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New born’s are very difficult to diagnose as they do not speak up for themselves. Common problems associated with them are recurrent cold and cough, fevers, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, skin rashes etc. There also many genetic and hereditary disorders like bleeding problems, cardiac problems etc; but I will discuss about them in another post.


As mentioned earlier it is difficult to pinpoint an exact transition in infants due to their inability to speak. Hence many a times these disorders are caught up when they are grave. Also these disorders expose the child to many injurious chemicals in form of antibiotics and other pediatric medications which may cause secondary problems and lessen their immunity.


An infants liver is barely able to digest milk. Hence we slowly relax their diet over months. But infections force the body to digest harmful chemicals in terms of medicines which may harm the sensitive liver and other organs. In my practice i have seen such children develop many immunity problems, early loss of vision, premature hair fall, loss of concentration, bone pain, muscle pain and other disorders. 


Ayurveda has described many methods to diagnose child problems Some may be sound vague but are extremely useful. For example Kashyap samhita [a book specially dedicated to paedatrics] mentions licking the belly of a crying infant. If it tastes bitter than most probaly the infant is suffering from stomach pain maybe due to worms. I have used such tips in my practice and found them to be highly useful. Ayurveda mainly emphasis on prevention of disease and hence an healthy breast milk ensures a healthy child.


Ayurveda has a unique method to test healthy breast milk. I use it al the time with great effect in my clinical practice. Put a small amount of breast milk in a cup of water and observe.

  • If the milk blends with water its healthy.
  • If it sinks it will cause cough and other respiratory problems maybe even indigestion and worms.
  • If it floats then it will prove a bit hot to the infant may cause diarrhea etc.
  • If it floats and breaks it may cause neurological problems.


Generally I prescribe some herbs to women in form of decoction or tea. This is known as STANYA SHODHAN KADHA [stanya == breast milk, shodhan == purification and kadha == tea]. Though the formulation differs from patient to patient i will enlist a general herbal formula which all women can take

  • Patol 4gms [Tricosanthes diocia]
  • Pittpapada 4gms [Fumaria indica]
  • Arjun 4gms [Terminalia cuneata/ arjuna]
  • Ashwagandha 3 gms [Withania somnifera]
  • Sunth 2gms [Zingiber officinale, dried ginger]
  • Trifala 6gms [Three myrlobans, Terminala chebula [harada], Terminalia bellerica [Beheda]
  • Phyllanthus emblica [Avala]] Vekhand 2gms [Acorus calamus]
  • Punarnava 3 gms [Boehrrahvia repens]
  • Gokhru 3gms [Tribulus terristeris / Pedalium murex]

Crush these herbs in 8cups [500ml] of water and reduce to 1 cup[60-70ml] filter and drink empty stomach. The filtrate must be soaked in 4 cups of water and reduced to 1cup and take it in the evening. Take whatever herbs one may get from above formula. You can replace Patol, Pittpapda with Rose petals and Shatavari [Asparagus racemosus]. Take this decoction for 10 days and check the breast milk.


A simple explanation I provide is that after delivery there is some amount of Kapha dosha [phlegm] in the child’s digestive canal. This Kapha can be correlated to amniotic fluid  which is sucked out after delivery. However some amount of it remains inside. In certain children this lodges exactly near the hepatic openings in the intestine. When breast milk enters the body the digestive juices are not appropriately secreted and the milk breaks lining the inner part of the intestine. Over time small micro organisms [fungus, bacteria] get developed here . These are known as KRIMI in Ayurveda. These Krimi are different from Janta [worms] however they may transform into them. On deeper level these Krimi absorb the nutrients of the infant and shed their waste [aflatoxins etc] in the infant’s blood stream. This waste in terms of enzymes, immunoglobins etc cause many immunological problems in the child making his system weak and prone to disease. Ayurveda mentions Jatkarma to prevent this problems.


Ayurveda has mentioned many remedies for this entire process. These are known as Jatkarma and have been prevalent in many Indian households as traditions. However they are losing importance with time and advent of modern health care systems. When a child is born a mixture of honey and leaf juice of Bhringraaja [Eclipta prostrata] is rubbed on his tongue which makes the child vomit and expels out the Kapha. This one step is very important and I have seen many infants get cold and cough in India [urban areas] these days as the method is not followed. There is process of giving gold in indirect form to children to improve their cognition. Certain Dhups [fumigation] with herbs [Neem, Tulasi, Guggul] are done to prevent viral infections. The choice of food after months is also taken care of with respect to the digestive power of the child. Many other samskaras as naming of the child, piercing his ear [Hindu tradition, this is said to improve his immunity] etc . have been first mentioned in Ayurveda. Kashyap Samhita also mentions the use of specific toys with strict preparation protocols for the child. This toys are selected with great care as they improve the overall cognition of the child.


Balguti is traditional mixture of certain herbs which are used and administered for one year to a child to improve his immunity. They are very effective and individual herbs in it tend to cover all disorders of the child from stomach ache to fevers to flatulence etc. Though the ingredients are mostly standard and available with any herbal shops every healer has his own combination. I would put up a very easy one for general use

  • Manjishta [Rubia cordiolia]
  • Ativisha [Aconitum heterophyllum]
  • Nagarmotha [Cyperus rotundus]
  • Kakadsinghi [Pistacia integerrima]
  • Vekhand [Acorus calamus]
  • Sagargota [Caesalpinia crista]

One piece of each on a clean slate [silver/ wooden] take some breast milk [first 6 months] or water [after 6 months]. Rub each of this herbs once or twice. Once all herbs are rubbed, mix the blend with a drop of honey. You can use a gold wire to mix it. This helps in improving cognition. Heat the gold wire till red hot and them use it mix the blend. Rub this blend on the child tongue every morning. Doing this for one year is highly beneficial and prevents many disorders. Apart from this I also advice mothers to administer some amount of castor oil to the child once every 20 days to clean the bowels. If administration is not feasible, they can put 2 -3 drops of slight warm oil in the navel or keep a cotton soaked in castor oil at the anal canal of the child as pessary. This helps evacuate any worms and keeps the appetite strong.


Ayurveda believes that a humans cognition reaches its maximum limit by 2 years. After that only the memory is improved. This fact is also now established by modern science. Gold is said to be the best for improving cognition along with silver. Hence administering gold and silver in indirect form helps improve intellect. I have seen its practical effect many times in my practice. In the above mentioned Balguti process, one needs to pre heat the silver slate before mixing the blend and use gold to mix it. This process altogether helps in general immunity of the child.



Put castor oil pessary as mentioned earlier. Put a pinch of asafetida in boiling water till it dissolves. Add bit of salt . Apply this paste around the navel. You can also add few drops of Eucalyptus oil in the mixture. Take 1tsp of Tulasi leaf juice [Basil. Ocimum sanctum]. In it rub a pinch of asafetida and little honey. Rub it on the child tongue. This all remedies done together help immediately. Apart from this one can boil handful of Rose petals in water few raisins and filter it. add sugar and give the child spoon by spoon. This helps in evacuation of bowels and relieve abdominal flatulence, pains constipation etc.

The indian screw nut [Murudsheng, Helicterus isora] which is available with many Balgutis is an excellent remedy for cramps. Rub the fruit in Tulasi juice or plane honey and rub it on the childs tongue. This helps alleviate the symptoms.


Rub bark of Arjuna [Terminalia arjuna] in honey and rub the blend on the infants tongue.Similarly the bark of Beheda [Terminalia bellerica] can be used. Apart from this other herbs are Pomegranate rind and Kakadsinghi [Pistacia integerrima]. If the infant suffers from cold and mild fever along withe the above remedy Ativisha [Aconitum heterophyllum] must be added to the mixture.


Boil few Tulasi [basil, Ocimum sanctum] leaves, Rose petals in 1 cup of water. Filter it and administer spoon by spoon every 3 hours. This will relieve the symptoms soon. Mint leaves/ rosemary leaves can also be used. If the child has associative cough the above remedies can be used.


First let the child pass the motions to throw out the toxins as many a times we quickly block them which leads to other disorders.. If the motions extend more that 10 then Apply ginger juice around the navel. This stops diarrhea. For internal use, rub Jaiphal [Mace, nutmeg, Myristica fragrans] in water to obtain a paste. Add a bit of powdered sugar and rub it on the infants tongue. This helps. Apart from that some amount of the paste must also be applied on the Anterior fontanelle [Skull opening on the scalp which closes with time. It can be palpated as a soft depression]. If the child has lost much fluids a cloth soaked in water prepared by boiling rice must be placed over the skull opening. This acts as a saline injection and replenishes the child. This is also useful in places where small children suffer from water borne diseases like cholera. Lime juice 1/tsp and cows ghee [clarified butter from cow’s milk] 1/2 tsp administered after interval of 10 -15 mins helps arrest loose motions. Administration of pomegranate juice in such cases is also very helpful. All this disorders keep a strict check on the breast milk. In case of cough its better to avoid breast milk at night and give the child gruel water prepared by boiling rice.


As per Ayurveda the child has to be progressively terminated from breast feeding around the 6th month. From then onwards we start with pomegranate juice as it is the best for the heart. Orange juice and other citrus fruits are not recommended. The can be started slowly after the 8th month. Along with this I prescribe a very special supplement derived from a millet in India known as Nachini or Ragi [Elusine coraciana] Its extract known as NACHINI SATVA is best for bones and growing children You get this readymade in the stores It is available in two varieties “with sugar” and “without sugar”. The one without sugar is to be preferred. Boil 10gm of the flour with equal quantity of milk [cow’s milk] and water till milk remains. A bit of cardamom, saffron and sugar is added for taste. Feed this to the child in the afternoon. This helps strengthen bones, improve digestion and immunity. Heavy cereals like rice, grams [Grren gram etc; daals] can be started with slow progression from 7 – 8th month. These heavy foods must be first administered for lunch followed by very light food [Juices, Nachini Satva] after sunset as the digestive channels close in the body with sunset.


Many practitioners have different theories. In india its a custom to massage the new born with oil. On my side I do recomend this as it strengths the bones, promote hair growth and also makes he skin soft. It improves digestion and expels out toxins. There are many oils to choose from.One simple oil is to boil

  • 20gms Vekhand [Acorus calamus, sweet flag]
  • 20gms Rose petals
  • 10gms Ashwagandha [Withania somnifera]
  • 20gms of Khus [Vetiver zizanoides]

in 300ml of water and reduce to 100ml. Filter the tea. Add virgin coconut oil/sesame oil and boil till oil remains. Filter and store. Each day warm teh oil slightly and massage the child. This massage is done in a specific way where the child is placed on the lap of the masseur and the oil applied from top to bottom first on the back and then on the front. The child is then bathed with warm water with proper pressure to take out the oil. This helps evacuate dead skin and also water retention. Mothers may observe that the child may loose weight after massage. This is good as when the child is in the womb its cells bloat by absorbing too many fluids. This all gets blown away by the massage and the skin becomes supple soft, circulation improves and the bones become strong. In case the above herbs are not available, one can use Almond oil, Olive oil or even ready made Ayurveda oils like Chandanbalalakshaadi Taila. Apart from this one can apply a paste prepared by crushing Almonds and rose petals in milk to form a scrub and slowly massage the body and then give a bath.


This is very important for health of the mother. Lots of time after pregnancy or maybe miscarriages the placental remains are not expelled properly leading to infections and immunity problems. Since we talk about child care i would concentrate on new mothers and leave to discuss miscarriages in another posts. In India there are many traditional remedies consisting of confectionery prepared from Sesame, Dink [gum of Acacia arabica, Sterculia urens] , Methi [Fenugreek] which are given to new mothers to clean the placental remains.

A home remedy I suggest is to make a small herbal tea from following

  • Mint leaves 5-10
  • Rosemary leaves 5-10/ Lemon Grass/ Tulsai leaves 5-10
  • Dried ginger 1gm
  • Sesame seeds 5gms
  • Rose petals 5gms
  • Poppy seeds [Khaskhas, Papaver somniferum] 3 gms.

Boil in 4cups of water reduce to 1 cup. Filter add jaggery or honey and drink 2 times a day for one week. This evacuates all remaining clots from the uterus.

Prataplankeshwar rasa [] is a good medicine used by vaidyas after delivery to ensure that the uterus remains healthy and post complications are prevented. Must be taken under supervision.

I have tried to cover as many aspects of infant care. I have not included any disorders of children above 2 years. I may put up a separate thread for it. Since the topic is vast it is possible I may have left out many things. I would like if you can post those points so that I can answer them. Also many herbs mentioned here are found worldwide in any Ayurveda or herbal stores [even chinese only one may need to know the name]. In case one may not find certain herbs they may point it out so that I can put up an alternate therapy. I have restricted in giving too many remedies to avoid confusion.


The information mentioned here is for educational puposes only. Do not try and use all in conjunction. Follow proper diet , timings, pick a safe remedy and employ. Observe over 20-45 days & if found relief consult a good Ayurveda physician for long term gain. Do not self-medicate. Do not pass on remedies through social media irresponsibly. It causes more harm than good

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  1. my son is 2 months old and has undergone surgery. i would like to contact you to discuss his problem. i will be grateful if you can contact me on 09412731119 or 8285334088, or kindly send your tel no.

  2. I almost never leave a response, however after browsing through
    some of the comments on this page Care of the New Born, Ayurveda insights |
    Ayurveda for Women. I do have a few questions for you if you do not mind.
    Is it simply me or do a few of the comments come across like they are
    coming from brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are posting
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  3. sir
    I came to know a lot about new born .thanks a lot .
    My baby is 4 months old.she is seizerian and born after surgery.some times i feel she suffers from cold.What shall i do.also she passed out bowls once in every seven days or after a week passe s.Is it any kind of difficulties in her digestive system .Please suggest and tell me what oil i should use.As i am from Odisha (hot climate)

    • Hello

      in new born good bowel movement is a good sign of digestion but also depends on many factors. See do not panic, this is just my opinion but I am of the concept that digestion is understood very well through bowel movements If your child is passing bowels after 7 days there could be few things

      1>She must be having hard stools , this while passing cause immense pain and hence child restricts passing. However if bowels are good but she is not passing than she will be irritable, cry a lot and her stomach will be bloated. However if she is regularly passing stools after 7 days than THIS MUST NOT BE A PROBLEM IF THE STOOL ARE SOFT though sometimes can be a contributing factor is stools are hard
      2> Many infants pass stools once in 7 days. This is normal. As long as the stool is SOFT and your baby is feeding well and gaining weight no need to worry, it will be just fine

      To improve immunity you can start the BALGUTI herbs I have mentioned. Also put warm 2-3 drops of castor oil in her navel once a week to ensure passage of gas.
      Check your breast milk as mentioned in the article
      If all is fine just do not panic. From your symptoms your child is just fine.
      Happy parenting

  4. Hello sir/ madam,
    My aunt and uncle were married in relations. Both are carriers of autosomal recessive inheritance gene. Now they have lost three of their children except the first. The first child is normal but others are dead due to the disease ” Methylmalonic Acidemia”.Now my aunt has given birth to a baby boy having the same genetic disorders. The baby is now treated by allopathic physicians in bangalore. Is there any treatment in ayurveda.
    Thank You

    • Hello

      MMA being an autosomal disorder it needs to be treated with care and presenting symptoms. IN all people the symptoms may not be same. The major line of treatment must occur on the following line as per Ayurved as by my experience
      1>To first create an environment for good immunity and prevent infections
      2>Avoid trauma and any surgery so be active in selecting sports
      3>Vitamin B12 synthesis is something I have found dormant in such kids and care must be taken to ensure that it reaches through natural means
      4>Protein rich food and certain fats must be avoided
      5>And to achieve above all a good lifestyle and diet as per the child , his hormonal constitution must be chalked out
      6>Apart from this sue of select herbs as tonics and medicines right from childhood be administered till first the child attains puberty so that hormones balance and after that fortifying meds to improve immunity
      7>I have rarely seen a girl child get this disorder

      On above factors the child can get good support but its imperative that the parents be vigil and no take it easy if good results are seen

      I cannot say how many ayurved docs can effectively treat this as it being such a rare disorder few are fortunate to even see cases. However a good Ayurved physician can always tackle the situation as he/she diagnosis the case purely on Ayurved laws and can provide good relief. I have just shared my experiences. You can email me , I will send you 1-2 references in your area of interest of Ayurved doctors whom you can meet and discuss and if found agreeable can continue. I cannot share details here.

      All the best

  5. Hi …I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and have re-read almost all of them, they are so informative. I have a request… Please post an article on puberty management especially girls. My daughter is 11 and there are rapid changes in her body.. I remain worried about early menarche. How can I strengthen her body and help delay the onset of menarche. God bless.

    • Hello

      How a women attains puberty depends on her hormonal and genetic make up what we can co-relate to Prakriti in Ayurved. Some attain menarche early some late, so till her development is good i think you must not worry. Getting menarche around 12-14 is quite good and okay which means hormones are doing good. Its the late onset of menarche in many young girls which contributes to uterine and ovarian problems. It may so occur that your girl may get menses and then suddenly stop or come after every 3-4 months before it stabilizes. So one cannot account for it. As long as she is growing well etc I think do not panic and let nature take its course. No need of ay supplements of medicines, Yes the best you can do is to instill in her in this period a sense of strict protocol with respect to eat and sleep habits. make he sleep early and she can get up early and do her work. To bed by 10pm . Also keep her food timings constant. If you do this hormones would balance quite well.
      Just my opinion. Hope it helps

  6. Though this is not really related to the above subject, my daughter gets burning sensation while urinating, especially if she has had spicy food or ginger or other sharp pungent herbs. Last month, she had got severe urinary infection( I think becoz of swimming) for which she took a 10 day antibiotic course. Now also she complains of burning occasionally. I give her lassi everyday or Yakult. First thing in the morning I give her 5 ml Gokhru juice and Purnarnava juice and sometimes Neeri syrup. she is better but not completely healed…please help….thanks a lot, God bless

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    • Hello
      vidanga must eb given to the baby not mother. one vidanga seed must eb dehusked and inner kernel be pwodered and given with mothers milk. each month increase one vidanga pe day . So 1st month 1, 2==2 so on

  8. Valuable information sir…..modern trend has forgotten herbs and transformed to allopathy….thanks to all supporting this blog….

  9. Dear dr I have been preparing the so called kasaya from home made ingrdients it has proved to protect my 5year old son from cold n fever for about 8 months,it consists of kitchen shelf items like pepper cinnamon haldi lemongrass dry ginger jeera sugar candy etc, now I have my 2 month old child ,can I use the same stuff for her if she gets a cold?

    • No for 2 months old child give her the Balguti mentioned in the article “care of the new born” or if you really want to enhance the system of your girl child start procedures mentione din the “Enhancement of the Girl Child ” article, which may go a long way to protect your child from infections

  10. Dear Doctor, I appreciate the effort taken by you to provide such wonderful knowledge via your blog. I had a few questions based on your article above
    1) How to pre-heat the silver plate? My mother says that heating the silver directly will turn it black.
    2) Generally gold is mixed with copper. So it is okay to use a gold wire to mix the contents?
    3) My son is 4 months old. Should the breast milk be warmed after adding the balguti ingredients?

    • 1>just heat it slightly till it turns warm or keep vessel in hot water
      2>use only pure 24karat gold. If you know a good jeweler and inform him why you want to sue it he will give you good quality gold . You can make a small string or piece to rub
      3>not reqd use fresh

  11. Thank you for the reply. You have mentioned that Kashyapa Samhita has suggestions on specific toys for kids. Do you have any further information on this? I wish to buy toys for my son. There are so many available in the markets. I request your suggestions to make an informed choice.

    • Hello
      In modern era we are spoilt for choices. Kashyap samhita more than toys informs about the type of toys which corelate to proper upbringing of the child. So you can try for logical toys [building blocks], visual aids [educatonal] etc to groom him. As far as construction goes stay away from toys which have lead , mercury [china made cheap toys mostly] as child has tendency to lick them
      apart from this sue your creatvity and research

  12. Hi ,
    We have twin boys, there were born in 35.6 weeks (2nd July 2014). Birth weight for Baby1 was 2.5kg & for Baby 2 was 2.34kg.
    Our pade dr mentioned to give top feed (Lactodex) & breast feed simultaneously for both babies. we were giving them OsopanD & hovite drops multi-vitamin as pescribed.
    There were fine till 25 days of birth.
    First baby:
    He had green colorloose motion.Sometime motions would be pink color (color of multi-vitamin).
    We did Stool routine as our said by Dr.He had occult blood.So he prescribed Z&D, Enterogermenia,Delponorm sachets & Omnix50 (antibiotic).Even after completion of course green motion didnt stop.And one day blood drops we went to another Dr. who said he had severe infection due to allergy to cow milk.So my wife diet excluded milk & its products from 2 month. Now he is exclusively on brest milk, but still he passes green color loosemotion sometimes it will be of yellow in color.
    He’s been top feed from second month.He had constipation problem so Dr. prescribed Nanpro1 instead of Lactodex. One day he passed hard stool after that he started to pass mucus plus grainy motion for 3-4 times a day.And now a days he’s passing loose green motion which is not hard but normal in consistency.Now his scared of passing stool, as he thinks it will hurt him.So we tried glycerin suppositories for 8 days as prescribed.
    His potty area is redish it seems tissues are damaged, Dr. had prescribed HHzole oitnment which we have been applying from last 20 days, but still it is not cured.

    Till now we have not started gutti to our babies. Shall we start now??

    • Hello

      You can start them gutti as long as they are below 1 year of age and dentition has not set in. After that the guti does not give much benefit as it is a cumulative process
      Also if you child has problem with cows milk, change the brand. Always boil cows mil with same qt of water and little cardamom to make it digestible. Give you child water medicated with Vidang seeds [boiling water with little seeds]
      Green stools slowly change to normal as the child weanes of from mothers milk as the childs digestion slowly starts to digest the tough protein in cows milk[which u can help by above procedure]
      Unnecessary use of antibiotics will kill the normal flora in the intestine and may cause other problems as he grows

  13. my daughter is 4 months but from her birth she is omets continuously i am going to many child specialist drs. in karjat and thane but she was not get relief from this problem as on today so pls help me what can i do for her.

    • Hello
      She might have reflux. Its common in yound babies to vomit out after they eat. If her growth is well than do not worry. Give her rice water and give her cumin water [boil 5gms cumin in 100ml water, reduce to 50ml filter]. give this spoon by spoon through the day.
      If it is really continous projectile vomit and she is loosing weight than show a good ayurved doctor near you .

  14. Hello,
    My daughter is 10 mnths old and from last 3-4 weeks she is having prob in passing stool. she dont pass stool daily and if so she does its very hard . I give her balgutti daily so she havent got any immunity related ailments till date, thanks to balgutti…but now i m worried abt her stool passing ways. can you suggest me ways to ease her prob and my tension.?

    • Give her water of Casiis fistula [Bahava] as mentioned in the article
      boil 10gms in 100ml water. Ruce to 30ml. Give while sleeping around 10-15ml
      also if you giving her food avoid bakery products even in small qt like a biscuit or etc which sometimes ppl tend to gove
      also put some castor oil(luke warm) around her belly each night
      if giving her semi solid food avoid tur dal, add more ghee(cows) in the food. This will help

      • my baby is 5th months old but she have continuously each feeding ometing some part of milk or whatever she eat. i.e. last two months her weight is loosing from dec 2014 4.9 kg into 4.8 kg in feb 2015. so pls help what can i do but my pedetircian said me to make blood test and sony grophy of whole abdomen and bcb and stool reducing test i have done all test of my baby now she says his annanalika is small other than other child. she said may operation have to done bu ti don’t want to operation my small baby so pls help this situation what can i do for my baby to increase weight of my baby and stop ometing her.

      • Hello
        Gastric reflux due to stenosis will susbside on itself. Surgical intervention is only required ifyour babys weigt is dropping alarmingly. I would suggest you to be calm, first see that you give her foods which are not cauing reflux. As said before teething do not give any solids. Kep her on cows milk and breast milk. Even if she vomits it out milk will not cause any major harm
        see to it she is not constipated. Few remedies have been mentioned here
        Just do not panic, wait a bit it will be fine

  15. Hi Dr sumit, I have had a few consultations with you on e-mails in the past. However, i thought i shall put this question on the blog for tge benefit of all. I am 7 month pregnant and due in June. As you would know, all Indian households have several recepies for post-natal care of mother and child passed down from generations. So, is it okay if we just stick to the protocol listed on the blog? or is it advisable to the follow the entire protocol advised by grandmas. I am due in June and i am actually dreading the idea of eating ghee and stuff in summers..

  16. thanks for the reply. It will be great if you could also put up the diet prescribed in ayurveda texts for pregnant women and also the diet regime to be followed post deilivery.

  17. My daughter is 3.5 months old. She is passing green watery stools from past five days. Please help she is exclusively breastfed.

  18. hi Dr. Sumit,

    while we have a lot of formulations in addition to the one listed above to clean the placental remains, my only question is in today’s ers, where the doctors clean the placnetal remains at the time of deilivery, is it still important to take these formulations?

  19. Dear, it’s really helpful information. Would you tell me some remedies to cure deafness in babies and children? Thanks.

  20. Hi. I have a 6 year old boy who has large adenoids and frequently suffers from flu and laryngx. My one year old boy also keeps getting sickness from his brother..Have been to the doctors so many times for both the boys since the day my second son was born..Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello
      As must be apparent both suffer from low immunity. Immunity is built over time as blood gets intelligent with proper lifestyle dietary and sleep discipline.
      Do listen to the audio lecture recently posted on the blog to get a general idea of changed what you must do. You will get an ayurvedic preparation called sitopaladi churn. Give 2 gms with honey 2 times a day to both chidren for 45 days
      Stay away from refined sugar tea coffee
      Also consult a good vaidya in your vicinity for long term gain

  21. Hi, this information is very useful for my daughter of 8 months now. But I m really really worried about my elder son, who is 4 n half yrs now but very low immunity. He has cold n cough every 10days n does not like eating food n drinking milk at all. He started solid food very late .I had to forcefully feed him little food. He was more on breastmilk only. And now even if likes something and eats nicely he has either constipation or vomiting. I think there is serious indigestion issue.. also he use to fall ill very often so greedy doctors have experimented all kinds of medicine on him at this early stage. Now wen I m aware I regret. .
    Pls pls suggest what to do

    • It seems he has a weak liver and does not digest sugars well. You need to show him to a good ayu physican near you and take some herbs for few days and do necessary lifestyle changes. you will get vidanga powder. give him 1 tsp (1gm) wth honey at night for 15 days. also u will find a readymade preparation called drakshasav. give hm 4ml with 10ml warm water 2 times empty stomach [see u select a preparation that has no prservative added like sodium benzoate].
      this is just preliminary. if you find some results go to good doctor
      avoid refined sugar, bakery products for some time

  22. hello Sir,

    i have a 5 month baby girl she is frequently getting infected(twice in 1month). and her HB goes down almost every month. She has been blood transfused 4 times till now.

    and becuase of repeated antibiotics she has developed lactose intolerence. when she was born she had PPHN and she has been treated for this using nitric oxcide. But problem infection and anemia is still there, so could you please suggest if there is any treatment possible in Ayurveda for this?


    • It seems her immune system is weak which generally leads to weak blood production [qualitative] aka bone marrow. so ur do ctors may evaluate it on that lines too. However to improve her growth over long term and get rid of all problems you need to treat her under supervision under good ayu docs as it may require some herbs to help her out. Of course dietary measures and lifestyle are contributing but in state you are thats a must.
      Also the amount of treatments you have given her makes the liver more weak. So I would also guard against taking OTC ayu drugs. What most you can do here is mix 1part Jyeshtmadh [liqourice/mulethi], 1 part Vidang. Take 1pinch of this mixture mix with honey and give her two timesa day. Do this for a month and see if it helps. If it does, do consult a Ayu physician for long term gain

  23. Thanks.. It was sooo helpful… Antibiotics give only temporary relief.. But this Ayurveda medicine is soo helpful n healthy for my baby. I will recommend parent to follow this natural process.

  24. Very good article sir.. Do we have any remedy for a newly born kid with yellow discharge from one eye.. I have visited doctors who advise me to massage around eye area .. it s been 7 months now and i still see yellow discharge.. Any advise would be really helpful sir..

    • Hello
      it could be a blocked duct or just reaction of eye to the amniotic fluid causing hyperactivity of the natural antibacterial compund in eye. If nothing is working you can put fresh pomegranate juice [red and squeeze with muslin cloth no mixer] 1-2 drops in eye. also see you do not have much affluents in room like smoke etc and keep room well ventilated. It should resolve in few days. You can then follow it up with little rose water for 2-3 days
      [just try this 1-2 days if nothing works] and always use supervision.

      This tip is not a general remedy. Use with caution & always consult your health care provider

  25. My baby is 3 month old.he had cough.i gave him jayfal.but now he started to pass stool with bubble and green colour. And more than 10 times . What’s the problem

    • Hello
      why would you give jayphal for cough. Anyways sthe stools are nothing to worry. He ius just passing bile etc which means his liver is acting well. Just do not stop them and let them resolve on own. Stop jayfal and keep him hydrated with ricr water [kaanji]

      If it persist too much boil 4 small cardamom in 1ltr water , reduce to 250ml and divide in 3 parts
      give every 4 hrs

      always consult your health care provider after u find releif for long term gain

    • The symptoms you describe are very common and can have lots of causes, stomach pain, flatulence or just normal (some infants are just this way). If you giving him milk (top), try a2 milk (gir cow) add some ajwain to it. At night 2hrs before sleeping give him 1-2 tsp of ajwain water or fennel (badishep, sauf) ark . apply some castor oil warm on his/her belly at night . All this you do with discretion. If it is a constant niggle, consult a good ayurveda physician. Do not self medicate

  26. My son is 1 year 10 months old, I want something to improve his overall healt and in particular height. I am also concerned about teeth, which have become brown even though I brush his teeth and clean his tongue regularly.

    • brown teeth watch put, if your child is retaining any toothpaste, or for supplements like iron etc you give. this may cause it. Follow the tips and make your child eat only when hungry. Avoid unnecessary snacking feeding and too much sugars. If you follow the rules well being a strict and watchful parent all should be good. No need of any medication. Let your cvild have his share of infections and exposure to build immunity. Too quick or too late intervention may cause issues.

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