Breast Enhancement, An Ayurveda Approach

In my clinical practice , I am regularly coming across more and more woman unhappy with their breasts for cosmetic reasons. Some complain of tonal loss or sagging, some require enhancement and some reduction.  Many woman undergone expensive treatments , some surgical to get back the breast shape. The internet and media is also flooded with claims. Hence I thought of putting up a small article which may help clear misconception and try and convince many to follow an holistic approach. 

In the present article I would shed points on Reasons and Remedies for breast enhancement. Though the information presented here is based on my clinical experience, readers discretion is requested.


  • Improper selection of brasserie in terms of fitment/size
  • Not wearing brassiere right on onset of puberty
  • Wearing tight bra during bedtime. (this can slow down circulation)
  • Physical exercises (workouts, running, cycling etc) without brasserie
  • Prolonged illness
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Hormonal imbalance leading to irregular menstrual cycle and other concerned illness
  • Weight gain
  • Sudden weight gain and loss due to crash dieting etc.
  • Sexual intercourse at an early age. [arguable]


Breast does not contain any muscle and is largely consisted of a fat tissue known as Adipose tissue intermingled with lactiferous [milk carrying / producing] ducts. Hence merely doing muscle exercises or intake of muscle protein is not going to help in altering the breast tissue. However it may fairly effect the muscle on which the breast lies [Pectoralis group]. The size of breasts is decided by the hormonal apparatus which is unique in each individual and also influenced by genetic. The permutations and combinations of Estrogen, Prolactin and Progesterone with respect to lifestyle and other factors is very consequential in the physical and mental make-up of a woman. Regarding breast size Estrogen influences the lot with high amounts leading to large breasts and vice versa. It is important to understand that beyond cosmetic approach having firm nice shaped breast requires a good hormonal balance which needs to be complemented with good lifestyle and diet.

Since I would mostly emphasize on natural methods of Ayurveda and yoga for the purpose , I have also enlisted some other prevalent methods for the purpose for your information. So lets begin


The following enlisted Asanas (yogic postures) really help in toning the breast apparatus. However one should understand that not one but a combination of theses postures would help in achieving the desired results. There are no specific Asanas to increase or decrease the size. The Asanas would merely help in achieving firm and healthy breast. Also the Asanas help a long way in regulating hormones and may prevent modern evils of breast cancers. I would not go to the lengths of explaining each and every asanas. You can “google” the names and would get some great illustrations and videos about how to practice them. I would recommend to take the guidance of an expert yoga teacher incase you wish to pursue the techniques. Yogic postures need to be complemented with certain rules of diet, lifestyle and also cleansing methods. Apparently not all yogic postures are safe and one needs to be evaluated to be fit enough to accept a particular asana as per his constitution and health condition. Though while practicing the asanas the main emphasis would be on breast development, these asanas also help in variety of ailments hence research properly and pick the best 1 -2 asanas which would help in your overall health condition

Trikonaasana : helps strengthen the pectoral groups, helpful for women seeking enlargement. Must be complimented with massage, herbs intake.

Bhujangasana : the imminent stretch helps in reduction of excessive fat tissue around the breast, this helps in breast reduction. for enlargement use the asana in the end stage for toning]

Paschimuttanasana: A difficult asana. It puts pressure on the spinal chakras and helps proper flow of hormones. In general should be practiced for an overall hormonal stability. However ones suffering from constipation and ulcers seek expert guidance.

Tadasana: Exerts pressure on the thyroid and is a great posture for overall hormonal stability.

Shalbhasana (Toad posture): Improves muscle stability helps burn fat tissue. done in conjunction with Bhujangasana,

Dhanuarasana & Naukasana: Both asanas combined with Bhujangasana and Shalabhasana makes a power combination for great breast shape especially women looking for reduction and firmness

There are other Asanas which are helpful but must be done under expert guidance as they are tough

  • Simhasana
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana
  • Chakrasana
  • Sethu Bandhasana
  • Halasana

Combining above asanas with proper exponent of Surya Namaskara (12 step exercise) helps immensely. It is very important to follow time rules with regards to yoga. Most postures are meant to be practiced at sunrise after relieving natural urges.


Though Ayurveda does not directly pinpoint at cosmetic manipulation towards breasts there are many formulations which can be used effectively to help in the process. I would share some of my experiences in terms of home remedies one can safely use.


Boil sesame seeds 20gms, Fenugreek seeds 20 gm, Aloe vera pulp 20 gm, rose petals 20 gm in 500ml of water and reduce to the mixture to 50ml. Strain the mixture. Add the decoction to 50ml of virgin coconut oil and boil till oil remains. Filter and store in a glass bottle. Warm require quantity of oil [Always put the oil bottle in warm water. Do not heat oil directly over flame]. Massage in a clockwise directions. Use downwards strokes when massaging beneath the breasts. Regular use helps burn excess fat tissue and also makes the breasts firm. [Avoid massaging on nipples]

Prepare a paste by mixing the following herbs in water or aloe vera juice. Mayphal [Quercus infectorius] 10gms , Maida Lakdi [Litsea chinensis] 10gm , Jaiphal [Myristica fragrans] 5gm. Make the paste warm and apply over the breast . Regular use imparts firmness to the breast. [Avoid massaging the nipples]

Boil bark of Gambhari [Gmelina arborea] 100gm, in virgin coconut oil (250ml) till black residue of the bark remains. Filter and store the oil in a clean glass oil. Warm the required quantity of medicated oil and massage as explained before. This formulation helps in breast enhancement.


Breast enlargement

Boil 4gms Ashwagandha [Withania somnifera], 3gms Arjun bark [Terminalia arjuna] in 1 part milk [100ml] and 4 parts water till milk remains. Strain the mixture through a clean cloth and consume empty stomach early morning. The procedure must be preferable carried out in an iron vessel

Breast reduction and Firmness

Gorakhmundi [Sphaeranthus indicus, 40gm], Daruhaladi [Berberis aristata 40 gm], Nagarmotha [Cyperus esculentus 30 gm]. Boil the herbs in 1litre of water and reduce to 600ml. Filter and store in the fridge. Intake 200ml of the decoction every morning [or in two divided doses 100(Morn.) 100 (Eve.)] empty stomach. Prepare fresh after 3 days. Continue for 2 menstrual cycles. Then take a gap of 15 days and repeat.


Use of Cow’s ghee [clarified butter from cow] in form of nasal drops helps immensely in breast development. Certain traditional preparations like Anu Taila, Panchanendriya vardhan Taila can also be used. The procedure must be done at sunrise. Steam inhalation must be undertaken for 4 -5 minutes. After that the head must be inclined at 75 degree and warm cow’s ghee or the concerned preparation must be instilled . One should first start from 2 drops and gradually increase to 6 drops. The process would benefit more if one can ascertain which nostril [Nadi] is active. For information at any given time most of us breathe [inhale and exhale] through the right or left nostrils. Only at certain times or through yogic Pranayama can one activate both nostrils at the same time. Hence the drops must be first instilled in the active nostril followed by the passive one. The active nostril can be easily found out by closing one nostril at a time. The one that allows free flow is active while the one that meets with resistance is passive.


  • Restrict salt intake to minimum
  • Eat papaya during menstrual cycles to ensure good flow.
  • If possible go on a salt restricted diet for first 3 days of menses being only on papaya and cow’s milk.
  • Stay away from Bakery products, green chillies, pickles, curds [Buttermilk okay].
  • Avoid non-veg diet or restrict to minimum
  • Alcohol restriction

Also avoid excessive gestures like fondling and caressing during sexual intimacy while application of the above medications. Though the effects are not profound it is advisable to refrain for good results.

There are other Anaerobic exercises suggested to help breast development. Though I personally do not recommend them, I have just briefed here for knowledge.

  • Pectoral push up
  • Inverted push up
  • Pectoral press
  • Butterfly press

This exercise require weight training. Also certain trainers recommend protein supplements, Vitamins and natural supplements like Primrose oil etc,

I sincerely hope this small article helps many of you who are looking for solutions but are inapt to pick up one mode or line of treatment. I would also suggest to all of you to research properly before investing your time and money for breast enhancement packages. Going the natural way would not only help you achieve your purpose but would have the added benefit of providing you a healthy lifestyle and regulating other health problems.

The yogic postures mentioned  must be practiced preferably under expert guidance. The use of Ayurveda medicines mentioned is safe. In case of any ill effects like discontinue the medicines. With respect to local applications, readers are advised to initially apply the medication on a small area to check for any allergic reactions.


27 comments on “Breast Enhancement, An Ayurveda Approach

  1. I am a working woman. I don’t get much time for the preparation of medicines. Is there any Ayurvedic medicine for the tightening of breast in the market. Please suggest me.

    • Hello Swati

      There are many advertiesed products but i cannot comment on their efficacy. What I have put down here is experiences from my clinical practise. There is an oil called “Ashwagandhadi tail” . Buy this product and apply similarly. This might provide you with some results. Do revert back for benefit of all if it does

  2. Hi maam,

    I actually consulted a beautician for breast enhancement & she suggested me to use balashwagandha kuchumbu & mamsa thailam. so from past 2 days im using it. so wil this help??

  3. I got this web page from my pal who told me concerning this
    web site and at the moment this time I am browsing this site and reading very informative posts at this time.

  4. I,m 38yrs…I love the size of 36″…bt my size is ONLY32″,is it really possible to achieve my dream size…suggest proper oil,cream,in take…plz..whenever I see the big one… I feel sooo complex..plz help me…thank you…

    • Hello
      You can try the remedies mentioned here. However for bi size the oxytocin and prolactin hormones must eb influenced Also understand that muscle tone must be maintained else stimulating them may cause additional problems like sagging or uncontrolled growth. the remedies mentioned in the article may help but may have to be prepared on your own. There are certain products like Ashwagandha tailam which you can use but under supervision of a good ayurved physician. OTC products are an hit and miss so always check their contents

  5. hi my age is 18 yrs… nd afraid of having large briest…. it gives me certain back nd neck pain plz suggest me some ayurvedic oil ,creams to reduce my breast size….

    • Hello
      There are very few if any method to reduce breast size. If your breasts are growing too fast, you need to do a hormonal work up of assays of insulin, prolactin etc. Also you need to regularize your menses properly and see to it that hormones are balanced. Also if you area sports person, cycle a lot and do not use tight brasiers than due to gravity they may increase. So get yourself fit, do not be overweight, increase bone mass and wear good garments and your breast size will normalize. The medicines to be taken internally to balance hormones must be done by visiting a good ayurved physician near you.

  6. great post,i am happy to visit your site.. This article gives the light in which we can watch the actuality and it is exceptionally valuable one and gives in profundity information.thanks

  7. Hi,i am anamika ..i m 22 years breast size is 35and even unshaped..
    I want to reduce it from 35 to 32 and properly shaped ..
    Please give me suggestions…
    Exercise medecine everything ..
    Please reply soon

    • Hello
      To reduce the size you need to tone the muscles and fat tissue. Certain asana which put pressure on Marma[vital points help]. Bhujangasan and dhanurasan will be most useful but do it under guidance of yog exepert

      Warm seasame oil and apply on the breast in an outward direction. lift the breast up, you can add some support benath and then do pranayam [holding the breath maximum]
      cut out sugars from your diet completely. This will help
      however for more benefits consult a good Ayu doc in your area

  8. Hello,

    want to know what to do to get a hour glass figure? i mean to have thinner waise.?
    Rest all is good. just that i have big waise. almost looks square. please help.

    thank you

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