Decoding Vedic Astrology

Astrology has its own love hate relationships. A very respected person from field of science once said to me, “If 1/2 of the world believes in Astrology, that does not make Astrology valid“. I could understand his predicament because the converse may also apply  that If rest half of the world does not believe in Astrology then they stand invalid. If we look at the reasons why Astrology is not considered as a serious option by many and as mere form of entertainment or anxiety is because of the way its concepts and ideas are viewed. Predicting events through astral charts, using some attractive stones to alter and influence thoughts etc; are often subjected to ridicule. Questions like
Why does a huge planet like Jupiter is seeking out just me?
How can the sun just identify me ?“;
Is the saturn fed up with his rings that he is meddling in my business ?
may have been a part of conversations and humorous discussions in many lives. So let us try and evaluate these concepts from a logical point of view. 

Astrology references can be traced back to the Vedas (earliest references in the Rug Veda). Sages at that period of time studied with intent the forces of nature and established many of its secrets. The great sage Varahmihir  (one of the greatest Astrologer and Astronomer) put down the equinox shit to 53degrees(Bruhatsamhita) without any satellites just by observation. When the rest of the world was coming to terms with the basic knowledge of survival, Vedic calculations had already deciphered the sequential phases of time with respect to earth.

Some may argue that all these points are a depiction of Astronomy and nothing to do with Astrology. Well true to some part but the advances in astronomy were particularly done by the sages to study their effects on life forms. For example agriculture, advent of rains, progeny, disease, seasonal changes etc were deeply studied as a part of life advancement. The entire knowledge was applied to human life and took shape in form of Vedic astrology. Let us try and understand some logistics in an interactive manner


Vedic astrology is all about constellations or 27 Nakshatras. It has nothing to do with zodiacs [Aries, Saggitarius ]. The concept of 2.5 Nakshatra = 1 Zodiac was introduced after the Greek influence on India. Hence the Indian equivalent Zodiacs [Mesha, Mithuna] have the same symbols as the Greeks. That does not means that Vedic astrology should discard it. I am just putting forth that it was a good introduction that simplified things for common man. However the core Vedic astrology remains with Nakshatras and Planets. Each Nakshatra had 4 minor divisions or Charans. The planet residing in the particular Charan and at a particular angle [degree] is studies to the core for its effects. Vedic astrology emphasizes on attention to detail.


This seems to be the biggest hindrance to the human mind and I do not deny the confusion because it sounds incomprehensible, but on evaluation of the Vedic structure the information depicts deep thought. The human body is constituted of multiple cells each vibrating at their own pace. When a particular cell or group of cells vibrate in unison they emit certain wavelengths. This wavelengths have been recorded and documented through specific photographic techniques known as Kirlian photography and are also known as Aura lengths. Each group of cells in vibrations depict our physical and mental states and these wavelengths directly correspond to the wavelengths of the planets. Each individual has his unique set of cell structures and this is particularly depicted by the astral chart. In brief the astral chart represents the nature of your various cellular wavelengths in micro form with their universal representation to the macro form of the planets. This gives each individual a unique coordinates in space. As an email intended for you bypasses millions of computers and arrives at your mailbox similarly in the celestial internet each person has his unique sets of emitting wavelengths with respect to energy , time and dimensions and is so influenced by the planets when they align accordingly.


As already explained ones astral chart is his representation in space. The chart depicts which attribute has strong wavelengths and this is known as strong section and conversely there are weak sections. This strong and weak sections also depend upon the orientation of the planets. For example if a particular section of your chart is determined strong it is because the wavelengths emitted are in exact orientation with the the planets matching wavelengths. The planets strength is calculated on the degree it is present during ones birth time. This is the prime reason why the planets are described as exalted or depressed as per a chart. In simple words the way the planets are arranged in ones astral chart displays his/hers wavelength constitution. It depicts which wavelengths are strong, which are weak and their co-relations to human life in the particular age of society is evaluated by learned astrologers.


Let me answer this question with an example. We have already seen people who suddenly rise to fame. We can evaluate the reasons as hard work, dedication etc. We also come across many people who would be equally talented but do not make it to the top. We try and contemplate the reasons of failure on may counts. From the Vedic astrology point of view when a persons cells are vibrating in harmony and the wavelengths are fortified by a favorable position of the synchronous planet his aura becomes receptacle or charged. This particular theory can explain events of any individual. The astral chart depicts certain wavelengths as strong and weak and when a particular planet aligns itself at a particular constellation in a particular angle the cells are ACTIVATED and they can produce manifold results.


Astral representation is primarily due to Karmic influences. The study of Karma will definitely put insights to it. Many diseases in Ayurveda have been described with Karmic influences. For example having Jupiter in the sixth house is a sign of rheumatism. In general the astral chart also depicts your karmic bindings and the sufferings the physical body would have to experience on its road to salvation.


Gemstones were primarily used as internal medicine in Ayurveda Studying their effects on certain disorders with respect to the astral chart , the sages contemplated their influence on various planets. Gemstones thus became a part of astrological jewelry. Gemstones with particular color bend certain wavelengths of light and charge the corresponding cells into vibration which affects the moods and decision making prowess of an individual wearing them and overall helps him progress in material life. Gemstones also do have a spiritual attribute which needs to be evaluated on a personal level by a good teacher. Gemstones can loosely be attributed to water therapy where water is kept in bottles of rainbow colors and exposed to sunlight so as to be used in various ailments. Gemstones can fortify or suppress the wavelength radiations as per ones need and control or as evaluated by an expert Astrologer.


Its looking at the same road from different windows. The astral chart also depicts your constitution. Planets have also been classified as per their Dosha constitution. Vedic philosophy states that nothing in the universe is beyond Doshas and hence the chart , gems, planets can be evaluated from a Dosha viewpoint too by an experienced practitioner.


This a huge sea of confusion to swim in. The confusion is not on the theory but as to which time to accept as birth time for chart preparation. I will list certain opinions by scholars

  • The time of conception [this is hard to know but sounds logical as Jiva [life force] enters the body at this time.]
  • The 4th month [this is the time the heart starts functioning as per Ayurveda and denotes life]
  • The time of head presentation [As the child first sees the world but what about caesareans?]
  • The time the cord is cut [ As this denotes independence]
  • The time the child cries [As this denotes his first independent breath]

I would not much delve into this as it would take a book for me to write on this subject. My aim here is introduction not thesis. So I hope this exercise was not futile and may have opened some good questions in your mind. Please feel free to post them and I would try and answer them to the best of my abilities.

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4 comments on “Decoding Vedic Astrology

  1. Dear, whom so ever may be – it is very good to see your blog. Many useful topics are dealt. I am Dr. KSR Prasad of technoayurveda, at present Vice Dean, Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, Wardha, Maharastra – who wish to propagate Ayurveda and Jyotish. My Ph.D. topic is Astro-Diagnosis i.e. diagnosis of a disease through natal chart or horary. I am pleased with your work and wish to talk to you.
    – Ayurmitra Dr.KSR Prasad

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