern depending on your ethnicity, the place of your origin. This has to do with the influence of sun , moon which over period of generation have effected your hormonal quotient. No matter where you stay or have migrated what ethnicity you belong a female will always carry the reproductive quotient from her mother side most of times.

Understanding timings and administration

A. From Birth to 6 months

Start the process from 13 day after birth as for the first 12 days child is under the influence of moon and nothing must be administered.

Take some breast milk over a flat wooden surface [probably made of sandal wood or turpentine wood [Deodar]. In the milk rub the above herbs [1,2,3,4,5] to make a paste. In this paste rub warm Gold string and Silver string. Rub this mixture on your child’s tongue early morning at sunrise. Check her breath. Her left nostril must be active. If not first make her lay on the RIGHT side. You can check the breath by placing  small piece of paper or cloth. once the left nostril starts , just rub the mixture and let her lay on the right side for few minutes.

Each week during sunset give her herbs [7,12,13], Gold Silver by the same above process.

Each night give her 1pinch of [6] with a drop of pure natural honey

Once every 4 days in the evening rub [8] in warm water and give her the paste.
Soak [9] in small piece in warm water in the morning. In the evening filter this water and give her 5ml -10ml. This clears the bowels. Only do this if she does not pass stools for 3-5 days. In exclusively breast feed child this problem can occur after 2-3 months. If not do not give or maybe once in 15 days.

From 2nd month prepare medicated water by boiling [15,16] in 100 ml of water. Give this water once a day preferably at evening. This increases digestion, prevents worms and wind. It also imparts sound sleep.

Make warm [12]. Apply this oil on her body in downward direction before bathing. Modern doctors advice against oil massage, but Ayurved insist on it to have strong bones. By doing this simple remedy from birth you will ensure she has strong bone mass and will not suffer from disorders like PCOS etc which happen due to unnatural bone depletion. This maybe hypothetical but is strong observation. Massage should be done in downward direction starting with light strokes with thumb and slowly increasing the pressure.  After massaging bathe her with warm water. You can apply herbal incense instead of soaps. Herbal incenses help stimulate nerve endings and make muscles active. Remember to prepare herbal incense which are little rough on constitution. [Use natural scrubs like orange peel, pomegranate rind , Acacia bark and mix with flour of Masoor (Lens culinaris)]

It is quite common that a child may sneeze have a bit of phlegm in initial stages. Unless and until she develops fever do not use any medication. It will eventually clear off as system adjust.

Increase the dose each month. For example in first month use one rub of each herb and increase to 2 in the second in next month and so on.

B. From 6 months to 2 years

From 6 months slowly start weaning off and introduce pomegranate juice as the first food. Do not give heavy foods (rice ,dals (lentils) or even khichadi )which causes gases. Cow’s milk fortified with cardamom must be bottle fed. Some societies shun diary thinking it contains pathogens and causes problems, but understand that digestion of any food depends upon Agni  [enzyme combinations and secretions] and till you can procure natural sources everything gives its optimum properties. Right timings and combinations must be followed. Do not give milk after sunset. The best diet is Rice water [Cook 10gms boiled rice in 1lt water . Just collect the water, add a pinch of Rock salt [Himalayan crystal salt] and administer.]. Continue with the herbs. As dentition sets in it is quite common the child may have mild fever. No medication required. After teeth appear you can introduce solid foods like soft rice wheat . But avoid giving it in the evening. Continue the herb administration as mentioned  in A till 2 years. Depending on digestibility you can increase the herbs [8,9] to 2-3 times a week.

C. From 2years to 5 years
This is the time you start enhancing the physical abilities of the child and fortifying the cognitive responses. Depending upon availability gather the following herbs. Ensure each time you administer that the left nostril is active.

  • Shatvari [Asparagus racemosus]
  • Vidarikanda [Pureraria tuberosa]
  • Deodara [Cedrus deodara bark [see it has turpentine traces in it]]
  • Ativisha [Aconitum heterophylum]
  • Rudraksha [Eleocarpus ganitrus]
  • Shankhpushpi [Convolvulus microphyllus]
  • Akarkarabh [Anacyclus pyrethrum]
  • Kutki [Picorhizha kurro]

Boil cow’s milk, add one cardamom and 1piece of saffron till it releases color. To this add 1 piece of Shatavari  . After the milk boils add 1 pinch of Vidarikanda  and Shankhpushpi and give once a day.
Rub Ativisha, Rudraksha,Deodara and 1 pinch of Akarkarabh root  in honey and give in the evening. Do this procedure on a  warm silver vessel
Soak 1 piece of Kutki in water and in the evening filter and give at bedtime. This can be a bit bitter to taste but immensely helpful

Continue the above for 45 days. Take a break of 15 days and again continue. Continue  this till age of 5 years.

D. From 5 years till puberty
Get the following herbs in addition to above mentioned herbs in section C

Ashok bark [Saraca asoca]
Shalmali [Bombax malbaricum]
Lodhra [Symplocos racemosa]

Boil 3gms Ashok and 3gms Ashwagandha and 2gms Shatavari in 1cup cow’s milk and 3 cups water till milk remains. Add a piece of cardamom and saffron while boiling. Administer it once a day on empty stomach preferably during sunrise. Continue this for 45 days then take a break for 21 days  and repeat. After 4 cycles take a break of 45 days and give the herbs again for 45 days. Continue this till puberty. This is a great tonic for the reproductive system and hormones to develop. It also ensures a good brain function and helps in physical activities

During breaks of above herb cycle  boil 100 gms of Lodhra bark in 500ml of water and reduce it to 200ml. Give 50ml of this mixture each day empty stomach  After 4 days prepare fresh. Give this for 12 days in total when initially the break is of 21 days.. When the break  extends to  45 days, give Lodhra mixture for 20 days in total. This gives strength to the circulatory system and also nullifies any ill effects of any infections that may have been contracted during the period.

Shalmali bark powder and store in glass vessel. Each morning while bathing first apply warm sesame oil in downward direction. After this  make a paste in milk and apply on the body in downward direction and bathe with warm water. This improves bone formation and nervous system.


  • Avoid giving sea food to girls at-least till 5 years and very occasionally till menses is achieved
  • Try and see that your girls sleep by 10pm and rise early. This helps in proper secretion of hormones and is extremely beneficial for future health.
  • Avoid caffeine and refined  sugars as much as possible. Use Khadisakhar [or sugar processed in milk]. Natural Jaggery can also be useful. Use Himalayan Rock salt
  • Massage warm castor oil in circular direction over the ovaries and above the vagina in the perineum region each night after puberty sets in. If you can procure Mint or Rui [Calotropis gigantea/procera] leaves, make them warm and apply over the massaged area each night. Remove it after they cool down. This helps remove unnecessary wind from the uterus making the reproductive system strong and preventing disorders. Avoid doing this during infections
  • Instill warm cow’s ghee 3 drops in each nostril starting from the left during sunrise and sunset from puberty.  You can activate the nostril as mentioned previously in the article.This helps develop the pituitary. If you can procure Shatavari Ghrit or Phalghrit , a readymade Ayurved preparation. More so better. Avoid during infections.

Are there any ill-effects I should be worried about ?

Though I have not seen any il effects in my practice, it is always good to be cautious. The above methods are safe with minimal herbs mentioned. Certain effects like nausea and irritability of the child can be seen in early years. This is more to do with the nature of the child and response to taste she develops. So try using more honey or reducing the qt. Certain children develop small outbreaks initially, but this got more to do with the food you administer. If you keep your child exclusively on breast milk for 6 months no untoward effects are seen. Ensuring purity of herbs and getting them in entire form , storing them in proper manner also ensures safety.  There are certain home remedies mentioned in the Care of the new born Article which you can avail. 

My child is genetically compromised, can I still administer this protocol?
Of course you can, but if she is on medication please consult your health care provider and check for any interactions. 

My child is lactose intolerant?
You can administer these herbs in water. It would give you similar effects, only it may taste a bit wary. You can add honey or other natural additivies

My child is allergic to honey ?
Cows ghee is an good alternative. If not you can use coconut rind [soft] as a medium

We are vegans and avoid all diary ?
Well there is no alternative to diary. There is a belief that diary causes many disorders but Ayurved has a rich tradition and history on uses of diary. If it is sourced correct it does not cause any problems. As said if you avoid all diary, the only option is water.

I cannot procure all herbs in the country I live, what are my options?
The herbs are specifically researched and tested by me, so alternatives may not be a good option. You can try and procure them from local indian market. Due to spread of Ayurved these herbs are readily available with many traders. 

The protocol sounds interesting but I cannot manage time between jobs ?
If you have a closer look, the only effort is for 2years. Once you procure the herbs the entire procedure takes hardly few minutes to administer. If one cannot do it at  a particular time it is better to administer anytime you feel comfortable. Remember you may be settled and stabilized financially in future but the years gone past may not come back.

My daughter gets good grades in school , how does this protocol  help differently ?
Understand the above protocol is not about getting good grades or some other achievements . Grades and similar academics are restricted to the school and surroundings. The above protocol is of a higher nature which develops the child right from birth to explore things and take the right decisions in times of calamity. To explain it further it prepares your child for higher applicative process and not restrict herself to competitive gains. It overall develops her skills both physically and cognitively. When a child goes to school , her cognitive skills are developed by the data she is exposed to. It may not always the the right method or approach as all schools follow a particular pattern. Conversely the above protocol develops the child’s brain to absorb all things thrown at her and also react positively to physical challenges it presents. This develops her social and oratorial skills, her spontaneous responses making her adept to survive to the optimum in the physical world. For example a child who is a brilliant at studies  may be lacking physical skills. She may also be shy or an introvert. She may not intermingle socially due to complex. Though on individual levels one may not agree we find this a common problem with kids. The above protocol helps influence right hormones and create a unique response to situation ensuring maximum success. Even if your daughter excels in sports and school still it is no harm to follow the protocol as it may help her stay away from hormonal disorders she may face as she attains puberty. the above protocol is an overall development. Its like supplying your body with all the raw material it requires, How your daughter uses her bank depends upon her decisions.

What health benefits can be expected ?
One of the main benefits of this protocol is to prevent hormonal disorders which are so common in young women of today which plays havoc with their teen and adult life. Though it is just hypothetical, I have observed young girls who follow this protocol even from 7 years do not suffer from disorders like Pcos etc and ensure maximum reproductive stability. Ultimately a women is so closely attached to her reproductive health both mentally and physically and any reproductive stress causes multitude changes in the body. Initiating the above protocol ensures maximum gain and prevention. One may argue as to how one is to know if their child would suffer from a disorder. well there are no guarantees, but I say, no harm in trying. You cannot loose anything but there is more to gain

My girl is 6 years old , can I still start the protocol ?
Of course you can. As made evident it is better to start tan not to start at all. Follow the diet instructions with respect to food and sleep timings and your daughter would benefit. Of course certain skills are developed at certain age so you may not avail complete benefits but still whatever you would avail is better than having none. It will also make your daughter aware towards her body and health and would help her sail through difficulties in the challenges she would face as a teenager and adult.

I have a baby boy, Can I use the above procedures ?
No you cannot. These herbs and their protocol are only designed for the girl child. Though many Ayurved experts may inform you that you can use the above with male child, you can do so at your own discretion. I have never tested this with the male child. Male children are more complex in terms of genetic make up and hence inherit more functional disorders than women. So even if the above are safe herbs as a protocol you may use it with  on your own risk.

With the above herbs the cognition levels increases very fast, so expose your child to as many fields of interest as possible. Wild life, nature, maths etc. Observe her interest and then motivate and support one she picks up.With above herbs her reflexes would improve, so indulge her in sports and observe what she is good at and support. Doing the above in systemic manner will show immense results. As with all articles start and observe if changes are seen. Give your self at-least 6-8 months and if results are seen do move ahead. You can research ahead and alter the doses as you feel.


The above herbs would improve immunity but may not prevent occasional infections. These are required for the child’s growth so do not panic. You can continue your normal medication along with these herbs. There are certain home remedies mentioned in the article Care of the New Borm which you can use.

If you child suffers from some genetic defect or has some metabolic problem like G6PD etc than please use the above herbs with caution or under supervision as it may interfere with other medications. Please do not self medicate

Children with Global developmental delay, Autism etc can make use of the above herbs. If results are seen evaluate your modern therapy and medication under supervision with your health care practitioner.

The article of this sort will put many questions through the readers mind. Please feel free to write and I would try and answer them to best of my abilities. If any readers who follow this protocol do find some benefits please post in your observations for benefit of othres

Dry Herbs mentioned in the article


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17 comments on “Enhancement of the Girl Child. A unique Ayurved protocol.

  1. Much gratitude, Sumit, for sharing this detail. I knew it must be available, but none has spelled it out like this. There is the project of procuring the herbs to do! By the way, in the west, most people consider pure honey as pasteurized. I find it important to specify raw as well. Warmest Regards –

  2. Request for suggesting the home remedies and diet plan for a baby boy growth and development. The way its for Girl Child.

    • Hello
      Thank you for your interest. the blog relates only to women and girl child. The technique posted caters to only girl child as performed in my clinical practice. I would suggest you visit any competent ayurved doctor near you to get a personalized health plan for your baby boy
      Best Regards

      • Thank You very much for your updates. Sorry for delay in reply. I would will be highly appreciate if, I can get an remedies for Hair Fall, Thinning of hair with the baldness at the center of head from front and for hair growth, Sinus, Thyroid & Fibroid. Thanking You in an anticipation.

      • So many remedies. Understand ayurved is not one stop remedy for symptoms. Baldness is related to bone erosion due to weak liver and weak glands, So strengthening your system that improves quality blood helps. Iron compounds in ayurved are a good solution but must be taken under supervision.
        fibroid requires long term medication, however if fibroids are nor causing any symptoms leave them alone

  3. Please enlighten us about svarna bindu prashana immunisation. can girl and boy child both can take that immunisation? Does it really make the baby intelligent?

  4. Thanks a lot Sir for this wonderful information.
    No one has ever given this kind of elaborative information starting from the birth of girl child which is indeed need of the hour for this current generation.
    I would have asked several ayurvedic doctors in this perspective for my daughter, no one ever answered in this holistic way.

  5. Great share!!! I never thought that I would get such a detailed information about taking care of a newborn baby through Ayurveda. But is it possible to store breast milk in a bottle and then feed the baby? Because my wife is working.

    • Hello
      This protocol is only followed for girls as there is lacunae of data available for them, especially in India. For boys there are well documented protocols which can be availed at any Ayurveda doctors guidance. Medicines however are never gender bias. This protocol mentioned here is catered to girl child to bring awareness

  6. My daughter is 8 years old,I am trying to follow the protocol.but the process of boiling 1 glass of milk with 3 glass of water and reducing it to one glass is taking more time and more gas for boiling and reducing.Can you please let me know any alternate method.

    • Hello
      this method is only for child who cannot digest milk straight. Try use A2 milk [gir cow milk] which is unpasteurized & un-homogenised. Boil it and cool once . the you can give this. Do not boil it again, you can warm it. Please see the video lecture “summarising the blog” where i have given insights on utensils & other things to create a healthy lifestyle

    • It is true but brain activity can be altered depending on approach. Ayurveda mentions 3 types of cognition, Retention, Recall and application and all this 3 are in varying proportions in each individual. Through pathways of diet medicine and lifestyle one can improve these aspects.

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