Leukorrhea [White Discharge], An Ayurveda Approach

Leukorrhea (Leucorrhoea) or white discharge is a common complaint amongst women. Modern system of medicine has no effective remedy for the said problem,. Most of the time a prophylactic Anti-Bacterial or Anti-Fungal treatment is initiated which reduces the problem but does not prevent recurrence. Much emphasis is given on hygiene conditions [true to some point] in terms of lifestyle and sex.  It is important to know that Leukorrhea must not be confused with the vaginal mucous which is normal. It acts as a disinfectant and also provides lubrication to the soft genital tissue during an sexual intercourse. The discharge often increases before menstruation and just before an orgasm.  The Leukorrhea discharge generally has a free flow sometimes ranging from milk like constitution to being semi-transparent causing intense itching and burning, often leaving a stain on clothes.  In my clinical practice , I have observed that most women who complain of back pain, loss of appetite, mood swings, recurrent urinary tract infections, joint pains often report a history of chronic Leucorrohea. 


Ayurveda considers Leukorrhea to be a metabolic disorders arising due to malfunctioning of basic units of life known as Dhatus. Lifestyle modalities in terms of actions and diet which alter the secretions in the body are the prime causative factors. To cite an example women who undergo weight reduction programs in terms of crash dieting and extensive physical exercise cause sudden depletion of muscle tissue resulting in an enzymatic and hormonal misbalance. I have observed this cause in many women in my clinical practice. Apparently in obese women too there occurs high incidence of excessive white discharge due to malfunctioning of the Lipid metabolism which causes loss of bone mass. Women who have history of long term illness or have suffered from diseases like Typhoid, Malaria etc also tend to develop white discharge in the long run due to glandular weakness.  Women suffering from white discharge have attribute symptoms of Hyperacidity, Arthralgia [bone pain], Hair loss, Premature greying, Mood swings, Painful or scanty menstrual cycles. Habitual abortions and miscarriages are also frequently seen.I would like to point out that the above mentioned causes relate to women who have long standing Leucorrohea in-spite of maintaining hygiene and taking treatment. There is another class of patients where Leucorrohea primarily occurs and sustains due to lack of Hygiene. The discharge in such cases is predominantly characterized by foul smell and purulent appearance. The cases respond well to the modern line of Anti-biotic/fungal treatment. However due to recurrent infection the disorder develops drug resistance



Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, preferably white colored [Jaswand] roots 10 gm. Wash the roots thoroughly with water. Crush the roots in plain water or rice water [Kanji, soak rice in warm water overnight. Next morning just collect the water without disturbing the mixture]. Strain the mixture through a fine muslin cloth. Consume empty stomach by adding 1tsp of cumin seed [Jeera] powder and small amount of crystal sugar [Mishri]. repeat in the evening If Hibiscus roots are not available, petals must be collected [at-least from 5 flowers]. Crush the petals and slightly roast them in cow’s ghee [Clarified butter from cow]. Add crystal sugar to taste and some amount to cow’s milk to prepare a linctus [ Halwa ]. Consume this early morning empty stomach. Repeat in the evening.

Arjun bark [Terminalia arjuna] 10 gm, Shatavari roots [Asparagus racemosus var. javanica / Asparagus sarmentosus] 4 gm. Crush and boil the herbs in 1part milk and 4 parts water till milk remains. Do the procedure preferably in an iron vessel. Strain the mixture through a muslin cloth and consume empty stomach.

Procure fresh bark of Kadu Neem tree [Azadhiracta indica]. Here we have to take the inner white bark and discard the outer rough brown one. 100 gm would do just fine. Cut the bark into small pieces and transfer in a glass vessel large enough to hold around 1.5lt. of water. Add 1.25 liters of boiling water to the bark. Cover the mouth of the vessel with a muslin cloth so as to avoid contamination by insects. Keep this vessel overnight exposed to moonlight. This procedure for best results must be done on a full moon night. Early morning as close to sunrise as possible, procure the vessel, filter the liquid and store in a glass bottle. Consume 50 ml of the mixture early morning and evening empty stomach Small amounts of crystal sugar can be added for taste. This remedy is very effective.

Manjistha [Rubia cordifolia] powder 20 gm, Chopchini [Smilax china] powder 20 gm, Kankol [Piper cubeba[ powder 20 gm, high quality Vanshlochan [Bamboo manna] 10 gm, Rasanjan [rasaut, Berberis aristata extract] 5 gm. Mix the above powders and store in a clean glass vessel. Consume 2 gm of the mixture with a cup of warm milk 2 times a day empty stomach. This remedy can be combined with the above remedies. In patients who suffer from weakness and back pain the remedy can be complemented with addition of 2 tablets of Chandraprabha Vati [with Shilajit] two times a day. For normal cause take the tablets maximum for 3 months with an intermittent break of 15 days. The medicine gives results very quickly and if continued after the disorder has been cured prevents relapse


The herbs mentioned in the article are readily available at herbal shops and the most common names are provided. Apart from these there are medicines like Chandraprabha vati, Pradarantak Loh, etc which must eb used only with supervision as they contain metals


Triphala 30gm [three myrolbans, Avala (Phyllanthus emblica), Harad (Terminalia chebula), Beheda (Terminalia bellerica)], Kaduneem Bark [Azadhiracta indica] 20 gm , Udumbar bark (Ficus racemosa) 20 gm, Pipal bark (Ficus religiosa) 20 gm. Boil these herbs in 2liters of water and reduce to 1 liter. Store in a glass bottle. Add 10 gm of Tankankhar (Borax) and shake well. Use this liquid to wash the vaginal area 3 times a day. This will reduce discharge and more prominently reduce itching, irritation and burning sensation

Boil Neem leaves 100gms in 500ml water till it turns green. Filter this and add alum 10gms to it. Use this solution to wash the vaginal area. One can also soak a cotton and keep it in the vagina as pessary morning and evening. This will control itching and discharge

Castor oil swab application helps a lot in strengthening the vaginal mucosa. Take warm castor oil [always keep the castor oil bottle in warm water. Never heat the oil directly over the flame. Procure this oil if possible in a raw state, Do not use refined castor oil that we get at chemist] in a vessel and dip two cotton swabs in it. Insert one swab in the vagina and the second one in the navel before bedtime. Regular use helps reduce Leucorrohea. In addition the procedure is also helpful for women who are unable to conceive due to blocked fallopian tubes or suffer from habitual abortions and miscarriage.

As per above guidelines patient can use traditional Ayurveda preparations like Panchvalkal Ghruta, Panchtikta Ghruta etc in place of castor oil.


As a part of my Ayurveda regime, I always recommend each women to do this self test at home to check the menstrual health. During menses on all three days take a small amount of menstrual blood on a clean white cloth and allow to dry. After few minutes wash it with warm water. The blood should wash away without leaving behind any stain in normal hormonal profile. If stains are left than it indicates disrupted or about to be disrupted cycle.

Apart from above remedies, Ayurveda mentions certain protocols to be followed during menses.

  • Salt free diet for first 3 days
  • Abstain from any physical work
  • No bathing or only sponge clean the body with water medicated with Neem [Azadhiracta India], Nirgudi [Vitex app] or Mint [Mentha sp.] leaves
  • Light food preferably comprising of watery gruel’s
  • On the 4th day have complete head bath and start with normal food

If these protocol is followed  it can rest assure a healthy life ahead. Understand all remedies mentioned , select ones which are easy to follow for you over period of time, create a protocol with diet and follow it religiously to see improvement.



Since Leukorrhea is considered as a metabolic disorder, diet plays an important role. It is highly advisable to restrict salt intake as much as possible. In my clinical practise I convince the patient to observe complete abstinence from salt for a period of 7 days during the course of medication to get immediate results. As a rule I always suggest to all of my women patients to leave salt intake for 3 days of the menstrual cycle to have a healthy hormonal life

Fruits like papaya, pomegranate-juice are highly effective in treatment of Leukorrhea. However this fruits must be consumed in their natural form without addition of salt or sugar exception being Pomegranate where sugar can be added for taste [no salt, drink pomegranate juice , do not consume ]. Apart from this apples, musk melons are highly beneficial

As a a rule stay away from bakery products, green chillies, curds. pickles, mustard, peas, beans, peanuts and importantly sea food for quick results without relapse. Eggs can be consumed. Stimulants like tea and coffee must be restricted.


Try and follow constant food times with respect to breakfast lunch dinner. Avoid sleeping after lunch. Also practice safe sex with proper hygiene.

The article gives an overview of Leukorrhea and has been posted for educational purpose. The medications and remedies mentioned are subjective and have been proven effective in large number of patients as per my clinical experiences. They are devoid of any known ill effects. However in case of any unseen effects like vomiting or skin rash discontinue the medicines . Leave salt for 1 -2 days and drink plenty of water, Pomegranate juice. Diet patterns mentioned are of utmost important and the medications may be useless without a strict regimen.  Ayurveda solutions are individualistic and hence I would recommend the readers to consult a good Ayurveda physician for complete treatment if this small article helps improve your condition

To know more about Ayurveda formulations, herbs and other literature readers can access the first online digital library of Ayurveda, the National Library of Ayurveda Medicine at  www.nlam.in

The information mentioned here is for educational puposes only. Do not try and use all in conjunction. Follow proper diet , timings, pick a safe remedy and employ. Observe over 20-45 days & if found relief consult a good Ayurveda physician for long term gain. Do not self-medicate. Do not pass on remedies through social media irresponsibly. It causes more harm than good

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5 comments on “Leukorrhea [White Discharge], An Ayurveda Approach

  1. In the diet area, Im a little confused as to why salt is restricted over sugar. To my knowledge and actual personal experience taking white sugar out of the diet and processed carbohydrates eliminated this within a couple days. Also a lifetime course of Probiotics and digestive enzymes helps keep this away permanently.

  2. Ayurveda remedies are individualistic and the selection of medicines and their effect on the patient cannot be generalized. However on mass scale due to high indulgence in salt, the Pitta and the Chala gina of Vata gets fortified which result in excessive discharge along with pain. In many cases especially in India, women undergo heavy antibiotic and anti fungal treatments and once this disorder [Known as Shweta Pradara in Ayurveda] gets chronic it becomes difficult to treat. Salt restriction has been traditionally followed by many vaidyas in India and it gives quick and long lasting results with medicines mentioned above.
    As far as probiotics and other protocols are concerned I am sure they are effective and they have their own diet regime as you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing

  3. Sumit,this is gr8 info.I wonder how to procure the fresh stuff in New Zealand.All the things are dried and humongously expensive where people do not want to give a go.

    • Hello

      I am not aware of any short term institute courses for Ayurved apart from Panchakarma courses which are for Ayurved graduates. Many doctors offer a certificate course at their setups which may be useful for knowldeg but one cannot practise in India as Ayurved is governed by CCIM and is a full time medical course
      There are again certain institutes in Kerala which run affiliate programs for foreign nationals

      You can do a basic FREE online course at NLAM [National Library of Ayurved Medicine] which runs a basic Ayurved course as per CCIM guidelines. This course is developed by me and has limited students per batch and opens only 3 times a year. It runs through series of video lectures and pdf notes with periodic exams. The current batch enrollments are on and would close by 12th July 2013 . You can register at


      There are introductory videos on how the course works with sample video lecture. This is a novel approach through spread Ayurved through medium of animations

      The videos are also available on NLAM youtube channel


      Remember though the course is free only genuine students are admitted as it covers guideliness by CCIM and is one of the most exhaustive than ones available elsewhere. Also since many applications are received selection is on basis of commitment and interest.

      Hope this helps

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