Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome [PCOS , PCOD]


Polycystic ovaries, means that the ovaries develop more follicles than normal every month. Usually about five follicles start to mature during each menstrual cycle and at least one egg-containing follicle releases a mature egg at ovulation. But a polycystic ovary starts maturing at least twice as many follicles than normal, most of which enlarge and ripen but do not release an egg. It is estimated that between 22 and 33 per cent of women have polycystic ovaries. Some women go on to develop polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which means they have other symptoms in addition to polycystic ovaries. Other names for this syndrome include polycystic ovary disease (PCOD), functional ovarian hyperandrogenism, Stein-Leventhal syndrome (original name, not used in modern literature), ovarian hyperthecosis and sclerocystic ovary syndrome. 


The real cause is still unknown to experts. However, research indicates that the root of the problem is most probably resistance to the hormone insulin, which means you need more insulin than usual to regulate the levels of sugar in the body. The extra insulin causes an imbalance in the hormones that usually make your menstrual cycle run smoothly. Too much luteinising hormone (LH) is produced compared to follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn causes the follicles on the ovaries to produce more of the male hormone testosterone than the female hormone oestrogen. The adrenal glands start to produce increased amounts of testosterone as well. Too much testosterone prevents ovulation, along with other symptoms related to the syndrome. Oestrogen is still produced but, because the follicles never get to the point of maturity when progesterone production starts to increase, women with PCOS can be deficient in progesterone. PCOS may be hereditary as well. Studies show that women with a family history of polycystic ovaries are 50 per cent more likely to develop PCOS. SYMPTOMS Irregular, non-existent or infrequent periods within three or four years of starting to menstruate. Light or very heavy bleeding during your period Weight gain Excessive hair growth to varying degrees on your face, chest and lower abdomen Mild to moderate abdominal discomfort during periods Acne Excessive skin growth on your neck or in your armpit, also called as skin tags. Bone pain (Arthralgia) and Hair loss (Alopecia), Thinning of Hair. Constipation, indigestion, flatulence


  • High blood pressure Dyslipidemia (high level of blood cholesterol , trigylecrides)
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Liver disorders
  • Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • Infertilty and Miscarriage
  • Thyroid disorders


Allopathy treats the condition on lines of Hormonal imbalance and the major treatment includes HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) where subsequent hormones are administered after proper evaluation of the patient. Diet and exercises are also recommended. Additionally there is a growing belief that PCOS occurs due to malfunction of the hormone insulin which builds up resistance in tissues causing weight gain resulting in estrogen malfunction and henc Diabetic drugs like metformin may also be prescribed by your doctor for the same. Surgery is also an option exercised where the ovary is punctured or the cystic tissue obove the ovary is destroyed for better hormonal gain. All this have their own after-effects , most time irreversible and one must evaluate all options about it by asking your doctor and personally researching . This rule not only applies to Allopathy but also to other streams of medicine as after all its your body.


Many times in a grown cyst, doctors may order for blood test like CA125, CA15 etc to rule out the cyst turning cancerous. Once found thy may advise to do biopsy of the cyst by taking a sample by laparoscopy or even suggest to do complete hysterectomy . Remember there is no direct evidence that these markers are definitive and hence one must not haste in going for invasive procedures as once done they are non reversible. I have found many ovaries go bust after these procedures. Though i am not generalising this, on must take 2-3 opinions before going ahead unless the diagnosis is definitive. You can try the remedies mentioned below for few weeks to see if there are improvements or consult a good Ayurveda physician to see if this can be reversed naturally. However do exercise all options with proper research and care.


AMH : to determine ovarian reserves, high value most times indicates PCOS but needs to be checked with other hormones like FSH. Low value may determine path towards infertility)
FSH  :Mostly done together on 3rd day of menses to see the response of brain to stimulate growth of follicle.A high FSH score indicates a low or declining egg supply (ovarian reserve).
Estradoil : his test is used to confirm the results of a day 3 FSH. A high estradiol level may artificially lower (or mask) what otherwise would be a higher (potentially abnormal) FSH.
LH : Done during midcycle to determine about ovulation. A midcycle rise is a good indication that ovulation will occur approximately 24 hours later.
FSH/LH ratio (determined to check the proper process of ovulation.)
DHEA-S : high values indicate towards abnormal seceretion of male hormones or androgens which can lead to facial hair
FREE and TOTAL TESTOSTERONE: Total indicates the degree of hyperandrogenism (over production of male hormones) in women. Mild to moderately high levels are associated with conditions such as PCOS or adrenal hyperplasia. Persistently high levels of total testosterone indicate androgen- producing tumors in the ovaries. Free elevation of testosterone levels is a sign of hyperandrogenism (over production of male hormones). It causes an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH) that leads to an increase in the ratio of LH to FSH. An elevated LH:FSH ratio results in major changes to a woman’s cycle and fertility functions.
SHBG :This protein is responsible for binding the majority of testosterone in the blood into a specific complex. Low levels of SHBG indicate insulin resistance and provides an explanation for elevated levels of Free Testosterone a thing found in PCOS
17-OH: Used to identify why an adult female may be infertile or have excess hair growth (hirsuitism). Deficiencies may increase androgen levels leading to masculine characteristics and interfering with ovulation. Many women with PCOS have exaggerated ovarian 17-OH progesterone secretion. It can also be used to identify possible disorders in the adrenal gland such as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (a group of inherited disorders associated with abnormal metabolism of adrenal gland hormones).
S.INSULIN: To determine insulin resistance
Hb1AC: To determine glucose control and utilization
TSH, FT3, FT4: To determine functionality of Thyroid gland
Prolactin : A hormone that stimulates the production of milk in breastfeeding women. Increased prolactin levels in women not breastfeeding may interfere with ovulation and fertility.
CrP: To ascertain levels of chronic inflammation which may cause insulin resistance
Follicular Study: A ultrscan to check the process of Ovulation


Hormone therapy further depletes the already taxed Endocrinal system and puts it to sleep. The hormones that are meant to be naturally released by the body, now provided with artificial means pushes the body into lazy mode. The HRT treatment may provide excellent results period over a short but over time can lead to irreversible metabolic damage. For a good quality of life relief on following lines must be procured

  1. Gradual Weight loss with emphasis on loosing inches and not number
  2. Regular menstrual cycle, devoid of cramps, good menstrual flow.
  3. Cure from prolonged menses , scanty menses, prolonged menstrual flow are common symptom in such disorder
  4. Alleviation of symptoms like pre-menstrual swelling, hair loss, acne
  5. Good mental health with freedom from irritability, mood swings, indecisiveness’
  6. Promotion of fertility with production of healthy eggs and good uterine health

Following are some useful Ayurveda tips in terms of diet, lifestyle and medicines which help in a major way to alleviate this disorder.



Sesame seeds Black

Boil 5 gms black sesame seeds in 100 ml water and reduce to 50 ml. Filter add organic jaggery and take 2 times a day empty stomach. This simple remedy can be continued till proper menses is achieved and works most of time. However couple this with diet mentioned below or else one may find increase of heat in the body.


Deodara [Cedrus deodar] bark 40 gms
Boil the bark in 500ml of water and reduce it to 50ml. Consume this tea on empty stomach 3 times away. One can use the same bark for all three times or use fresh as per liking. This is very good remedy.




10gms Nagkeshar (Mesua ferra )
10gms crystal sugar (Khadisakhar, Mishri) 10gms
Cow’s ghee (Clarified butter from cow)
Above herbs be mixed and consumed with milk once a day. The above combination is for one day. If the periods do not commence even after this medicine then do not worry. Keep taking the above medicine. Eventually they will come and with proper ovulation. Many women may vomit after taking this medicine which may continue through the day. Do not worry if you vomit its a sign your ovaries are responding. Take the mixture with honey [minus the sugar] or take it once a day or divide into 2 doses.


Hermal seeds [Peganum Hermala]
Take 1gm of powdered seeds with honey and follow it with 1cup of warm cow’s milk. Do not add sugar in milk
CAUTION These seeds can cause dizziness in some and hence discotinue or reduce the dose if symptoms occur.



Many women who suffer from PCOS suffer from prolonged bleeding once menstrual cycle commences. Pomegranat fruit rind 10gms fresh Prepare a herbal tea as described in MEDICINE 2 and intake 2 -3 times a day

Vasa Powder
Vasa [Adhatoda vasica] leaves, dry them and powder. Take 3gms with honey 3-4 times a day. This helps arrest bleeding quickly. If fresh leaves are available, steam them and crush and squeeze to express its juice. Take 30-40ml 2-3 times a day. Vasa is also known as Adulsa and is a common hedge plant.

Alum [Turti/ Fitkari]
Alum is an excellent medicine used in Ayurved to stop bleeding. Alum first needs to be purified. Soak and dissolve Alum in water and let the water be for few hours till it evaporates leaving behind alum in purified state. Crush this alum and roast it in an iron vessel which will make it swell and then collapse into a powder form. This alum medicine is now prepared. Take 1/2 gam of this powder with 10gms crystal sugar and 50ml water 2-3  times a day till bleeding stops. This is a very effective remedy i use in my practice. One can purchase purified alum powder from an genuine Ayurved store if required. Adiitionaly soak alum in water medicated by boiling Areca Nut [Supari, 100gm to 1lt water and filtering].  Soak a piece of cotton in this and keep it in vagina which will help

White Silk Cloth Ash
Burn a piece of pure white silk in a closed vessel. Once reduced to ash , take 1pinch of this ash with honey 2 times a day. This helps arrest bleeding. Stop this medicine once bleeding stops.

Apple Cider Vinegar [ACV] with Mother

Take 20ml of the vinegar and dilute with 200 ml of water. Consume this 2 times a day on empty stomach. This is a very good remedy. Please see to it that you buy the ACV with “mother” and not refined one. Also rinse our mouth thoroughly after you consume as ACV can corrode your teeth enamel. You can use straw.
This remedy can also be taken as a maintain dose along with other remedies mentioned above. On empty stomach and at bedtime take 10 ml ACV with 5ml organic unpasteruised honey and 200 ml water. This is very good to dissolve cyst along with other remedies of Ashwagandha or Deodara as mentioned.

Black Strap Molasses [BSM] unsulphered
BSM is another good remedy I have found do dissolve cyst in certain cases. One can combine BSM with ACV by replacing it with honey as mentioned above or one can use BSM. 5 ml with 250 ml of milk 2 times a day. This along with diet mentioned and other herbs is helpful. However do get an USG (sonography, ultrasound) done periodically to check the progress.

Tranexemic Acid
This is an allopathic/modern medicine which is a fibronylytic agent [it clots blood]. In cases of emergency when the blood loss is severe or not being controlled one can take this pill 500mg 2 times a day. This is a safe non hormonal option. However do consult your gynecologist or doctor before taking this.

(I will be discussing more simple remedies to tackle thus problems in my other article related to “MENSTRUAL DISORDERS”)


  1. Food timings must be fixed.
  2. Salt restriction is another major aspect.
  3. Castor oil massage which I recommend to be done regularly. Warm castor by placing bottle in warm water. Massage in circular motion over the ovaries every night. Plus soak a swab in the oil and place it in navel before sleeping. This is very effective. In case of women who have big cyst on a particular ovary can apply castor oil packs. Castor oil packs are different from massage. One can search on the net how to prepare them, hre are plenty of self help videos.
  4. Avoid all forms of refined sugar, fruits, nuts. Even fruit juices which contain fructose.  Reduce your insulin spikes. Do not eat after sunset. If you find cravings for sugar cut coconut rind [entire one with oil in it] and eat. It is highly beneficial
  5. Stay away from Aluminum, Steel. Use copper, brass [with tin work], earthen, iron cooking glass vessels  for cooking
  6. Check your fasting Insulin levels and do Iron studies. Your ferritin levels must be ideally between 40-70 [normal range 15-150] and S.iron must be above 80. If not your mineral imbalance may cause problems. Through Ayurveda Bhasma this is effectively corrected in very short time but supervision is required. Do not self medicate.

The lifestyle modifications are identical to ones I describe in my other articles regarding Thyroid , Breast cancer and Endometriosis the reason being all these disorders have common metabolic anomalies and one must research in the diet to get good control of Estrogen. as these all disorders mostly happen due to Estrogen malfunctions.

A lecture on general dinacharya has been uploaded on the youtube channel. I am embedding it here.

For prolonged health care it would be recommended to visit an Ayurveda physician and get a customized health plan evaluated. I am also listing certain generic Ayurveda preparations that may be prescribed for the said disorder

  • Ashwagandhaarishta, Ashokasrishta, Kumariasav, Chandraprabhavati, Pushyanug churna, Phalghrita, Raupya Bhasma, Vang Bhasma, Abrakh Bhasma, etc. may be advised by your Ayurveda doctor.These Medicines, their contents and Preparation methods can be checked at the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AYURVEDA MEDICINE websitehttp://nlam.in/
  • Panchakarma techiniques like Basti, Uttar Basti, Vaman, VBirechan, Nasya are also undertaken

Paschimuttanasan, Pawanmuktasan, Shalbhasan in a proper sequence are very helpful.  Yoga in all auto-immune disorders helps immensely as it changes glandular and hormonal functions. Yog done without use of Bandhas is of no use and hence  I would recommend patients to undertake Yogic exercises under supervision of an Ayurveda consultant as Yoga is a part of ayurveda and it requires proper knowledge of body functions and Marma points. Do not undertake exercises advertised or from word of mouth as testimonials. What works for others may not work for you. More importantly understand what one is trying to achieve and combine it with proper lifestyle and medication under expert guidance so that the overall quality of life increases. As project of NLAM,  elite Hatha Yog sequences of therapeutic nature  are being taught  under the Marma Yog cluster. Yog Teachers who wish to gain the knowledge  can know more about it at [www.marmayog.in] or watch the collective playlist on

Marmayog Youtube channel


As a part of my Ayurveda regime, I always recommend each women to do this self test at home to check the menstrual health. During menses on all three days take a small amount of menstrual blood on a clean white cloth and allow to dry. After few minutes wash it with warm water. The blood should wash away without leaving behind any stain in normal hormonal profile. If stains are left than it indicates disrupted or about to be disrupted cycle.

Apart from above remedies, Ayurveda mentions certain protocols to be followed during menses.

  • Salt free diet for first 3 days
  • Abstain from any physical work
  • No bathing or only sponge clean the body with water medicated with Neem [Azadhiracta India], Nirgudi [Vitex app] or Mint [Mentha sp.] leaves
  • Light food preferably comprising of watery gruel’s
  • On the 4th day have complete head bath and start with normal food

If these protocol is followed especially for women with Hormonal disorders it can rest assure a healthy life ahead. Understand all remedies mentioned , select ones which re easy to follow for you over period of time, create a protocol with diet and follow it religiously to see improvement.

A sample protocol would be

Before sunrise (5am) :Water  filtered 100ml which is soaked with Fenugreek seeds overnight in ceramic
7am: Sesame decoction
Breakfast 8.30am
12 pm: lunch
4 pm : Sesame decoction
6 pm : dinner (bfr sunset)
10 pm : Harada[Terminalia chebula] powder 5gms with 1 cup warm water mixed with warm Castor oil [unrefined]. Adjust does as per bowels

During menses continue above but leave salt and take the menses decoction as additional.

Avoid any Yog asan or Pranayam during menses or uncontrolled bleeding

This is just a sample and will help if followed meticulously. For those trying to conceive have maximum intercourse to simulate ovarian function. More than everything keep faith and patience, do not rush and keep changing physician. Ovarian build up and conception take time and must be gradually proceeded with. Of course each person requires individual treatment and some extra medicine which can only be availed by visiting a good Ayurveda physician , hence do so of conditions improve. Also discontinue or consult your physician if conditions do not improve.

The information mentioned here is for educational puposes only. Do not try and use all in conjunction. Follow proper diet , timings, pick a safe remedy and employ. Observe over 20-45 days & if found relief consult a good Ayurveda physician for long term gain. Do not self-medicate. Do not pass on remedies through social media irresponsibly. It causes more harm than good

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782 comments on “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome [PCOS , PCOD]

    • Hi Katie

      In a practical world, i understand that bathing becomes important. I do recommend the following. In order of preference “Neem leaves”/ “Mint leaves”/ “powder of Triphala”/ “Medicated camphor[Bhimseni Kapoor]”. Boil water with any of these. Now slowly pour water over the body [no head bath] or sponge yurself. Do not scrub, massage, just plain pouring. Pat dry. This can be followed during menses.

    • Can you please suggest a good ayurvedic physician in hyderabad. I have pcod and also hypothoiroid. I have very heavvy menses and also they dont stop easily. Like i am having menses from past 10 days . I am bored of taking the harmonal medicines to stop. Can u suggest some good home remedy

  1. Hi
    I suffer from menorrhagia since menarche (from last 11 years). Was diagnosed PCOS this Jan. My periods don’t follow the regular pattern – blood flow is heavier from day 2-5. I am on ayurvedic medicines now. How should I follow the 5 tips you have mentioned at the end of the article?

    • The most important things is to follow the diet and medicines mentioned together. However if you are already on Ayurveda medicines it is better you follow instructions of your Vaidya, as in Ayurveda each Vaidya may treat his /her patient in a manner unique to his interpretation of the disorder. No two treatments of the same patient by different vaidyas may be similar. In-fact they may be opposite but yet they both may give results.

      In such disorders the main thing is to visualize a cure in terms of healthy periods, and subsequent changes in hair skin moods etc etc. If one is achieving this than the treatment is on right track. If the only emphasis is on getting normal cycle than its of no use.
      You can follow the diet above and couple it with medicines mentioned , anyone which you may find easy. However please do not combine these treatments with your already on going Ayurveda medicines without supervision or consent of your Vaidya

  2. Hi I visited your wordpress blog and realize it very informative. In person it is best that you constantly be very optimistic in your life and really should live life to full. But sometimes we are actually held back by our own imagination and reduced confidence. Its been seen that individuals feel lower in confidence with marks
    on the face. In most cases these marks were born in Acne. .

    • Hello

      Nasya helps in strengthening the Shringatak Marma and the associated Chakra which are responsible for balancing both the Ida and Pingala nadi which in brief control the heat and cold responses of the body. This itself balances the secretion of good Artavaha as per ayurved and promotes life. On modern equivalent , Nasya karma stimulates good hormone secretions from the hypothalamus and pituitary by sensitizing the neural pathway through the Shringatak Marma which helps create good balance.

  3. my marriage time in 6year i have no child becouse pcod problem but in 2 times my egg size in proper aned reaptur but after there not conciving my husband report good pleas suggest me in right way and few month my wait also gain very fast pleas any madicin i tell me that i concive fast

    • Hello

      You must understand that unless the women body is ready to conceive a child in aspect of retaining the child till nine months, it would not conceive. Hence only egg formation is not important but quality of egg. I suggest you consult an Ayurveda physician and work out a lifestyle to enhance quality egg production . Follow the guidelines properly, have patience and you will conceive. Till then you can follow the guidelines mentioned in my post with the diet and lifestyle which will definitely help you.

      Also I would like to suggest you that do not look for quick treatments. you have mentioned the word FAST. Remember conception is not the only problem. The baby must complete its nine months and without any structural or other anomalies.
      You can achieve conception with techniques like IVF but these techniques do not ensure full term pregnancy and hence the body must first be prepared for it. Please do not haste, consult a good Ayurveda physician and follow the guidelines religiously

    • Hello

      There is no direct reference to PCOD. However as per Ayurveda treatise a womens body is deemed healthy if she is able to conceive and has a cycle devoid of any ill-symptoms. Anything outside this circle is said to be diseases and needs attention. hence taking into account these factors, the aim must be to ensure proper artavaha function in terms of good egg quality, good and healthy menstrual cycles [need not be regular, ideally they should be, but must come and stop as described with proper egg formation], no extra physical and mental symptoms and ensure good fertility. O these lines and by working the finer aspects one can treat pcod.

  4. hi..
    i m 20yrs old..i m suffering from pcod since menarche..and using english medicines..but during use only menstrual cycle will come regular after that situation repeats…overflow will occur and cycles continues for days..i want to take ayurvedic treatment instead of using english medicines..but i heard that there will be side effects if we will shift to ayurvedic medicine suddenly..because since 7yrs i m using english medicine but of no use…i have no thyroid problem but i m overweight…plzzz help me out of this problem…i m suffering a lot due this problem..

    • Hello

      I would not say side effects, but since you are on english medicines, when you start ayurveda medicine they need to be tapered off with care. English medicines aim at preventing ovulation like a contraceptive pills so you do not ovulate. Also since you have thyroid malfunction all this means it will be an Hormone therapy and with no control of diet , it will increase to weight gain. I would suggest you consult an Ayurveda physician near you. You can try the above remedies as mentioned in article but they are useless if you do not stop hormone pills. PCOD is very well controlled and cured by Ayurveda if you work hard. All the best

  5. Hi, I do think this is a great blog. I stumbledupon it 😉 I will come back once again since i have bookmarked it. Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to help other people.

  6. Hi!
    I was diagnosed of pcos 3 years back when I had chronic outburst of acne. but my periods were irregular since I can remember, I was given contraceptives and metformin by the doc. metformin caused dizziness and so was discontinued after 6 months. now I am 24 and without medications my periods are abnormal and when i stopped medications I had periods after 2 months with profuse bleeding and won’t stop till i took Texid MF prescribed by doc., my hair are falling like crazy and unwanted hair growth does not stop. though i do not have acne anymore… what should I do? will I be normal again??? plzz.. help
    P.S : I am a lean pcod patient rather I would say I am underweight… my HBA1C tests was also normal with normal blood glucose levels.
    plz help!!

    • Hello

      As already mentioned, contraceptive pills do not facilitate ovulation and hence whatever periods you get are anovulatory. This leads to taxation of body resources and promotes weight gain, mood swings, cosmetic troubles etc . I have mentioned some remedies and diet in this articles which you need to follow sincerely. However since you have an history of Hormonal medicine i would strongly suggest you to visit a good Ayurveda physician at earliest and help recover yourself with normal ovarian function

  7. My daughter is 16, yet not started her periods, as per her MRI reports her Uterus and Ovaries are small in size and her Harmon are also imbalanced.
    Is their any treatment ? please advice us in this matter.

    • Hello

      As described in the post and in conjunction with your daughters reports, it is clear that onset of puberty is delayed due to improper growth both physical and mostly functional of the reproductive system. Remedies mentioned in this article especially tea made from Black sesame seeds with Jaggery and use of Hurmal seeds will be very useful.

      I would recommend that you visit a good ayurveda physician near you and get the problem treated from the root. Ayurveda treatment individualized as to your daughters needs will help her develop her reproductive system and ensure a good future life. However she may need to follow a strict dietary regime and lifestyle modifications to achieve complete normalcy.

      • Thanks you very much for your kind reply for my problem.
        One more request to you is that, please inform me exctaly what treatment we can start for my daughter. Can we cure this problem with ayurved treatment ? how much time it will take ?
        Please suggest a ayurveda physician for this.

        I am asking this because we are in big truble with is probelm. Please advice me this matter .
        Awaiting for your favourable reply.


      • Hello

        Yes this can be completely cured and managed by Ayurveda. However ayurveda treatment would focus on perfect menses with good ovulation. This requires starting from the scratch and rebuilding the system with proper diet and lifestyle changes. Ovary modulation can take time and one has to be patient to ensure long term gains. The real treatment starts after the patient starts getting normal cycles. They have to maintain the lifestyle for at least 1 year to ensure proper hormonal balance. Also if the patient has been exposed to long term hormone therapy which suppresses ovulation, the ovaries go into something called a s”disuse atrophy” where they stop functioning and hence to reinstate the functionality and give it enough power to carry on in a healthy way till menopause may take time

        You have to consult a good ayurveda physician near you and start the treatment. I would suggest is to visit a few doctors and try and see if they can explain to you the lines of treatment and only go ahed with one you are comfortable with as this treatment requires time and one need to be patient
        for results

        Best Regards

      • Thank you very much for your reply.
        Please suggest the good ayurveda physician for this treatment as we are in remote area to find out the doctor.
        If you suggest, then it will help us.

        Also inform us
        01 if their is any home remedies for this treatment so that we can start immediately at our leval.
        02 We are already started the Homeopathy treatment for this, will it be OK to take ayurvedic treatment with Homeopathy and alopathy ?
        03 What physical excersize to be done for beeter results ?

        Please suggest
        thanks again.

      • Hello
        Please do not combine ayurveda and homeopathy
        You can use any remedy mentioned in this article along with diet rules
        Exercises of yoga as mentioned in this article

        As for ayurveda physician you can mail me your location at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com and other details, i will see if i can recommend omeone close to you

  8. Hi ,
    I am getting my wife treated for irregular periods since 1 year.She is having this problem since 3 years .We got married 1.5yrs back .Initialy she was given Tab dronis . presently she has been given metafin and another tab diphoston and we are checking for ovulation .I would like to ask wheather ayurvedic medicine ve taken along with alopathic .i am looking for fast result .pl suggest waht best to go ahead .

    • Hello

      The tabs you are taking are oral contraceptives [dronis] which prevent ovulation and progestrone derivative [Duphoston] which induce periods . In brief you are treating her just to get periods but not targeting the root cause of having ovulation and normal periods. So that reduces the chances of fertility.
      Also long term use with thus medicine may lead to irregular bleeding , weight gain, mood swings and overall depletion in quality of life. I suggest you re-evaluate the situation and try for natural remedies to cure from the root on lines of
      1>Correcting hormonal cycle
      2>Inducing normal menses with ovulation
      3>Sustaining the state till menopause

      This will ensure good quality of life. However easier said than done, this requires strict mesaures in terms of
      1>Lifestyle changes

      which need to taken till normalcy is achieved. You can visit a good ayurveda physician near you for individualized treatment. As said in such treatments and especially when the patient has been exposed to long term Hormone therapy you may have to be patient enough because the natural medicines will first try to create good ovulation and induce periods This may take time so you have think in terms of long term gain

      Best Regards

    • Hello

      If you mean by abdominal or uterine adhesions, if they are non symptomatic, than they do not require any treatment. You can take certain ready made preparations like Khadirarishta . If they seem to help than consult an Ayurveda doctor to continue with it for prolonged use. In certain cases a therapy of Ayurveda called Panchakarma is useful in which “Basti” is most effective along with other internal medicine

      Best Regards

  9. Hi,
    my wife is getting treated for PCOS .she is presently going on with ovulation study and she has been given Goodova 100 (Enclomiphene capsule) and Ycyct forte.
    it is very difficult to understand what doctors are doing so please suggest and guide .

    • Hello

      As explained in the article, PCOS is complete or partial inability of body to produce eggs or go through process of ovulation which is required to produce eggs. This process is governed by the intricate dynamics between hormones mostly subjected to hypothalamus and pituitary glands and their similar reactions with ovaries and thyroid. Clomiphene citrate is a drug of choice which stimulates [its a complex process of Estrogen Receptor modification] the Hypothalamus to induce ovulation [generally avoided if women have pituitary malfunctions]. I have mentioned it in my other article about infertility


      Enclomiphene along with Zucomehini are steroisomers [same but with different presentation of atoms] of Clomiphene and both are mixed [first major qt as its actively degraded out of body rather than later which takes time] to have Clomiphene citrate compunds which help induce ovulation. What your wife is going through is something called as Clomiphene challenge test where the doctors would administer Clomiphene and check if ovulation is happening and would advise you necessarily the steps for fertility either natural or artificial. However as mentioned fertilization is one part and carrying a baby for 9 months is other, hence if success is not met within few cycles i would recommend you to take a natural and safe approach , in getting the basic problem sorted and then commence again


  10. hi i am 26yrs old my weight is 65kg, i dont get regular periods. But when i get them its very painful and heavy bleeding for more than 2-3weeks.
    I also have dark patch on my neck. Since 6 months i havent got my periods and from 5 months i am taking M2 tone tablets twice daily but havent got my periods. I also want to loose weight. Please help!

    • Hello

      m2Tone i presume are Ayurveda tablets, though I do not recollect the composition. If you are not getting periods that means you are not ovulating and when you get them, they will be anovulatory so they may be prolonged bleeding or similar discrepancies. The more you try and do nothing, it may lead to complications with advise of surgery by modern doctors.

      You need to rectify your lifestyle and seek Ayurveda help to normalize your system so that you get ovulatory cycles. This one rectification will take care of all other symptoms like weight gain, skin problems etc, so do not prolong your treatment. Just taking pills because they are herbal will not solve the problem.

      Meanwhile you can follow the recommendations mentioned in this article about FOOD TIMINGS, DIET AND MEDICINES. You can select any one of the medicines first
      1>to get regular periods

      Then if bleeding is prolonged you can use the remedies mentioned to stop the periods

      and once your periods regularize you can use tonics mentioned to fortify

      However I would still suggest that if you get some relief than visit an Ayurveda physician near you to get best results

      You can also read another article by me in conjunction with this for more remedies


      Best Regards

  11. hello,
    iam having pcod… i took medicine for pregnancy.. now iam having 3yr old kid. but now still iam having d same problem.. bcoz of that iam gaining weight, unwanted hair and irritation… i fed up with dis.. we spent lot of money for this problem.. is there complete cute for pcos in ayurvedam.

    • Hello

      If you had taken modern medicine to conceive than that medicines sensitizes your ovary to produce good eggs. However over sensitization can cause long term fatigue [if you were having pcod before conception] as the already compromised ovaries go into a toss.
      As already explained in my previous comments you need to alter your lifestyle through Ayurveda means through diet and medicines which may reset your biological clock, restart good egg production, fortify your reproductive system .

      The basic changes have been mentioned in this article and if you follow them for 2-3 months you will find results. However due to the limitation of published articles not every treatment posted here can be generalized as Ayurveda is very individualistic.

      If you do find some relief, i would recommend consulting an Ayurveda physician near you for more personalized treatment

  12. Hi,

    I had been advised by my Ayurvedic doctor to get a USG done. She has given me medicines based on the report.
    Please let me know what should I do now,Report is as follows

    Ultra sound examination of Pelvis and Abdomen:
    Urinary bladder is well distended with smooth outline. No calculus or intrinsic bladder pathology.
    Uterus is normal in size and echo anatomy and measures 61 x 32 x 39 mms. Midline endometrial echo is well seen and appears normal. Endometrial is 4 mm. No uterine pathology or fibroid.
    Both ovaries are mildly enlarged and bulky and show multiple peripheral cysts of 5 to 6 mm with echogenic stroma. Suggestive of bilateral polycystic ovaries.
    Right ovary measures 26x21x28 mms (volume 8.7 cc)
    Left ovary measures 26x21x28 mmx (volume 10.6 cc)
    No free fluid in the puch of douglas.
    Both kidneys are normal in size, shape, location and echo anatomy. No evidence of hydronephrosis or perinephric pathology. No obvious upper or lower ureteric calculus seen.
    Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas and Spleen are normal.
    Aorta and inferior vena cava are seen in their entire length and appear normal. No pre or para aortic lymphadenopathy.
    1. Study reveals mildly enlarged and bulky polycystic ovaries
    2. Rest of the study of abdomen is within normal limits3.
    3. No Uterine pathology

    Please help. 😦

    Thanks & Regards,

    • As per your reports you have PCOS. Now if you have associated symptoms like irregular period, facial hair growth, weight gain etc along with uncontrolled bleeding or prolonged bleeding than Doctors have following approach

      1>To give contraceptive pills [to suppress ovulation so that formation of cyst stops as since cysts are nothing but incomplete ova]
      2>Give tablets like Metformin [anti diabetic] since it is supposed that cyst are unable to be treated because of insulin resistance

      If inspite of this the cyst grows that they may laser it of or puncture it to see if it has any fluid collection to test for malignancy

      These are routine procedures and if you have not started any of theses I would recommend you see an Ayurveda physician and get this resolved. PCOS as mentioned more than medicine requires strict control with reference to diet and lifestyle which i have already mentioned here. In my clinical practice I keep patients without salt for 2-3 weeks and slowly introduce food till 2-3 cycles come normal [ovulatory]. The idea here must always be to fortify your ovarian function as fertility is the only way a woman can be healthy. All other procedures may give you temporary relief but in long run will cause multiple metabolic problems

      Certain times after Ayurveda therapy the entire system normalizes but certain cysts which have already grown big before treatment may not collapse and cause pain. Only then surgery can be thought of as temporary solution just to siphon of that cyst [but this rarely is the case]

      You can use any of the remedies mentioned in this article [first to get normal periods] than to sustain them. Also follow the diet rules and menses rules mentioned religiously, it will help you. However for complete treatment you need to visit an Ayurveda physician near you as this treatments must be individualized and run over a long period of time
      If you are unable to do so and want to go on allopathy the least of all evils I can say is to adopt Hormonal treatment BUT PLEASE do not do any invasive [surgical] procedure on your ovaries even if it is for testing. This might render them completely useless

      Hope this helps

      • Thank You for your immediate reply.

        I am 25 years old, and since the age of 18 I started getting acne on my face.Its been 7 years now but the frequency of acne is reduced than earlier where I used to get acne which were usually blood clotted.Due to its outburst pits have been formed on my cheeks. I would like to tell you that my periods are regular with just the date getting postponed by 5-6 days some times.The 2nd day is with heavy flow and by 4th day its almost gone. I have fat on my belly region and my weight is around 50kgs.

        I usually have veg. food and very rarely I have non-veg food. I have spent alot on allopathic medicins and all creams, lotions prescribed by the docs. But none of them recognised it was a prob. related to PCOS. Now I am on ayurvedic medicines as per docs advice.She has recommended me to use Oriflames Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Wash and Tone gel & Facial cream. Earlier I used to use FASHFOAM as told by allopathic doc which made my skin dry.

        Now I would like to ask you
        1. What all should I include in my diet & what all should be avoided?
        2. Which fruits/veg. should I have?
        3. Should I apply turmeric/neem/lemon on my face with honey so as to lighten my acne/pimple marks or any other?
        4. Pranayam and exercises including walking can help in reducing the cysts?
        5. Will eating neem internally with water help?
        6. How to get clear skin by curing the pits/blemishes?

        Hoping for your reply which can do wonders for me…

        Thanks again 🙂

      • Hello

        If you periods are regular than you are ovulating well, but due to pcos the horminal balance is not right. Slowly if unattended it will lead to further symptoms

        As said skin problems are difficult to treat unless the root is targetted. You may need to see an Ayurveda physician for specialized treatment. For time being you can follow the rules mentioned in the article. Just to put in brief

        1>Avoid eating brinjals, peas, peanuts, curds, cauliflower, pickles, green chillies, mustard, sea food, bakery products, tea , coffee , tur dal[complete abstinence from all, do not even take food which have these]
        2>Avoid Rice
        3>Eat dinner before sunset [6.30 max]
        4>Prepare food without salt. Take only one helping. Add some rock salt to water [minimal] and sprinkle over food
        5>Do not sleep during daytime
        6>have fixed timings, Breakfast 8 [have boiled eggs and carrot juice], Lunch 1pm, dinner before sunset
        7>Drink rice water at 8 [cook 10gms rice in 750ml of water, oce cooked, collect the water , discard rice, drink this without salt]
        8>have 5ml castor oil with warm water at bedtime
        9>Avoid using any soaps, wash skin with water with neem leaves. You can use a simple powder made from the following herbs to apply on your skin
        Manjishta 10gms
        Arjun 10gms
        Bavachi 5gms
        Daruhaldi 5gms
        Shatavari 10gms

        Mix some amount in water and apply thin on the face [avoid infected bumps] . after dries wash with warm water slowly. Infected bumos do not respond well to powders, You can leave them as it is

        This will help but still you need to consult an Ayurveda physician near you for complete personalized treatment for PCOS which may eliminate the problem from the root

  13. iam 25years old iam having pcod my weight is 58kgs, i dont get regular periods.iam using tablets that time only bleeding please suggest ayurvedic medicine and remedies.i want regular periods please tell me

    • Hello

      Since you are using tablets for bleeding, you must be using contraceptive pills that prevent ovulation. Hence you are just getting periods as satisfaction to your psyche but since there is no ovulation it will not help conceptions.

      As previously put in these post you can try the simple sesame [black til remedy]. Boil Black til seeds 5gms in 100ml water and reduce to 50 ml. Filter and drink this with Jaggery 2 times a day empty stomach

      Along with this you will have to follow strict lifestyle and diet modifications. No sleeping in daytime. No food after sunset.
      Drink til tea at 6 am, Have boiled egg carrot juice at 8 for breakfast. have lunch around 2 [avoid, peas, peanuts, curds, sea food, green chilly, rice, tea , coffee, use very minimal salt]. Have til kaha again at 4pm Have dinner by 6.30. have rice water at 8. Avoid fruits [orange, mosambi, sitaphal, water melon]. Use lots of papaya and Musk melon
      Have some laxative like castor oil with triphala at bedtime

      Continue this, stop your hormonal pills. You may initially get prolonged bleeding. You can use any pf the remedies mentioned in the article for that. Continue with this till your period normalize
      however if you get good results please consult an Ayurveda physician near you for complete cure

  14. Thank you so much for such an useful blog. I have taken the liberty to email you my medical history. It will be great if you could help me with your valuable advise.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    i am 25 yrs old unmarried having weight 51 kg(normal),I was diagnosed Bilateral Multiple Ovarian Cyst 9 months back and I don’t have regular menses due to this but these cysts are not at all painful..since then I am on allopathic medicines but still there is no improvement as I am still having irregular periods, now my doctor has said that Laproscopy is the only solution for my problem if the medicines are not working well…I am very much concerned regarding my fertility,is there 100% cure in ayurveda for this problem…I am too much tensed..:( Please reply

    • Hello

      I am unaware what meds your doctor has put through you, but generally if you are not for fertility than they will put you on contraceptive pulls to suppress ovulation and bring periods. In long run however it will eventually make periods irregular.
      Also i am against doing unnecessary laparoscopic investigations as it may render ovaries useless unless there is a strong case for it

      If you read through this article and ALL PREVIOUS COMMENTS. I have given some useful remedies of black til etc which you can se. You case is completely curable through ayurveda and also help you conceive naturally

      My advise is o consult 3-10 ayurveda physicians understand their protocol, what they have to offer and than go ahead with one.

      I will suggest you do this before any surgical intervention

      • Thanks a lot for your kind advice..I would request you to please recommend an Ayurvedic Physician around Agra region on my mail id, it will help me a lot…….thanks

      • Hello

        I may not have acquaintance with many doctors in the country. As suggested you must visit 5-10 healers and understand their perspective in your case and then go ahead with the one you feel comfortable

        I have emailed you certain details.

      • As I am 25yrs of age and been married from two years. as I have problem of PCOS in which I am not getting my monthly periods are irregular I have gained weight due to this and not been able to conceive .

        As my Doctor said that I have to be on tablets ( glicomet ) as I have insula ressitenci level high in me. And I have a cyst.
        I had heavy bleeding befor marriage and my weight was also normal i.e 60 as per my height but now it is the opposite after my marriage .

        pls suggest me a good ayurvedik advise by u to tacal my problem.

        Thanks & Regards,

      • Hello
        This issue has been answered multiple times in this forum.Please go through comments or search them for details. I will just brief it
        1>your weight increases because yo are not ovulating
        2>this causes resistence [glycomet is antidiabetic drug and helps a bit]

        you need to undergo a complete hormonal reset by visiting a good ayurved doctor near you and customize your treament. Till the you can follow the sample protocol and tips mentioned in the article
        also be patiet as hormones take time to reverse and do not eb too obsessed with weight. you wont loose any weigt whatever you do till hormones reset
        also do the follo test
        1>s. insulin fasting [ ideally it shld be below 8]
        2>s.ferritin [ideally above 50]
        also when menses come do a follicular study to see if you are ovulating
        this will help you understand your problem

      • Hi Tejaswini..

        Even i m the victim of PCOD and i got to know about this around 5-6 years back . After i got married i was afraid if i will be able to conceive naturally. i consulted many doctors but i was afraid to start with any kind of medicine. I used to just go to doctors to know about their views about my problem, many of them told that i dont ovulate and if i want to conceive, ovulation have to be induced through medicine . I had very irregular period. i used to not get it for 4 months. I used to be worried. I started looking for natural ways to get rid of this. Through many websites i got to know that with healthy diet and regular exercise you can get rid of this problem. I started to have veggie meals, fruits, sprouts and regular exercise or atleast regular walking. Also i started having cinnamon and ginger boiled in water with honey and totally stopped having caffeine in any form. These things really worked for me. PCOD is due to harmonal imbalance and high insulin level. Cinnamon makes your insulin level in control and ginger makes your harmones in balance. These tricks worked for me and in 4 months i started having my periods in 2 months and in another 2 months i got pregnant. now i m 11 weeks pregnant. just finger crossed and praying that everything should go fine. Natural things have no side effects. I tried and worked for me. I would be glad if these thing can help someone else too.

        Take care ladies..

  16. u suggest one person regular period remedy i have one doubt what is laxative?what is triphala ?what is meaning of these sentences Have some laxative like castor oil with triphala at bedtime

    • Laxative means one that induces good bowel movements or motions but slightly on loose side , this clears vata imbalance
      Triphala is a safe and popular medicine which will remove toxins and with castor oil it will also strengthen the reproductive system

  17. Hai, i am 28 yrs old, single…. I was diagnosed with PCOD when i was 22 years, i tried taking english medicine fr some time but discontinued… i have gained weight, have unnecessary facial hair…. lately i have very bad hair fall also… i am so afraid that i might loose all my hair…i am not sure if the hair fall is due to PCOD or not… i have been on diet n exercise for last 4 months… so not sure if my diet is cause of hairfall…. i do not have any thyroid problems also.. i am in bangalore, please advice a good ayurvedic doctor here, so i can take proper treatment… i am planning to get married soon….i want a permanent relief n only ayurvedic treatment can heal me… my email id is andrewjames531@gmail.com… please email me details…

      • Hi

        I am also suffering from PCOD and trying to concieve from past two years. All the efforts are in vain . I also have hypo thoiroid. Doc has put me on metamorin and am taking 75mcg of thyroxin .

        I go for walk two times a day and have very low calorie diet still i am unable to loose weight and my hair fall is also too much . Can you please suggest something about weightloss ans curing PCOD completely.

      • Hello

        I hope you must have read through the comments on this article and many have asked similar questions like you. So instead of repeating , I would advise you to read through it to get details of what and how it could be achieved. As I have already put forth, weight gain or loss in women is independent of eating habits and purely depends on hormones. Hence in cases like yourself the in is exponential. Also hairfall and weight gain can be attributed to bone loss as bones are depleted by the body in an effort to create more eggs.

        You can only control this by following a strict lifestyle in terms of
        1>Timings must be strict in terms of waking [early morning by sunrise], sleeping [by 10 pm], breakfast [8], lunch [1pm], dinner [before sunset]
        2>You can ahve the basic Black Til [sesame] decoction 2 times a day as mentioned on empty stomach
        3>Have minimal salt. Follow the diet rules mentioned

        Again emphasizing if all these show results do visit an Ayurveda physcian near you to get personalized treatment as such cases requires long term management

        there is no plausible definition of cure, only a healthy state which needs to maintained wrt to symptoms. Thyroid levels and functions would get normalized which than may be considered in terms of dosage reduction. However with Thyroid the point of Antibodies must be evaluated when considering dosages. Also complementing this treatment woth Ayurveda must eb done under supervision

        never stop taking Thyroid medication unless advised or supervised by a physician, whatever may be the results. It may rebound. I am going to write an article on Thyroid disorders soon

        Hope this helps

      • Thank you so much for ur reply, Yesterday i went to shatayu ayurveda clinic and asked about the weight loss program. They suggested 25 days program which will help in reduce between 4-6 kgs. FIrst 10 days will be detox (3 days internal medicine ,3 days massage , 1 day loosemotion day and last 3 days diet) after that 15 days of paste massage for 1.5 hours daily

        Can u please suggest me that will this help in reducing weight and also curing PCOD and Thoiriod level .

        Regarding the decotion of black sesame till are you referring to the brown til which is readily available in market and also shall i drink it even when i am planning for baby.

        One more request will this weight loss program will do any problem while i am trying for baby.

      • As I have explained, short term programs may help in weight loss, but may not be helpful in PCOS as PCOS is a disorder which arises every month [as eggs are formed every month]. So you have to plan long term in terms of changing a lifestyle and diet for over a year and even lifetime so your hormonal clock is in balance. Reducing weight just for the scale aint good. See if you are 90 kgs for example and suppose you loose 5 kgs and become 85. Will it be of a considerable difference to someone who sees you for the first time. For him/her you are still on the heavier side, only you have a mental satisfaction of loosing some kgs. Also due to nature of your disorder even if you loose more, still in next cycle because you are not maintaining any portico, you will regain the weight as is seen with many diet courses.

        So invest your time and money for long term cure. If your hormones are balanced than you without doing any exercise will also loose weight and gain all benefits .

        Black Sesame decoction will regularize your periods with good egg production and help conceive. But it must eb taken with the diet rules i mentioned. also after you conceive you must stop it. But as suggested, the moment you start experiencing good symptoms consult a physician for LONG TERM solution

        Think deeply of what I have mentioned, read both articles of PCOS and Infertility on this blog, once again go through comments section. Talk discuss with few other people and than take your decision.

        Relax, do not haste, you may feel the journey as long, keeping diet as cumbersome, there maybe frustration, but on the end if all things improve, you get conceived, this all will be a sweet journey

        If short , expensive treatments were solution than “no rich” person would ever be diseased. Nature does not discriminate. Work hard, understand your system and nothing is impossible.

        All the best

  18. hi i am 26 years old,& have problem of PCOS from last two years. i gain weight in this two years very quickly around 20 kg. now i started exercise but i didnt loose weight of half kg in one month. I had periods with interval of 75-90 days. Now m planning to marry soon.
    I took alopathic treatment but its of no use.please suggest me ayurvedic treament with all details in my mail. please help me.

    • Hello

      If you have read through the article and comments section you will have assessed your problem. In women weight gain and loss has nothing to do with diet as most of times its hormonal. In order to have good married life with proper fertility its better you start Ayurveda treatment and get yourself completely cured. As always suggested Ayurveda treatments are individualistic and you must visit atleast 5-10 doctors before you finalize one that appeals to you

      Till that time you can try the remedies mentioned in the article or likewise a very simple remedy of BLACK TIL seeds i have explained in the comments section.

      You can email me your location at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com so if possible i can forward details of some good doctors only if I have some acquaintance in your area of residence

  19. when i went for ultrasonic scan the report show as follows

    Both ovaries are bulky with peripherally placed small follicles within it. slight increased in echogenicity of both ovaries seen. No dominent follicle seen.

    right ovary 4.6*2.4cm left ovary 4.7*2.3

    Doctor advised to take ginette 35 for 6months.

    am in dilemma whether i should go for alopathy or ayurvedic treatment for PCOS.

    please suggest me.

    • Hello

      Dominant follicle means one which may contain egg. It depends upon when the ultra sound was done. If it was done within a week after menstrual cycle stopped than it would have been more clear. Women with PCOS may have dominant follicle and still conceive. Coming back to your medicine, Ginette is an ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE pill which suppresses ovulation. If you have read through the article and the comment section, I have made it clear many times that these pills mimic hormones released by body during ovulation and bring about periods. However since no egg is formed the ability to conceive naturally is lost and you may require further invasive or non invasive treatments in near future.

      i would strongly recommend you first try getting your hormonal system balanced and fortify your egg system so that you heal naturally. I have given many simple protocols here and if you read through the COMMENTS section you will find simple treatment of BLACK TIL seeds along with diet and lifestyle modifications. If you can follow it it will help you.

      Also please consult a good Ayurveda physician near you. My advice would be to visit atleast 10-12 doctors get their opinion and than go along with one whom you feel confident enough. As said Ayurveda treatments are very individualistic and one treatment may not be suitable for others. Hence I have only put forth remedies which might help on a general level.

      As said for long term disorders allopathy must only be exercised as an emergency option

  20. Great article. Very helpful in identifying my own problem/
    I m 23 years old.HAve been taking evercare syrup for sometime.
    Currently undergoing naturopathy treatment.
    My belly has swollen. Even my cheeks swell due to excess or lack of sleep.

    Menstrual cycle is monthly but discharge is very very less.

    Please suggest

    • Hello

      If your symptoms match than there is definitely an imbalance. As reiterated many times through comments, no medicines will work without strict lifestyle and diet changes. You can take the remedy mentioned to improve bleeding in this article or do the simple BLACK TIL [seasme] seeds remedy mentioned in teh comments section. However having strict lifestyle with respect to food timings and sleep and protocols during menstrual cycle must be religiously followed

    • You can try any one, the hurmal seed one is a better option and it can be continued till 1-2 periods. If bleeding increases or when periods become regular [28-34 days] than you can stop. However other diet rules and timings are important to get flu benefit else it may not work

  21. I have the PCOD problem and since 7 years i am taking metofrim and my weight is not gaining and i have mensutral problem wihich is not regular so please guide me is prefect to take aurvedic

    • Metformin actually helps in weight loss as it reduces insulin resistance and thus reduction in cyst. For regularity of periods you can take the simple Black Sesame seeds medicine [boil 5gms black sesame/til seeds in 150ml of water. Reduce to 50ml , filter and drink with jaggery/gud 2times a day on empty stomach]. Follow strict diet and food timings mentioned in the article. I have given similar answers to many comments in this thread and you can read through it.

      Again as emphasized, Ayurveda treatment is individualized and hence if you do find benefit with suggestions here, please consult a good physician near you for more personalized care and long term solution to the problem

  22. Hi,
    I am 36 yrs old.. Have had Hypothyroid & PCOS since last 18yrs.. kept fluctuating my medication.
    My periods are normal (delayed / early by a 2-3 days )
    i weight 125 kgs as of today n my height is 5ft 6 inches.
    I got my test results for thyroid & parathyroid and everything seems normal except for my TSH level which is 5.37

    I’m on the following medication::
    # Thyronorm – 50 mcg
    # shelcal – 500mg ( twice a day )

    Ayurvedic :
    # Varanadi Kwatham tablets – 2 Tabs ( twice a day)
    # Puranarvadi Kwatham tab – 2 tabs ( twice a day)
    # Kanthisindooram – 1 capsule (twice a day)
    # Pravalabhasmam – 1 capsule ( twice a day)

    i suffer from obesity, flabby body & major Hirsutism. I lost abt 15kgs last year with watching my diet n exercise… n maintained it for the entire year. now suddenly there are changes in my TSH levels & I have gained all of it back…

    I’m a foodie & enjoy food but can control my diet & cravings with healthy foods. However I seem to have a penchant for midnight snack off late..

    I’m really worried.. Please advice… do respond on my email mentioned above.

    Thanks for an awesum blog… I didnt have to think twice before writing to u fr advice coz of the cofort it gave me… looking fwd to your response…


    • hello

      If you have read my article , you may understand that weight gain in women has nothing to do with eating but purely hormonal. You are on thyroid medication plus ayurveda medicines to ensure good hormonal cycle, but you must try and find if you are ovulating properly. If you achieve that you will go through weight loss. Also the imminent solution for your problem is pregnancy because during pregnancy for 9 months the hormones reverse and hence once it is done successfully who knows all your problems may be cured at one go.

      To approach your problem, first you must try and achieve normal ovulatory cycle [signs mentioned in the article] . Secondly with your medicine you must try and achieve a TSH below 1 and slowly reduce the dos. Before reducing though you must also check for Thyroid antibodies [Anti Tg, Anti Tpo] and few others to ensure hopw your dose would be tapered.

      You must follow the diet rules mentioned in this article. Also if you read through comments section you will come across a remedy of Black sesame seeds which you can start to ensure good periods. If followed you will slowly reduce weight and get good periods.

      I would still recomend that you visit goo Ayurveda physician and discuss your treatment on lines I have mentioned. Just getting periods aint enough. I would suggest you visit atleast 5-10 ayurveda physicians, understand their approach and then follow the one whom you are comfortable with.

      The disorder needs to be tackled on a long scale to ensure good quality of life

    • Hello

      PCOS and thyroid both must be simultaneously treated. there are no sperate medicines in Ayurveda but forma protocol of body as entire. You can read through the comments and start with the simple Black sesame seed decoction and concerned diet which will help you in both levels

      However to effectively treat you must consult an Ayurveda physician and get individualized treatment because with effect of ayurveda medicine your thyroid dosages may need adjustments which can be done under supervision. Also for thyroid apart from normal profile, antibody testing is imminent [Anti Tg, Anti TPO] levels to directly asses the system function. This all once understood can help you evaluate an holistic long term approach towards your health and fitness and probable ayurveda solutions

      I would be posting an article on Thyroid disorders and Ayurveda shortly, so watch out for that space.

  23. Hello,

    I am taking medicines-
    setrabalam – 2 capsules (morning & night)
    Pushyanug – same
    Raspachak – same

    I would like to know what are these medicines used for? Please reply

    • Hello

      Ayurveda medicines depend upon combination of herbs and other entities and their properties. So like allopathy one cannot categorize ayurveda medicines as o why thy can be implicated by a physician. Certain formulas like pushyanug are described to be promoters of fertility but they can also be used in small children to treat common disorders depending upon experience of vaidya

      Taking this into consideration it would be unwise to pinpoint why the above medicines are selected for you , as this depends upon your evaluation as a patient from ayurveda point of view by your vaidya and this can differ from physician to physician

      So if by these medicines your symptoms are improving in terms of regular periods , no discomfort, weight loss, proper appetite etc than the treatment is working

      Hope this helps

      • Hello

        We already had discussion through mail that i have been diagnosed with PCO and i am trying to concieve . I just want to know whether this tablets are for ovulation or anything else. so i just asked. please reply

      • as explained earlier medicines employed by your physician are as per his discretion
        it is wrong on my part to comment on it
        however pushyanug churna helps promote fertility

        you must ask your physician directly to understand his line of treatment for you

        secondly do not compare modern concepts with  ayurveda. ayurveda has its own holistic approach and hence if you have entrusted with the physician give yourself time to see the results
        if your periods improve along with refuction of other symptoms than you are on the right path

        again i repeat in ayurveda there are no pinpoint medicines as allopathy to induce ovulation
        ayurveda medicine bring about general health and promote fertility through natural means by correcting your biological clock and enduring proper secretion of body enzymes/hormones
        leading to overall health and fertility

    • Hello

      You can check with ayurveda organisations in the usa like NAMA or AAPNA to get a list of suppliers. Also herbs in usa are available subject to demand of practitioners there.
      Herbs like nagkesar which consist of stamens may not be available easily.

      You can also contact online stores like banyan botanicals or yoga plus. There are also many ayurveda practitioners in usa who often visit india or have ties to source herbs and they may help you.

      Remember to get entire herbs and not powders

      Hope this helps

      • Hello,

        I am truly appreciate the work your are doing. I have a follow up question- Are there any other Ayurvedic medicine for delayed periods than 2 mentioned here. I am having hard time getting the ingredient. Thank you very much. (I live in NJ, USA)

      • Hello

        Well black sesame is the easiest.

        In the usa u can try having inilt tea fom parsley (use dried herb) its a good remedy

        Similarly carrot seeds

        An infusion from rosemary or sage is beneficial

        But remember sesame will also help ovulation

        Also for breakfast have carrot juice freshly pressed (take out inner yellow lining)

        This will help

        Do not forget the diet and lifestyle changes

      • Hello,

        For the Nagkeshar remedy, Can I blend it or have to take whole seeds (Like chew whole seeds with mishri and ghee?)

      • Nagkeshar comes in 2 varieties, the seeds and the filaments like kesar [known as Asal or True Nagkesar]. Though even the filaments are adulterated with filaments from flower of Mammea longifolia, many times they are genuine. You have to use the filaments and not the seeds. So source the filaments, Search for Mesua ferra and than order the same. This is effective not the seeds.

        Nagkesar after menstruation if taken each cycle after cessation of menses will help in ovulation

  24. I had regular periods till last year. However since last 1 year my periods are not coming on 28 days but vary from 24 to 31 days. This time I could see just spotting on my 31 day. I suspect it is due to PCOS. I yet to start any medication. Also I am 30 years now and planning for pregnancy. Pls suggest if I would get treated and get conceived if I use Ayurveda medicines. I have hypothyroid problem as well. I was previously treated for pshycosis once. I stay in USA and since here Ayurveda is not covered in insurance it would be expensive. Pls let me know if I would conceive taking Ayurvedic medicine.

    • Hello

      Occasional variations in periods could be due to many factors. Also if you do have cyst that does not mean you do not ovulate properly. Yes thyroid disorders will effect ovulation as many times approach toward thyroid is one dimensional where we just see TSH levels and do treatment for long periods without evaluating auto immunity. Since you have also been treated for psychosis [with what medication how long??] it could also have an effect on hormonal system

      To understand your system you must first evaluate yourself on the modern lines by

      1>doing a sonogram of uterus and ovaries
      2>Doing Thyroid testing [Free t3, Free T4, Total t3, Total t4, Tsh, Anti-Tg, Anti-Tpo]

      If you do find cyst in sonogram, do a follicular study [without hormones] which means do a sonogram on 5-7 day of menses to see if there is follicle presentation, on 9th-16th day if there is ovulation

      Also if there is no ovulation or if uterus is buly with hard cyst you would need to check few hormones like

      This would anyways be done by your gynaec or endocrinologist if you approach them but they may start with hormones and since you ahv e not taken any uptil now i would advise you refrain from it and try natural methods

      All this will let you know where you stand

      Ayurveda can help you conceive naturally but it requires strict commitment in respect to diet lifestyle and medications especially in disorders like this. I have already give a brief overview of this through the article and comments section [please read it].

      You can follow the protocol

      1>Get up bfr sunrise, sleep atleast 2hrs bfr midnight
      2>Have carrot juice 50ml each day for breakfast along with fruits/ boiled egg or some preparation with very little salt
      3>For lunch prepare food without salt. Mix very little rock salt in water and sprinkle over the food, take only one helping
      4>Have dinner before sunset
      5> Have rice water without salt after susset each day atleast 500ml [1part rice 6parts water cook till til rice is well done, slowly drain water into new vessel without filtering or stirring and use]

      Now avoid the following completely direct or indirect use also [means not to eat food that contains this ]
      1>Chillies, mustard, hing
      2>Pickles, curds, sea food, cauliflower, brinjals, peas, peanuts, chana, choley, tur dal
      3>Bakery products, tea and coffee

      Boil black sesame seeds 5gms in 150ml water reduce to 50ml, filter and drink fresh each morning empty stomach and at 4pm

      during menses leave salt completely for 3 days, go on a diet of papaya and rice water only . just sponge your body do not take head bath. On 4th day take head bath and have food only once with salt and 5th day again start schedule

      During menses have an additional home made decoction /tea of
      Water 100ml, Jaggery 15gms, Ghee 20gms, Ajwain 3gms, Sunth [dried ginger] 3gms, Haldi 1gms. Boil this mixture till it reduces to half, filter and drink once. This will clear the menses

      All this is done properly for 3 cycles will help.

      However if you find good results it is still advisable you consult a good ayurveda physician and do the treatment. Insurance may not cover it but it will protect your body from abuse,as if you start hormonal therapy [depends] and if it does not work, the harm done to the body would not be reversible.

      Also you can read the article on infertility to get more insights


      Think carefully about all aspects, discuss with your near dear ones, take as many opinions, read a lot about your disorder and then take a firm decision and abide by it


      • Thanks for the inputs. I used seroquel and aprizole for pschyosis treatment. I am no longer using them. I shall trey to contact my ob/gyn doc and get the test done. I will consult the ayurvedic doc after that.

  25. Hi,
    am 22 year old. I have pcod since 3 years. I am on homeopathic medicine. I have been bleedng since 3 months my doctor gave me medicine but there is no result. I do not knw what treatment to follow to cure this. Please suggest me what treatment to take it n how to cure it n stop bleeding.

    Thanks in advance

    • I am no expert in homeopathy, but do not mix ayurveda with it as both act on different principles. In brief homeopathy increases you symptoms till the body itself readjusts to cure it. For example in terms of fire the medicines will let the fire reach its peak point beyond which it cannot grow and hence has to extinguish. This is NOT ALWAYS THE CASE but mostly true and hence Homeopathy cannot be easily self medicated as it requires supervision

      Ayurveda works on different principle as it destroys the source and then if required clears any visible damage if any. Now i do not know what medicines you are taking so it is better to consult your doctor

      You can try the Apple cider vinegar method I have put in the article to stop bleeding. Also complement it with the diet, After that please consult a good ayurveda physcian to get personalized treatment. The earlier you go the better. Till then you can safely try any protocol mentioned in the article or through the comments section

  26. hi, I am 25 yrs old I was recently diagnosed pcod. Here my problem is I am getting regular periods ,but bleeding is for one day or two days that too in small amount. But from my teenage periods are regular but bleeding will not be not that much. But for past 3 to 4 months I am getting periods regularly but bleeding is for 1 r 2 days only after that it will be stained little. I loosed weight for past 3 to 4mths about 5 to 6 kgs. doctor recommended me some English medicines .Can u plzz suggest me Ayurveda medicine simultaneously to reduce pcod.

    • Hello

      If you have taken hormonal pills to influence periods and if you are suffering from PCOs than you are doing more harm than good. I do not know your proper history and hence cannot comment much on it. You can use any of the remedies mentioned in the article to bring about periods and do follow the diet. Apart from this as mentioned in comments section take a tea made from Black sesame seeds with jaggery [gud] 2 times away.

      Do consult a good ayurveda physician near you to get proper treatment to address the root of your problem

  27. thank u for the reply. m 29 yrs old married for 3 yrs . my periods were regular with 35 day cycle but last year they stopped for three months in a row so i went to dr. she has given crimson35 to do 3 month course but i hv stopped it in between then my periods were regular for 3to4 months then again they r absent so i hv started with a syrup having asoka n kumari asav n prashant powder but when i take powder i get headache so only having syrup now ,but no periods!! how long it will take i want to have a baby now . plz help!!

    • Hello
      Krimson/crimson 35 is an anti-androgen , contraceptive used to treat pcod. In brief reducing symptoms of pcos like hirsutism, acne, it also suppress ovulation bringing anovulatory period

      First you have to ascertain if you are ovulating which can only be done by doing a follicular study during menses without any medication
      If not or if producing ovulatory cyst than you require to
      1)fortify your ovaries to produce eggs
      2) fortify your reproductive system to receive implantation and also carry full term pregnancy

      This can be achieved through ayurveda following a strict diet and lifestyle along with certain medicine but this should be taken under ayurveda physician supervision

      You can try the remedies mentioned here along with the diet.
      Also the medicines you are taking , if they are with advise of a physician than its alright else do jot self medicate. Those medicines though good may have to be used with discretion when treating disorders like pcos to get maximum benefit

      Please consult a good ayurveda physcian near you. Till than you can try any of the remedies to bring about periods with diet as mentioned in the article

  28. thank u that was helpful. plz tel me do i need to quit nonveg completely eggs also??? when m not getting a period at all how can i find out m ovulating or not. only taking black til remedy along with ashoka n kumari asav will solve my problem or not??? plz reply

    • Hello

      Well stop ashoka and kumari asav. You can ake draksharishta 10ml with til kadha two times a day. Have fresh carrot juice with boiled eggs for breakfast. Rest do not eat non veg. Have simple diet of roti and subzi. Avoid vegetables mentioned in the article (cauliflower, peas, peanuts, curd, mustard, sea food, potatoes, rice, tur dal)
      Get up bfr sunrise, sleep by 10 pm, do not sleep during day time. Ave fixed times for medicine and diet(6am draksharishta with til, 8 am break of carrot and eggs papaya, 12 pm lunch roti subzi, 4 pm til and draksha, 5 pm -5.30 dinner of roti subzi, 8 pm rice water, 10 pm bedtime, at bedtime take triphala powder with warm water and 1tsp of warm gandharva hastadi eranda taila or castor oil) also massage warm castor oil over belly and ovaries in clockwise direction.
      Doing this regularly will help

      Do not take milk after sunset, use cows milk only, do jot take milk with fruits. During menses leave salt completely, take the tea mentioned in the article during menses. Doing this continuosly will help.

      However if you find result. Please consult a good ayurveda physician near you for proper evaluation to conceive quickly

  29. Thanks a lot!! i will follow it n hoping that it will surely work… let u know anyways. did u mean drakshrisht with the black til remedy u told or not?? i hv acidity prblm will grapes be a trouble??? thank u this one is last 🙂

  30. Hi – Great article. Have a couple of questions:

    I am 32 years old and have cysts over the ovaries (confirmed thru ultra sound).

    I have a lot of facial hair around chin (regularly need to pluck)

    In the last 2 years I have gained weight (20 lbs) and am deficient in B12 and D3 and starting to take supplements

    My thyroid level is high but not high enough to be on a medicine

    Lastly the total testosterone and free testosterone is high ( 48 (H)/ 6.2) but I am not on any medication

    I am not sure which ayurvedic supplements would be better for me – i really want to treat the facial hair and cysts.

    • *** Adding details on periods****

      Hi – Great article. Have a couple of questions:

      I am 32 years old and have cysts over the ovaries (confirmed thru ultra sound).

      I get monthly period, usually around 28- 32 days every month, the second day is most painful however they are gone by end of the 4th day usually. Also I have a lot of irritation, frustration and anger 2-3 days prior the periods.

      I have a lot of facial hair around chin (regularly need to pluck)

      In the last 2 years I have gained weight (20 lbs) and am deficient in B12 and D3 and starting to take supplements

      My thyroid level is high but not high enough to be on a medicine

      Lastly the total testosterone and free testosterone is high ( 48 (H)/ 6.2) but I am not on any medication

      I am not sure which ayurvedic supplements would be better for me – i really want to treat the facial hair and cysts.

    • Hello

      Due to cyst, the cyst fluid consist of high testosterone which causes high androgen levels causing facila hair and acne. A[part from this you have said that your Thyroid levels are high but not too high for medication. Now understand from pathology point of view your thyroid suffers from 2 disorders, “thyroid gland malfunction” and “autoimmunity”. May times in young women auto immunity is not evaluated. You need to get “ANTI-TG, ANTI-TPO” values checked to rule out auto immunity. Now even if you are free of it in PCOS ideally your TSH levels must be between 1.5-3 and not on higher levels. if this is not there than your thyroid is putting pressure or is pressurized to create an environment to produce eggs which in turn weakens the bones and causes food to convert into fat. This causes insulin resistance [which in brief you think is a fat hormone] and hence doctors put you on anti-diabetic drugs like metformin

      Well as you have seen through my article, in Ayurveda there is no medicine like allopathy which will work on particular set though many may claim to do so. So you have to

      1>first reset your hormones so proper menstruation with ovulatory periods occur
      2>fortify the reproductive system to have good fertility
      3>devise a plan where you maintain this for atleast an year to get complete control

      This can only be achieved through strict protocol of diet and medicine . I would advise you to consult a good Ayurveda physician near you. Till then you can follow the protocols mentioned in the comments below of Diet and Black Til decoction. You can also use any of the remedies mentioned along with this for particular symptoms related to menses

      Please get your hormones checked as mentioned to get an understanding of where you are headed and then do start a course quickly because too many cyst over a time may push ovaries into premature failure causing early menopause which may cause additional weight gain, bone thinning along with other symptoms

      Hope this helps

  31. Dear Sir

    I saw your site today and writing this mail. I request you to help us
    since we dont know where to go and how to resolve.

    My daughter is now aged 17 and weighs 65 kgs. Her height is 163 cms.

    At the age of 13 she attained puberty and had normal periods for 2
    years. Then it stopped suddenly. We went to gynec and she was
    diagnosed with PCOD. She was on allopathic medicines on and off for
    almost 2 years.
    She gets her periods only only if she takes medicines otherwise no
    periods. she weighed around
    75 kgs and has lost around 8 kgs weight till now.
    She has acne, hair in her chin and in her stomach area.

    I went to Kerala ayurveda clinic (Kairali) at Chennai T.Nagar. They have given
    the following medicines

    She has ACIDITY problem

    Manoll – 1 – 0 – 1 After food
    Sukumaram kashayam – 2 tsp – 0 – 2 tsp After food
    Lohasavam – 2 tsp – 0 – 2 tsp After food
    Kanchana guggulu – 1 -0 – 1 After food
    Canter capsule – 1 – 0 – 1 After food
    Ref capsule – 1 – 0 – 1 After food

    Ulsant – 1 – 0 – 1 Before Food –
    she has acidity problem.

    The doctor at the clinic did not see my daughter. He saw the
    ultrasound scan reports. The cysts are multiple and in the size of 5
    – 6mm.

    Her blood sugar is 100 random and Serum insulin is 63. Her LH is 8.8
    and FSH is 4.8

    A family friend of mine gave the address of another Ayurveda gynec
    doctor at chennai and we went to her.
    She gave the below medicines

    stroulyasheva podi and asked to make kashyam at home, (i hope the name
    is correct)
    rajapravirtini vati

    for a week.

    she got her periods only for half a day.. then it stopped so we went
    back to her

    She then gave the medicated bitter ghee for 10 days and then asked to
    come for abhyangam

    and on saturday – 23rd feb did vamanam she did not vomit much and
    hence said could be pitta body type

    and has given below medicines

    rajapravirtini vati – 2 tabs morn and evening before food
    sukumaram rasayam – 5 ml before food
    dhanvantiri thilam – oil bath and apply in stomach area 10 min before bathing.

    Till today she has not got periods. It is almost 4 months since she
    got her periods.

    Only diet restriction is No sweets, curd, buttermilk, fruits and juices

    Pls HELP US.


      • Dear Sir

        Thanks a lot for your detailed mail.

        We are located at Chennai. Please give us names of good ayurveda centres

        She is currently on the below medicines as prescribed by the doctor

        1. rajapravirtini vati – 2 tabs morn and evening before food
        2. sukumaram rasayam – 5 ml before food
        3. dhanvantiri thilam – oil bath and apply in stomach area 10
        min before bathing.

        Could you pls clarify

        1. Can I still give her —
        Boiled black sesame seeds 5gms in 150ml water

        reduce to 50ml, filter and drink fresh each morning
        empty stomach and at 4pm

        2. 90% ripe papaya.

        will this help her in getting her periods.

        Also, she is studying in a college which is 40 kms from our place of
        stay. She starts at 7.00 am and breakfast and lunch is provided in the
        college (compulsary food at college canteen only) and comes back by
        5.30 pm. So she has no option but to eat idli, pongal, tomota rice
        and vegetable rice (each day one ) for breakfast and for lunch rice,
        sambar, rasam and cabbage or yam or beetroot as vegetable.

        I request you to let me know

        1. Is the medicines given by the doctor sufficient becuase in the
        internet i see medicine names as Sukumaram and Ashokaristam..

        Dont mistake me sir, I only find that many are only trying to make money.

        Thanks & Regards

  32. Dear sir,

    I am 24 year old and im suffering from Pcos since menarch..I jus gt my period once or twice naturally and then have to be depend on contraceptive pills aacording to aalopathy treatment..when i stopped these medicines i dont get period..I continued these for 7-8 years and then started on to ayurvedic medicines..I hav completed my eight month course bt still no results are out.I am very confused abt wat to do further.I am planning to get married in 2 months and thinking about wat approch to take further
    I dont kno abt wat medicines my ayurvedic doc gives but pleaseee tell me detail abt an ayurvedic doc whose treatment have worked on these disorder..I implement my diet nd exercise regim bt please tell me wat not to eat like any veggeies or fruits or certain methods which i can implement for extra benefit……….
    PLease sir send me the detils on my mail id…
    Waiting for ur reply


  33. Hi …Myself ashu … Actually my prob is I have irregular periods since 5 years .. 2 years back i consult with gynic so she took scanning then finally she said i have pcod .. So she suggest me to take tablets regularly but i dnt like to take tablets regularly bcoz i hate it then also i use to take that medicines bt my main prob is if i take medicines means then only i wi gt periods if not means i didnt get periods for 6 to 7 months like that .. So one of my relative suggest me that stop taking tabs bcoz it will damage fetus like dat she suggest so i stop taking medicines and since 4 months i didnt gt my periods plzz helpe out of this i am waiting fr ur reply… Thank u

    I forgt to tel u my weight is 59 and my age is 22 …. Actually i have gained my weight of 12 kgs for this pcod … So plzz suggest me wat i have to follow

    • Hello

      If you have read through the article and comments, the tablets you are taking are contraceptive pills which fool the body that ovulation has taken place and brings about periods but in reality suppress ovulation. So you are getting periods without ovulation. This is done because the natural process of ovulation is not getting completed in your body leading to half baked eggs which neither complete the cycle nor mature turning to cyst. This causes weight gain, hair growth , acne etc

      You may have to follow a strict lifestyle regarding diet and medicines. I have explained many protocols through the comments of which the Black Til tea is very effective. However its always better to consult an Ayurveda physician near you to get personalized treatment

      I will mail you a sample protocol . Just send me a mail at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com

  34. I just found out that I have PCOS. I am reading the medicines 1,2,3 and I am wondering, is this three different treatments for me to choose one or do I take all three medicines at the same time?

    • Hello

      Medicines are given as self help to be followed with diet. PCOS has many presentations and hence medicines which have worked as per my clinical experience I have put up here. You can use any one of it as per availability. No need to couple all

  35. Sir I already discussed with u regarding my problem of PCOS.
    I consult with one ayurvedic doctor he suggested me panchkarma (means only basti) for 21days.
    three sets of basti each of 7 days.
    Will u please tell me, is this basti really helpful to cure PCOS?
    please help me I am too confused.

      • Hello

        Basti is an effective treatment for PCOS however must be combined with long term diet and medicines. Talk with your physician and understand the approach. Merely doing basti as a cleansing process will not help. As said interact with 5-6 physicians and then understand who is on level with your problems and can explain to you a approach which you can relate to. only then go ahead with the treatment

    • Hello

      Ayurveda approaches a case in many ways at sole discretion of your physician. It is wrong to comment on advise given by a professional. Basti is useful in variety of disorders and it definitely helps in PCOS, there is other form of basti called Uttar basti which is given through vagina to fortify the uterus but in married women for obvious reasons. Basti treatment though good must eb combined with diet and other medicines for long term gain
      Keep faith in your doctor and do the needful. Asking too many things may confuse your mind, Treatment of PCOS is not a 2week affair but a life long process to understand and keep your hormones in check

  36. Hi,
    I have Pcod with continuous bleeding….which is now been controlled by Ayurvedic medicine.I want to be pregnant and been keen on it. I’ve been taking Satavari, evecare, Phalasarpe for regularizing my periods and ovulating. Please can you sugest if thus will help. Will the medication have slow progress so how to ho about it.

    • Hello

      If you are ovulating and you cycles have become proper, get a follicular study done to see if you are not developing luetinized cycst. This cyst mimic complete cycles and hence you may require few addition to ovulate properly
      If not than yes as long as you ate ovulating with proper cycles it does not matter if you have pco, you will conceive
      Just take maximum chances and preferably in the mornings

  37. i m 19 years old.for the past 1 year i hav been having pcod problem.when my thyroid levels wher chkd 6 months back it showed it was lower than normal but not to b worried.but now i hav been having dry skin,weight loss and really dry hair.Is this a sign that i ll b having hypothyrodism?.if so, what r the treatments available in ayurveda?….should i take treatment for pcos r hypothyrodism.Is pcos causing my low thyroid levels?

    • Hello

      In ayurveda there are no separate treatments , but an one complete approach to cure all disorders. Hence you need to get your lifestyle right and both problems would be solved as their interrelated

      With respect to thyroid, just checking TSH is not enough , but you need to check the FT3. FT4 levels and also rule out auto immunity. Your symptoms generally depict a trait towards high antibodies. Get Anti-Tg, Anti-TPO levels checked. If they are high you will fluctuate between hyper and hypo depending on the results

      You then need to devise a long term plan accordingly. Please consult a good ayurveda physcian near you to solve your problem

      You can write to me at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com with your blood levels to know more

  38. i am 34 years old, diagnosed with PCOD, anxious to conceive. My periods are normal. i am taking evecare syrup for past 4 months. please advise. Can u suggest some good ayurvedic dr in chennai?

  39. Hello doctor, I have been suffering from bilateral polycystic ovaries for more than 6 years. My problems have been increased after taking up hormonal pills. I have mailed my PCOS disorder history to you. Please help with your advice.

  40. Hello doctor

    I am 31 years old and am over weight have been sufferring with irregular periods and Pco’s since 8 years. I have been trying different medication, untill i take medicines my periods are normal and when i am not on the pill they stop and no sign of them untill 3-4 months. I also suffer with constant bleeding during my periods. Can you please suggest any good ayurvedic doctor in hyderabad

    Thanks & Regards
    Maria Theresa

  41. hi,
    Really very Informative Website.I got confidence after seeing this article,Coz i use to worry about Pcos,I am having Pcos since from my puberty.but luckily i got pregnant and having 2 years old baby boy.but after delivery also i had period and prolonged bleeding probs once menses starts.Really fed up of allopathy medicines,
    So now taking ayurveda medicines after consulting Dr,Sumit and following the diet patterns also
    last week i had spotting along with bleeding also,so i mailed the details and Dr suggested me to take Pomegranate rind decoction,followed it and it got stopped.I hope surely i will get normal periods
    Thank u so much doctor for responding immediately.I have few other queries also,That i have mailed u,

  42. I am 17 years old having pcod my weight is 64kgs, i dont get regular periods. I get periods only if I use tablets. I have hair growth in hands, chin, naval area etc and my neck is black.
    I have seen your site, i dont know where I can get the herbs. Are they available as medicines?. Or is it okay if I follow only your Method 3 – Seesame seeds in water. Will this help in getting my periods.
    Also, Kindly suggest ayurvedic medicine, diet and remedies. I want to regularise my periods please advice me.

    • Hello

      The herbs mentioned you can get at Ayurveda shop, but not all may keep it so go for a bigger shop, Also ask for entire herbs
      You can try the sesame seeds protocol BUT DO FOLLOW THE DIET

      A look at your system suggest you have hormonal disturbances on large scale, get your testosterone and insulin levels checked

      Also avoid taking contraceptive pills to get periods and consult an ayurveda physcian near you for long term benefit

  43. With regard to your reply to my query, my Random blood sugar is 108, Serum insulin is 63, Free testosterone is 1.8. Pls let me know if this is ok or on higher side and how to reduce it

    By diet, do you mean the Diet and Lifestyle which you had written in your blog.
    In one reply you had said complete abstinence from Tur dhal (does this apply to me also). Can I take tomatoes.

    Is it okay if I follow only your Method 3 – Seesame seeds in water. Will this help in getting my periods.

    Please let me know

    • reference ranges vary from lab to lab, so you must also provide the normal ranges as per your lab report, though s.insulin looks high.

      Yes you have to follow diet as mentioned in the blog, you can do Til remedy

      Also remember you must get ovulatory period. no use of menses if it is anovulatory, so do not focus on just getting periods, but good ovulatory periods, once your period regulizes do a follicular study to see if you are ovulating. Once that occurs your all other problems will go down
      However do visit a good ayurveda physician near you for complete treatment

  44. I am 29 yrs married (11 months) weighing 63 kg and 153 cm. Have PCOS (small cysts) and very random cycle from my starting. I have hair fall for many years and acne.

    I get my periods once I lose weight. I lost weight by doing yoga 2.5 years back, my cycle got some what regularized.

    After marriage I had monthly cycle, but random. I was working for an MNC. For (Nov, Dec, Jan) 3 months it was regular, but again didn’t get for the past 2 months.

    M2-tone tonic was suggested by one of the gyno i visited earlier (before marriage), it has Deodar in its composition 7mg/5ml. I got my cycle after taking it for a week

    Today I visited a gyno. she prescribed me Benforce, Bifolic tabs, Norgest for my cycle. I am not sure if I can start with them, since i took contraceptive pills (4 yr back) in the past for regular cycle, but had side effects.

    I have normal sugar level, hemoglobin level, and thyroid.

    Please guide me, is it enough to follow the diet and medicine mentioned above or allopathy
    (since I am 29 now)

    I will mail you my email Id

  45. I have pcod problem from last 4 years .i cannot get my period without taking medicine.doctors are giving me ovralg and then after giving ovralg for 2-3 months,they do ovulation study.my egg s not formed and this process goes on.please suggest me solution

    • Hello

      there are no such medicine to directly reduce theses levels. One must understand that hormones are secreted in response to overall physiology of the body and factors of lifestyle. A high level does not necessarily mean its causing problems unless symptoms are shown
      To reduce it one needs to harmonize the body with proper timings wrt to sleep and food, have a proper diet plan
      Medicines of ayurveda will then help in overall functioning and well being
      Hav plenty of Rice water, do not eat after sunsets. This will help
      Also get your Iron studies and Serum Ferritin levels done

  46. Sir,
    i’m 27 years old. i have PCOD problem. Right overy and left overy both contains 10-12 cysts. i’m using english medicine from 1 year. Now i complete 2 years of marriage. still no children. my egg was well quality and size. my husband report was fine. but not conceiving. what action i have to take now for conceiving? my weight was 66 KGs. My hight was 5.1″.

    i have no thyroid problem. My tubes also very clear. HSG was done.

    • Hello

      Only pathological egg quality is of no use. Your body and hormonal system must be in tandem to create a favorable environment for first fertilization and then full term pregnancy. In PCOS, modern medicine for pregnancy, hyper stimulate the ovaries, which kills the reserves. After you stop the medicines do a AMH and INHIBIN values to see if they get on lower side which may indicate ovarian failure

      Anyways, you need to rebuild your hormonal system, create good egg reserves and reverse the hormonal changes . This can be achieved by following strict diet and medicines as per Ayurveda for a period of 5-6 months and then conception may occur.

      I would suggest you to visit a good ayurveda physcian near you. You can mail me your location so I can suggest you a few in your vicinity. Remember, do not loose hope, I have seen worst of cases conceive. What it requites is belief and dedication to the cause.

      Best Regards

  47. I am suffering severe hairloss due to PCOD .I have been diagnosed PCOD some years back since then I am taking medication .Now periods are normal and regular. I am taking kanchana gulugulu tab 2 in number a day.I have no other symptoms of PCOD.Kindly suggest some diet and medicine to prevent hairloss and new hair growth

    • Hello

      Hair loss occurs due to thinning of bones as in PCOD the hormones try to create more eggs which causes depletion. You can compare this to women who approach menopause or have achieved it as observe that their hair line recedes to. Hence it is imperative that for long term solution you ovulate properly. If your periods are normalized and other symptoms gone down apart from hair loss, get a follicular study done to see if your are ovulating. If yes than stop Kanchnaar guggul as it may cause hair loss or try taking it with ghee for few days or else stop. You can take the black sesame [TIL] remedy or devdaru medicine mentioned in this article
      Also for hair loss you can try simple remedies mentioned in the hair loss article i have posted on this blog


  48. Conventional treatments of PCOS tended to only treat one aspect of the syndrome at a time, such as fertility, acne or hirsuitism. However in the past decade research has come to light on how to treat the most common underlying cause of PCOS, Insulin Resistance. Treatment of Insulin Resistance can be combined with other natural treatments or used by itself to help all aspects of PCOS. Natural therapies such as homeopathic remedies including OM 24 and female liquesence and herbs like M 2 tone and Hyponidd are important, this is because these remedies increase resistance to mind-body stress and enhance overall vitality.

  49. Hello Doctor,
    I am having PCOD problem for several yrs. My periods are some what regular (3-4 days here and there but sometimes they are delayed by 10-15 days) and they are scanty (Last for barely 3 days with very little flow). My weight is normal for my height. Being a sportsperson I am physically very active. I have severe acne and hair loss problem. The allopathic medicines do cure my acne but only on temporary basis and they have side effects. Acne occur again in a few months time. I am looking for some ayurvedic remedy now.To add to the above, I am 25 yr old, unmarried.

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  52. Hello my friend
    I have a situation tied up to this subject.
    I have had irregular periods for 3 years now (in this time i moved country, lived somewhat independently, started my first job, finished college, was living in bad conditions for the first 3 months, and my diet was extremely poor for the first couple of years) …so it may be due to stress that i was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago. Although there were already signs of some kind of imbalance at age 15. Excessive hair growth. I was always ashamed of this and never shared it with ANYONE and ignored it and contained it, as I didn’t know what was going on or where to look or what to do.The periods are now spread apart further and further and the last time i had one was 6 or so months ago.
    i have been on a mostly raw diet for 2 months now and have seen many improvements…other than my periods return… i am probably being a little hasty and impatient and will continue with this diet, and it may be due to constantly changing my diet (trying new diets) that my body is confused and delaying the periods. I have also been taking angus cactus capsules once a day for the past 2 weeks (aim is 3 months) do you recommend higher intake?
    After 3 or 4 blood tests it has been established that all of the tested hormones are balanced, including blood sugar etc, APART FROM PROLACTIN LEVELS, which are EXTREMELY HIGH.
    Could you give me any suggestions for this specifically as it is hard to find the head and the tail in all of this.

    Most kind regards

    • Hello

      Well as described in my blog, its not diet but mostly fixed timings of food and sleep that will enable the body to get good cycles. Getting periods far and between suggests anovulation. What you can do is get a follicular study done just after you get your menses to see if you are ovulating
      Vitex agnus castus helps in ovulation but its intake and effect differs from person to person, so I wont recommend increasing the dose unless supervised by a practitioner. Also constantly changing your diet will also not help

      you can try the tips mentioned about strict lifestyle and diet along with Black sesame seeds and carrot juice use for 3- 4 months to get good cycles.. Also sleeping and eating at fixed times, reduced salt intake, protocol during menses will all contribute. Also once your good symptoms are seen you have to maintain them for atleast an year for good hormonal stability
      Remember in this disorder regular cycles are not important but cycles with ovulation and decrease in symptoms
      Pathological reports may suggest normal levels but these change from season to season

      If you can tell me where you are located I can suggest you some herbs and remedies specific to it. You can mail me at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com

      Hope this helps

  53. Sir,i am suffering from pcodsince last 4 years.I have taken allopathic treatment but that is of no us.now without taking medicines,i cannot get my periods.please suggest me some auyerveda medicine so thaat my periods got regular

  54. Kindly let me know the uses of “Palasha” and its effectiveness in the treatment of PCOS. This is available in the form of powder “Palashakshram” by Kottakal ayurveda. Can this be taken

    • Palash Kshar is type of a caustic. Caustics [Kshara] in Ayurveda are used to dissolve cysts, stones and similar formations. However since they are strong in action, must eb sued under supervision. Logically, Kshars can eb effective in any cyst but must be effectively combined with proper diet as they can cause other problems.

      I suggest you take this medicine under supervision. All the best

      • Thanks. I think the spelling is Palasakshram and not Palashakshram as I had mentioned. Kindly let me know if your reply suits to this also

      • Palasa/Palasha one and the same, it is just how it is pronounced in SOUTH and other parts of India.
        It basically is Kshara [caustic] prepared from Palasha/Palasa [Butea monosperma, Flame of forest]



    10gms Nagkeshar (Mesua ferra flower stamens)
    10gms crystal sugar (Khadisakhar, Mishri) 10gms
    Cow’s ghee (Clarified butter from cow)
    Above herbs be mixed and consumed with milk once a day. The above combination is for one day. If the periods do not commence even after this medicine then do not worry. Keep taking the above medicine. Eventually they will come and with proper ovulation.


    Your site is really informative. My wife has this problem. The above medicine 1 which you have given in ur blog – should it be heated and had or just mix all these raw items and add in cold or warm or hot milk. Can any milk available in packets be used (Toned/pasturised) etc..

    Could you please explain more on how to consume

    • Hello

      You must take it as it is. However getting good quality nagkesar is difficult. Also if the proportion is too huge you can reduce the qt
      Cows milk preferable but if not available any milk would do

  56. Nagkeshar is like clove and the crystal sugar is like a small lemon size. So can we grind all these into powder and mix in 10 gms of cows ghee and 10 gms of milk and drink . Sorry to bother you. The way to prepare this is still unclear to us. Could you pls explain in detail

  57. Thank you very much Sir for this informative blog,in addition would you pls inform us a good ayurvedic physician at hyderabad
    Kindly suggest an ayurvedic gynecologist (mail id chkalpakam@gmail.com)
    Thank you Sir

  58. Thanks for your informative site.

    Based on your reply on Nageskar to one of the recent post, I gave the same to my daughter for the 3 days and then she got her periods. This is the first time in the last 3 years she has got very good flow coupled with severe/good stomach pain,otherwise she doesnt complain of much pain. Is this pain for good?

  59. I have painful period since 16 years now i am 30 years and diagnoised with pcod after giving birth to my daughter at the age of 25 i have irregular periods doctors suggested me hrt(hormone replacement therepy) and it makes my condition worst. I have facial hair and put lot of weight now i am 97 kgs. i had diagnoised as both ovaries are polycystic in nature and thick endometrium and bleeding lasts upto 15 days. this month i taken ashokarishtam and having lot of pain during my first day and small tissue like blood clots are there. it is my 8th day now almost there is no bleeding can i continue this ashoka aristam all days or during period days only i have to take

    • Hello

      It depends, i personally am not in favour of point based medicines for disorders. Certain medicines help as genera as i have mentioned in my article, but again i have given them as condition based.
      So of the medicines mentioned by you are taken as general health tonic than fine you can, but if you are aiming for a proper solution on deeper levels than its always better to get individualised medicines under supervision of ayurveda physician

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  61. hi I am 35yrs old married. I have PCOS from the beginning of 18yrs old. now i am overweight 90kgs I married 8yrs back now I am seriously looking for children. my FSH is 8.13mlU/ml, LH 6.28 mlU/ml, TSH 1.12IU/ml,dhea sulphate – 156.8 mcg/dl, my ftc investigation is normal. my right and left ovaries are 9x9mm. I want is what is best method to overcome. my doctor is suggestion to as early as possible as I am crossing my age. But I want to go naturally though it is late. please can u suggest me .
    and one more u said not to eat curd I have to avoid eating it please suggest me. because daily I am doing exercisesto and eating salads only to reduce weight . A part of salads sometimes I am eating only curd and fuits.please suggesting me in this regard..

    • I have replied to your query by email. Please go through it so you may get an understanding of your options , treatments.

      Since you are aiming for fertility , and would like natural methods you may need to consult a good ayurveda physician near you and work out the dynamics. If you go for allopathy you will mostly resort to ART[Artificial techniques] which may or may not work and you may have limited chances with it. The more chances you take with it and if god forbids you meet with failure it will put immense pressure on your hormonal and ovarian system which is already under stress. You can read a similar artical about infertility on this blog here


      I would suggest you exercise all options before going for ART as remember conception is not only fertilization but also growth of baby in a healthy manner. Understand all this from your fertility doctor.

      About weight, remember in hormonal disorders in women, weight gain and loss is not influenced by eating. You may loose weight a bit by that but will again gain it. This happens because due to stress on ovaries the bones thin and the body hormonal system tries to produce more nutrition ultimately converting things to fat. Only a proper channeling and balance will help. This of course needs to work out with proper methods. I have mailed you a sample method, which if you follow will help

      Go through the mail and revert if any doubts. Most of all do not panic and loose hope, if you try hard and believe you will conceive. Just do not rush with time. Even if its late you must ensure you get a good healthy baby

      Hope this helps

      Best Regards

  62. I m suffering from pcod problem from last 4 year . I am using english medicines..but during use only menstrual cycle will come regular after that situation repeats. Could you suggest me a good auyervedic doctor nearby Chandigarh.I have already tried but i don’t get better result. Plz help me . i am getting tired to take these medicine . Doctor prescribe me ( Yamini and metafomin ). And my body feels weaker from internally day by day. Kindly suggest an ayurvedic gynecologist

  63. Hi. I need some help. I am 28 5’4″ and 65 kg. I am diagnosed with mild bulky polycystic ovaries. I have experienced thinning of hair and have put on weight particularly on hips and thighs. But i have regular periods of 30 day cycle with a moderate flow and not much abdominal pain but get some blood clots during periods. I would like to know whether it will affect fertility? Please suggest how to lose weight..

  64. Hello
    I am 27 years old unmarried 5’3″ height and 58 Kg weight, I have diagnosed with PCOD/PCOS and having no menses at all, until I take Hormonal tablets like Maperate, I am afraid to gait married, as will I be fertile or not, also I have hypothyroid and severe hair loss………..Please suggest any Ayurveda Dr. in Hyderabad or e;se any treatment to cure myself


  65. I have multiple immature follicles and im not getting my period regularly also i have unbearable pain in menstrual cycles..i have no thyroid..husband semen analysis normal..we are planning for baby for 1.5 year so this month first time my doctor put me on goodova 50mg(enclomephene capsule) and ovulation study..this is my first time to take it..i dont know m taking right treatment or not for my pregnancy..plz suggest me good treatment for ovulation..i m from bhopal..

  66. Sir, this is Lakshmi from Karnataka. I have been diagnosed to have PCOD in 2012 when I consulted OB as I failed to get pregnant. My height is 164 cms weighing 60 kgs. I had regular periods all these years (30 days cycle). Now from past one year I am on treatment for fertility with Clomephene tablets. I had faced an unhealthy pregnancy once. So I am very much worried about the chances of getting healthy pregnancy. I need help.

  67. Hi. I need some help. I am 28 5’3″ and 68 kg. I am diagnosed with mild polycystic ovaries. i have put on weight particularly on hips and thighs. But i have regular periods of 28 day cycle with a moderate flow and abdominal pain but get some blood clots during periods. I would like to know whether it will affect fertility? Please suggest how i can conceive we want our baby soon…pls help

    • Hello

      Having polycystic ovaries does not mean you have pros. These are two different things though having polycystic ovaries may lead you to that disorders. Of course having polycystic ovaries can indicate that your reproductive hormones are under stress and few life style modifications with proper diet and tonics can help
      The best way to know is to do a follicular study without hormones to know if you are ovulating. Also having semen analysis of husband is important.
      Menstrual flow with slight abdominal pain may be not a very detrimental sign. though following tips mentioned in the article may help

      Women conceive properly even with polycystic ovaries. So i guess following guidelines as stated may help you.

      Hope this helps

      Best Regards

  68. Hi Sir, let me congratulate you for the great work you have been doing! I have read through your articles and am curious to know if turmeric boiled with milk also helps alleviate health problems.

    • Hello

      Taking ayurved or herbal medicines by word of mouth without proper exploration may not help achieve desired controls. Always research from a logical point of view what you want to achieve and only then take remedies. In india many times we take remedies by word of mouth or testimonials and one must always remember that these testimonies may be individual specific. each individual develops disorders due to his social, economic and personal lifestyle, diet and constitution and hence one must always try and understand why one is taking certain remedies
      Though taking turmeric with milk may not be harmful, it may prevent pregnancies in certain if used for prolonged times.
      However in certain women it may clear pathologies and assist in pregnancies. So always take an expert opinion if medicating for long times especially concerning fertility issues

      Hope this helps

      Best Regards

  69. Dr Sumit,
    Is it true we csn conceive if suffering from enfo nd cyst also if we get pregnant the endo washout and cyst go away? What it means by healthy pregnancy with endo I heard its chances of miss carriage a lot.else,
    Thnx a lot

    • Hello

      If one is ovulating one can conceive in-spite of cyst or endometriosis. Conception and full term pregnancy are two different things. One can conceive but if there are problems in implantation or growth thats a different things. Since conception initiates different hormonal responses many times cyst disappears and pathology corrects itself. This can be a permanent or temporary change because once after pregnancy the same process starts and the hormones are flawed one may again develop problems. This is my observations from my practice, other experts may differ. However with Ayurved remedies and direction the entire episode is understood and once an congenial environment is created only then conception takes place.

      Hope this helps

      Best Regards

      • If conception takes place the growth of the baby is not in our hands right…what causes so the baby don’t grow and what precautions we can take after conception

  70. Thanks for your reply.

    Can I use castor oil massage and apply castor pack daily, even during periods? Would it increase bleeding then? Can you please throw some light on that?

    • Hello

      Avoid any kind of massage during menses. Just follow the salt free diet protocol, be on papaya and take the decoction as described during menses. Bleeding in menses is influenced by these things but it is not necessary that you should have heavy or less bleeding. As long as endometrium is getting cleared without any discomfort with regularity it does not matter. So do not be much worried about amount of bleeding unless its very scanty like drops. Even if you bleed well 1-2 days its fine. Just stick to protocol of fix food timings and lifestyles, follow the menses protocol and it will be better

      Best Regards

  71. If I get my periods, with nageskar or any other Ayurveda medicine, how can I come to know that it is with proper ovulation.. is there any home test to find out?

    pls explain in detail

    • Hello

      The only way to find is to do an follicular study without hormones. If you have PCOS and menstrual irregularities, first follow a strict diet protocol and take medicines regularly. Once you get periods at constant intervals without any discomforts tham do an follicular study to see if ovulation is taking place. If not, no need to worry, continue and check after 3-4 months. Once ovulation sets in it will remain constant as long as you follow the protocol

      Best Regards

  72. Hello
    Very informative article.
    I have the following symptoms: My periods have always been regular and moderate. However I had severe Acne for about 10 years . Along with my menarche I started having very greasy skin( I have not found anybody with that much oil on their face) plus it is very dull and rough as compared to the other parts of the body . I underwent ayurvedic treatment at the age of 16 and it only worsened my health and gave me darker pimples. Then I tried Homeopathy for about 3 years which I think worked very slow but gave excellent results. I stopped taking them now but my skin was permanently less dull , less greasy and had fewer ,smaller pimples. I gave up because I could not follow the restrictions as a student living in a hostel. Then I went with Isotroin 10-30mg. It worked so well. My skin was bright , without being greasy at all and very smooth and supple. However after I stop taking it , skin gets back to dullness and greasy and with small acne.I cannot take Isotroin more frequently because of its toxicity. I have always been having problems with excess body hair, I have more than usual hair on the face ,chest,lower abdomen ,back. Also my scalp hair is sparse on the sides. Could you please suggest a good remedy? I appreciate your time and efforts.

    • You have to understand that in PCOS most times ovulation does not take place. Since ovulation is suppressed, cyst are not formed as cyst are nothing but undeveloped follicles. Most times these follicles contain fluids which leads to testosterone surge giving rise to facial, body hair and acne.
      You will have to find a long term protocol to reverse this and stabilize your hormones. This can only be achieved by proper diet lifestyle and medicines. Allopathic drugs may help but mostly would resolve to oral steroid applications which may not have lasting effects. Sometimes doctors may prescribe you med like spirinoactone a diuretic to wash away excessive testosterone
      If you can tell me where you are located I can suggest you goo Ayurved docs near you. Remember there is no one stop cure for this as hormonal surge will happen each month and hence you need to find a way to regulate and balance these hormones.
      You have also mentioned that Homeopathy treatment worked for you, so do continue with it. Remember you will have to understand some protocol either diet or medicine to fortify your hormones. Once when you conceive maybe after that it may resolve as hormones change in those 9 months. Till then you may need to be v

      Hope this helps

      Best Regards

  73. i have pcos for over 20yrs i try everything but now i am 48 an give because my partner when out and get babies from other woman so i think there is no hope for me i cry everyday wat can u say to me plz email me

  74. Hello Dr Sumit,

    i have done the test that u recommended for every women during their periods, following which I have started taking medicine 1 (ashwagandha & arjun bark) as mentioned. Its been 15 days am taking. The thing is that I have got pimples much bigger then I had earlier. Its 6 days due for my periods. Do i continue to take and see till my periods or stop. Please suggest.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hello

      I hope you are following the timings and salt free diet along with it. Remember the whole idea is to flush the heat through menses. So if you are getting break out it is good sign that hormones are activated but they are not channelised properly
      Follow the diet rules and times, drink rice water . If you are eating papaya see to it that in the entire day no salt is consumed. If this is done you will vet results.

      You can email me with your symptoms so i will suggest you a protocol to follow.

      Hope this helps

  75. Dear Dr Summit
    I followed ayurveda religiously and did concived because of endometriosis and pcod it was hard but God is there …today I got bleeding like period and hcg level were low too what I can do for that its not too much pain but bearable else if conception takes place what precautions we need to take so growth of baby gets well

    • Hello

      Did you conceive or not ??. If you conceived and HCG are dropping and bleeding has occurred than most chances of miscarriage. In PCOD and endometriosis even if conception takes place for fist 4 months the baby is not stable as the body will adjust the hormones to see if it can have full term pregnancy with normal baby. Its a rule of survival and hece most of the times if the pregnancy is unfit to carry miscarriages occur. After 4 months the baby is deemed stable as per Ayurved. So the best thing is to first get the system straight before conception. If you have conceived after long time its good news because whatever you are following is helping so even if miscarriage occurs than there is a chance you will conceive next.
      You can have Anantmul herb infusion as mentioned in the INFERTILITY article once you conceive and start shatavari with milk. This will help. However as said its always better to have a supervised control with Ayurved physician to avoid such mishaps. All the best

  76. hello ,i have pcod and i came to know this 2 months back,i m 26,and my weight is 57 and height is 5”2,i have joined gym but i just get spotting everymonth,i have started with pills crisanta from last 2 months,but my breast is paining after being started with this after which dr gave me episoft for breast pain,so is it good for long time.acne stopped after starting with pills.so suggest me ayurvedic,homeo or allopathic which shld not have any side effects.last year the reports were normal so how come in ayear it changed to pcod,plz help me ,as i m planning to get married

  77. hello ,i have pcod and i came to know this 2 months back,i m 26,and my weight is 57 and height is 5”2,i have joined gym but i just get spotting everymonth,i have started with pills crisanta from last 2 months,but my breast is paining after being started with this after which dr gave me episoft for breast pain,so is it good for long time.acne stopped after starting with pills.so suggest me ayurvedic,homeo or allopathic which shld not have any side effects.last year the reports were normal so how come in ayear it changed to pcod,plz help me ,as i m planning to get married

    • Hello
      You have to understand that in PCOS most times ovulation does not take place. Allopathy medicine which bring about periods are CONTRACEPTIVE pills [CRISANTA] which suppress ovulation but trick the brain to think that ovulation has occurred and bring menses. Though they may give a psychological advantage, the ovaries go into disuse and may lead to infertility Since ovulation is suppressed, cyst are not formed as cyst are nothing but undeveloped follicles. Most times these follicles contain fluids which leads to testosterone surge giving rise to facial hair and acne. Also insulin resistance occurs causing weight gain and hence anti diabetic drugs are given
      Now to reverse this
      1) the ovulation must be normalised to bring proper periods
      2) the hormonal flux leading to the disorder must be rectified
      3)a protocol must be ensured so that the above is carried n for atleast an year to get proper control

      Remember normal periods and Pcos are 2 different things. It is not HOW YOU GOT CONVERTED TO PCOS. If you have read the article you will know that each month many eggs start forming but only one develops. When none develop they get converted to cyst slowly. Having Polycystic ovaries DOES NOT mean you ahve the syndrome or disorder. Many women have proper reproductive life in spite of Polycystic ovaries. It is only when the HORMONES start to imbalance the disorder sets in.

      So you see each woman runs the risk of developing this every month. Hence you cannot cure it but make a foundation where you understand your body and move ahead

      There are no medicines which will cure this without side effect. You have to have a long term approach where OVULATION is normalized and your symptoms disappear. For that you may ave to consult a good ayurveda physcian near you and act accordingly. You can til than follow the protocols mentioned in the article.

      If you mail me where you live i can suggest some good physicians near you

      hope this helps

      • Hello

        I gave you references of Good Ayurved doctors near your locality. I just informed you that each doctor has his own way of interpreting a disorder in Ayurved and may differ from what i have mentioned in my blog and yet be correct. So meet and discuss with them and understand how they approach and what efforts you may have to put in. Pcos is a disorder which requires long term plan and management and hence its better to start under guidance and understand the changes.

        You can mail me if you still have doubts

        Best Regards

      • hi,anjali,wanted to ask one more thing,2 months i took pills but stopped due to side effects and den ayurvedic but i vomit and i m thinking for a homeopathic bcoz i like as dey are sweet,will dey help for pcos,unwanted hair,hairfall and pimple

      • Hello

        Its not what you take, understand what you want to achieve and than take whatever you feel comfortable. Homeopathy has completely different approach and understanding of disorders and it is always better you take supervised treatment. I wont comment on homeopathy as it is outside he scope of his blog which only relates to ayurved and disorders.
        Ayurved has many different meds and it depends what your doctor prescribes. Again i emphasise, in complex disorders like pcos it is better to treat the entire disorder than symptoms so always consult a good physician and have long term management
        This blog is written to give the readers a basic logical approach towards their disorders, its manifestation and probable treatments.

        Hope this helps

  78. MEDICINE 1

    10gms Nagkeshar (Mesua ferra flower stamens)
    10gms crystal sugar (Khadisakhar, Mishri) 10gms
    Cow’s ghee (Clarified butter from cow)
    Above herbs be mixed and consumed with milk once a day. The above combination is for one day. If the periods do not commence even after this medicine then do not worry. Keep taking the above medicine. Eventually they will come and with proper ovulation.


    I am giving the above medicine for my daughter from 24th day onwards so that her periods start by 28th day and continue giving the medicine till the end of her periods(i.e till day 3). Is it ok to give this medicine during her periods also.

    Also, let me know if I can give this medicine along with Ashokarishtam and Sukumara kashyam on all days (i.e instead of just before the due date)

    Pls let me know


    • Hello

      The medicine only needs to be taken till menses arrive, so no need to continue after you achieve it.
      rest other medicines like sukumar kashayam etc you must take under supervision. Remember in PCOD its not about getting periods but periods with ovulation ahead. So no point of anovulatory periods. Hence if you are getting some good results please consult a good physician near you for long term relief

  79. Sir

    Thanks for your reply
    But you have said that taking your medicine 1 will

    Eventually they will come and with proper ovulation. ”

    but now you have written otherwise.. Kindly clarify and how to test for ovulation, pls let me know

    • Hello
      I informed that the medicine is for ovulation and help bring menses, but patients differ SO IF YOY GET RESULTS consult a good physician for long term treatment and do not self medicate

      To test ovulation best way is follicular study without hormones but it can only be effectively done n a married woman as it requires transvaginal usg. Abdominal may not be that effective but ine can try
      Other is to measure fsh, lh hormones
      But this all may be costly
      Hence best is to observe for regular menses without any other symptoms of weight gain etc and if all goes well you can go for tests

  80. hi ,my wife is 25yr old n diagnosed pcos last yr.she is overweight n hardly loose any weight she has swelling on allover her body..we r trying for 2nd baby too pls help us with your guidence.

    • Hello

      signs are of typical horminal imbalance in Pcos. First of all do not worry. Pcos does not mean your wife wont conceive as many women with pCOS have good ovulation. So first do a follicular study without hormones to see if she is ovulating. Like wise do the Fsh on the 3rd day of menses and Lh again on 9th or 10th day depending on growth of the egg in FS. These test will determine whether your wife is producing egg, ovulating, if not whats going on.However only do the above if the periods are somewhat regular.

      If they are erratic and no control of start and stop than get Insulin, testosterone, prolaction, Dhea and SHBG values. These testings are important and will determine how bad the hormonal imbalance is how much one needs to rectify
      If you want to try for a baby there is one more blood test known as AMH which will show the ovarian reserves. In each women there are certain egg reserves which is selected for progeny. With Pcos due to malformed eggs the reeves depletes and comes to a point where it is almost empty pushing women to premature ovarian failure.
      This all test will help you know where you stand and what your approach should be.

      Of course Ayurved does not require all this but since in PCOS many get panicked where conception is concerned its always better to understand. Anyways your allopath will anyhow do these testings. Once done and understood your wife needs to go through strict diet regime and protocol to get the disorder straight. The blog here is just informative to make readers understand their situation and concrete their approach in treating the disorder rather than symptoms. The disorder can very well be tackled if you do Ayurved under supervision. With proper effort and meds you can
      1>successfully fortify the reproductive system
      2>reinstate hormonal balance
      3>support good egg formation and ovulation
      4>ensure full term healthy conception

      You can read about Infertility and Ayurved in another article here


      You can mail me where you are located and I can suggest you some good doctors in your area. It is always better to get PCOS treated under supervision. There is no one medicine that can reverse this because of nature of the disorder so do not waste your time and money in marketing claims. Understand educate yourself and than put your time , effort and money in something you believe and appeals to your logic and conscience.

      Hope this helps

  81. thanks ,but u didnt tell me what to do n what not .according ayurveda .for pcos n swelling..she had swellingfor 5 years n irregular menses since starting of her cycles.Before sheused to have 40 days gap between 2 menses .last year she had 4month gap btween 2 menses.now she has medicine (duphaston10mg ) every month for periods, she starts to have acne now n hairfall for 3 years..now days she is in stress bcoz of pco n its very hard for her to loose weight .pls give me full advice on this n on life style improvement ,n on loosing weight n on swelling. that will be very kind of you

    • Hello

      I have already explained to you the problem in detail, how you ahve approached it y modern medicine. Please READ IT CAREFULLY.

      I have told you how follicles do not develop causing hormonal surge leading to bone loss and weight gain. I have also told you how contraceptive pills like duphaston address the problem by suppressing ovulation. UNDERSTAND how remedies work. Please read the blog again and my reply to you

      Remember there is no direct PIN POINT MEDICINE like allopathy where you take and everything is fine. The blog here is just a guideline as how to approach and rectify this problem. Hence I have suggested you to visit a good ayurveda physician near you and get this problem solved
      Remedies and opinions in this blog are INFORMATIVE and not SELF MEDICATIVE. It is also wrong to take medicines to cure symptoms like weight gain etc as it will never work. You need to have a basic logical approach to get this problem sorted.

      Do not mind if my words are blunt but they will save you unnecessary expenses and time. Please mail me I will give you a sample protocol to follow. But remember it is NOT A FULL TREATMENT. You need to visit an Ayurved physcian near you and get this sorted

      Hope this helps

  82. Hi, I was active in sports until 15 years old, and since then I had a sedentary lifestyle with bad eating habits (eat lots of chicken and drink milk every night). I start noticing hair male pattern growth at 16 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. The doctor prescribed me oral contraceptives for 3 months. After searching through a lot of info, there were so many side effects listed out, I was afraid to continue my medication and stopped taking after 3 months. Since then, I was not under any medication. I lose about 12kg since then. Now, I am 22 years old. My menses are still irregular, but better than last time. I might not get menses 1 or 2 moths sometimes. But, i start realizing i will get my menses during my stressed months. In the past 4 months, I have been getting my menses regularly, and the 4th month is heavier and longer. Could my pcos condition is reverting? Is it possible? and is it possible to totally have no more hair growth on the face? Thanks.

    • Hello

      First of all understand PCOS is never cured because it is nota disease. You have just a weak reproductive system or a system which cannot cope up with certain stimulus [related to lifestyle, work, diet etc] , hence there is nothing to cure but to understand the disorder, make right choices and move ahead.
      Secondly having regular menses does not mean you are ovulating. You may have regular anovulatory periods, hence one must be vigil about that. If you have read the article you would understand that in PCOS one needs to address all the symptoms from a unique point of view and consider working of the entire body at one go. Weight gain weight loss are irrespective of your diet and they occur as per hormones reset.
      Similarly as more cyst develop they may contain fluid and testosterone surge leading to acne, facial hair etc. So do not panic or try and be reclusive about certain cosmetic symptoms. Understand your disorder, there is plenty written in this comments section which is exhaustive and you can relate to most of your problems if you read carefully.
      Seek a good ayurveda physician near you, make strict lifestyle choices do not compromise, understand how your system works and you can easily beat this disorder without much medication and rules. You can mail me where you are located , and i may guide you further.
      Hope this helps

  83. I accidentally came across your blog and I appreciate for the informative post on this topic. I have been diagnosed with Thyroid, PCOS and endometriosis two years ago and was on levothyroxine and metformin. I do not see getting any relief taking these medicines and now I want to take ayurvedic treatment. As you mentioned I started following the no salt diet and emailed you for few concerns of mine. Hope everything goes well now. Thank you so much for your quick reply.

  84. Dr. My wife is suffering from PCOD & Thyroid since last 5 years. TSH varies from 3.5 to 9.0 she is on 50 mcg thyronorm. Now since last one year she has excessive hairfall to the extent that now male pattern baldness is clearly visible. She was not given any treatment for PCOD as she is 40 now and we are not interested in any more issue as our family is complete with my 2 daughters. She was identified with 3 fibroids which are of 30 mm in size now.

    Please suggest good ayurvedic treatment. How to consult you or anybody in Ankleshwar in Gujarat. I am not able to find a good reference for such treatment in local area.

    • Hello

      You have to first check for antibodies. Do the Anti-TPO test. Now understand a norma thyroid Tsh must be between 1-3 so for goos results the tSH must drop below 1 and for certain time after which dose reduction cans start.
      also do not just be okay with la values. With symptoms you suggest the SYNTHESIS of hormone is not taking place. Also because of stress on reproductive system, there is persistent hormonal imbalance leading to testosterone and other hormone imbalance. PCOD along with Thyroid causes bone demineralization and if early menopause sets in it will cause bone problems
      Now this can be very well managed with Ayurved if LONG TERM approach and strict measures are followed. One needs to understand the disorder and plan accordingly. I do not know any physcians in the are you have mentioned. Also as i always put, each physician has his own way of evaluation and may be correct. This may differ fro what you have read in my blog. the blog is to educate people about their disorders so that they can approach it effectively.
      Understand there is no specific medicine as such for pCOS but all these disorders are nothing but ineffective management and synthesis of hormones by the body due to our own lifestyle choices. One needs to understand and rectify than and take Ayurved medicines to fortify teh system. If this simple approach is followed all this disorders can be easily managed.
      If you have any other city in mind, I may recommend some physicians. Do EMAIL ME.

      Hope this helps

    • Hello

      Yes you can but understand, Ayurved does not focus on remedies as one stop for disorders with parallels to modern medicine. In brief. Ayurved medicine which may consist if herbs, minerals, metals or procedures like panchakarma are all designed to suit individuals along with their lifestyles and diet. Hence you must take that into consideration
      The aim kf the article is to give a logical understanding if multiple facets of this disorder and how it can be managed through customised solutions of ayurved. So you can use any of the remedies aling with the diet and lifestyle modifications if it is helping you, till you conceive. Once conception occurs you must try and consult good ayurved physician near you to avoid miscarriages. I have also listed some good remedies in the INFERTILITY article which you can refer to.
      Again as i always recommend, be aware to changes in your body even if you are taking medicines mentioned in this blog. Though i have tried to enlist safe and general medicines, if obe finds good results it is always better to go under supervision of a good ayurved physician for further results.

      • hi,
        I have pcod from past 7 tears. for almost 6 years I took krimson 35 suggested by a doctor but I stopped taking them from last oct and started ayurvedic treatment in shathayu. from past 4-5 months i’m having severe hair fall. I had very thick hair before and now m close to becoming bald. can you please tell me what I can do stop the hairfall?? I feel its due to the discontinuation of contraceptive pills because my ayurvedic doctor said she has given me the medicine for skin and hair. plz reply at the earliest!!!! its driving me crazy!!!

      • Hello

        It is difficult to comment on the treatment as each Ayurved physician has his or her own way of evaluating the therapy. Now when you stop taking contraceptive pills the body tries again to recreate ovulation. Now in this process you are not going to go from ZERO to 100 in one go but will eventually reach there with proper diet and medicines within 3-4 months. During this periods the body’s hormonal balance adjust itself
        hair fall may be a good sign that ovulation is restarting. However this totally depends on discretion oif your doctor. In my practice when I treat similar patients , I inform them that they might see hair loss initially but do not worry, it will grow back after hormones stabilize. However here I am aware of what I am trying to achieve because the testosterone levels balance themselves out.
        I would recommend you to read the blog 2-3 times and then talk with your physician as to how they are approaching and what you are trying to achieve. I guess PCOS must be addressed as a complete disorder. I have seen many times women only try to address cosmetic problems like MALE TYPE HAIR PATTERN, ACNE, WEIGHT GAIN etc through different mediums and eventually fail. If you have approached the clinic with a goal to completely balance your hormones and promote good ovulation than you must communicate with your doctor, understand their approach and if satisfied have faith and look forward towards better things

        Hope this helps

  85. thanks a bunch for replying early !!! 🙂

    my doctor gave me sukumaram kashayam , mensoflow syrup and kanchnar guggul to be taken before meals. R.P vatti, hyponoid and cycloset after meals. twice daily. all these to maintain good skin, hair, manage weight, regularise my period cycles and to dissolve the cysts. I eat healthy food. I don’t eat rice, maida, and bakery products. I do pranayama in d morning and yoga in the evening. I’m 24 years old and weigh 57 kg which is healthy I heard. skin is good too. I understand ayurvedic medicine takes time and im ready to wait. its just the hair fall that is bothering me now. I wanna avoid hair fall as much as I can because hair loss is too much, whereas the growth is very very less!! my doc said that the hair will grow back but im feeling pretty restless and paranoid because I know it’ll take a long time for all that hair to grow back!! im planning to get married soon and its really freakin me out. if you can tell me something that can reduce the hairfall and increase hair growth it’ll be of great help!!!

    anu 🙂

    • Hello

      If you are getting good results, i would say just wait. There is no remedy for anxiety. You have to look at the bigger picture. Conception, infertility are far grave issues than cosmetic problems YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GO BALD, so stop worrying. This phase will happen when testsosterone levels adjust themselves. SO GET THE BIGGER picture. If by few months of agony your problem is going to get solved than so be it. Understand your treatment, follow it closely, do not panic, have faith in your doctor give yourself 3-4 months, stop taking unnecessary meds for things and once your reproductive cycle improves you will get even better hair than present.
      That would be my advice, rest upto you.

      Hope this helps

  86. please tell me treatment for pcod with low estrogen levels and the symptoms are amenorria. sir its very needful and tell me which is the best treatment

    • There is no one point treatment to what you are asking. PCOS with its symptoms like ammenoria must be managed with proper diet, lifestyle methods. I have enlisted few good methods in the blog and in the comments section. Please read through them and you can follow. Likewise you can mail me where you are located so if possible I would suggest some good Ayurved physcians near you whom you can meet and move ahead
      Please do not waste your time and money to cure point symptoms like ammenorea etc but rather understand and treat yout disorder on a broader level.

      Hope this helps

  87. Hi,
    I have been having irregular periods since the beginning. I underwent treatment at the age of 27 and delivered a baby at the age of 28.Ii had regular periods(once in 35 days) after my baby. but irregularity recurred again. I underwent siddha treatment for 6 months. Everything was fine for a year. now suddenly, I haven’t got my periods for the last 2 months.

    Pls suggest a good siddha dr at chennai.

  88. I am 24 years old.Height 5.6-Weight 82 kgs.
    I have PCOS and minor thallysemia aswell.Rest all blood reports fine.No thyroid problem.
    I am very regular with my workout,diet,sleep and have been asked to take metformin after lunch by doctor. i drink 4-5 litres of water daily.
    i have facial hairs,only 1-2 days flow during periods(Not heavy flow) and period cycle is either of 28 or 30(not fixed)
    I am bulky and muscular.I still have really good stamina as i was a sportsperson 6 years ago.But at the moment i am not able to get lean and shed these extra kgs.
    Please help and suggest what to do

  89. Hi,
    I have similar prob to that of Loveena.
    I am 27, height 5.7 and weight 63Kgs.
    I have been recently(2months before) diagnosed with PCOD. As per my doctor suggestion I tried having Contraceptive pills for 5 days but discontinued soon as I was feeling nausea after having it.
    I have regular menstrual cycles(Normal flow from 1-3 days and very less or almost no flow on 4-5th day) but I have gained weight in abdominal area. I have recently developed facial hairs with acne problem as well.
    I am regular with my diet, pranayama and sleep.
    Can you please suggest what should I go for as I have not had much medicines yet ? Your suggestions will be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

  90. hello
    i am 19 years old. and was diagnosed with pcod in usg. however my hormonal reports are normal. and my gynae suggested me to go for ayurvedic medicine for sugar bt my endocrinologist suggested me to go for allopathic treatment. i have high hair growth and poor menstrual cycle.please help me through email.

  91. Hi,I was diagnosed with PCOS when I’m 24, I’m 33 now, everything seems back to normal after I delivered my baby in year 2009. Eventually it happened again till now, I’ve been taking Yaz for more than 1 year in order to control my period. I’m losing weight when I’m on Yaz for PCOS treatment. I stopped the pill after 16 months because I would like to try a more natural treatment for PCOS. I’ve gained a lot of weight after that & find it so difficult to lose it. After 5 months without menses, I decided to go for a scan & again doctor prescribed me Diane 35 to treat PCOS. I’ve taken the pill for 11 days, I would like to visit an Ayurvedic doctor to help me.
    I’ve lost all my confident in myself because of the weight gain, I’m lucky because I don’t have excessive facial or body hair but only acne. Can Ayurvedic cure my problems? How long shall I continue Ayurvedic treatment? Does it involve massage? What type of massage oil shall I use? (A hot towel on my ovary after massage?) please help : )

  92. respected doctor saab,
    this blog is very very useful for us
    We are getting lot of information and guidance therough it, it is very holistic work
    Would like to request one thig that, you are replying the queries / questions of the
    peoples by Email of the persons, at that time we are not able to see your reply,
    many time the questions are the same with our questions.

    Can it be possible to see your all replies

    • Hello

      Thank you for your appreciation. Mr Girish if you see earlier comments I was answering in the blog itself, but people like you are few who take pains to go through comments section and post the same question again and again. I can understand their keenness because certain disorders are so complicated people they want immediate answers. hence I reply to them personally
      many do not like sharing certain symptoms on the blog so personal replies help
      Many want guidance and reference of ayurveda physicians and I cannot post personal data on the blog.
      I hope you can understand that for better good this approach is taken
      Thank you for appreciation

      Best Regards

      • good afternoon madam,iam not getting periods after 3months also . iam suffering with pcod please tell me suggessions

        please tell me madam good ayurvedic doctor in vijayawada

        ayurveda good or allopathy is good madam which is best for pcod madam

      • Hello

        I have already emailed you protocol in detail about what you need to do. What you can do is to understand that
        1) it does not matter how long periods take as long as they are ovulatory. If you have earlier taken contraceptive pills , than it will take that much more time to get normal periods. However once they come rest assured they will come in a normal way provided you follow the instructions properly. Do not expect to get the periods as per month because it takes time for the ovarian function to restore and hormones to balance
        2) you have to persist the protocol and check f other symptoms are dissapearing
        3) once this occurs you can be assured you are on right track

        Allopathy as I have already informed you will work on SYMPTOMATIC RELIEF. To stop cyst you would be given contraceptive pills, anti diabetic drugs and drugs like spirnolactone etc to treat other issues of weight, facial hair acne. Ayurved will try and cure all this from the root but you will have to be patient and think of long term gains than short term.

        I will mail you few references of doctors if possible. Till than you can follow whatever protocol I have given strictly and it will help. Just be patient and do not panic.

        Hope this helps

  93. Dr

    My daughter has started getting periods for the last 3 months within 30 days.. In her scan now the endometrium is 7 mm (earlier report taken year back 2.9 mm ) and ovary size normal (earlier enlarged overy). But has around 12 cysts now also. Please let me know if with diet and medicines this cysts can be dissolved.

    Also, she has hair growth in chin and hands (coarse). Pls suggest Ayurveda medicines to stop growth or home remedies to remove this. PLS

    • Hello

      Please understand that in PCOS most times ovulation does not take place. Allopathy medicine which bring about periods are contraceptive pills which suppress ovulation but trick the brain to think that ovulation has occurred and bring menses. Since ovulation is suppressed, cyst are not formed as cyst are nothing but undeveloped follicles. Most times these follicles contain fluids which leads to testosterone surge giving rise to facial hair and acne. Also insulin resistance occurs causing weight gain and hence anti diabetic drugs are given
      Now to reverse this
      1) the ovulation must be normalised to bring proper periods
      2) the hormonal flux leading to the disorder must be rectified
      3)a protocol must be ensured so that the above is carried n for atleast an year to get proper control

      Understand that disorders cannot be CURED but can be maintained to a point they seem as if cure, so do not look like one stop ayurveda remedy for the problem. Understand what you want to achieve from the ayurveda treament

      1) it does not matter how long periods take as long as they are ovulatory. Once they come rest assured they will come in a normal way provided you follow the instructions properly. Do not expect to get the periods as per month because it takes time for the ovarian function to restore and hormones to balance
      2) you have to persist the protocol and check if other symptoms are dissapearing
      3) once this occurs you can be assured you are on right track
      4>ALSO having multiple CYST DOES NOT MEAN SHE HAS PCOD. Ovulation can take place inspite of cyst. Yes it means that reproductive hormones are in stress and better to balance them quick

      Endometrial thickening can cause bleeding disorders. I would recommend you quickly consult an Ayurved physician for long term gains. Yes you can use protocols mentioned in the article which will help provided diet and lifestyle is followed but understand these disorders must be tackled with a futuristic approach

      Best Regards

  94. Hai madam
    I am bhanu
    I am taking treatment for from last 3 years. I tried both In eng lish medicine and honeopathy. But it id not cured. In scanning sometime it shows no pcod but dometimes it shows pcod. How it can be permanent ly diagnosed. Iam working as a lecturer my age is 29. I have one daughter. Second one I am trying. But itvis not happening due to pcod plz give permanent solution. I reduced weight but again increased. Why this will happens
    Plz reply

    • Hello

      Understand PCOD is not a permanent state unless you have hardened cyst. Understand that each month many eggs start forming but only one develop , in PCOS in certain cycles eggs may not develop leading to undeveloped follicles which may appear as cyst. Also having polycystic ovaries does not mean you have the disorder. you can still ovulate with PCOS. The best way to find this is by doing follicular study to see if you are ovulating

      So if you are also experiencing symptoms like unusual weight gain, acne, facial hair irregular menses etc than PCOS is suspected. This also require few other test like Insulin, testosterone etc to know what stage you are. Do not think of PCOS as a disease like TB or Malaria which can be seen in the blood . You can have PCO and still be very normal.

      So if your symptoms are showing that better get an advice from good ayurved physcian near you. Understand there is no definitive medicine for PCOS. The aim of this blog is to EDUCATE people about what they need to achieve when treating PCOS and not depend on pin point medicine

      You can mail me where you are located, If possible I can suggest good ayurved physicians near you if you desire so

      Hope this helps

  95. You are so cool! I do not think I have read through something like
    that before. So great to find another person with genuine thoughts on this subject matter.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up.

    This website is one thing that is needed on the web, someone with a bit
    of originality!

  96. Hi Sumit,

    I am 27 yrs old and unmarried. I was diagnosed with PCOD for the first time around 5 years back when i missed my menses for 3-4 months. I didnt understand it completely then. My gynecologist at that time gave me Oral contraceptives for around 4 months and the periods returned to normal. Then around 4 months back, I started noticing the symptoms again (facial hair growth, slightly delayed but regular and disrupted periods, weight gain, etc.). I never missed a period in between. This time before going to a gynecologist, I immediately started working out and first researched PCOD a bit and then went for treatment. This time I have been given oral contraceptives (Dronis 20, 1 tablet daily) and Myo-inositol (D3-Myo Tablets, 200 mg daily) course for 4 months. Since I started using these medications, I have noticed mood swings, irritability, heavy acne in jawline and chin area and have lost only 2 kgs in 3 months. I am not sure whether this is the right treatment or not. Can you please advise?


  97. Thanks for replying
    First last year in scanning it showed that small follicle s are there. Then I took medicines for one year again I took scanning on 17 day then in that showed that pcod is cleared and 17 mm size egg is released. Three months my menses came regular time but now menses came exact date but alittle bit came that is only half a day. I reside in hyd in nesr by ameerpet.
    Thanks for quick response

  98. hi ….
    i was diagnosed with pcod 6 month back since i missed a months period but before this my periods were always painfull nd dates where disoriented… in past 1 yr i gained 10 kgs… nd there were very diff kind of acne/pimples on my face with sme facial hair.
    i hav completed 3 months ocp course nd from past 2 month my menses is regular but i hav these white tiny pimples(like white heads) all over my face during menses days… nd when i m ovulating(twice a month).
    i m on rejotone ayurvedic medicine , i take itsome days before my mencec date… nd my ovaries is 7cc…
    can i fully cure pcod …. fully reverse it .using ayurvedic treatment….
    nd pls suggest a good ayurvedic doctor in north delhi

  99. hi doc..
    im suffering frm pcod since 9 yrs..i tuk ayurvedic treatment b4 n my periods were regular for almost 1 year..aftr dat i got married n settled in dubai. nw again my periods got irrregular. i wanna conceive nw asap. im again taking ayurvedic treatment bt my periods are nt regularising..plz suggest me some medicine..

    • PCOS and conception are two different thing though related. you may have pcos and still be ovulating. So do an follicular study WITHOUT HORMONES to see if you are ovulating. You can still conceive with irregular periods.

      Understand PCOS is a state where most times ovulation does not take place. Allopathy medicine which bring about periods are contraceptive pills which suppress ovulation but trick the brain to think that ovulation has occurred and bring menses. Though they may give a psychological advantage, the ovaries go into disuse and may lead to infertility.

      Now to reverse this
      1) the ovulation must be normalised to bring proper periods
      2) the hormonal flux leading to the disorder must be rectified
      3)a protocol must be ensured so that the above is carried n for atleast an year to get proper control

      Hence it does not matter if you do not have regular periods, if whatever you get are ovulatory. Of course symptoms like weight gain, facial hair are an indicator that good ovulation may be suppressed

      Understand even AYURVEDA medicines can bring an-ovulatory periods. Having regular menses does not mean you are ovulating. Get this concept in your brain that there is no pin point medicine for PCOS
      PCOS in brief is an hormonal disruption which must first be balanced with strict diet and lifestyle choices and reproductive organs must be fortified with meds [mostly herbs]
      Once this is achieved it must be ensured that it stays that way

      So if you want to conceive undertake a treatment under supervision on lines which address these issues. The aim of this blog is to make people aware of what they need to achieve on logical grounds and not treat PIN POINT SYMPTOMS

      You can follow the protocol and methods mentioned in the article, but if you want to conceive please get yourself treated under a good physician for healthy pregnancy.

      Please do not waste your money and resources chasing cures, Understand disorders cannot be cured , they reflect the inherent weakness of your body at micro levels, One can understand and fortify the situation so good life quality is enjoyed. Please take all this into consideration and approach your problem in the right and logical way and you will succeed very soon

      All the best

  100. Hello Doctor,

    You have a very informative blog and a very detailed writing style. I am a PCOD sufferer since the last three years. I would like to consult an Ayurvedic doctor in Mumbai. Could you please recommend someone in Mumbai?

    Thank you

  101. Hello ,
    I read your blog , i was very impressed , I am not able to conceive.
    Can you please suggest Ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore at my email id.
    Many thanks in advance.

  102. sir i m 33 yr old female previous three years i am facing many problems like that dry vagina ,loss of libido,only two days menses after in between 22 to 25 days with pain and some times with clots,sir my self is 33 yr ,5 feet 4 inch girl with 61 kg weight i have gained more weight and my hairs become more brittle, thin and grey and lost their shining and my skin also becomes thin and wrinkled and on my face pigmentation occured and sir my voice also distrubed and i am facing more depression and low….and i am also facing gas problem and after meal my stomach becomes more tight and felling atope….sir pls suggest me ayurvedic treatment i m thankful to you

    • Hello
      I would first recommend to get your hormones checked. Do a Insulin, Glycosylated Hb [to know your sugar control over last 3 months], Testosterone,TSH, Prolactin and USG of pelvis. This will give you a fair idea of what is happening in your body. It is going into reproductive stress and hence the hormones are causing havoc. I have mentioned umpteen times through the blog and comment section that there is no one stop remedy for all this problems. Please understand and do not waste your time and money chasing dreams.
      The only way out is a logical approach of rebalancing your hormones, taking your body out of this stress and maintaining it for as long as you can with strict diet and lifestyles.
      This can be achieved by visiting a good ayurved physcian and following it

      The aim of this blog is to educate people about all this symptoms and how they are related to one core issue and not individual things. You can follow the remedy and diets mentioned in the blog and also in comment sections if you go through it carefully

      You can email me your location. I can guide you with some good refernces if possible

      Hope this helps

  103. thnk u dr for ur response…

    dr im taking dese medicines nw.. is dat enough to achieve the goal..please check n gimme a reply .

    kanashatahuadi kashayam +
    lodhraasavam +
    rajapravrthini vati – twice daily
    vyoshadi choornam- 1 tsp wit honey
    maanibadhra lehyam- 1 tsp @ night.

    • Hello

      As put forth, there are no definitive medicines in ayurved for PCOS as treatments are individualised. If you have taken these meds from an ayurved physician it is better to follow their advice.
      From this blog i have made it apparent what you need to achieve
      Good ovulatory cycles
      If the medicines are achieving it than they are right
      Just give yourself 2-3 months minimum to see results

      If you have self medicated than i would say, stop and consult a nearest ayurved physician. Understand only getting regular menses is not enough it must be accompanied by reduction in other symptoms and finally lead o good ovulation .

  104. Hi….
    I m 21 yr old. Since 2 yrs I m suffring from pcod. I have so much acne nd facial hairs….so I feel unconfident to face anyone……..nd I m taking the madicine krimson 35.when I stop to take this madicine my period become irregular……I want a parmanent solution…….plzzzzz help me…..

    • Krimson 35 contains

      cyproterone acetate

      Cyproterona acetate is an anti-androgen, it negates the effect of male hormones and acts on sebaceous glands to reduce acne. Okay fine with this. The problem is it has to have a support of ovulation suppression hormone like Ethinyloestradoil which is basically contraceptive. This hormone also changes cervical mucus to prevent sperm penetration and in short renders you infertile and kill your ovarian system

      So it acts on PCOD where ovulation is suppressed as in PCOs ovulation does not take place with many uncooked follicles that gather fluid mostly containing male hormones leading to acne, facial hair etc.

      So the hormone may give you relief but it is not a solution as you are young

      You need to have a vision where ovulation takes place , reproductive system is functioning well and goes on doing.

      Please read through the article and comments. I have answered this question umpteen times. Please visit a good ayurved doctor and get your system sorted. This blog tells you what you need to achieve. How you do it depends on your will, determination.

      You can till then use tips mentioned in the article

      remember do not panic and worry about cosmetic problems , get the root cured. You are young do not complicate your health with momentary gains. i know acne is a social stigma but think ahead. Whats important to you now may not be few years ahead. there is lot to a women than just cosmetic appeals. quality of life matters. Get it sorted now . Research. Do not look for one stop remedies. Pcos is not a disease. It requires, understanding and serious modifications and once you do that it is easy

      If you mail me your location I can help you with few references

      Best Regards

      • Thnks 4 ur precious advice…..:)……I m from alwar (rajasthan)…..so plz suggest me a gud ayurveda doctor….

  105. hi

    i am suffering from pcod, i had two miscarriages in our 5 year mrg life.

    i am living in bangalore pls suggest me good aryuveda doctor for the treatment

    Thanks Neha

  106. Hii,,, I am suffering from pcos and thyroid In my ultrasound report my rt. overy vol-8.9cc and lt. overy vol.-6.7 cc and my thyroid(TSH) value was 6.08.and my husband semen test was good. so, Dr. advised me to take M2-TONE SYRUP, GLYCIPHAGF, AND BIOPREG-F.and thyronorm, I want 2 now that maximum and mininimum how much Time it would take to conceiving May I became mother quickly or not,…..?? plz… reply me soon I m in big dipression plz… help me soon my gmail id is p.virgoean@gmail.com

    • Hello

      I do not know where my replies are going. I have answered this query so many times. It helps to read through the comments section. Anyways Understand you are not ovulating and even if you are the hormonal balance is not letting you conceive. Even if you conceive the chances of full term pregnancy are high risk
      THERE IS NO DEFINITE MEDICINE for conception. Please stop chasing cures. Understand you ahv e to work hard with diet and lifestyle changes to achieve the above.Your ovulatiobn can take place soon or may take 1-2 years to be normal, but if you want natural conception you have to wait
      Please consult good ayurved physcian near you
      this blog is just informative so you kno what you need to achieve
      Please carefully read articles on thyroid, pcos and infertility and you will get clear view of what your problem is. Thoroughly read comments section of PCOS where solution to your problem s explained in details
      You need to check if you have AUTO IMMUNE THYRODITIS. There have to be detail scan to first know where you stand. Patience is the key. Just understand what symptoms you will attain once changes start taking place but it takes time

      If you like you can mail em your location, I can pass few references

      Best Regards

  107. hi doc,
    thnk u for ur valuable suggestions..
    cn u please advise me a good diet plan wic is healthy n helps me to reduce my weight .. im 56 kg nw , wanna lose atleast 6 kgs..

  108. hello doc,
    I am 26 year old(height-5ft, weight-49kg)…and facing the problem of irregular menses since menarche…just a couple of years back got diagnosed for PCOS and the thyroid test was normal.. a gynae gave me Diane 35. i took it for 4 months n it resulted in regular periods.. but due to increase in facial hair n pain i got quite apprehensive about it so stopped taking it. then another doctor (endocrinologist) recommended glycomet but it didnt work. so i switched to homeopathy..n alonwith medicine the doc gave me Menso-aid and Leuco-forte tonics. It worked for 4-5 months but now my cycle is again irregular (missing periods in alternate months). These days I am in emotional extremes and dealing with a lot of irritation, anger and sadness which i never felt before.
    Since I am studying and living in PG, proper meals and sleep as advised by you in this page seems a bit difficult. But i will try my best to change the routine.
    Kindly help me with the routine and give your valuable advise.
    Please give the contact details of a good doctor in Delhi.

  109. I was daigonised with PCOD 3 years back
    at that time my weight was 65-70,i was having many medicines like Crisanta LS , and many more as prescribed, but my weight is geting up and up now it is 90 kg , i have stopped the medicines and now i am havinh homeopathic treatment but it is not wrking out for me. please suggest what to do.;.

  110. Hi! Would you mind if I shsre your blog with my twitter group?

    There’s a lot of people that I think would really
    enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thank you

  111. hi doc ,
    im having one more doubt..if i hav jus metformin to reduce my wt how its gonna effect me… i heard dat there is no side effect in taking dat n som ppl even get pregnant jus wit metformin.. plz reply..

    • Hello

      Metformin may or may not reduce your weight. It can only do so, if you have insulin resistance. IN pcos weight gain also occurs due to bone thinning. You can use it but UNDER SUPERVISION. It is always better to get the basics corrected by change in approach rather than looking for short cuts
      Also listen to others but do not implement. Understand its your body and its different. You have only one chance with it. Just plan long term, do the hard work and you will find success.

      Hope this helps

  112. thnk u doc..
    i dnt hav diabetes till nw..i jus hav wt gain around my waist n irregular periods..no other symptoms..so i ll go for ayurvedic treatment..thnk u so much doctor.

    • Hello

      understand you may not have diabetes but Insulin resistance. These two are different things though interconnected. Do your Serum Insulin levels and Glycosylated Hb. If these are high than do not stop metformin all of sudden. many times when we stop allopathy meds and take Ayurved or similar we find results very quick and think its working. Understand with modern meds many times the receptors are loaded with a drug and it takes time for effect to wean off. Always use sustained decrease. Please consult good Ayurved doctors who have sound knowledge of modern drugs and evaluate a plan.

  113. hi

    i am suffering from pcos from lost 1year. i am much dipressed with this…because my periods became irregular and suffering from acne and also blackk spots(caused due to pimples) and my neck has become black…my age is 23 my parents are seeing matches can please tell me solution for pcod and black spots and also reccommend some diet

  114. before 3 years i have excess hair on my face and chest and stomach and after one year i have lot of acne on my face and chest and also m suffering both of disease plz docter help me what i am suffering pcos …m in tension from last 3 years

    • PCOS most times ovulation does not take place. Cyst are nothing but undeveloped follicles. Most times these follicles contain fluids which leads to testosterone surge giving rise to facial hair and acne. Only an follicular study without hormones can determine if you have PCOS. You may have Polycystic ovaries but still ovulate normally.
      Its is better to get evaluated by a good ayurved doctor near you. You can use the diet protocols mentioned in the article, but get yourself evaluated quickly before it becomes chronic .
      You can mail em your location, I can provide you some references

  115. I like yiur information on womandiseases.i was looking for such type of knowladge regarding my disease.i was diagnosed with PCOD and big ovarian cyst on my right side.i am not able to decide from where should i take medicine .right now i am.taking homeopathic medicine and my doctor advised me more test regetw

    • Hello

      In PCOS most times ovulation does not take place
      Now to reverse this
      1) the ovulation must be normalised to bring proper periods
      2) the hormonal flux leading to the disorder must be rectified
      3)a protocol must be ensured so that the above is carried n for atleast an year to get proper control

      First you must confirm if you have PCOS. Having cyst does not mean you ahve the disorder. Do a follicular study to determine whether ovulation is taking place. Also certain hormone testing will also help. Once confirmed, you must approach your disorder on the above points whether homeopathy or ayurved does not matter. If you start seeing results on those lines you are doing okay. Only getting regular periods is not the right way, you must ovulate.

  116. hello..i am 33 year old and unmarried.i m 5.6′ and 62kg…i get few acne before the period n bleeding in just for 2-3days in period without any pain but always had a cycle of 40 days …i m very regular with gym too but last year in may i had missed my period for 2 months and went to gynac who asked me to take sonography n blood test..where she said i have pcod ..now i was given contraceptives and diebetes control tabs with multivitamin tabs for 6 months and then i was getting my periods but after some 8 months i went to another doc who gave me diapal..gynocare and regesterone ..as its mild and ayurvedic ..i took it for 3 months got my period in 4th month without the medicine but again 5th month i missed my periods now i m having this diapal n gynocare and regesterone again for 3 months ans asked to get sonopgraphy again..i need to know the permanent cure..as i m planning to get married in few months and its been 16 months of medicines ..plz help me with some diet plan and a reliable good ayurvedic doctor near borivali..mumbai..

  117. hello

    i am kanika. i am 20 years old.i am suffering from pcod from last 2 years.My weight increased in last two years and unwanted facial hairs had been growned up .plz help me. i use to take lot of strees because of this problem.After 3 months i take MEPRATE medicine for periods.Please tell gud ayurvedic medicines which can help me

    • Hello

      In PCOS most times ovulation does not take place. Allopathy medicine which bring about periods [MEPRATE] are contraceptive pills which suppress ovulation but trick the brain to think that ovulation has occurred and bring menses. Though they may give a psychological advantage, the ovaries go into disuse and may lead to infertility. Since ovulation is suppressed, cyst are not formed as cyst are nothing but undeveloped follicles. Most times these follicles contain fluids which leads to testosterone surge giving rise to facial hair and acne. Also insulin resistance occurs causing weight gain and hence anti diabetic drugs are given
      Now to reverse this
      1) the ovulation must be normalised to bring proper periods
      2) the hormonal flux leading to the disorder must be rectified
      3)a protocol must be ensured so that the above is carried n for atleast an year to get proper control

      If you can mail me your location, I can give you few references. Do not panic, just visualize a good solution . This will come with regular lifestyle and diet changes. You are young do not complicate your life and situation by unnecessary hormonal treatments

  118. Hi Ayurvedaforwomen,
    I have diagnosed PCOS ,low progestorone and no ovulation , I have prolonged bleeding, does not stop bleeding; it is heavy at times with clots.
    I have been on ayurvedic medicines from past 2 and 1/2 months, but till now I am bleeding with clots.
    I have been given ashoka, lodra, nagkesar in a powder form to be taken with milk.
    I have been also given withania , putra jivak for one and 1/2 month.
    As it been 2 and 1/2 month with no sign of improvement, my ayurvedic doc has asked for matra basti (pitta cooling oil), Will this basti help and how long should I take basti?
    Could you please help me on this as I would like to conceive and normalise hormones and cycle?
    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Hello

      First understand that if you are not ovulating you may bleed for long times. You can use any remedies mentioned in the article for that. One of better remedies is
      Boil 1piece of pomegranate rind in 150ml of water and reduce to 50ml. Filter and drink 2 times
      Stop salt for few days completely
      Go on Rice water or eat wheat roti with cows milk only

      Now once thats done the other point of conception. That can only occur if you are ovulating. Understand that do not do pin point treatments but try and decode your disorder from an overall point of view
      To reverse ur condition
      1) the ovulation must be normalised to bring proper periods
      2) the hormonal flux leading to the disorder must be rectified
      3)a protocol must be ensured so that the above is carried n for atleast an year to get proper control

      So whatever therapy you do , do it on this lines. Once your menses become regular do follicular study to see if u are ovulating. You can have Pcos and still ovulate , so having cyst in sonogram does not mean you will not conceive.

      Please consult 2-3 good ayurved physicians in your area and get a protocol devised which will help you conceive. Do not wait for symptoms to rectify, PCOS and infertility are much complicated and must be addressed at one go. It takes time but if persisted with the rewards are there

  119. what are the solutions to obesity in ayurveda? Just like so many private slimming centres like VLCC does, now a days we see ayurvedic centres publishing and advertising like 6 KGS in 25 days and charging heavy charges of more than 20,000/- for 25 days package. If you could suggest us medicines to increase metabolisim and alternate and simple remedies to detox our bodies naturally. Also a good article about losing weight for PCOD and thyroid disorders with simple remedies in ayurveda.

    • Hello

      Remember in a womens body, weight gain or loss is irrespective of what food you eat and what exercises you do. It is very much influenced by hormones whose sole emphasis is to create fertile eggs. Life has goth nothing to do with your emotional and financial problems. It sustains itself at any cost. So if it requires certain funds to create eggs it will procure it at any cost. With rising age, lifestyles, unnatural sleep and eat timings, the bodys hormones go in a toss . They deplete bone mass, convert food to fats and cause these problems. Hence by doing gym or expensive weight loss treatments may not help in long run as it bounces back. I a women with hormonal issue even if you starve for 30 days you wont loose an inch. Hence in my practice i always TURN DOWN women who approach for weight loss and make them understand this issue. If you balance your hormones and bone mass increases weight gain will come on its own. Hence I tell them not to be e worried or obsessed with number on your weighing scale. Aim must be to loose INCHES and not weight. The number will come down on itlsef as the hormones stabilize.

      Hence as you inquire metabolism or similar can only be increased on an overall level. No medicine has intelligence to target specific need but we need to train the body to achieve a need. I would recommend you take this into consideration and approach certain ayurveda doctors near you to primarily treat your hormonal instability. have a long term approach and you will succeed.

      All the best

  120. Thanks for the reply.
    I am sorry but I was not pin pointing the treatment , but to inform you the details which I was currently on so that you can reply accordingly.
    Pomograte rind in water helped to reduce the clot size along with rice water and stopping the salt helped me.
    Could you please sent me how can ovulation be normalised via email. Email has been filled in the details, also some thing which helps to stop prolonged bleeding.

    • Hello

      Good to know you found some relief. As said, for ovulation to normalised you may to follow strict protocol of diet and lifestyle for 4-5 menses minimum. This may require additional medicines and must eb supervised as each person is different. The aim of the article is to educate women towards teh disorder so they do not waste their time and resources on individual treatments but treat the disorder as one complete unit. It is always better to consult a good ayurved physcian near you for the same. Till then you can take the Black Sesame seed decoction 2 times a day as mentioned in the article and follow the diet tips.
      You can email me your location. If possible and interested I can suggest few references for you

      Hope this helps

  121. Thanks a lot doctor for your reply and for your right suggestions. As commented in this blog, money is the real freedom and I hope you get the best riches and blessings of many girls like us for your right suggestions and timely advice. Other than lifestyle recommendations would you suggest any medicines for harmonal balance naturally. Please write about obesity and losing weight too. I will email my details to you soon.

    • Hello

      I have mentioned about obesity and weight loss in women in my recent comments. I am just repasting it here
      “In a womens body, weight gain or loss is irrespective of what food you eat and what exercises you do. It is very much influenced by hormones whose sole emphasis is to create fertile eggs. Life has goth nothing to do with your emotional and financial problems. It sustains itself at any cost. So if it requires certain funds to create eggs it will procure it at any cost. With rising age, lifestyles, unnatural sleep and eat timings, the bodys hormones go in a toss . They deplete bone mass, convert food to fats and cause these problems. Hence by doing gym or expensive weight loss treatments may not help in long run as it bounces back. I a women with hormonal issue even if you starve for 30 days you wont loose an inch. Hence in my practice i always TURN DOWN women who approach for weight loss and make them understand this issue. If you balance your hormones and bone mass increases weight gain will come on its own. Hence I tell them not to be e worried or obsessed with number on your weighing scale. Aim must be to loose INCHES and not weight. The number will come down on itlsef as the hormones stabilize. No medicine has intelligence to target specific need but we need to train the body to achieve a need. I would recommend you take this into consideration and approach certain ayurveda doctors near you to primarily treat your hormonal instability. have a long term approach and you will succeed.”

      Hope this helps

  122. Sorry for the irritation and repeated questions. thanks for educating the basics of diseases and how right you are in describing that diseases and nature doesn’t discriminate between rich or poor. Thanks for the suggestions provided. I hope that your suggestions saves many people’s money who are desparete to lose weight like me and simply lose lot of money in short term and expensive therapies that is not needed at all.

  123. Hello doctor
    I am 26 years old having 5’4 ft height and 63 kg weight. diagnosed with pcod in aug 2012. before pcod my weight was 51 kg. since diagnosing i have undergone through allopathic treatments like contraceptives, metformin etc. but still nothing good happened for me . i am getting my period only after meprate tablets.
    i am married woman and wish to be a mother . in may 2013 i had to do abortion because of missed misscarriage 😦
    now i want to try ayurveda.will it help me ? plzz rep me on my gmail id .

  124. Hello doctor,

    Im 36 year old and have PCOD and infertility. I had 2 failed IVF and my AMH level is 0.29 after undergoing all these procedures. My menses that im getting these days are very scant and one day it is normal flow and second day I just get a stain. Before trying for 3rd IVF, I want to try ayruvedic remedies and then make an attempt. Please give me any solutions to make my menses with proper flow for 3 days.

    • Hello

      Menses flow has got nothing to do with conception. You can have flow very scanty like drops and still conceive. What you need to understand that to sustain a baby the body along with its hormones must be balanced. Also remember just fertilization is not important but the baby going through entire full term is paramount. Hence I have seen in many cases IVF failing or miscarriages occurring . Your approach is good to take ayurved before your last attempt, but just do not restrict it to menses. I would advise you to consult a good ayurved physician near you, take along term approach of strengthening your uterus etc and then go for IVF. with low AMH anyways your ovarian reserves have depleted,and you would be going for an embryo transfer. So see to it that you have the basic covered for its implantation.
      Till then you can try the ashwagandha remedy mentioned in the article and the diet protocos. This may help but I would still suggest to wait strengthen your system and then go for ART

  125. Can I use the normal ashwaganda powder that we get in ayruvedic shops? Do you still recommend for me to use the balck sesame tonic, because I do get my menses regularly. Are there ways out to improve AMH levels? Thanks for your reply.

    • Amh indicates low ovarian reserves. understand your ovarian reserves are built before puberty and from it good eggs are selected each month. So u understand that even though u may have millions of eggs but only 12-14 mature each year . Now multiply this by say 30years till menopause. So you are at your best from menarche to few years before menopause. Now ivf or other fertility treatments just push this system into hyperdrive depleting ur reserves. So to rebuild it [as per allopathy you cannot] you must reinstate the production system through proper diet and medicines. Do not fall for the marketing trap on net you will only loose time and mney. Yes understand that only getting regular periods is not enough. You may have regular but anovulatory periods. So you want ovulatory ones. So take Til decoction . You must use entire ashwagandha as powders one is not suer about authenticity. However more so, do your complete treatment under guidance if you wish to conceive. These tips may only help but are not full fledged treatments

  126. Hi ayurvedaforwomen,

    I have mailed you my location.
    Could you please explain basti treatment with regards to pitta?

    It been three month on ayurvedic medicine and I can see the benefits as controlled bleeding and smaller clots and energetic.
    I need some thing to arrest bleeding.

    Thank you.

    • PK treatments are healer specific on his discretion. If by basti you mean Uttar basti where the uterus is fortified it is a very good treatment but must be supervised by the [hyscian taking in account your constitution and case history. the other basti treatment [enemas] is also useful but again must be used as per discretion since all this depends on herbs used and proportions.
      I have emailed you a response hope it helps

  127. Thank you so mcuh for your reply. I will follow your diet protocol and consult an ayurvedic doctor and then decide on something. I live in Norway and Maca root vegetable is available widely. I have seen on the net of its multiple uses, can I use that vegetable? Can we eat Avacados and Bananas in the diet protocol.?

  128. Hello,
    Request you to pls mail or reply to me for my case where periods are regular but ovulation does not take place. I do not have any tubal issues but want to stick to ayruveda for one full year and then go for 3rd IVF. Also, taking sesame decoation is causing lot of heat in the body and can i consume lot of buttermilk without salt to reduce it? Can I take the above mentioned medicines for ovulation problems? Is there any specific reason to not to take salt?

    • Yes as long as you reduce salt or take it like 2 -3 times a week it will be fine. Drink lots of rice water. You can reduce qt of sesame seeds if its causing heat but if you leave salt and drink rice water a lot it will not. The medicines may help fortify ovulation along with the diet but as mentioned if you find good relief consult an ayurved physcian near you as Ayurved is very personalized and general meds mentioned may help but may not achieve goals.

  129. Hello Sir,

    thanks for the info provided to me for my earlier queries. I still use your methods whenever I have any issues.

    USG of my daughter taken recently shows that the size of the ovaries are now normal (previously enlarged) but the cysts are still there (more than 12). Her periods for the last 4 months are regular with the help of ayurvedic medicines sapthasaram, patolamooladi, kumarayasavam, ashokarishtam (previously she got periods only when English medicines were taken otherwise no) but hormone tests are yet to be taken

    I need your advice
    1. now since the size of ovaries are returning to normal does it mean that the cysts will also disappear in the due course with these medicines (She has hair growth on chin and hands)

    Will the til decoction help in dissolving of cysts

    Kindly advice….

    • Hello
      My advice would be not to be obsessed with dissolving cyst. As long as she is getting normal menses and her ovulation may improve with time [follicular study to be done] it does not matter if she retains the cyst. Yes after marriage once she conceives and goes through full term pregnancy the cyst may dissolve. The hair growth is due to fluid accumulation in the cyst which may contain high levels of testosterone. This will eventually go down. So as long as symptoms are reversing i would say relax and do not waste resources just on pathological brilliance. Time in such cases is the best healer. What you want is long term benefit

  130. Thanks for such a wonderful blog. I suffer from PCOD and 3 years ago I was given 11 cycles of letorz and 3 cycels of clomid to induce ovulation and tried several IUIs with injected cycles. Te AMH level suddenly dropped from 2.09 to 0.21. I was devasted to know this at age 29. Can we reverese this in ayruveda and increase AMH naturlaly so that I can opt for IVF atleast

    • I have replied to this query very recently. I am just pasting the releavnt reply along with few inputs
      “Amh indicates low ovarian reserves. understand your ovarian reserves are built before puberty and from it good eggs are selected each month. So u understand that even though u may have millions of eggs but only 12-14 mature each year . Now multiply this by say 30years till menopause. So you are at your best from menarche to few years before menopause. Now ivf or other fertility treatments just push this system into hyperdrive depleting ur reserves. So to rebuild it [as per allopathy you cannot, only donor egg maybe ur option] you must reinstate the production system through proper diet and medicines. Do not fall for the marketing trap on net you will only loose time and money”. Also understand only conception does not mean getting a baby. It must go full term, so IVF have high failure rates in cases like yours. So idea must be not only to increase AMH but goo quality eggs, ovulation and also hormone stability which may induce normal conception. IVF and options must be kept with growing age as last resort. This is just my opinion.
      I feel you must consult a good ayurved physcian near you and continue ahead. Till then remedies mentioned in the INFERTILITY article can be taken. You can search the article from the archives

  131. hello doctor,
    what are the ingredients of udvartana powder and the huge marketing claims of spot reduction, tummy tuck and drastic weight loss of 500 gms a day. Please enlighten the patients on this. It is a very good blog to read and understand every problem associated with this. This gives lot of hopes to many patients like us who waste lot of money in so many unwanted therapies and treatments. Wont you think doctor correct lifestyle and imposing strict discipline on ourselves is enough to lose weight easily without investing money for such expensive therapies.

    • Hello

      Through my comments I have made clear many times that women must be worried or obsessed with number on your weighing scale. In a womens body, weight gain or loss is irrespective of what food you eat and what exercises you do. It is very much influenced by hormones whose sole emphasis is to create fertile eggs. Life has goth nothing to do with your emotional and financial problems. It sustains itself at any cost. So if it requires certain funds to create eggs it will procure it at any cost. With rising age, lifestyles, unnatural sleep and eat timings, the bodys hormones go in a toss . They deplete bone mass, convert food to fats and cause these problems. Your aim must be to loose INCHES and not weight. The number will come down on itlsef as the hormones stabilize.
      The advert products may help in reducing size or similar but in long run it will bounce back.I have advised women as experiment to sleep by 9.30pm and rise by 5.30 follow specific food timings and they have lost weight at an average of 2-3kgs with reduction in inches. Its that simple.Yes certain hormonal issues like thyroid, PCOS compound it but if the right approach is taken it can be tackled. Hence I advise to research, understand the long term implications and only then move ahead

  132. Dear Doctor,
    I have been following all your articles and the answers to different queries. Please let me know of good practitioners in Gurgaon/Delhi area….I had also written an email to you…thanks a lot.

    • good morning madam,how many months needed to regularise the menses with Ayurveda medicine

      On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 11:10 PM, Ayurveda for Women wrote:

      > ** > Goonj commented: “Dear Doctor, I have been following all your articles > and the answers to different queries. Please let me know of good > practitioners in Gurgaon/Delhi area….I had also written an email to > you…thanks a lot.” >

      • Depends on your system and protocol, so one cannot be sure, but you may start seeing changes within 1-2 months. The general rule is if your menses come after 4 months than next would come after 2 than one and regulate as ovulation becomes more probounced
        But again differs from practitioner to practitioner so do not take this as rule of thumb. See that other symptoms are going down and once menses become regular get a follicular study done

      • thank you madam, as iam having a left ovarian cyst that is 2.5mm length and 3mm width .with cyst any problem in future madam

        On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Ayurveda for Women wrote:

        > ** > ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Depends on your system and protocol, so > one cannot be sure, but you may start seeing changes within 1-2 months. The > general rule is if your menses come after 4 months than next would come > after 2 than one and regulate as ovulation becomes more probounced” >

      • Having cyst does not mean you have PCOS, Women can conceive and have normal pregnancy in-spite of cyst. So check your symptoms in terms of weight, acne etc as mentioned and follow. It also does not require you have menses regularly as long as what you are having are ovulatory and not giving you any other symptoms. So just be calm, understand the working of a body and move ahead. Consult your physician, take his/her advice, plan and move ahead with right determination and protocol. All the best


        On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:29 AM, indukuri Anusha wrote:

        > IAM NOT HAVING ANY OTHER SYMPTOMS LIKE ACNE , AND MY WIGHT IS 56KG > > > On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:04 AM, indukuri Anusha anusha.indukuri2012@gmail.com> wrote: > >> GOOD MORNING MADAM.THANKYOU MADAM, IAM NOT GETTING PERIODS FROM 4MONTHS >> ON WARDS WEIGHT IS 56KG >> >> >> On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 5:47 PM, Ayurveda for Women > comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: >> >>> ** >>> ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Having cyst does not mean you have PCOS, >>> Women can conceive and have normal pregnancy in-spite of cyst. So check >>> your symptoms in terms of weight, acne etc as mentioned and follow. It also >>> does not require you have menses regularly as long as what you are” Respond >>> to this comment by replying above this line >>> New comment on *Ayurveda for Women >>> * >>> >>> >>> *ayurvedaforwomen* commentedon Polycystic >>> Ovarian Syndrome [PCOS , PCOD]. >>> >>> >>> in response to *indukuri Anusha*: >>> >>> thank you madam, as iam having a left ovarian cyst that is 2.5mm length >>> and 3mm width .with cyst any problem in future madam On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 >>>

      • Hello
        it can be a hormonal shift. Try the sesame seed decoction remedy mentioned in the article and other diet rules. If you do get menses consult a physcian of ayurveda and get yourself treated for long term management. Do not self medicate for long periods


        As said please try the remedies mentioned above and visit a Ayurveda physician near you for long term benefit. You can email me your location if you want some refernces.

      • madam with out getting periods for 6months I put on weight what I will do madam

        On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 3:41 PM, indukuri Anusha wrote:

        > thank you madam, as iam having a left ovarian cyst that is 2.5mm length > and 3mm width .with cyst any problem in future madam > > > On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Ayurveda for Women comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >> ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Depends on your system and protocol, so >> one cannot be sure, but you may start seeing changes within 1-2 months. The >> general rule is if your menses come after 4 months than next would come >> after 2 than one and regulate as ovulation becomes more probounced” >>

      • Well than if your putting on weight than you need o get treated as hormones are imbalanced. You can try remedies and diet patterns mentioned here but better to consult someone for personalized treatment

  133. Can we expect a cure to diabetes in ayurveda? A permanent cure? My wife is suffering fromt he disorder, and we are trying to conceive? Any remedies that you recommend

    • Hello

      First of all no disorder can be CURED as it occurs due to malfunction of your organs and their relation to other organs. Hence though it may go into remission and one may not see its effects till death till its pathology remains dormant till new causes are found. So in brief if you are born with a weak liver it will always be weak as once you are born you are DEGENERATING, you are moving toward death Its an illusion that we are growing

      So taking above into account one can improve the synthesis of food in Diabetes and provide good quality life.

      Now in Type 2 diabetes in most cases it is not a complete disease but many times just a anomaly. So always one must keep a watch on lines of Glycosylated hb where we come to know how the patient is digesting the energy. We only concentrate on reducing BLood Sugar values which is wrong.
      Hence if she has Type 2 diabetes one must do treatment on lines of good Hb1ac values. also checking this and getting treated in this lines ensures healthy conception preventing unnecessary spikes during pregnancy. So to answer your questin yes Ayurved has wonderful solutions for ayurved and you may also feel in certain time your disease is cured but as said it does not only goes into remission.
      hence understand this and move ahead. Consult a good physician near you and plan accordingly. Never take over the counter medicine of ayurved for diabetes and just concentrate on Blood sugar values. They are often misleading. Also never suddenly stop allopathy as initially the receptors are loaded with allopathy drugs so when we start treatment within 2 weeks we find good values and after we stop it retains for few weeks but then suddenly it increases. So have it supervised

  134. Thank you. There is one ayurvedic doctor in chennai who claims to cure completely within 10 months even after eating sweets. Yes, my wife has type 2 diabetes. Cure is something that i expect eat anything and get normal values? Those claims are possible realistically?

    • As said , please use logic and understand. Does having high blood sugar means you have diabetes ?? Understand hyperglycemia and diabetis are two diff things
      Hence i told you to check glycosylated hb its a blood test which in brief indicates how much sugar your body has USED in past 3 months. This test is independent of what u eat, stress etc . Understand that in diabetes not only blood sugar but utilisation of sugar is important. It is this part that causes most complications of kidney heart etc
      Hence any meds can lower blood sugar. If you want that no better drug than insulin
      But if you are looking for cure on terms of pathology than having glycosylated hb for less than 6 for an year comes close to it
      Think abt it research and only then go ahead
      Its our ignorance and when things go else-wise AYURVED gets the blame
      I am not indicating your doctors claim are wrong. Maybe he has meds which will not increase sugar even after eating sweets etc but check glycosylated hb for accurate results
      Also understand only sweet does not cause diabetes but also various other factors
      All the best

  135. thanks for the immediate reply. I understood what you are tyring to say, my wife’s hba1c was 6.6 with allopathic medicine. The doctor in chennai claims to cure permanently with in 10 months and after that no medicine intake is needed, not even ayurveda tablets too. Im not blaming anyone too, but wanted to clarify these things, is something of this sort possible? a diabetic becoming non-diabetic eating everything and maintaing low hba1c values

    • Hello
      Well if things happen else wise its always ayurved that gets the blame. If things do jot work out ayurved gets stripped down in media and people get doubts. The blog is hence written to clear the approach. There are many remedies which reverse many things as India is land of tradition and strong history so nothings impossible but one needs to exercise caution and decide the boundaries of what is an acceptable result.
      As to answer your question if your doctor claims than no issues go ahead. As said in many ppl type 2 diabetes is just an anomaly so it can be rectified but as said understand in any disorder what happens is that the under pressure organs and hormones get rectified but may not be completely cured so even thgh the disorder may go into remission it may cine back again
      Even if your doctors claim are true which i am not denying and you get the result still continue with certain diet and lifestyle restrictions and move ahead. In my practise i have myself seen such reversal bur caution is advised
      Always check hb1ac vales every 16 weeks and if maintained for one year than you can probably say it os reversed.

      Just to add if ur wife’s hb1ac is 6.6 which is a good control, and if she is on minimal meds i think with proper diet it can anyways reverse but if your outlook is eat anything and yet not be glycemic than maybe you can give it a shot. No harm in trying for 10 months and check

      Hope this helps

  136. Thanks again, I understood what you said. In every stream of medicine there are pros and cons. Unfortunately, everything is a business these days, and in business patients become commodites. I’m not generalising or concluding badly against anybody. As you told, I will use the logic and the resource. Thanks a lot for your reply. It is a very good blog to read and time taken to answer all my questions.

  137. Dear Sir

    Need ur advice on the type of sweets that can be taken for those who have PCOS … Are sweets with Jaggery better than with sugar…
    Your comments and suggestions required pls

    • To be true all sweets are bad. Still if you get authentic MISHRI known as khadisakhar /banarasidas khand or even raipuri or kanpuri sugar its ok. This is sugar refined in milk and is light to digest, but one must always drink warm water with sweets
      Apart from this organic jaggery is gone
      However the best sweet if you want and procure is jaggery made from toddy.

  138. Dear Sir

    Thanks for your reply.

    sorry did not follow ur sentence
    “However the best sweet if you want and procure is jaggery made from toddy.”

    Is it a brand name ?? I haven’t heard of it? Is it available at Chennai… Kindly clarify

    • Hello

      Understand life and disease has got nothing t do with your social and financial status or what ethnicity you belong. It effects all caste and creed without distinction. So if you want a good hormonal life than do the necessary changes. If you cannot well than live with your choices.

    • gdmg madam my mother having marginal cervical spondylosis . and she is having so much of pain . is there any solution in Ayurveda madam

      • Hello

        Yes spondylosis is nothing but loss of curvature due to muscle spasm originated due to faulty positions and in women due to bone loss after menopause. So if you approach a good ayurveda doctor and take treatment this is very easily managed. For starters tell her to apply warm castor oil in downward direction on her neck from up to down direction and give heat by warn Calotropis leaf [one found outside hanuman temple]. This done regularly will help. Apart from this tell her to take Rasnasaptak kashayam [ready made] 10ml with 20ml warm water empty stomach 2 times a day Keep her bowels clean, by taking triphala and castor oil with warm water at night. Avoid all wind forming foods like once mentioned in our article. If she finds good relief tell her to visit a good physician for further care. Do nor continue treatment mentioned by me for long without supervision.

  139. In Bangalore ayurvedic centres are only weight loss clinics. They always convince us to take detox and paste massage for PCOD and weight issues problems. Even if we ask or demand them to give us good diet chart, they specifically say again please take 25 days of weight loss program first that will clear the hormonal balance and cleansing techniques will help in increasing metabolism. It doesn’t make sense at all. lose 6kgs in 25 days is the common slogan and every day many ignorant people are becoming victims of these kind of costly weight loss packages. I wish and hope that everyone gets the chance to see your blog and understand the disease

  140. Dear Sir

    My daughters period for the last 5-6 months were on 30 days period, this month it has crossed 30 days… Does it mean that it is going back to Square one again…..

    Pls advice.. I am very depressed now…. Thought the periods will be normal but now since it is delayed it is very much worrying me.

    Last 3 days I am giving her Nageskar and I shall continue the same till she gets her periods..

    Need your advice as to why after taking medicines (sapthasaram, patolamooladi, kumarayasavam, ashokarishtam) also it is getting delayed..

    • Hello

      as said it does not matter if your daughter gets 4-5 periods a month as long as she is ovulating. If she is not gaining exponential weight, facial hair, acne etc and whatever periods come are stoping on time need not worry. Also just taking ayurved medicines are not going to help
      Do not have rudimentary thoughts, educate yourself understand the menstrual cycel and you would be less worried. If you think she is showing all above symptoms then consult a good ayurved doctor and get her treated for long run.
      check her testosterone, insulin , thyroid [both tsh, and antibodies and also ft3 ft4)levels and do a sonogram. also when she gets menses do a follicular study to see if she is ovulating along with fsh, lh and prolactin levels. This will give you fair idea of her hormonal health/
      then plan long term and move ahead

      Follow diet tips mentioned in the article. Do not mix meds. If you are taking all this other ayurved meds do not use remedies from this blog. Just follow one advice

  141. I was treated in shathayu. For the disorder like PCOD I was given 25 days of paste massage and detox treatment. Their own syrups and protein powder. I was assured that 10% weight loss will help to ovulate and lot of kashayams were given. I lost nearly more than 20,000 and got no results and all the weight came back. If I had seen this blog a few months ago, probably I would had understood the disease and about weight loss better. thank you dr.sumit for this blog

  142. How do we make those doctors educated? Even after we being educated, due to our ignorance and to get quick results we trust the doctors so much. Their advertisments in newspapers, the testimonials they show, the way they convince makes us the believe that losing weight will solve all problems of PCOD. I could had resolved this problem with a small amount of two thousand or less than that and I wont even have the results of weight loss and it didn’t even sustain. This message is for all the readers not to hurry or look for quick solutions for weight loss as how I did and lost money, time and peace of mind too. The blog readers understand the comments and please have patience and understand the way the body functions. Not only at shathayu please don’t invest money for weight loss or expensive therapies.

  143. it is often said that pcod women have high AMH but I have low AMH. DHEA is often prescribed to improve this levels…..I do not ovulate regularly. But my cycles are regular, and no cysts in ovaries and no insulin resistance. Do I have PCOD?

    • High AMH and low amh both are found in PCOS. high amh is found in initial stages when ovulation is in hyper drive. as ovarian reserves deplete the amh fall of naturally. So if your amh is low it means your ovarian reserves are very bad and may indicate an premature ovarian failure. It is not a golden rule but thats how its interpreted. If youdo not have cyst, other hormones are normal, if you ovulate even 3-4 times a year with proper cycles and no other symptoms like sudden weight gain etc than I think you should not worry. Also remember AMH levels are just INDICATIVE and SUBJECTIVE to disorders. They must not be taken as a holy grail to diagnose. For example a women working in fields may have hb of 7 and still work 10 times better than ones with 14hb. so its quality. If you are ovulating well without any apparent dysfunctions wit low amh, it may just mean your ovarian pool is low and body is suing ovulations selectively. So do not worry and do not waste time and money in unnecessary test. If you are married just ahve an very active sexual life which would inform the hormonal system that you are looking for reproduction and would naturally increase its resreves. Also follow timings mentioned in the article for optimal hormonal flow

      Hope this helps

  144. Hi Dr. Sumit,

    I can definitely see the improvement after 3 and 1/2 months.

    I have problem of hair thinning; Is this because of PCOS?
    I am using shikakai and not the readily available shampoos, even regular use of coconut oil massage. I have really long hair, and would like to maintain the length.
    How can I control hair thinning? Could you please help me on this, any ayurdedic approach will help?
    Thank you.

    • Hello

      In pcos due to high testosterone levels , hair thinning is an issue. It also denotes acute bone thinning. External applications may be of very little help. My advice would be to get this treated on lines mentioned by balancing your hormones. oNce they start balancing hair fall may increase [as the weak roots give way to new] but other symptoms will reduce, If done properly within 3-6 months you may see new growth. When new growth comes then all these oils and external herbs amy be useful Till then I think its waste of your time and money though no harm in trying.

  145. Quote

    October 31, 2013 @ 10:59 am


    as said it does not matter if your daughter gets 4-5 periods a month as long as she is ovulating. If she is not gaining exponential weight, facial hair, acne etc and whatever periods come are stoping on time need not worry. Also just taking ayurved medicines are not going to help
    Do not have rudimentary thoughts, educate yourself understand the menstrual cycel and you would be less worried. If you think she is showing all above symptoms then consult a good ayurved doctor and get her treated for long run.
    check her testosterone, insulin , thyroid [both tsh, and antibodies and also ft3 ft4)levels and do a sonogram. also when she gets menses do a follicular study to see if she is ovulating along with fsh, lh and prolactin levels. This will give you fair idea of her hormonal health/
    then plan long term and move ahead

    Follow diet tips mentioned in the article. Do not mix meds. If you are taking all this other ayurved meds do not use remedies from this blog. Just follow one advice


    Dear Sir

    I have attached your above reply for my query.

    I am extremely happy to have found your blog and I admire your patience in writing and clarifying all our doubts even though they are repetitive, since case by case even though the question differ slightly overall the subject is the same and your answers each time give us more clarity on the subject.
    1. My daughters (18yrs currently) periods for the last 4 years has been erratic (was on glycophage, mephrate)
    2. After finding Ayurveda doctor, had vamanam not much improvement in periods and was asked to go for basti. Since we could not afford her rates discontinued with her
    3. Then went to another ayurveda doctor. He asked to check for Vit D and found she was Vit D deficient (only 5 ) in May 2013.
    Since May 2013 her periods are normal (28 – 30 days) and she is having Cod liver oil capsules and Patolamooladhi, Sapthasaram and Ashokarishtam.
    4. Her acne has cleared, weight lost (80 kgs to 60 kgs currently) but has hair growth in chin. The area is very black (small black root hairs).

    Questions: 1. Does hair growth in chin indicate that inspite of using medicines the effect of PCOS is still there?
    2. Are these medicines effective or should the medicines be changed (I checked with the Dr and he says Patolamooladhi, Sapthasaram and Ashokarishtam is sufficient for the cysts to disappear)

    At times I do mix your medicines with the above medicines ( Til water and Nageskar for 2 -3 days before her period days). Is it wrong?

    From your blog it is clear you do not interfere in the medicines given by other Dr’s, but instead of going to Ayurveda doctor I find that using your medicines given in the blog gives more satisfaction as far as results are concerned.

    Is there any chance of you coming to CHENNAI. Do let me know

    • Hello

      See if all symptoms are clearing i would not worry much about chin hair. One needs to understand that in PCOS long term solution through a periodic protocol and symptoms is required. Short term gains are never useful. As mentioned thyroid cycle and blood cycle changes every 3 months , so body gets fresh codes every 3 months. So in this cycle if she has got good results and you lax a bit it may suddenly go haywire in next season. Understand body has to produce eggs each month, so each month these imbalances occur What one needs is to strengthen it bit by bit and build on it
      The hair growth is because even though your problem maybe resolving the cyst still form and the fluid in it contains testosterone. So till its levels go down hair growth may not stop, but if it is not much I will not worry about it. let it be. get it trimmed or threaded and it would be fine. Once after an year if all other symptoms have gone down and only this hair remains you can get rid of it by other means
      Understand effectiveness of medicine is on overall symptoms in systemic way. It seems from your write up that symptoms are going down so whatever you are doing is right so continue, be patient. As said observe results over 1year and only then you can say if things are effective. More than medicine follow food and sleep habits and timings and it will benefit more.

      If you are using my meds for 2-3 days its fine but still follow only one meds, or else you will get confused what is working and what is not. In the long run I have seen people get alright but then the fear of remaining healthy gets to them and they do not want to reduce or stop meds or any change in meds they become paranoid. Of course who is to blame, after so much suffering one does not need relapse. So I feel, just focus on diet and lifestyle, use minimal meds so even if you have to keep them on for long period it should not matter.
      understand you are not free till your daughter conceives and goes full term. Till then she has to fight it out

      Hope this helps

  146. I had taken udvartana massage for weight loss but my weight kept on increasing and my whole body broke out with pimples and marks. I was told that my skin lusture will be increased but I got many pimples broke down and my original skin colour is lost and instead of losing weight, my weight increased after every session. Why do doctors recommend these kind of rough paste massages to lose weight? I appreciate your efforts to write and answer to all questions.

    • Hello

      Sometimes we too are to blame as we do not research and put complete trust. Cosmetics is something which more than a disease is a mental affliction. If people have boils on their back they wont flinch but on peck on the face and they will spend millions. One needs to understand why things are occurring to the body and not panic. I am not against expensive treatments , price is an individual choice but one must understand what he/she is undertaking and how things will pan out. If you leave everything to someone else most times you will be the loser.
      I hope you have got some guidelines as to why weight increases in women along with other symptoms when afflicted with PCO and would take the right approach in rectifying it. All the best

    • Hello
      It does not matter even if you get 4-5 periods a year as long as they are ovulatory. If you are taking treatment for natural cure and your other symptoms are not increasing you will get periods as soon as hormones get stable. So trust your physician and move ahead

  147. I have a request Dr. Sumit, as it is clearly written here, to the citizens of Bangalore the impression has come that Ayurveda clinics have become only weight loss clinics. Can you believe that by virechana purgation therapy within 10 days I was assured 3 Kgs of weight loss, the convincing part of their explanation is it will increase metabolisim and digestion process. Shathayu Ayurveda has made the whole system of Ayurveda a mockery process with very nasty advertising in Bangalore and just promoting weight loss and keeping our weakness and emotions as an investment.

    A stitch in time saves many people lives and a blog like yours will make many people know the mistakes we are doing by trusting everything so blindly.

    Please write a separate article that patients need not have spend so much of money for detox and paste massage to lose weight what ever the disorder maybe, lifestyle changes alone will help.

    Convert this blog to a website so that whoever googles any remedies about weight loss or PCOD disease gets to hit your website first for the authentic information and knowledge.

    Net and advertising are misguiding the mass people so badly in every stream of medicine.

    • Hello

      I would always say that , please take at-least 2-3 opinions before undertaking any service. Also do your own research. many times people want easy solutions. I am not blaming but many people will buy expensive medicines if its easy to take but no one will leave their favorite food or sacrifice their lifestyle for a solution. Its individual choice. We get what we desire. So read, research and move ahead. If one applies logic every disorder has a good solution.

      Thanks for the appreciation. I am glad, this blog has been useful to you

      Best Regards

      • hi Dr.sumit 🙂
        I read abt licorice and peony extracts n also abt symplex f. theses are very usefull for pcos. they are natural ingredients n hav no side effects. women who tried these have given very positivereviews in various
        websites. can I try my luck with these medicine?? a yes from your side would mean.a lot.

        thanx for ur patience and replies.

      • Hello

        As said, Pcos is not a disorder which can be cured by one medicine. Also understand certain herbs or products may show altered state but one needs to evaluate over a period of time. As long as you are y a logical conclusion with regards to symptoms and long term benefits you can use anything you feel is helpful. Just do not self medicate. Each ones testimonials are in regards to their situation which is different from person to person and no one medicine works for all.

      • gdmg madam thank you madam

        On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 8:51 PM, Ayurveda for Women wrote:

        > ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Hello I would always say that , please > take at-least 2-3 opinions before undertaking any service. Also do your own > research. many times people want easy solutions. I am not blaming but many > people will buy expensive medicines if its easy to take but no o” >

    • Please do not self medicate. If you are following one system than only follow thart. All meds herbal do influence hormones so be careful. Do not try to get best of both worlds. That is just a mental mirage. Put your trust in one system and move ahead. All the best

  148. Hello Doctor,
    I’m a student and right now I cannot afford to get costly treatments, so I kindly request you to provide me some suggestions. I find myself suffering from PCOS and absence of periods for 4 years. I usually wait for 4 months and take birth control pills for 5 days to get periods. I have PCOS for 6 years and I’m 21 years now, weighing 62 kgs. Can you please suggest me over the counter ayurvedic drugs since the remedies suggested by you requires lot of time to prepare.( PS: I stay in hostel and I cannot prepare them.) I would be grateful if you could help me to cure PCOS, as I find myself quite dissatisfied about my whole existence with a depleting mind and body.

    • Hello

      First of all, stop taking contaceptive pills to bring periods, they are not solving your problem and will cause you issues in long run. Secondly PCOS cannot be managed by OTC drugs or online consultation. The remedies given here along with diet is a guideline. The herbs are very cheap and can be managed on home basis. However even if you get good results you have to consult someone for long term benefit. Understand life has got nothing to do with your emotional or financial status. I can understand your situation and problems, your disorder wont. Priorities change in life. In near future you may have a good job, a good life but your health once gone bad wont come back, so think in that terms
      If you cannot take meds, follow the diet and timings rigorously. Avoid late nights, sleep by 10, you can get up early and study. Do not sleep through the day. Eat and sleep at regular times. Avoid everything thats mentioned in the article.
      For meds you can simply take sesame seed decoction as mentioned 2 times a day and take castor oil with warm water and triphala at bedtime.
      Follow protocol as mentioned in menses
      Stop contraceptive pills. even if you gain weight get other symptoms it will go off eventually with time as hormones stabilize and you keep up the protocol. Understand pcos is not a simple disorder but an complicated process which needs to be tackled with right approach.
      Do not be depressed, there are many on this blog who have tried and found good relief and direction. You just need to understand your disorder in a broader sense and take the right approach.
      Hope this helps

      • good morning madam how to follow the caster oil with warm water

        On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 9:10 AM, Ayurveda for Women wrote:

        > ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Hello First of all, stop taking > contaceptive pills to bring periods, they are not solving your problem and > will cause you issues in long run. Secondly PCOS cannot be managed by OTC > drugs or online consultation. The remedies given here along with diet is ” >

      • Hello

        please read through the blog, i have given the protocol many times,
        sesame seed decoction 2 times a day
        at bedtimes take warm water add warm castor oil to it and take triphala powder 5gms with the mixture
        rest follow food and diet as mentioned

      • good morning madam one ayurvedic doctor suggest me that virechana technique in panchakarma in Ayurveda . is it necessary madam .tell me about that treatment madam

        On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 1:02 PM, Ayurveda for Women wrote:

        > ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Hello please read through the blog, i > have given the protocol many times, sesame seed decoction 2 times a day at > bedtimes take warm water add warm castor oil to it and take triphala powder > 5gms with the mixture rest follow food and diet as mentioned” Respond > to this comment by replying above this line > New comment on *Ayurveda for Women > * > > > > *ayurvedaforwomen* commentedon Polycystic > Ovarian Syndrome [PCOS , PCOD]. > > > in response to *indukuri Anusha*: > > good morning madam how to follow the caster oil with warm water On Wed, > Nov 20, 2013

      • Hello
        As mentioned through the blog, ayurveda remedies are individualised and solely rely on the discretion of the vaidya/doctor of how he/she understands and evaluates the patient.
        So first is to understand your disorder, then discuss with your doctor and if both of you are on the same lines in terms of the goals you want to achieve you move ahead.
        So if you have visited a qualified ayurved practitioner and have decided to follow the treatment please trust your doctor and move ahead. It is ethically wrong to comment on treatments by other doctors and you should also refrain from asking opinions as it would add yo your own confusion.

      • Hello

        You may have to discuss this with your doctor. Generally panchakarma techs are safe, testament is they are being used from almost 3000 years and were prone form of treatment
        With an experienced doctor there should be no problem

      • Mam,
        Thank you for your kind response.
        Could you please tell me where I can buy the above mentioned herbs like deodar, shatavari, etc in raw form in Chennai?

  149. Could you please suggest an ayurvedic physician specialised in PCOS in chennai?
    (P.S: Preferably charging reasonable consultation fee. Sorry to say lot of ayurvedic clinics demand exorbitant fee)

  150. I get pimples with white pus in middle of the cycle, that I have 28 days cycle and in between these pimples are formed. Im following the diet strictly that you have given but not taking any medicines. IS this the sign of ovulation?

    • Well it could be sign of maturing ovum. The only way to know is to do a follicular study without hormones. But yes many times ovulation in Pcos is associated with increase hair fall [but without inches or weight gain] and break outs. Drink lots of rice water, avoid having food after sundown . If you do this you may not get break outs.
      maximise your chances by having intercourse midcycle as many times as you can. this stimulates egg growth
      Do a follicular study and observe . If you are getting ovulation but they are getting converted to luetinized cyst than inform. I may suggest something. Still if you have got good results better to consult someone near you and move ahead
      All the best

  151. thanks dr.sumit. Does avoiding salt balances harmones, or is there any reason specifically to avoid salt for PCOD? I will get a follicular scan done and inform you.

  152. thanks again. When ever I use to be put on ovulation medicine like clomid, I use to get cramps and acne in the middle cycle after ovulation. Even now, I have the same symtoms, severe leg cramps as though im getting my periods and lot of break outs on the face. In my next cycle I will get a follicular scan done.

  153. Hi
    I need ur help , I have pcod since 9 yrs now and to add now I have hypothyroid from past 1nd half year.. Its been 4 yrs I have married yet I haven’t conceived so far . I am fed up of the hormonal drugs doctors prescribe they have been prescribing this bull shit since 7 yrs yet no results now my doc tells me she is going to do laproscopy and i am not going to let them cut and tear my body ..i just keep feeling they r trying to do experiments on me i haven’t tried homeopathy or ayurveda when i was young i used to do yoga have good diet but after i completed my 10th i lost my diet and left yoga also .. My body has become too lazy but now after all this my patience is over .. I am determined to do anything but i dnt want to go through surgeries plsss i went through ur page and i just have a ray of hope i leave in Chennai i strongly believe there is a permanent cure to all i have started practicing Baba ramdev’s yoga daily morning i need ur help i leave in Chennai and i just want to know a female ayurvedic doc who will help me fight with my pcos and my hypothyroid plssss help me out kind sir …may god bless you ..thanking u ..

      • gdmg madam is there pcod causes infertility in future madam

        On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Ayurveda for Women wrote:

        > ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Hello I have emailed you a response. Hope > its helpful” >

      • gdmg madam how many days to treat the pcod(symptoms only amenorrhea)

        On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 10:11 AM, indukuri Anusha wrote:

        > gdmg madam is there pcod causes infertility in future madam > > > On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Ayurveda for Women comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >> ayurvedaforwomen commented: “Hello I have emailed you a response. >> Hope its helpful” >>

      • Hello
        Wish you could read comments and articles seriously. There us no symptomatic treatment in pcos, when eggs mature normal menses will come
        When hormones balance it will be sorted
        You gave to look at complete picture and not symptoms
        Getting menses does not mean your oics is cured
        Getting treated on deep level will ensure all symptoms will vanish

  154. In one of your comments you have mentioned that in your clinical practice you avoid salt for patients for 15 days? Can I try that too and see if it helps in ovulation?

    • Hello
      The protocol i mentioned is respect to a particular methodology, understand 15 day salt reduction may aid in your disorder may nit induce ivulation. You first need to have good hormones to create eggs to ovulate
      So do not take any remedy as short cut process but think of bigger picture
      Follow complete diet protocol and reduce salt, do this for 2-3 months and it may help

  155. But ovulation disorders are related to adrenal and pituitary malfunctions. You have explained everything very logically but what will induce ovulation in PCOD women when the cycles are very regular. How to make the cycles ovulatory. In my wife s case her sexual drive is very low becaue she doesn’t ovulate at all. Are there any medicines for good sexual harmones secretions in Ayurveda.

    • Well ovulation disorders are majorly dependent on pituatary,gland and others maybe the right word. One cannot generalise this. If this was the case each men undergoing fertility treatments would ovulate
      Understand there is ovary pool out of which each month certain follicles start growing and only one matures as egg
      In pcos the maturity does not occur eggs lying in half cooked state.
      This can be attributed to imbalance of hormines not only qualitative or quantitative but also in synthesis
      Hence following a protocol of eating sleeping at particular time, eating certain foods and taking herbs all in a particular manner creates the balance naturally
      This is just a logical approach to how things work
      Loss of libido can be attributed to pcos, it may be so that she has low sex appetite because of pcos and not vice versa
      Yes increasing sex drives, having orgasms of highest kind indirectly influence sex hormones leading to good reproduction
      However instead on relying in medicines things like education about sexual activities to increase desire, use of chakra meditation under a guided expert to increase energy of the plexus will all help
      But this must be done with a proper plan and long term benefit
      The remedies mentions here are just educational and no means complete treatment
      I would hence recommend to consult a good physician near you at earliest and get it sorted in one complete manner
      Trying things if net however good and practical they may sound may help in short run but to conceive it is a complete different ball game

      Hope this helps

  156. thanks for your immediate reply. Could you please guide what chakra meditation is? This is only most useful blog where you are doing selfless service and replying so promptly to everything.

    • Chakra meditation is form of Tantra where the plexus are initiated for higher gain. Here one can initiate orgasms which in brief releases better hormones and promote reproduction
      Understand that all species are moving towards reproduction. Sex i. Humans is bound by many social causes which leads towards a concocted approach with conservation a etc.
      Tantra main Aim is to understand creation through creation and though it has it own spiritual goals, the techniques of breath control and chakra meditation have health benefits which can be utilised.
      It would be advisable to get more reading on this and practise it under direct supervision
      Again understand these are all methods explained for self education and must be applied with proper research

    • Hello

      There are many effective rasaushadhi that can reverse the condition but they cannot eb used as standalone medicine but in conjunction with proper diet and management. It is highly unadvisable to prescribe any Ayurved medicine containing rasaushadhi without supervision because if anything goes untoward , Ayurveda gets the blame.
      Aushadhis few have already been mentione din the articles like Abrakh, Rajat, Pushpadhanwa, Trivang, Vang, Vasant Kalpas etc are all very effective provided made authentically and used with right medium and diet , but supervision is required.

  157. Hi! I am 30 years old having PCOS and Hypothyroidism since more than 6 years.
    Currently, I am on Eltroxin 100 mg everyday for thyroid. Having no kinds. Married for 4 years. Trying to conceive since last two years with no success. Had been put on Metformin 1000 mg, Duphaston by doctors to regulated periods. Without duphaston I was not getting periods. Additionally cycle lasts only 2-3 days max. For conception, doctors had put me on metformin 1000mg, clomid..but no success. Later they suggested me to go for IUI. I did two IUI cycles..both failed. During this procedure, they gave me clomid & frequent HMG injections. Follicles grew & matured well..also ovulated but did not conceive. After getting pissed off with the whole stressful process & financial crunch,,I stopped all the medications except eltroxin.
    I am now taking shatavari & guduchi since last 3 months and got my cycles regular to an extent. My weight is 69 kgs & height is 5.2 inches. As I’m overweight, doctors had also suggested me to reduce it. I tried diet with regular cadio & weight training. But the weight did not budge.
    My husband also have issues. His rapid linear moving sperms are much less than lower limit plus the morphology is also very poor. He cannot quit smoking.
    Now doctors are asking us to go for IVF which costs around 2 lakhs. I cannot afford it and dying to have a baby in my life to complete my family.
    Please can you help me?

    • hello

      I hope you have read all article son Thyroid and PCOS on this site along with comments and you will find the answer to your problem. Let me make it a bit easy
      1>Rule out if you have thyroid antibodies
      2>Check if you are ovulating or creating cyst
      3>Check your AMh to see your ovarian reserves

      Understand that treatments you have gone through are managing each symptom pathologically. You were taking thyroid medication and initially CONTRACEPTION [Duphaston] to bring about menses. This medicine stops ovulation to prevent cyst and pushes you into ovarian failure. Now after that you initiated your ovulation by CLomid to get an egg. Understand that only fertilistion is not conception. Your baby must be full term and healthy and hence in many such cases though conception may occur it fails to survive. Even if you go for IVF the chances are less. Understand weight gain and loss is not subjected to diet and exercise in a hormonally compromised women but a well thought out action plan targeting hormones which will increase bone mass and reduce weight, This depends on lots of factors and hence to all women who approach me professionally i tell tell them that do not aim for weight loss , if you do your protocol correct weight loss will happen on its own.

      S my advice would be
      1>To first regulate all your hormones through strict diet and lifestyle so that you are ovulating, your immune system is good and your uterus is healthy enough for conception to hold
      2>Once you do this and even if you go for IVF after that in case you do not conceive for long term naturally the chances would eb better

      So you may have to approach an ayurved physicoan and get treated on all counts. Please do not blindly take herbs and hope they will help. Understand certain herbs may fortify or nullify synthesis or hormones , so be aware

      If you mail me your location I can suggest few references near you

  158. hii…i have get my ultrasound done of pelvic region. it says
    bladder is adegnately distended and normal
    anteverted uterus is 8.4cm in long r*w and shows middle echo 7.7mm thick endometrium and normal endomyotexture.
    B/L mildly enlarged ovaries are 7.5cc and 6.8cc in volume.
    cortical thickness is normal.
    multiple immature follicles are seen.
    no follicular cyst seen
    no uterine or adenexal mass seen.
    cal de sac is clear
    B/L mildly enlarged ovaries.
    no definite sonographic evidence of ovarian disease seen.
    the menstrual cycle is irregular and doesnot occur for 3 4 months. my weight is 45kgs and height is 5.1. hair texture is more than wavy. i dont know what to do.kindly tell me what type of problem is there with me. i am ovulating or not.and if not how to ovulate regularly and get normal cycle so as to conceive as i am planning to get married soon. please help. can i take hyponnid? please do reply

    • hello
      usg can only give u an overview, if you have not had menses means you have not ovulated soon. the only way to know is to do a follicular study once you get menses. You also need to do other investigations like thyroid, insulin etc to determine how your hormones are acting up
      I have explained in detail everything through the article. Please visit a good doctor, get yourself evaluated and do the necessary treatment

  159. Does taking virechana balances hormones naturally? Why should one take cleansing tecniques for PCOD or weight loss when body is capable of eliminating toxins by itself. What is the impact of these cleansing techniques? Can good diet and lifestyle changes alone can give good hormonal balance

    • Hello

      First of all it’s not at all imperative to take any Panchakarma treatment to eliminate toxins. Understand it is just a marketing way but not the actual way. many centers who offer such treatments are with respect to tourism and commerce. In Ayurved there are 2 forms of treatment, Shodhan [Panchakrama] and Shaman [diet and medications] and both are used either individually or combined as per discretion of the physician
      Understand that the aim of Ayurved is “salvation” and for it one needs to ahev a perfect body and hence ayurved has explored all means to achieve it.
      If you can put in the effort, understand the priorities of life and do the diet there si no reason why one cannot achieve perfect hormone balance with diet. I am a Shaman practitioner and I have never used PK for treatments, but that does not mean I feel its not required.
      hence its always better to first educate yourself with what exactly you want to achieve and then sort out necessary treatments whatever they may be

      Secondly understand if you have read through all comments I have made specifically clear that weight gain and loss in women does not depend on meds or exercise but for most part hormonal, so if you eat on time, sleep on times, follow the menses protocol i have mentioned you will experience weight loss, but here weight loss must be aimed at inches and not numbers

      However this does not mean that PK is not required. PK is a very powerful tool.Disorders like fallopian tube blockages, many times hormonal locks due to adrenal fatigue etc have shown excellent results with PK and Virechan, but it must always be used in view of long term solutions and not as a CRASH DETOX

      I hope this may help you better understand Ayurved and approach right kind of people

  160. PK has become money spinning business in Ayurveda these days. People get confused what to take and what not to take. PCOD is hitting hard everyone these days, and when we opt for natural solutions it becomes very difficult to decide what treatment to take because just for Virechana and 7 days treatment 9000/ – is charged and as you clearly written, that PCOD is a disorder, and these kind of treatments, advertisements and marketing claims really confuses many people. Thanks for this wonderful blog behalf of entire Bangalore citizens. I wish everyone hits this blog and learn what they want and how body functions.

    • Hello
      Somehow I feel it works both ways, Many want an easy way out and think that if they have spent money they have given their best shot. In my practise I have seen patients who may buy an expensive medicine but may not leave salt for 3 days. So one must be knowledgable about the fact that customized solutions only work in commercial wold, for the body to be healed one must respect its constitution.
      Each one must know WHAT THEY CANNOT DO, rather than what they can.
      Additionally in todays world of information, one must try and acquaint themselves with what their problem is, why they do blood testing and what re the prognosis; but who spends the time..
      This blog is written with sole intention that each one can get an overview of their problems and then take a conscious decision of what they want to follow. Then they wont be fooled or feel cheated.
      Hope you find your relief soon ..

  161. well said, but your BLOG is the PROOF of something called HONESTY prevails even in this corrupt world. Thanks, it is a great work from you

  162. Hello Sir,

    I am 25 year age.I have irregular period from last 4 years.I have already married still No children’s but i taken English medicines.My doctors done four to five cycle of polycular study Now also no results..I ma not over weight but PCOD Problem.Now she has suggested that take other step of IUI .Before doing IUI she has doing laproscopic.But i want to take Ayurvedic medicine.If any problem will come due to laproscopi.Please suggest me.I am totally confusing.Which treatment is better for me.My family side very problem is there due to no childrens.I am waiting for ur reply sir.

    • Hello
      Laproscopy is mostly done in PCOD to do some invasive procedure on the ovaries and drain fluid and then try and stimulate it to create eggs. Understand that only fertilization is not conception but the baby must complete ful term. I would advise you visit a good ayurved physician near you get your hormones balanced, be patient and once you start ovulating then you can go for natural or artificial does not matter your chances will be more. Do not do short cuts as if modern treatments fail it leaves your body back by months to recover. If you tell em where you are located I can suggest certain references whom you can contact.

  163. Shathayu Ayurveda weight loss reviews, lose 6 KGS in 25 days PCOD, got me here. Thanks to Google and for my efforts to find this blog. I have understood through comments what I need to do for weight loss for PCOD. It will be of great help if you could give references in Pune near Aundh for good ayurvedic doctors.

  164. Thank you sir for you reply. One thin I want to clarify from these issues of ovulatory disorders in women. Is sexual intercourse necessary to make a female ovulate or with diet and medicine is enough to make to get ovulatory cycles.

    • Hello

      well yes you can ovulate with diet and medicine. In modern medicine drugs like clomiphene do the same. Understand that sexual relations causes chemical changes in brains and hormones bringing about orgasms naturally stimulate body towards egg production. Understand that apart from our social lives we are but mammals who reproduce and all actions promote towards it. Hence sex for procereation and healthy sexual life are 2 different things. In case of women who do not have sexual life [unmarried etc] medicines definitely help and even with those who ahve access to it, but a good sexual life helps the cause. However by sexual intimacies one must not restrict only to male female bonding. There are many exercises like Tantra meditation, chakra meditation, bandhas like mulabandha etc where one can initiate orgasms and gain voluntary control over hormones. However this is a specialized branch and must be learnt under an apt. teacher. For rest you can strictly follow diet and medicines and ovulate well without sexual relations. Sexual relations provide natural way to ovulation however they are not the only way.
      Hope this helps

    • Hello
      Well Kundalini meditation is a form of chakra meditation as Chakra meditation forms higher goals of spirituality. The methods are differently adapted in different cults and sects of Dao, Vajrayana, Tantra etc with their own goals and philosophies. The idea of all this methods is to understand or reach a level of supreme consciousness through exploring the sexual energy viz, concept of Shiv-Sakti etc. However the practices employed are very methodical and influence hormones on all levels, but must eb done under supervision of a good teacher. Certain breath exercises bandhas are easy to follow but one must always study deep if benefits are seen . Hope this helps

  165. waaw….thanks sir again for clarifying everything. Really appreciate your patience to clarify everything and to answer for all questions so patiently. Thank you so much. I came searching for weight loss but after reading the blog and comment there is lot of confidence in me that I can have hopes in any worst situation.

  166. Very nice blog and it is nice to read all the comments and how easily we can associate our situations to this. I have been married since 14 years but still no issues. As you have clearly said, my ovarin reserve itself is depleted and I am tired of all failed IVF and IUI cycles and have no hopes left. But after seeing your blog, I thought I should still not lose hopes.
    My few questions to you are

    1. When the pitutiutray gland can give periods naturally, why it fails to secrete the required sex hormones for ovulation? When periods are coming naturally why don’t we get eggs as the process?

    2. Any remedies that you suggest for the facial hair. I do understand that it is all abour hormones, but how do we PCOD girls get rid of it?

    3. My sexual life is very active but even then I failed to conceive naturally or artificially. I just fail to ovulate.

    4. I am aged 37, can I still have the hopes of conception with patience in ayruveda?

    • 1. When the pitutiutray gland can give periods naturally, why it fails to secrete the required sex hormones for ovulation? When periods are coming naturally why don’t we get eggs as the process?

      See it is a complex mechanism but I will try to answer in a simplified manner. Ovulation and egg formation , egg initition are all separate entities brought about by various potencies of hormones cordinated by pituitary, thyroid and ovarian complex. Other hormones like insulin, cortisol also influence them. Understand these hormones do not have only ne work though many times the work of egg production is prioritized. Think of body just as complex of chemicals which controls itself through various responses of stimulus around us. If you are happy, sad, in love grief all these are nothing but hormone secretions. many times it may so happen that the quotient of hormones to bring about egg production may suffice but other process may not. This is an inherent deficiency acquired through bad choices in life and cumulated. So to reinstate it one must re-train the body for the hormones to work so. One cannot take a medicine which influences estrogen and say “cmon now only act on eggs” no it is never going to happen. Estrogen will influence everything under its control. So hence right diet and lifestyle a mental approach al works towards good hormonal balance

      2. Any remedies that you suggest for the facial hair. I do understand that it is all abour hormones, but how do we PCOD girls get rid of it?

      Facial hair is due to increase in male hormones particularly in the cyst fluid. So the best to get rid of it is to create a balance. Of course you can trim the hair till your problem is solved, BUT NEVER TAKE IT OUT FROM the root as it triggers the Testosterone complex to get more dense hair

      3. My sexual life is very active but even then I failed to conceive naturally or artificially. I just fail to ovulate.

      Well you have to look deep and see if your sexual life is just targetted towards progeny or towards proper enjoyment. Many women are so fussed about conception that even during their intercourse the main emphais is about progeny. The body must be aware that it needs to reproduce. There are many women who can even tell when the ovulate as per moon cycles. So in brief, having good sexual life does not mean you are reaching the peak of orgasmic climax. The peak initiates fresh lease of hormones. It also changes your stress hormones and gives a feeling of well being. You may have good sexual life and release certain hormones, but through the day if you are stressed about conception tan the cortisol levels arising may nullify everything.So doing it the right way is important.
      In another comment I had informed about chakra meditation etc which basically is a form of Tantra. To cut the topic short the methodologies of Tantra through certain chakra exercises helps one to reach orgasmic levels so high that it initiates a different hormonal response. Though goals of Tantra are in realms of spirituality, its exercises and forms may benefit in health. To certain women whom I have taught and recommended it has worked very well but it requires strong mind conditioning. A easier form is to practise Mula bandha with proper postures and under Yogic guidance which may also prove beneficial but one must do it under supervision.

      4. I am aged 37, can I still have the hopes of conception with patience in ayruveda?

      Yes if you follow it religiously and under proper guidance as long as you have menses you can conceive. In my practice I have even seen women of 43-4 conceive. However you must not be adamant about pathy’s but take the best of each. In my practice in certain cases above 42 who have had failed IVF etc, and primary infertility , I always recommend that after the initial fortification of eggs etc if one doe sot conceive than they must again try IVF after say 7-8 months of my treatment. Due to the ayurved treatment the uterus becomes receptive to foetus and hence IVF becomes success. S as long as your problem is solved it does not matter how. However just research and get a form understanding of what you want to achieve. This article only promotes the same thing is to be educated about what the disorder is and not fall prey for short cuts

      Hope this helps

  167. Oh my god….what an explanation with such a empirical approach to the problem. Thank you so much doctor. My only last question to you is, to show remedies for vaginal dryness.

  168. Hey….
    I m 22 year old and i m suffring from pcos since 3 years….my weight is 58 kg …..if i loose my weight then is it help me to cure pcos?….and how much weight should i loose?
    And i have so much hair fall….is this happning because of pcos??

    • Hello

      First of all please understand that you cannot loose natural hormonal weight by dieting. Yes loosingw eight will help PCOS as it helps in insulin resistance but if you research honestly you will come to know that it is very difficult to loose weight in PCOS. Most important, do not be worried or obsessed with number on your weighing scale. remember in a womens body, weight gain or loss is irrespective of what food you eat and what exercises you do. It is very much influenced by hormones whose sole emphasis is to create fertile eggs. Life has goth nothing to do with your emotional and financial problems. It sustains itself at any cost. So if it requires certain funds to create eggs it will procure it at any cost. With rising age, lifestyles, unnatural sleep and eat timings, the bodys hormones go in a toss . They deplete bone mass, convert food to fats and cause these problems
      Your aim must be to loose INCHES and not weight. The number will come down on itlsef as the hormones stabilize. Alsp Understand that disorders like PCOS cannot be CURED but can be maintained to a point they seem as if cure, so do not look like one stop ayurveda remedy for the problem. Understand what you want to achieve from the ayurveda treament . hair fall also occurs as testosterobe levels rise and bone mass deplete so yes all your symptoms have one root

      So read the article and comments properly consult a good ayurved physician near you and think long term solution. If you inform me where you are located maybe I can give you few references

  169. How is insulin resitance treated in Ayurveda. Following diet alone gives results? how do we get the estrogen and progesterone balance?

    • Hello

      Understand in Ayurved there are no pin point treatments. Insulin resistance is just a marker to tell you that body is not synthesizing energy well and causing inflammation. Its how doctors interpret it. The best way to balance any hormones is to follow a strict lifestyle with respect to diet and timings , cut out certain things completely like refined sugars etc and not eat after sunset.
      If you do follow it for 3-4 months you will see results.

    • Soy Isoflavones are phyto-estrogens, means they mimick effects of estrogen, so may help in bone building etc
      there are no studies to show they are effective in ovulation, though certain women have said it helped them. Although many also agreed they took other supplements like agnus castus etc with it so they are not sure if Soy Isoflavones helped. Certan women also took 6g/day black soy powder
      If you concern is ovulation, there is no harm in trying for a month. However if you suffer from thyroid disorders, just check with your physician

  170. Thank you. I am planning to take fruits for both lunch and breakfast to avoid salt and will follow it for 3 months with all the dietary restrictions you have given and then get a scan done and keep you posted.

  171. Hi. I am 29 suffering from PCOD. I suffer from central obesity. MY periods are regular. THe doctor has suggested panchkarma therapy for me. some of them are abhagyanan, uttarvasti, virechana. Do they help?

    • Hello

      All therapies help, if you know what you want to achieve. Through the articles and comments, it has been made clear umpteen times, how one should asses and approach PCOD. So if you can read it and understand and discuss with your doctor you can check the long term short term benefit of the therapy. Just do your research properly, talk with your physician, understand its benefits and move ahead.

  172. Hi sir,
    I have pcod and have been trying to conceive since long. I recently had a filed iVF cycle and the doc said that it may be due to pcod and also mentioned that I can concieve on my own as there is no other problem. My baisc problem is that I am not having regular menstruration infact I dont get one without medicines. Can ypu please suggest any good ayurvedic doctor in Delhi.

      • Thank you doctor, I will be writing an email to you this evening as I further need your suggestion. We consulted ayurvedic physicians for almost a year to regularize this problem and thereafter went for IVF. I will provide you the drugs prescribed by them in my email and would like to understand if I should go back to him or to another physician.

        I have also started eating raw sesame seeds, can you please suggest whether it will help or should I make a tea and consume it as mentioned in your above blog. Also please suggest whether white sesame seeds have same effect as the black ones.

        Thank you so much for your consideration.

        Kind regards

      • Hello

        I have already explained to you how drugs are used in modern medicine and why. One must not delve too much into drugs but must try to understand what one needs to achieve in terms of egg production etc. I always believe that PCOS and conception are two different issues though mutually concerned. Hence one must try all things to conceive but after proper understanding and long term implications

        Secondly only drink sesame seed tea. Do not consume. Black seeds have more effect than white concerning this disorder, but as said do not self medicate. Consult a good ayurved physician near you for better long term solutions.

  173. respected sir/mam
    i m 22 yr. college girl. since from my maturity i m having irregular periods. i suffered a lot by this i m belong to such a place where i can’t find ayurvedic clinic also.
    two years back i went to a clinic i undergone a ultrasounding also, where i found that i m having biliteral polycystic ovaries and they given six months treatment to me after this again my irregularity in periods started. i don’t know what to do, perhaps i seems helpless. as i rejecting my marriage proposal also because of this my family is very worried about me. i don’t know what will be happening to me.
    please send me simple ayurvedic tips so that i improve my health.
    thank u with lots of hope i m waiting for your reply in my mail address. vsk.port02@gmail.com

    • Hello

      Understand PCOS is a complex disorder so it is wrong to take treatment over the net. Things mentioned in this article are for educational purposes and remedies as basic guidelines to get you started. Even if one finds relief from them, they must consult a good Ayurved physician nearby for long term solutions. I have emailed you a response based on these guidelines Hope it helps, but if it does, do not self medicate and consult a good physician near you for long term solutions

  174. The most effective way to lose excess weight is to detoxify your liver and in turn improve your metabolic rate.
    Why Your liver is your prime fat burning organ so when your liver is overwhelmed with toxins which is incredibly common these days it causes fat to build up,especially around the belly.Added together,this can mean that no matter how much you restrict calories,weight loss is near impossible unless you detox your liver.?????

    I trust and hope Dr,Sumit that formation of helathy eggs creates weight loss but not liver detoxification. I saw the above content in pune times and I wanted to clarify it because weight loss eats our heads like anything and when we keep googling many things confuses the PCOD girls

    • Hello

      First of all be sure there is nothing called as detox of liver. Its just a jargon used by many to create a realm of purification. There is no dirt in the blood :). Understand body to be a complex mechanism of minerals and their influenc on hormones. So any selection by the body of weight gain loss depends upon the available raw material it has. To cut it into basics in lay man terms, each cell requires OXYGEN and GLUCOSE to function. Any misconduct which brings about this causes problesm. This could be local or systemic but the decisions of the body are mostly generalized.

      On your point that “healthy eggs create weight loss” is not entirely true yes it is true in the context of PCOS who have weight gains. Mind it there are women who have PCOS and never experience weight gain. So healthy eggs in a women with PCOS who has weight gain may implement weight loss. Liver as usual aids in the process but its detoxification has got nothing to do with weight loss.

      In the forum you may have come across some comments that people have tried DETOX therapies like VIRECHANA, CLEANSING for weight loss and did not have any results. So you see it is wrong to generalize things in a complex structure like body. Understand that PCOS occurs due to estrogen overload or progesterone deficiency or both and all this is influenced by hormones of adrenal, thyroid etc whose metabolites are synthesized by liver intestine etc. This is a complex mechanism out of scope of this article which focusses on guidelines rather than treatments.
      So my advise is to take whatever you read with a pinch of salt, do not believe or accept things that sound very straightforward but arrive at solutions with logic taking into account your lifestyle and gene make up
      What works for one never works for everyone. This is the main reason this blog is created so that such doubts could be cleared.
      I had resisted writing about this but will now make few additions to the article to include about minerals and their effect on PCOS and its solutions through Ayurveda minerals
      Hope this helps

  175. Thank you so much for the explanation. Can we take banana as fruit consumtion for the breakfast. Banana is often categorized as fat gaining fruit but everyday taking fruits becomes difficult in terms of money. Banana is cheaply available and good to taste too.

    • Hello

      Please read through teh comment section. Ample remedies and discussions ahve been discussed. Please follow the guideiness strictly for 2-3 months and you will find results. If you want to consult a specialist, you can tell me area of your location, I can suggest a few

  176. Thank you doctor for the information. But, I remember to have you suggesting drinking water from copper vessel only? I have even heard the non stick Tava and pans, tooth fillings, also causes mineral imbalance. Is it true?

    Like all of us have requested, please write a separate article about PCOD/Obesity and losing weight in easy way and later we should work with doctors for the long term treatment. Because, in the initial step of losing weight only many people lose very big amount, no results and we suffer lot of frustrations.

    I will follow the dietary recommendations first, lose weight first and then follow with any physician to treat my disorder. Thank you so much for this blog. It boosts the confidence of many sufferers with your right advice and right suggestion.

    • Hello

      Yes but Copper for those who have an iron overload. As this article was meant to be on Ayurved principles I did not delve much into it, but If you recheck the articles, I have made the changes. Avoid copper as copper excess acts as estrogen promoter [much like copper T IUD] and acts as contraceptive. So it may bring about menses but may not help in ovulation and also cause hair loss. So one needs to make the fine balance. Hence I have mentioned to check Iron levels and then use copper.
      PCOS and weight loss does not require a separate article. Its all integrated. If you follow the advises strictly for 3 months , cut down initially salt and sugar and then sugars with minimal Himalayn crystal salt, follow timings of food and sleep, weight loss will occur along with natural ovulation.
      There are no seperate medicines for this, Weight gain occurs due to estrogen excess and this all is related to the annals of PCOS. Hence I would suggest you to read the THYROID and PCOS articles together and derive your own interpretations.

  177. My husband has type 2 diabetes and I have PCOD. When his Hba1c was 7.6 we tried several IUI, but it all failed. He got it under good control to 6.6, but also the IVF failed again. The sperm report says everything normal but does having diabtes in men affect in giving results in IUI or IVF?

    • Hello
      understand that if sperm count is normal with proper sperms than it does not matter if your husband has diabetes. Yes a diabetic may have less chances in conceiving, not because of low sperms but because of other problems of libido they face. Your problem mostly relates to your own hormonal imbalance related to PCOD.
      Understand only fertilization is not the goal but completing full term pregnancy. In PCOD the problems are multitude and hence I would suggest you read this article and all comments carefully and then try and understand your problems
      Likewise visit a good ayurved physician near you to get ourself evaluated and then take appropriate steps for conceptions

  178. I am new to this blog and simply loving it.
    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18, now I am 22 and still having it. I am 5.2” and weigh 63 kgs(I know I am overweight but all my efforts of weight loss are unsuccessful )
    I have consulted many top gynaecologists , taken many birth control pills, metformin and krimson but no improvement. I have terrible facial hair and have undergone laser but no use because the hair come back again. I have put on about 15 kgs and also suffering from acne and hair loss(from head) :(.
    I get my periods when I take medicines and when I stop taking them , my periods stop completely. Currently I am on metformin and Krimson 35. Due to this pcod, I went into depression (due to hair and weight and low self esteem), took sessions from a psychologist and now I am fine. But I want to treat these problems from the root.
    Please Please tell me about some good Ayurvedic or Homeopathic or any other good doctor for Pcos in DELHI. Please do reply. I will be very grateful to you. Thanks in advance.
    Please do reply.

    my emaid id is malhotra.kavya@rocketmail.com
    Please rep soon

    • Hello

      always check your fasting insulin levels and iron levels. I have mentioned this in my article that excess insulin and copper toxicity can cause many of the problems. Also taking lots of birth control pills and then leaving them etc all contribute to bad hormonal balance. You need supervised Ayurved treatment. I will mail you few references. However please read the blog, comments, research properly and only then approach the doctors and understand their viewpoint.

  179. Thank you so much for your reply.
    my fsting insulin levels are also high. But none of the doctor has prescribed for iron levels and copper toxicity levels.
    I want to consult you. If u visit DELHI please inform me. Because with this blog i have lot of trust in you.

    • Hello
      Its difficult to asses copper levels by test. In india many tests are not available. Yes one can guage copper by 24hrs urine but then how reliable it would be. Second is hair mineral analysis but again I think its not done here [maybe I am wrong]. So one can only guage with symptoms [getting stressed easily, having detachment, loss of interest etc]. Iron levels please do check by doing thorough studies. Understand that in women though normal ferritin is between 15-150 ideally its should be between 70-90 and minimum above 40. Also check iron levels as sometimes in inflammation empty ferritin rises
      Fasting insulin should not be more than 8 [norm 3-25]as insulin is secreted in response to food, but since we fast the insulin levels must be negligible. A insulin higher than 8 indicates resistance and inflammation . These are just pointers to which you can only solve by good ayurved approach as in modern such approach is not there
      By reading the blog and undertaking tips mentioned and following timings will ensure you that you are on right path. Just read the article 5-6 times and understand
      Sorry I am not available in Delhi, but if you wish I can give you few references. Though each doctors method and interpreation might be different what you must be concerned is whether you are getting results as per your empirical stands and approach
      Hope this helps

  180. hello sir/madam

    i am 20 yrs old. i started getting periods 5 years back and it was heavy especially on 2-3 day of the cycle with some blood clots and pain. i have consulted many doctors and they have given me some medicines but still no change was there. 2 months back i started taking himalaya evecare syrup and ACV ,,,it was helpfull as i was not having pain in my last two periods but blood clots are there and blood flow is now minimal. so, now i consulted a gynaecologist and she advised me for ultrasoud of lower abdomen ,,,my reports are:-
    the uterus is anteverted in position and normal in size. cervix is normal. bilateral ovaries are mildly enlarged in shape and size and echo-pattern and show multiple small follicles within.
    impression:- bilateral polycystic ovaries.
    today , i have shown my doctor ultrasound reports of my lower abdomen.
    she, advised me insulin test and in medicine she refered me crisanta .
    my insulin reports are:
    fasting:- 6.63
    after glucose :- 55.49
    please tell me what should i do now ????should i prefer ayurvedic over english medicine as you have answered in some replies that english medicine can treat period problem but can have problem with ovulation….can you also suggest the diet plan for my problem pllzzz,,,,, in some sites it is given that brocolli is good for pcos and you said in your post that it can cause swelling in reproductive systems and are dairy products( i take them from mother dairy) like milk and yoghurt also not good for pcos ??? I HAVE HUGE CONFUSION SO PLEASE ADVISE ME A DIETPLAN

    thank you in advance

    • Hello

      No medicine is bad, Each medicine has its aims . Please read through the article understand what you need to achieve. I have explained all this many time sin the comments. Please go through all comments and you will find many women who have similar history like you .
      You can follow the diet plan and timings as mentioned in the article. However its advisable to consult a good ayurved physician near you for long term benefits. Do not experiment .
      If you can mail me your location, I can give you few references
      What you require is proper ovulatory cycles which you must try and achieve . With that all symptoms will disappear

  181. What do you think about Kanchanar Guggulu to treat PCOS? I’ve been on a strict diet for 5 mons, exercise 4-5 times a week & only lost 4lbs. I’m 60lbs overweight w/significant hair loss of thinning & balding. I have no hair to cover my forehead & you can see my scalp. Metformin & Spironolactone not working. Desperately seeking help. Thank you

    • Hello

      Understand no one herb can cure PCOS. Secondly weight loss is due to hormonal fluctuations so understand you cannot loose weight by dieting or meds but by proper eat and sleep timings certain food combinations and herbs in combination. Also your aim must be ovulatory cycles as there is no definite scale of weight to PCOS ratio. Please read through the article and comments to first get an understanding of what you must try and achieve to get rid of this problem. Do not waste your time and money in trying medications floating on the net . The more time you waste the worse the pathology gets. Hair loss etc apart from high testosterone levels happens due to low ferritin [less than 40] and high insulin levels [> 8] and hence unless you control all this by proper diet and strict timings nothing will work

      Weigh loss does not ensure you get rid of your problem. The effects are temporary, you need to loose inches not number on a scale. Please read through the article and then contact a good ayurved doctor near you, interact and evaluate a good long term approach. Till then you can follow the guidelines mentioned in he article for 2-3 months and you will get some results
      Hope this helps

  182. PCOS article is very informative. The herbal recipies you have mentioned is really interesting.
    I think it is worth trying in our clinical practice too.

    Thank you very much for sharing this. All the best

  183. Very good blog. I went through all your articles. I appreciated your patience to write and answer to all the queries though it is repeated many times. Even I have been recommended therapy of VIRECHANA DETOX with claims of increasing metabolism and removing the fat soluable toxins. I am not very convinced with this concept though and how these kind of purification process helps PCOD girls. But in your other article of BREAST Cancer you do specify the importance of DETOX. Could you please elaborate more on the purpose of detoxification for PCOD. Can we all girls safely ignore it and carry on with diet. A kind of fear instils in our mind that that taking DETOX is a super aid to our problem. But most of the ayruvedic doctors market this therapy to PCOD and I sometimes feel it is a hyped concept to sell their therapy on us.
    I will follow your diet protocol sincerely and later put forth to an expert ayurvedic doctor.

    • Hello
      Understand there is nothing called as detoxification. The word shodhan is un-apltly used with detoxification.What actually we mean in Ayurveda by Toxin is something known as “AMA” which is an non-homogenous entity prepared by the body due to malfunction of hormones and enzymes at cellular levels which causes metabolic distress. This is unique in each individual. This Ama can be rectified by diet and medicines but in certain cases the pathology is so big that Panchakarma procedures maybe required to reach and clear them to create a foundation for further treatment
      In cases of breast cancers many times this mixture is contributed not due to the disease but due to chemicals lodged as a result of modern treatments.
      So understand that Panchakarma procedures are used under supervision and direct observation of a Vaidya who may deem whats appropriate and CANNOT BE GENERALIZED. This difference is imperative to understand and one must not entirely neglect or accept a theory or protocol because of testaments or adverts
      This blog is hence written to clear such misconceptions and educate so that one can get a deep understanding of Ayurved procedures and select appropriate protocol
      You can study more about AMA and AYURVEd concepts on NLAM YOUTUBE channel where there are rich animation videos which explain concepts of AYURVEDA
      here is the link to the channel videos


  184. Hi
    Finally after so many months of ayurvedic treatment ,I ovulated and the prolonged bleeding is stopped. After ovulation, I was bleeding so took Niranhalphal with vasa+ tulsi which helped me to stop the bleeding completely.

    Please let me know what course of action should be followed , I would like to conceive.

    My ayurvedic doc has asked me not to eat any garam masala.
    Please shed some light as I would like to conceive.

    Last month and current month I was on shatavari, putrajivak and ashoka mocharas.
    vasa+ tulsi only if needed to stop bleeding.
    I am still continuing the above herbs (except vasa +tulsi).
    I hope it is safe to continue the herbs.

    Appreciate your response.

    • Hello

      Confirm your ovulation with follicular study, All other physical signs are pointers but if you want to conceive do a follicular study. Sometimes prolonged bleeding may not be due to ovulation but cyst. If you are taking professional help under guidance do not confuse yourself by seeking multitude advises on the internet. Conception and PCOS take a long time to heal as you will probably ovulate only once a month maybe once in two months so window is small. Hence read the articles here on PCOS and Infertility, understand the pathology and then co-relate with your symptoms and progress. Ask your doctor questions to get a better understanding and move ahead. There is nothing much more comforting than being knowledgable.
      Also get your husbands sperm profile checked every 6 months as like women even the levels of men go down wrt hormones

      Hope this helps

  185. Thank you doctor for the wonderful video of AMA. HONESTY is the rare commodity these days and without ever understanding what we are undergoing and the process of treatment we blindly take treatments in all streams of science. It is a true blessing to have been seen your blog and read the comments and understand it. Everything you have mentioned is convincing and acceptable.

  186. In the end I have a successful conception. Thanks to Dr.Sumit for this wonderful blog for the selfless service he is giving to all.
    In a nutshell, I want to give a few suggestions based on my experience. Let us not restrict this blog to problem sharing platform and I want each one of your girls to describe and narrate your success story of weight loss, menstrual cycle regulation, the diet pattern they followed, and inspire others.
    1). Firstly, not be fussy about weight loss issues, and focus on overall health and aim for fertility and balance hormones naturally with correct diet and some medicine.
    2) I had burnt lot of MONEY in ayurvedic treatment of massages and detox to lose weight. It is of no use. Sorry to say in all streams of science the approach to HEALTH is commercialized. It does not mean that we should burn out and lose our hard earned money investing so much for weight loss. The allopathic way of making money is to recommend surgeries many times that is not needed and similarly ayurvedic way of making money is to sell and market Panchakarma. Please understand why you need to undergo those therapies. It can be well sorted out without those therapies. Especially to LOSE WEIGHT please avoid them
    3) The above dietary restrictions what Dr.Sumit has given in 100% accurate and helps in both weight loss and fertility too. It is hard work but the end result is rewarding
    4) As Dr.Sumit keeps stressing, follow with an expert ayurvedic physician and know the right course of treatment what you are undergoing and understand where you problem lies.
    5)Things will work out and definitely start giving results. They are half knowledgable, materialistic people in all profession, and in the end we should choose the right doctor.
    LEt us all be thankful to Dr,Sumit and wish him all success and I wish everyone goes through all the comments and understand about the disorder and later post their success story on this blog.

    rashmir003@gmail.com is my email id. Please mail me for any clarifications.

      • good evening sir ,my problem is pcod with amenorrhia no other symptoms .please suggest me the treatment

        On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 8:35 AM, Ayurveda for Women wrote:

        > ayurvedaforwomen commented: “I have mailed you a response, hope it > helps” >

  187. Hi

    I am 28 yr old and married. i have pcod and irregular period. i consulted doctor and she said she would put me on duphaston and one more medicine (dont rem name) which would induce ovulation. I am not confident to go through this. please suggest me any good ayurveda dr in pune near viman nagar or anywer in pune. I would like go through natural way to get ovulation. Please mail me on ruhishefai@gmail.com..
    I would be really grateful.

    • hello
      its quite common to be without menses in pcos. you can take black sesame decoction mentioned in the article 2 times and follow the diet
      along with this get your sonogram of uterus and other hormone test done. visit a good ayurved physcian to sort the problem from the root

  188. hiii i have pcod problem no periods my report shows small peripheral follicles of d size 3-8mm with central echogenic stroma

    no e/o free fluid in pod

    i used benforce -m tablets daily 2 times

    plz help me with out laproscopy any ayurvedic or homeopathy medicies

    • Hello

      as mentioned in article, do not go for laproscopy. First understand, follicles does not eman you are not ovulating. With proper diet and certain herbs you can easily get good cycles with ovulation. First thing is to do an hormonal assay. Get your AMH, tested along with FSH and estradoil [on 3rd day on menses]. Also get Insulin,Hb1Ac Testosterone, Prolactin levels and Iron studies done and Thyroid if its not done. This will give you an overview of how hormones are compromised. Depending on it read through the articel to chalk out a good lifestyle and diet with certain remedies mentioned here and in 3-4 ,months things will start reversing. You ahve to keep up with the hard work
      No single medicine or pill is going to reverse it, its a process
      Likewise you can contact a good ayurved physician near you and get your treatment sorted.

    • my doctor given ayurvedic medicine my pcod problem (water bubbles3-8mm size folliciles formed)yoni pushpa ,shatawar juice is it corret medicine plz tell me gud medicine …….

      • Hello

        Ayurved treatment is individualistic and depends on discretion of your physician how he diagnosis your ailment. I would strongly advise you to refrain from asking comments on treatment of a competent vaidya unless you have tried it. If you have any doubts do discuss with him. Asking opinions may only add to your confusion and you may fall prey to patient snatching so if your doctor is a qualified ayurved physician please discuss your issues, trust your doctor and move ahead
        All the best