Endometriosis, An Ayurveda approach


The inner lining of the Uterus is made up of specific cells called endometrial cells. These cells are shed every month during menses. When these cells instead of complete evacuation attach to the tissue outside the uterus they are known as endometrial implants and lead to a debilitating condition called endometriosis characterized commonly by pain and uncontrolled and prolonged bleeding. Endometrial implants are commonly found on ovaries and the Fallopian tubes but can range from vagina, cervix, urinary bladder and can also rarely occur in liver, old injury scars, lungs and brain. 



 Endometriosis affects women in their reproductive years. While most cases of endometriosis are diagnosed in women aged around 25-35 years, endometriosis has been reported in girls as young as 11 years of age. Endometriosis is rare in postmenopausal women. Endometriosis is more commonly found in white women as compared with African American and Asian women. Studies further suggest that endometriosis is most common in taller, thin women with a low body mass index (BMI). Delaying pregnancy until an older age is also believed to increase the risk of developing endometriosis.


Estrogens: High levels of estrogens [reproductive years] , low progesterone levels are considered prime causes.

Retrograde menstruation: It is proposed that during menses some amount of endometrial debris gets shed from fallopian tube apart from the uterus which causes a retrograde flow in some women.The immune system over time gets rid of this debris but in certain women the debris may implant itself during this retrograde menstruation and cause endometriosis.

Mullerianosis: This theory states that some of the potential endometrial cells which are laid down along the Mullerian [female reproductive] tract get dislocated as the uterus moves downwards during 8-10weeks of embryonic life and subsequently act as stem or seed cells for the pathology.

Coelomic Metaplasia: Endometrial cells are considerd derivaties of Coelomic epithelium and it is proposed that inflamation is triggered during transformation [metaplasia].

Genetics : Hereditary factors contribute.

Environment: Use of plastic containers, microwave, pesticides, hormone fortified supplements increase the risk.

Birth Defect: Hymen [a tissue covering the vagina] does not perforate [rare] after first menstrual cycle, the endometrial debris may get trapped. This can be solved by surgical incision.


Pelvic pain : Mild to severe cramping that occurs on both sides of the pelvis,

Chronic pelvic pain: Lower back and rectal area and even down the legs.

Dysmenorrhea: painful, menstrual cycles

Dyspareunia: painful sex

Dysuria: urinary urgency, frequency, and sometimes painful voiding

Infertility: Many women with infertility have endometriosis.

Heavy or long uncontrollable menstrual periods with small or large blood clots

Premenstrual spotting

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Gastrointestinal symptoms that mimic irritable bowel syndrome

Rupture an endometriotic cyst may present with an acute abdomen as a medical emergency.

Other symptoms : nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizzy spells, vertigo,chronic fatigue,mood swings, pain from adhesions, extreme pain with or without the presence of menses,mild to severe fever, headaches, depression, anxiety.


Current research has demonstrated an association between endometriosis and certain types of cancers, notably ovarian cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and brain cancer.Endometriosis often also coexists with leiomyoma or adenomyosis, as well as autoimmune disorders. However Endometriosis bears no relationship to endometrial cancer.


Endometriosis is often accompanied with ovarian cysts which indicate advanced stage of endometriosis. Smoking increases the risk of a cyst turning to ovarian cancer.This condition is associated with tobacco smoking in women.


Endometriosis produce scarring of the ovary and tubes so they cannot move freely or it can even replace ovarian follicular tissue if ovarian endometriosis persists and grows. Leiomyomata (fibroids) can slowly grow and start causing endometrial bleeding that disrupts implantation sites or distorts the endometrial cavity which affects carrying a pregnancy in the very early stages. Abdominal adhesions from other intraabdominal surgery, or ruptured ovarian cysts can also affect tubal motility needed to sweep the ovary and gather an ovulated follicle (egg).


Physical examination and history

Surgery, Lesion biposy, Laproscopy


Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI]

Micrograph an endometrioma. H&E stain.

Often the symptoms of ovarian cancer are identical to those of endometriosis. If a misdiagnosis of endometriosis occurs due to failure to confirm diagnosis through laparoscopy, early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, which is crucial for successful treatment, may have been missed.

Markers : Markers are substances made by or in response to endometriosis that health care providers can measure in the blood or urine. The antigen CA-125 is known to be elevated in many patients with endometriosis but is not specifically indicative of endometriosis.


Surgically, endometriosis can be staged I–IV. The process is a complex point system that assesses lesions and adhesions in the pelvic organs, but it is important to note staging assesses physical disease only, not the level of pain or infertility. A patient with Stage I endometriosis may have little disease and severe pain, while a patient with Stage IV endometriosis may have severe disease and no pain or vice versa.


Treatment is done with medicines and surgery. Treatment depends whether the patient wishes to conceive or not.
(Treatments and drugs used in modern medicine are constantly updated with research and are subject to change. Please consult your physician/medical advisor to upgrade over the data published in this article).


Progesterone which counteracts estrogen and inhibits the growth of the endometrium which over a period would reduce or eliminate menstruation in a controlled and reversible fashion. Progestins[for example, medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera, Cycrin, Amen), norethindrone acetate, norgestrel acetate (Ovrette)] are chemical variants of natural progesterone.

Avoiding products with xenoestrogens, which have a similar effect to naturally produced estrogen and can increase growth of the endometrium.

Hormone contraception therapy: Oral contraceptives reduce the menstrual pain associated with endometriosis.[Seasonale] Continuous hormonal contraception consists of the use of combined oral contraceptive pills without the use of placebo pills without the break week which eliminates monthly bleeding episodes.

Danazol (Danocrine) and gestrinone are suppressive steroids with some androgenic activity. Both agents inhibit the growth of endometriosis but their use remains limited as they may cause hirsutism and voice changes.

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) agonist: These agents work by increasing the levels of GnRH which induce profound hypoestrogenism. Over a period the therapy leads to osteoporosis and sometimes estrogen is added to balance. These drugs can only be used for six months at a time. [Lupron depo]

Aromatase inhibitors: These medications block the formation of estrogen.[Anastrozole (Arimidex) and letrozole (Femara)].


NSAIDs Anti-inflammatory.

MST Morphine sulphate tablets and other opioid painkillers work by mimicking the action of naturally occurring pain-reducing chemicals called “endorphins”.

Diclofenac in suppository or pill form. Taken to reduce inflammation and as an analgesic reducing pain.


Since management involves Hormone intake and painkillers over a prolonged period many side effects are seen with respect to drugs used.Weight gain, edema, decreased breast size,acne, oily skin, hirsutism (male pattern hair growth), deepening of the voice, headache, hot flashes, changes in libido, mood changes, vaginal dryness.


Treatment of infertility associated with endometriosis

Use of fertility medication that stimulates ovulation (clomiphene citrate, gonadotropins) combined with intrauterine insemination (IUI) enhances fertility in these patients.

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures are effective in improving fertility in many women with endometriosis.


Surgery procedures are classified as

  • Conservative when reproductive organs are retained,
  • Semi-conservative when ovarian function is allowed to continue.
  • Radical when the uterus and ovaries are removed.


Endometriosis is considered as an auto-immune condition by certain medical fraternity. It is suggested that abstaining from certain foods which compromise the immunity may prove therapeutic. Common intolerances in people with endometriosis are wheat, sugar, meat and dairy.
Eating foods high in indole-3-carbinol, such as cruciferous vegetables appears to be helpful in balancing hormones and managing pain,as do omega 3 fatty acids, particularly EPA. Avoiding foods high in hormones and inflammatory fats proves beneficial in endometriosis pain management.


Endometriosis has been described in men receiving a very high estrogen medication (TACE) as part of treatment for prostatic cancer.


Ayurveda considers each disorder as an imbalance of Dosha at macro and micro level. The process of creation, transformation and elimination is prevalant in harmony at healthy levels and disrupted at diseased state. Taking a brief look at the above explanation about Endometriosis , it may become clear that the process of tissue formation at the uterus, its stability before and after periods and elimination of waste products to stimulate fresh tissue gets compromised. This compromise happens due to various factors that cause the concerned Dosha imbalance. This factors may range from lifestyle , food to congenital and acquired defects in terms of immunity and organ weakness.


Ayurveda treatment as apparent focusses on setting the balance right o achieve healthy menstrual cycles. Ayurveda in treatment of women emphasis strongly on a healthy menstrual cycle and gives few tests to check its nature. The tests are as follows

  • Menstrual flow should be devoid of pain however a mild heaviness at the lower back region is expected
  • The flow should be dark and subtle during first day, improve on the second turning crimson in color. On the third day it should be at its peak and slowly diminish towards the 4th day with a orange color.
  • The menstrual blood should not leave a stain on a cloth after washing
  • The menstrual cycle at its healthy best must coincide with the lunar cycle of 28 days

These points were not mere hypothesis but arrived fter studying different women over a period of time. With modernization the work patterns and lifestyles have changed and its difficult to find many women who meet the above requirements in a urban society. The aim of Ayurveda treatments would be to achieve a closest standard to the above described features. the treatments include internal medications and external procedures as per the healers discretion and patients conditions. Endometriosis with its multiple manifestations is very difficult to treat. However it is also very easily curable if the patient is willing to put in a effort with regards to diet and medicines.


    1. Food timings must be fixed.
    2. Salt restriction is another major aspect.
    3. Castor oil massage which I recommend to be done regularly. Warm castor by placing bottle in warm water. Massage in circular motion over the ovaries every night. Plus soak a swab in the oil and place it in navel before sleeping. This is very effective. In case of women who have big cyst on a particular ovary can apply castor oil packs. Castor oil packs are different from massage. One can search on the net how to prepare them, hre are plenty of self help videos.
    4. Avoid all forms of refined sugar, fruits, nuts. Even fruit juices which contain fructose.  Reduce your insulin spikes. Do not eat after sunset. If you find cravings for sugar cut coconut rind [entire one with oil in it] and eat. It is highly beneficial
    5. Stay away from Aluminum, Steel. Use copper, brass [with tin work], earthen, iron cooking glass vessels  for cooking
    6. Check your fasting Insulin levels and do Iron studies. Your ferritin levels must be ideally between 40-70 [normal range 15-150] and S.iron must be above 80. If not your mineral imbalance may cause problems. Through Ayurveda Bhasma this is effectively corrected in very short time but supervision is required. Do not self medicate.

    The lifestyle modifications are identical to ones I describe in my other articles regarding Thyroid , Breast cancer and Endometriosis the reason being all these disorders have common metabolic anomalies and one must research in the diet to get good control of Estrogen. as these all disorders mostly happen due to Estrogen malfunctions.

    A lecture on general dinacharya has been uploaded on the youtube channel. I am embedding it here.



Medicines include usage of herbs that help strengthening the immune system which in turn helps the glands function properly and create an hormonal balance

 1> 20gms of Daruharidra [Berberis aristrata] boil in 8cups of water [500ml] reduce to 1 cup[50ml]. Filter and drink evry morning empty stomach for 3 menstrual cycles. This tea can be taken 2 times a day. This strengthens the uetrus controls bleeding and also allievates pain. The following herbs can also be used instead of Daruharidhra; Lodhra [Symplocos racemosa], Arjun [Terminalia arjuna].

 2> Soak Anantmool root[Hemidesmus indicus] 10gms in a ceramic vessel in a cup of boiling water. Next morning filter and consume by adding 1tsp of cumin and 1tsp of sugar. repaet the procedure in evening and night. This medicine effectively controls bleeding and helps the quality of blood improve. It can be combined with medicine 1 if symptoms are severe.

6>Use of a digestive is recommended to strengthen the intestine . A simple formulation is as follows.

Rose petals 20gms, Triphala powder 20gms, Senna leaves powder [Cassia senna] 10gms, Fennel seeds 10gms, Black salt 5gms. Mix this powders and store in a clean glass jar. 1tsp of the powder with warm water at bedtime does the job. If powders are difficult to intake, one can boil 5gms rose petals, 20gms of black raisins in 3 cups of water, reduce to 1 cup [60ml], filter and consume. This is also a good remedy for constipation.

Apart from this medicines like Abrakh, Vang, Suvarna, Pradarantak Lauh etc are very useful but need expert guidance.


Panchakarma may help a long way in curing endometriosis. The nature of treatment deepends on the physicians discretion. Generally Basti tratment [medicated enemas] will do the trick. This treatmnet fortifys the Apana Vayu which is responsible tpo bring about healthy cycles. The Basti treatments maybe complemented with Uttar Basti [enemas through Vagina] which help fortify the uterine walls.


Absolutely, Ayurveda focusses in rectifying the system from the core not just managing it symptomatically. So when the balance is achieved the body becomes receptive to conception.


Use of certain gemstones do help in control of symptims. Depends upon the natal chart of the patient. Generally heavy bleeding is associated with Mars in the 12th house. The use of Emerald, Coral and Sapphire helps a lot.

Intake of this gemstones in form of Bhasmas[calcinied ash] have proven to be highly beneficial. I particularly use the Nilam Pishti [Blue sapphire preparation] with good effect.


Ayurveda has limited resources when it comes to pain management not because of lack of medicines but more due to government norms and lack of quality materials. Hence initially the pain can be managed by use of NSAID. However within 14 -15 days of treatment the requirement of painkillers is absolved. There are very good effective medicines like Nidrodaya Vati, Shoolhar Vati which allievates pain but need supervison. For pain during menses I recomend a few formulations

1>Boil 100gms of Gorakhmundi [Sphaeranthus indica] in 4 litres of water and reduce to 1 litre. Filter and store ina glass bottle. consume 50ml of this mixture 2 times a day for 10 days just before menses. This is very beneficial treatment but requires a somewhat regular cycle.

2>250ml of water, 25gms Jaggery, 45gms of cow’s ghee, 5gms Dried ginger powder, 5gms Ajwain powder, 2gms Turmeric powder. Mix Jaggery with water then add rest of the ingredients. Boil the mixture till it reduces to half [130ml]. Divide into two parts. Consume 1st part on first day of menses, 2nd part on the second day. Make the preparation again on the 3rd day and consume for 2 days. regular consumption of this during periods eases the flow, prevents clots and eases pain. The medicine is bit unpalatable but can be adapted with time.


1>One simple and effective home remedy is the use of castor oil. Warm castor oil [when heating do not put the oil on flame but keep the bottle in warm water] and pour it in a vessel. Soak 2 cotton blobs in it. Insert one in teh navel and second in the vagina before sleeping. Continuos use of this helps strengthen the uterus and in many cases provided cure. I use this method effectively in many cases.

2>5 gms of cumin seeds powder consumed with warm water for a period of 3 months also helps in endometriosis and provides very good relief3>Complete abstinence from salt during menses [3 days] is a very effective way to control bleeding and alleviate the symptoms. Salt is a major factor is cure of this disease. I have found women who can control or abstain from salt recover very fast and also increase their chances of fertility.


Yoga in all auto-immune disorders helps immensely as it changes glandular and hormonal functions. Yog done without use of Bandhas is of no use and hence  I would recommend patients to undertake Yogic exercises under supervision of an Ayurveda consultant as Yoga is a part of ayurveda and it requires proper knowledge of body functions and Marma points. Do not undertake exercises advertised or from word of mouth as testimonials. What works for others may not work for you. More importantly understand what one is trying to achieve and combine it with proper lifestyle and medication under expert guidance so that the overall quality of life increases. As project of NLAM,  elite Hatha Yog sequences of therapeutic nature  are being taught  under the Marma Yog cluster. Yog Teachers who wish to gain the knowledge  can know more about it at [www.marmayog.in]

or watch the collective playlist on

Marmayog Youtube channel

I have tried to cover a general aspect of this disorder. I have purposely kept the medicine list brief to avoid confusion with multiple formula and only effective and safe formulations have been mentioned. Feedback, queries and comments appreciated as always….

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  1. As i’ve shared this article to an asian friend, she then shout and says thanks God she’s asian. Again, these is a reminder to avoid using plastic containers especially in storing foods. We should be extra careful when we talk about our health. Again discipline, we’re the only one putting ourselves at risk in acquiring those diseases. Thank you for posting this.

  2. thanks for giving this information about endo metriosis i have endometriotic cyst since 2 months im taking ayurvedic medicine but pain is not gone can i take hormonal medicine with ayurbvedic medicine ?

    • Hello

      If you are taking Ayurveda medicine it is to nullify the ill effects of Hormones and create a situation where your cycles normalize. If the medicines you take are not giving you relief please consult your physician or a new Ayurveda physician. Sometimes when ayurveda does not work, it is not fault of Ayurveda but exponents of it like myself or my colleagues who may be unable to interpret each case. Please try somewhere else. Generally with Ayurveda medicine you must see result right from 1st menses [min 15 days after treatment] If there are no relief symptoms consult new physician or talk with your current one to evaluate more

      The remedies given in my article on PCOS will help a lot. Also please follow the instructions given during menses along with the herbal decoction. This will definitely ease your pain

    • Hello

      Ayurveda explained disorders are not uni-faceted but are collection of various syndromes. When we consider “vatja Pradar” it may contain all disorders from simple prolonged bleeding to complications like cancer. Categorizing as per Ayurveda principle is a job of physician and subject to individual patient. As you must be aware 3 women with same symptoms as per modern categorization may have completely different diagnosis as per ayurveda concerning their history and presentations

      Endometriosis for simple understanding can be classified as per
      length of bleeding
      amount of bleeding
      period between 2 bleeds

      this gives one very good hint. conjoining it with factors from other symptoms like acidity, flatulence etc one can understand the minute affliction of doshas and treat accordingly. As its said in the books that “most times it may be difficult to co-relate to exact disorder in the granthas and hence at all times the physician must understand the Doshas and treat accordingly”

      Hope this is helpful

      • Hi,

        This article is surely very helpful. But my situation has become very very complicated due to a prolonged worng medication of ayurveda and homeopath. Now none of the medicines suit my body and I am suffering from Endometriosis and POS both. This has become very painful. Could you please advice me what all treatment I should take now? Or if you can provide me a good treatment?


      • Hello

        Complications in Ayurveda and Homeopathy may occure if you are taking both treatments together as they both work on opposite principle. Though many may not agree to my point, I have found this in my clinical practice. Secondly as has been put forth persistently by me, PCOS and similar disorders can only be tackled if one is willing to work hard with respect to diet and lifestyle changes along with medication. I do not know what symptoms you present as these disorders have host of symptoms so I cannot present an effective solution, However you can do the following

        Boil sesame seeds 5gms [black] in 100ml of water and reduce to 50ml. Filter and take these empty stomach 2 times away. Have carrot juice for breakfast.

        ideally take Til tea at 6am, boiled egg and carrot juice at 8, food at 12 [prepare food without salt, add very minimal while eating]. have til tea again at 4pm, have food before sunset [before 6.30], and have rice water [prepared by boiling 10gms rice in 750ml date, just take above water [without salt] discard the rice] at 8 pm. While bedtime have 5ml of castor oil with warm water. Continue till periods. In periods you can have the decoction mentioned in my article along with the above remedy

        This if continued diligently will regularize periods. However if you have other complications it is better to consult a good ayurveda physician near you.

        You can email me at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com

  3. Hello
    I m suffering from Endomeriosis & ovary cyst, I m taking ayurvedic treatment for the past 3 months & the pain has reduced considerably, thanks to my doctor. but for the past one week i m getting pain in the night which is very severe, I m taking the following medicines: Saptasaram kwatham, mahatiktam kwatham & Mahadhanvantram Gulika, kindly advice


    • Hello

      the pain is mostly associated with cyst. Medicines of Ayurveda generally promote good ovulation and bring about norma, healthy cycles. However during each ovulation, along with the new follicle, even the cyst get sensitized and if you have a cyst which is big it will pain , till it either burst and drains [in a healthy way] or gets absorbed in due course.

      I suggest you consult your physician on these line sto see if you can get some natural pain killers to tide over the time. As your ovarian function will improve, these things will go off.

      I am not suggesting you any medicines as it may interfere with your on going treatment which is working good for you

      Just apply warm castor oil over the perineum area extending towards the ovary every night. Take a warm calotropis leaf [Rui, Madar, Aak, one which is used for worship of Lord Hanuman] and press it on the ovarian areas. This if done regularly will help

      • hi..
        I’m sufferring from Aherman syndrome since 5 years. i had four hystroscopies and high dosage of estrogen but still my periods are scanty or almost nill.. Please tell me if there is any remedy in ayurveda for Asherman syndrome and how long it should be taken.

      • I want to know a problem that I am undergoing through. I had miscarriage around 2 yrs back. Doctors did D&C. Post this I noticed that my periods were not very normal decoloring from red to dark rust to brown and now almost black discharge and slowly getting scantier. This time it was not even small patches of dark brown stuff which happened till 3 days though but very very scanty. We are trying since 2 yrs for a baby but no results. Can some tell me about this problem? I saw a lot of women with this issue howver dint find any solution. Is this Ashermans syndrome??? Please help to provide any possible solution to this problem. I have undergone several ultrasounds for follicular studies, FSH AMH blood tests, even gone throigh IUIs etc Followed by harmonal injections of FSH, GMH, HCG by fertility specialists. The fertility doctors are not ready to listen to the real problem. They want cases for IUI amd IVF to make money. This is personal feeling. I believe that we ourselves know our bodies the best way. The changez that happened post D&C were explained but none of the docs have been able to concretely say how to resolve the scanty brown periods. All say ignore that and take these pills or injection. Btw my periods are regular 29 days just that I need to have normal period flow to be able to carry the child. On surfing I came to know about Ashermans asyndrome and symptoms are very similar.A reference or solution will really help.

      • Ashermans is basically adhesions developed in uterus due to inflammation, mostly caused by D&C. In D&C the basal layer must not be scrapped, but since being a blind procedures many times it gets scrapped[depending on skill factor]. The basal layer develops fat tissue most cases but in few develops adhesions so strong that it leads to secondary Ammenorrohea or very scanty bleeding. Only a hysteroscope can determine if you have Ashermans. Depending on adhesions and scars developed it is further graded. I myself have found Ashermans related to women who undergo D&C and use IUD like copper T which pushes the inflamation to a brink. Also many women have an prior history of uveitis. Understand ultrasound is not at all diagnostic of Ashermans , so if you want proper diagnosis visit a better gynaecologist. Also in Ashermans all your hormones will show normal values. Asherman reduces implantation sites and hence can cause problems in conceiving.

        Now whats done is done, First relax, nothing is impossible only you must have the right determination and approach. We need to
        1>fortify and reset your overworked hormonal cycle so that it produces good ovulation
        2>To enable and fortify the uterus to respond to signals in natural and favorable way
        3>To ascertain a good fertility when 1 and 2 are acheived

        This can be achieved if one is ready to put in hard work and follow a good strong diet and lifestyle with a goal of conception WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT TIME. If you keep the positive attitude, just work hard you will conceive.

        This can be done by ayurveda but would require supervision under good doctor. It is better to go and meet 3-5 physcians personally understand their approach and then select one you are confortable with it and follow it whole heartedly. I have in my clinical practise seen 2-3 cases like yours conceive very well so there is hope but again it was not due to my treatment but the patients willingness and undying hope

        I do not know where you are located, but if you can pass on your location, I can suggest some doctors around. Though I do not know them personally but atleast its no harm visiting and trying a natural approach. Also consider all issues before taking hormones or pills. Its not about money but with each failure you are pushing your body to that much back limits.

        I hope this helps

  4. Dear Dr,

    I am 33 years old and am suffering from Adenomyosis, Dysfuntional Uterine Bleeding and Endometriosis for the past 11 years. Have been into lot of hormonal treatments, 3 D&Cs to stop my DUB and also a laproscopic surgery to remove chocolate cysts and adhesions.

    Now I am really fed up and gave up all allopathy medications(as they do not work for me). Kindly suggest me a system and some medicines by which I will benefit. Currently I am bleeding for 10-15 days, very heavy with clots. Only after taking Anantmool root preparation as indicated by you, my bleeding stopped this month.

    Kindly advice me.


    • Hello

      Adenomyosis requires bit deiffernt handling than endometriosis as along with hormonal changes there is physical trauma. Again doing so many D&C increases adhesions leading to uncontrolled bleeding. A strict diet is required along with this

      It is good that you found some relief with anantmul and you can continue that with salt restricted diet

      I will recommend you a simple remedy which you can try for few weeks along with anantmul and other remedies i mentioned here

      Please get Apple Cider vinegar [with mother] , do not gte refined and Black Strap molasses [unsulphured] If you cannot get both, atleast try and get BSM

      Now add 2 tsp of ACV + 1tsp of BSM and dilute with almost 300ml water. take it once morning empty stomach and at bedtime. after this in morning take anatmul
      have carrot juice for breakfast along with fruits like muskmelon etc
      for lunch have roti subzi with minimal or no salt. avoid rice white sugar, bakery products etc
      have dinner before sunset
      have rice water [kanji] at 8 pm
      sleep by 10pm get up by sunrise

      do this for 3 periods and inform

      if you have any doubts mail me at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com

  5. HI i m 32 yr old,i have infertility problem because of moderate endometriosis. my one fallopian tube is blocked. my periods are regular but with severe pain. my one ivf cycle has failed last month. should i go for next ivf. what ayurvedic preparation i can do before next ivf, which may cure endometriosis and enhance the chance for success of ivf.

    • Hello

      IVF cycles have success rate of 15-20 percent. Now out of this 90 percent success attributes to those where the sperm is questionable. In my experience women with endometriosis or other problems go through high failure rates, the reason being one that having a baby is of 2 steps
      2>Carrying full term

      The human body is very meticulous and if it feels it cannot sustain a baby it will not allow fertilization. Miscarriages also forma part of natures way to eradicate weak offsprings . This holistic approach helps one understand the mystics of infertility. With each failed IVF you increase your risk of not getting full term baby and the amounts of hormones you are exposed to if it is not a success may cause long term problems

      IVF must be used as a last option when all other conventional and alternate methods have failed. Even to have a successful IVF you must have a good uterine health and hence Ayurveda can help you a long way with this and also having normal pregnancy. Procedures like Uttarbasti have helped clear fallopian tube blockages and create healthy conception. Of course your endometriosis must be covered with good diet and medication to ensure overall health. My advise would be to visit an ayurveda physcian near you and understand the protocols , get yourself treated and once healthy you can then exercise your option. Do not rush into IVF, keep that option open as a last resort. Once damage is done than it will be difficult and also prolonged to get results by any other means too.

  6. I am 35-year old woman living in Goa, India. I had 2 endometriotic (chocolate) cysts, which was diagnosed during my 1st pregnancy in 2008. I had 2 back to back pregnancies, i.e. 2008 and 2009. Thereafter 1 cyst disappeared, but I still have one large cyst (9cm) on my right ovary. However, I am ASYMPTOMATIC. I get no pain during periods, during menses, nothing. But my menses flow is much lesser than before and there is pain during sex. However, otherwise, there is no problem. I do not want to have surgery since I had both deliveries by C-section.
    But I want to have regular menses, so I went to an ayurvedic doctor in Goa. He prescribed me Kanchanara Guggulu tablets along with durlabharishtam and punarnavasavam and Saptasaram Kashayam. Please tell me if these will be effective in getting rid of my cyst completely. I want to be normal. Thank you very much.

    • Hello

      Every physcian has his own way of diagnosing and implementing medicines in Ayurveda. It is not like allopathy where there are structured medicines for each disorder. Medicines are selected as per your personal evaluation by the healer, your afflictions and balancing with herbs. Hence I propose you have trust and faith and follow uo with all diet and regulations he suggests. Cyst are hard to dissolve and may take time over a period as hormones stabilize and cyst may dissolve. However having operated earlier it makes ovaries that much more difficult to respond.

      Your aim must eb to get good periods, without any ill effects of PCOS and lead a quality of life. Even if cyst persist and they do not cause any trouble no need to loose sleep over them to be dissolved just for personal satisfaction. Its same with fibroids where many unnecessary go surgical intervention when there are no symptoms

      Best Regards

      • Thank you very much for your reply. In your experience, have you heard of endometriotic cysts or fibroids turning cancerous? Along with poor flow during menses, that is my other worry.

      • Hello

        Well very rarely if the person suffering has not taken remedial measures in haste. Generally women who have ben exposed to lots of oral contraceptives for unnecessary reasons or have undergone hormonal therapies are more exposed to it. In women who have been diagnosed with cyst and fibroids which are asymptomatic or with minimal and have managed it with good diet and lifestyle never develop it as from my clinical experience. Certain risk factors of familial history, unnecessary use of vaccines, too much diet food, cereals loaded with high fructose and vitamins , use of contraceptions, low sex life, use of pain killers, mood elevators, stress relievers , doing heavy work during menses all this contribute to the eitology.
        If the modern women is aware of the hormonal changes in her cycle, her demand supply mechanism than the chances are very minute
        this however only pertains to observations as per my clinical experience, experts may differ

  7. Thank you for this information. I have lived with stage 4 endometriosis for over 20 years and not westernized doctor could summarize what food is bad for me. After a lifetime of managing this disease and much self experiment I completely agree with your information.

  8. Hello, endometriosis and severe addhessions can cause much constipations and mood swings..for a quick home remedy, boil fenugreek seeds and drink it 2 times a day. Taking it before menses reduces the pain and mood swings, during menses reduces even heavy bleeding and after menses relaxes the mind and reduce fatigue. However, taking it for the first time or after so lkng may cause tiredness for some when the detoxification takes place.

  9. dear madam, i got endometriosis and chocolate cyst 1. only 1 ovary left due to eptopic pregnancy. did laparoscopy but gyne don’t remove chocolate cyst. Did 4 round iui and i ivf. But due to low ovarian reserve got only 2 follicules and 1 egg and ivf failed. but now for 2 months i’m taking kanchnar guggul(baba ramdev), shivlingi and putrajeevak. i want to have a baby, i’m 28 yrs old. please help and got lot of back ache.

    • Hello

      It is simple to understand that you need to have good quality eggs to conceive. Now why are these eggs not forming is due to hormonal fluctuations your body is going through. Apart from this you have already exhausted its pool by trying to initate through ivf and though I am not against IVF, i think it must be exercised only as a last option.
      You need not worry. With proper diet and medicine you would be able to conceive but it may require hard work and dedication. My advice would be not to self medicate but consult an Ayurveda physician who may help you set goals. Your treatment requires medicines to
      1>Fortify eggs and create them
      2>Strengthen the endometrium
      3>Ensure good hormonal flow for optimum conception

      You can email me your location so I can suggest you some Ayurveda physicians you can visit and take a decision. In the meanwhile you can also read my article on infertility to get some insights


      • but i’m from mauritius rare here to find some1 good in ayurved med. That’s why i using net. thanks a lot madam u doing a great job.

  10. Thanks for the valuable information you have shared with us, I am now 30 yrs old and suffering from endometrisis. I am married 10 yr, we don’t have children. Doctors found endometrisis by diagnostic laproscopy done 1 month back, and asked me to go for operative laprohestroscopy to remove endometrisis. They have priscribed me lupradex 3.75, 3 injections, every after 21 days, to stop the endometrisis and after that only, they will operate me.
    Pl suggest me, should I go for this operation, doctors said, I have more chances of conceving after doing this laprohestroscopy.
    Pl advise.

    • Leuprorelin is an GnH agonist, which means it suppress the action of hormones like fsh and lh, reducing sex hormones dependent pathologies like breast cancers etc. It works on estrogen pathways and hence considered effective for endometriosis. However its use more than 6 months must eb considered as it causes bone demineralization and early osteoporosis. It is sometimes used in adjuvant to IVF as it is considered to make available good quality of mature oocytes and also help not miss a cycle of ovulation due to LH abnormalities, but no definite data to prove it

      Now coming to your question of Lapro-Hysteroscopy. Understand the term is a diagnostic tool to simultaneously watch the inside and outside of your uterus. Laproscope can watch the outside like fallopian tubes ovaries and can be used for surgical procedures like ovary drilling etc
      Hysetrescope can watch the inside of uterus and do surgical procedures like endometrial biopsy etc.where an hysterescope is guided through the dilated cervix to watch the inside of the cavity

      If you have read the article you would come to know that endometriosis as per modern diagnostic definition in brief relates to cells of endometrium which shed outside the cavity of uetrus or places they are not supposed to and cause bleeding and other disorders. These may cause adhesions etc preventing fertility. These cells are hence checked for malignancy and other factors through above procedures and treatments advised. There is another procedure also known as endometrial ablation where the lining is burnt and rendered inactive but causes permanent infertility

      Well its difficult to asses and tell you whether it will work or not as you are asking questions on two complete opposite grounds. The aim of this article and ayurveda is to have corrective function on your hormonal and uterine complex where the root cause is attacked leading to natural pregnancy

      On the other hand procedures you have gone through are like managing each symptom with a logical application on superficial grounds, by influencing hormones , and if thats not working having a surgical option to create an environment for fertility. After the operation you may have to go through ART for fertility as we cannot calculate how the prolonged effects of the procedure would be. Secondly its not also clear if the doctors are performing it as a diagnostic aid or with an intention to scrap the rogue endometrial patches and then again control it with hormones

      Fertilty and endometriosis are 2 different issues though related. If you were getting treated only for endimetriosis not wanting conception, the doctors would have advised you ablation or many times removal of uetrus. Also remember fertility just does not emma implantation but the child too needs to grow functionally without any ill effects

      My opinion would be that, if you want to try natural methods like Ayurveda you do that before any surgical procedures as many times such procedures may cause irreversible damage from pathological point of view. In my practice I see many patients come as a last resort where everything has been done. Also do not do invasive procedures unless required.

      No kathy is bad, its just the way how different sectors approach things, but ultimately its our body and our choice.

      Hope this helps

  11. Hello, I am 36 years old, married for 10 years with no kids. I always have periods with severe cramps which start 3-4 days before the start, i get constipation at that period also. these problems are increasing day by day. I had undergone so many tests and treatment but without any avail. last week i had laparoscopy, findings are as
    endometriosis, adenomyosis (retroverted) uterus, normal ovaries, B/L cornual blockage some intra uterine red patches also seen
    doctor advised me for ivf
    I’m very worried about all these. do i have any chance to have a pain free life? Kindly advise me.

  12. I am 31 years and had my endometrosis removed surgically two years ago, yesterday I was told that it has since returned. please advise what ayurvedic remedies can help as I do not wish to have this surgically removed again. my pain concerns is the lower back pain and pelvic pain during menstruation

    • If you have read the article you would come to know that endometriosis as per modern diagnostic definition in brief relates to cells of endometrium which shed outside the cavity of uetrus or places they are not supposed to and cause bleeding and other disorders. These may cause adhesions etc preventing fertility. These cells are hence checked for malignancy and other factors through above procedures and treatments advised. There is another procedure also known as endometrial ablation where the lining is burnt and rendered inactive but causes permanent infertility

      The idea here is to normalize your hormone secretion and more important THEIR RESPONSE to surrounding activities, whether sex, stress, emotions etc. Doing this over sustained period of time in a strict manner will definitely help. Since you have previously done surgery certain scars remain rendering few spots inactive. Your uterus is like a constant bundle of energy giving and receiving instructions and reacting and responding. This requires proper control with diet and medicines

      What protocol I have given in my article will help if done religiously along with the meds. However if you want individualized control, it would be better to seek an Ayurved doctor near you and avail his/her guidance. If you can mail em where you are located maybe I can suggest some

      Hope this helps

  13. I am 27 years old women married since 5 years. My periods are always irregular starting from my maturity. I tried all means of medicines, allopathy,ayurveda and homeopathy too when i was diagnosied with PCOD with no good results. I went through 3 unsuccessful IUIs also.Me and my hubby are tryin for a baby since 2 years. I am diagonised with endometriosis since 1 year where I have a 3cm cyst on my right ovary. We are desparately wanting for a baby. Can I have a baby with this health condition?
    Now one of my doctor has suggested me “Siddha medicine”. What do you say about Siddha medicine? Can Siddha medicine cure the PCOD and endometriosis I have and allow me to have a child?? Please suggest..

    • Hello

      You have to understand that for a baby 3 things are of utmost importance
      1>good egg and sperm
      2>good implantation sites [uterus]
      3>good nourishment with proper activation deactivation of hormones

      Now in PCOD and endometrosis first 2 things are compromised. We bypass that by doing ART techniques like IVF, IUI etc but still after embryo transfer etc the third part though we try to control cannot always be mimicked. Hence one needs to sit down and think deep about first getting all this three things straight and only than baby will complete full term. remember only conception must not be your goal but full term healthy baby

      I cannot comment about any pathy, but yes, if you know what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve than it will be easy for you to first choose a pathy and than a subsequent physicians who works out goals with you. Remember these disorders cannot be cured as theer is no definition of cure. However with Ayurved, Siddha you can get back to the level of confort where body can reproduce and complete full term in normal method. I have seen hopeless cases get cured with grit and determination and foresight. DO NOT CHASE CURES. Only spending money wont help, These disorders require sacrifice and strict follow of protocol. if you think you can put your head down understand and follow, you will be successful
      Siddha is a good kathy, its a sub derivation of Ayurved but has its own unique formulations. My advice would be to read this blog about Endometriosis, PCOS and Infertility 2-3 times and first LOGICALLY understand where you stand. Secondly do not try and PANIC and get this thing sorted quickly. Bearing a baby has many intricacies so better late than never. Give your body complete chance to conceive healthy and naturally.
      Once your mind frame is clear than select a pathy of your choice, a physician and follow with trust and dedication. Before selecting talk and interact with as many as you can. Understand their approach, their method and with whom you feel comfortable only there go ahead.
      References are good, but use your logic, bit of your heart, gut feeling, be ready to take some risks, be patient, have faith and you will conceive.

      Hope this helps

  14. My wife name is Manjula. She was initially suffering from PCOD. We hade halopathy treatment but was not successful. Did Laproscopy 7 months before and doctor told us to go for IVF as she is having the endometriosis in Stage-1. We instead of IVF we for IUI for the first cycle after Laproscopy and again was not successful.
    We stopped the treatment after that. But Recently we found during follicle study that endometric cyst is forming around the ovary and is of 5mm. Please let us know is it a big problem, and how long it will take for the cure and to get pregnency,

    • Hello

      Having a baby is not just restricted to conception. Conception is just one part. the baby has to grow full term and be healthy. Through measures like IVf even if conception can be ensured, having it sustain becomes a problem if the female reproductive apparatus has hormonal anomalies and hence success rates with IVF are miss and hit. I would recommend you to get the root issue addressed , ensure proper ovulation and proper endometrial health and only then go for conception. Ayurved can help a long way if you can contact the right physician with the right approach and dedication. Please read the article on Infertility on this blog to know more

      To answer your second question, cyst is nothing but an undeveloped follicle. Your wife can completely ovulate and conceive normally even if an past cyst is present. Yes certain discomforts might be there, but in my practice I have seen women conceive and even go full term with a present cyst, though treatments were of Ayurved. Hence I cannot comment how much it would be an hindrance in modern way of treatments though logically it should not be an issue unless its an hemorrhaghic cyst.

      Third , you must be patient as I have already mentioned body will only conceive if it feels it can sustain pregnancy and give the baby a chance to survive. This of course is on natural course. ART treatments can manipulate environments to bring about pregnancy. They have their own benefits and have given babies to many couples, but they have limitations and are only successful in people where there are not too many factors gone haywire. Asses your options carefully before abusing your wife’s body to too many treatments and you a reach a point where nothing can be salvaged. Wait, research well, exercise and consider all your options. Its better late than sorry

      Hope this helps

      • Thanks for your great advise.
        1) I would be glad to for Ayurvedic treatments. I was trying to find through internet the Ayurveda Gynecology doctors in Mumbai. There are some Ayurveda Doctors but not specialized in Gynac. Please provide me the names of doctors in the area of Mumbai (Central mumbai preferably, as i stay in Kalyan)
        2) You mean through Ayurveda, the problems can be cured from the root cause but needs to have some time.
        3) Is my wife can concieve even if she has endometriosis cyst, will not cause any problem if she is pregnant, Please I would be glad if u can clarify.
        4) Any medicines you will recomend for endometriosis cyst, and PCOD.
        5) Any food habits for improvement,
        6) Any Yoga excercise you will recomend,


      • Hello

        1) Understand you do not require an Ayurved gynaec , any competent ayurved doctor can treat any disorders, It is not like allopathy. Yes certain doctors do specialize in gynaecology but no need wasting time. In Ayurved the protocol and approach matters. I have already given you fair insights through my blog and mail about what you need to achieve. Just speak with 4-5 physcians understand their approach and move ahead wherever you feel comfortable

        2)Remember no disorder is cured, we only enter a stage of remission, This is because disorders are created by the body as opposed to diseases which are caused by external vectors like typhoid, malaria and can be cured on mass scale. Disorders happen in response to stimulus , lifestyle putting pressure on our resources. You can only correct the stage and give strength to the organs Yes the stage of remission looks like cure but one needs to eb aware and keep on practicing good diet and lifestyle for good quality of life

        3>Probably she might experience intermittent pain. Mostly cyst become dysfunctional in pregnancy as ovulation is suppressed. Cyst are formed when the process of ovulation is left incomplete so, yes cyst wont cause problems as they are not stimulated. Infact I have observed many cyst disappear on their own during pregnancy. It also depends on how hard the cyst is, but in most cases apart from some intermittent pain there is no big problem and symptoms can be easily managed by your gynaec

        4>Again as said there are no pin point medicines as medicines do not hve any intelligence. Yes there are many advertised products on the market but as I have already put forth, each disorder is individualistic so one needs to exercise caution. I fell you must approach the disorder in a more logical way, completely balance the reproductive system, promote good ovulation and conceive. Once after you get a baby and the cyst still persist procedure can be done to get rid of it if it is a problem. If the cyst is not casing problem let it be, do not bother. It is not going to cause any harm. Yes many times markers like CA125 increase and you may get scared with ovarian cancer or something but no need to worry, CA125 is raised in many occasions and most time insignificant

        5-6>Food habits / Yoga and lifestyle are on same line mentioned in my blog. For more customized ones its always better to do it under supervision as each individual is different.

        I will email you few doctors in area of your choice. However remember they are just recommendations, so visit at-least 5-6 doctors understand their approach and only go ahead with one you feel comfortable as this process could take time

        Hope this helps

  15. sir,I am 29 yr old, my one fallopian tube is removed for ruptured ectopic pregnancy.And the another one had two times ectopic ,one Laproscopy and one open surgery.MY doctor said that go for IV F treatment or an Ayurvedic treatments for regenerate the dead hair like tissues .So please give me a suitable instruction

    • Hello

      If your fallopian tube is patent , i think it is better first you do ayurveda remedy. Find a good physician near you. there are procedures like Uttar vasti which can lend immense strength to reproductive system. With proper diet and medicine within 3-6 months the body can eb ready for conception. Once that occurs there are other medicines during pregnancy that can ensure full term healthy pregnancy

      As far as IVF is concerned, keep it only as the last option when everything else yo have tried is not working. Please read through the INFERTILITY ARTICLE, on this bog to know more. IVF is first of all expensive, secondly it also has its own failure rates and you have limited chances

      On second note if you do ayurveda treatments and get the reproductive system right and than gobfor IVF your success rate also increases. In many women whom i treat whose age is on higher side with very less ovarian reserves, I advise them to first take ayurved treatment for 3-4 cycles and than go for IVF. In such cases I have seen complete success at-least in my practise.

      Whatever you do, please take multiple opinions, understand the process and move ahead as certain procedures can be expensive and you want to spend your resources in the right direction. Do not keep on trying each and everything that comes your way. I have seen many women abuse their bodies with multiple treatments reaching a point of no return. Just think understand and move ahead with whatever appeals to your conscience and long term gain.

      Hope this helps

  16. hello,
    i am 25, and 6 months back i went for an USG and found that i have got 7.2*5.2*5.5 cms,volume 120 ml endometriotic cyst in the left ovary,and 4 on my right ovary probably chocolate cyst. I was going through ayurvedic medicines which includes kanchanar guggul,rajah pravartini bati,kankayan bati,gulmakalnal ras,roudra ras along with some uterine tonics along with moderate yoga……with the help of this medicines most of my problems are getting resolved but my recent scan after 6 months has shown the same results the cyst have nither increased nor decreased………….i am in bangalore now so can you please suggest me some more ayurvedic doctors or some better medicines suiting my needs where i can find ways to diffuse the cyst completly if possible………..

    • Hello

      If your symptoms are disappearing, you are getting regular periods, other issues with weight etc are dissolving than do not worry about the cyst. Understand cyst are formed each cycle. There might be an old cyst with hardened follicle which may not budge but may not cause any problem. I would rather do a follicular study and see whether you are ovulating. If you are than just stay put for an year with improving symptoms. If all goes well and no new cyst forms but old one is still there but not causing any problems, let it be. If and when you conceive the problems get reversed. Likewise if your problem is solved you can always get that particular cyst siphoned of by laproscopy after pregnancy if t is causing a problem. There are no pin point meds that can dissolve cyst. Yes certain meds do but cyst differ. Hemorrhagic cyst dissolve quick. Leutinized hardened cyst may not dissolve, so do endometrial or they may if they are young. there is no definite plan. hence focus on good quality rather than pathological brilliance.
      In case you are not getting any relief than you can think of getting a different opinion, so mail me if thats the case, I will provide references

      • thanks for ur valuable information as well as time……yes most of the symptoms are disappearing i get regular periods on the same date itself every month from since 4 months,i even had excessive skin disorders like acne,papules…my weight getting reduced..all problems are mostly getting resolved…..now i am really very confused whether to go through more advanced level of ayurvedic treatment anywhere possible on this earth or just stick to this present list of meds i forwarded you………i want to get free from this problem completly like out of 10 people i speak to 9 people are having problems with cyst but they prefer hiding it and silently going through laproscopy if not 1’s then 5 to 6 times……..i dont want to get through that procedure at all i have studied and gone through all possible circumstances so kindly suggest me the best solution which is possible it is the peak time of my career and i cannot just sit and wait it gives stress and slows me down……m now even ready to reach the Himalayas……So please kindly suggest whatever is best possible from ur side……and also some references…..thank you.

      • Hello

        You have not mentioned if you are taking these medicines on your own or under supervision. Understand that these disorders cannot be CURED but can be maintained to a point they seem as if cure, so do not look like one stop ayurveda remedy for the problem. Understand what you want to achieve from the ayurveda treatment.
        YOu have to create a state of perfect ovulation and maintain it with proper diet and medicines hopefully till you conceive. once you conceive and go through full term most times these problems reverse, however some discretion is required
        You have the right approach so half work done. Rest find a good physician and get treatment for long term gains. I have already informed you what you need to achieve. How you achieve it is a separate question and your choice. You can mail me your location so I can pass you references
        Till than you are good with your meds continue them and take a supervised solution for long term management

  17. i am 47 years my uterus is bulky measures 142*78*59mm endomaterial thickness is 13.8 mm myometrial echotexture is heterogenous rt.ovarian cyst with septae measures 49*40 mm. tubular cystic mass measuring 32*14mm in left adnexal region . i treated by an ayurveda physycian since last one year .Gynec suggest me to remove uterus what can I do ?Any option or treatment in ayurveda for me ?please reply immediately.

    • Hello

      You are 47 years nearing menopause. If by ayurved medicines your periods are getting regular but slowly dimishing as sign of menopause, I would suggest you let be as removing uterus may cause hormonal changes to bone structures. If you are not finding relief than consult 4-5 ayurved physicians and understand their approach. Surgery should be your last options. Of course you need to evaluate few other things in terms of blood reports etc but only a expert can help you. Please also try the Pancha Karma option by visiting an competent doctor.

      Hope this helps

  18. Thank you very much .My English is not very good. I do not want to have any surgery cause of 2 cizerian delievery &1time D&C. currently i am bleeding 10 to 15 days heavy with clots. my himoglobin is 8 .If i not remove my uterus any serious problem? I heared “ashoka compound ‘” helpful to shrink uterus. Please suggest me any remedies or diat for help my menopause period.

    • Hello

      You can try the remedies mentioned in the blog article of Endometriosis or PCOS to stop bleeding. But consult an ayurved physician soon. If you do not find relief and constantly bleed than you may have no other option but to remove. Instead of trying OTC drugs lie ashoka compound visit a good physician. Till than you can use the remedies mentioned
      Boil rind of pomegranate [pomegranate fruit cover] 1 piece in 150ml of water and reduce to 50ml. Filter and drink. Along with this take Pradarantak lauh tablets 2 and Bolbadh ras 1 2 times a day. Leave salt completely for few days, go on cow’s milk and wheat roti and drink rice water [without salt]. If this helps control your bleeding visit an physician immediately. Do not keep on medicating. this is just an symptomatic medicine. One must not continue for long without supervision.

  19. Thank You for your kind information.I will try my best to apply your suggestions.but if i do not remove my uterus,it causes any serious problem?

    • Understand if you do not stop bleeding and your Hb falls low you may have to either take blood transfusion or remove your uterus. So keep checking blood values and see they are at-least 7-8 if you are taking remedy of Ayurved as medicines can take time to act. Once they act monitor each cycle and hopefully all would be right. But please consult a specialist soon. Do not keep hanging or continuos bleeding without monitoring could be serious.

  20. hello im zee 26 yrs my prob is this i get period twice a month 1 week gap only dr checked everything likr thyroid did ultrasound all came normal i have son 4 yrs old she said sudden weight loss or weight gain can make harmonal imbalance she said my weight iz up if i reduced it vl be regular then past for months weight reduce i did so period comes only once in month past 4 monthd for 1 month i took contraceptive also nw i m nt taking weight iz reduced bt suddenly this month after ovulution agaain i started bleeding bt as much rupee size daily my last cycles were 1 june 2013 4 july 2013 6 th aug 2oi3 nw on 28 th aug brownish discharge then started bleeding nt too much nw its 1 sep 2013 bt bleeding is rupee size only i want to conceive thats y she said may be ur period vl start on 7 or 8 on cd 17 u takeduphaston for 10 daysbt bleeding iz there nw so me nd hubby dont do sex then ayurvedic store person in riyadh gave me saptasaram kashayam nd candrabrbha wati tab twice a day mix it warm water nd take it 4 3 months i wamt to aask is it correct do i have to add any other tab or kashayam what foods should i eat can i startduuphaston tab in between pleez help mam here in saudi arabia we dont have gud ayurvedic doc also pleeez hellpppp regars zeee

    • Hello

      First you need to check if you are ovulating, That can only be done by doing follicular study. Contraceptive pill suppres ovulation so if you take than you cannot conceive. Also remember do not be worried or obsessed with number on your weighing scale. remember in a womens body, weight gain or loss is irrespective of what food you eat and what exercises you do. It is very much influenced by hormones whose sole emphasis is to create fertile eggs. Life has goth nothing to do with your emotional and financial problems. It sustains itself at any cost. So if it requires certain funds to create eggs it will procure it at any cost. With rising age, lifestyles, unnatural sleep and eat timings, the bodys hormones go in a toss . They deplete bone mass, convert food to fats and cause these problems.Your aim must be to loose INCHES and not weight. The number will come down on itlsef as the hormones stabilize.
      Secondly conception and PCOS are 2 different thing though not mutually exclusive. hence working towards good ovulation will help in both. But you must look at the bigger picture and move ahead
      If you have been given the ayurved meds by a doctor and you are under his supervision than continue so. You can a;ways check by seeing if ovulation is happening. If it is it does not matter even if you get 7 cycles a year
      Once your ovulation starts you will conceive

      however stay away from hormone tablets as both the medicines will contradict. Do not panic with cosmetic issues, just focus on healthy conception

      Hope this helps

  21. Hve done 4 IVF/ ICSI and 2 IUIs without any success as my husband’s sperm count was low. After taking some supplements it has been improving off and on for him. After 2nd IVF and an IUI I had cystectcomy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Went for another IVF/ICSI after this and had a missed pregnancy that conitnued for 4 weeks after which had to go for DTC. My husband’s sperm count is now much improved but I hv been getting ovarian cysts on and off. Doctors hv advised to go for IUI with some minimal drugs for 2 attempts and if not successful go for IVF again. I am reluctant for anything as I do not feel confident for anything. PIn between I hv taken some Ayurvedic treatment, some Yunanai treatment as well but everytime my symptoms get worse with tpain and bloating in lower abdomen and mood swings. Please adivce something that could help me conceive naturally. I lam currently living in Malaysia sbut am willing to come down to India if required. Thanks

    • Hello

      Please understand cyst and fertility are 2 different issues. So do not get the idea that you will conceive only when cyst develop. In my practice I have seen women conceive healthy with cyst. Your issue is good egg production and favorable uterine conditions. Also remember only conception must not be the goal but full term healthy pregnancy. I have seen women conceive sometimes with CLOMID and similar but go through miscarriages. Remember only when your body is ready to complete the pregnancy will it conceive. With you since eggs are not forming, Drugs likeCLOMID is given to induce eggs and if they are growing but not breaking you are given drugs MENOGON to induce the ovulation. Now your given further therapy to induce sperm at the time to increase fertilization. If this does not work, you are suggested IVF and other ART. I always tell women to relax and do not be obsessed because this will only waste your resources. I have an article on Infertility please go through it


      Understand in ART the sperm is just a resource. as long as your husband is having sperms, through techs like sperm washing from even 1/2 million good sperms can be procured and ICSI be done. Hence if you are not conceiving or going through miscarriages understand your hormonal system is not letting you conceive. By repeatedly doing all this procedures you are pushing your ovaries into premature failure.

      Also do not do unani, ayurved side by side. Please understand how things work and what you need to achieve, Medicine does not have intelligence. By doing all this cocktail your making your chances low and it also puts other pathies in bad repute as you do not approach specialized doctors

      Just relax and consult a good physician near you of Ayurved as this could be long term treatment. If you mail me your choice of location in India I can help. Sorry In malaysia the resources may not be available

      • Thank you for your reply. I would like to see you personally in India if possible. I am from Bhopal (M.P.) but can travel where you would suggest. I have spend 9 years on allopathic treatment and nothing has worked. You hv explained the reason well and me and my husband are also of the opinion that I need to get good quality eggs and healthy uterine conditions before deciding on any further treatment. With every procedure I had good number of eggs but probably not good quality. For this I would like to take complete treatmentt from you if possible. IThank you.

  22. i am kalyani, my age is 36. I have a severe pain for both pelvis before menses period (10 days before from menses). bleeding is not usual for me. first day only is the bleeding normally. 2nd and 3rd day is no bleeding. which medicine i have take solve this problem. guide me

    • Hello

      In my article on PCOS I have given a PROTOCOL TO BE FOLLOWED DURING MENSES. Please do that. Also understand pain in pelvis indicates ovarian stress, so please have fixed sleep and eat timings, and also avoid things mentioned in the article.

      You can boil 5gms black sesame seeds in 150ml water reduce to 50ml filter add little jaggery and take 2 times a day, empty stomach for 2-3 menses. This will help

      Of found beneficial, consult a good ayurved physcian near you for supervised and individual solutions

  23. I have asherman’s syndrome or uterine synechiae, please help me with some remedy for the same. Please advice if the herbs advised by you above would also help improve fertility…thanks a lot….your article is very informative

    • Ashermans syndrome is an structural extension of functional disorders. It is actually graded with respect to presence of polyps etc . This being a bit complicated requires supervised treatment. If you have not done surgical procedures like hysteroscopy or D&C or used contraceptives like copper t etc the prognosis with ayurved is quick and good.
      However this things can be evaluated by personal consultation. Yes you can very well follow the diet mentioned in the article and the remedy of your choice but as said, these disorders are complicated
      the aim of the article is to create awareness. Get an expert opinion to evaluate long term treatment
      If you mail me your location I can suggest few references

  24. I am 32 years and have been diagnosed with endometriosis, had a laproscopy to remove chocolate cyst 2 months back, now another cyst of 2cm is back , and have low amh level as well. Can I know a good ayurvedic center in Bangalore which would effectively treat my problem plz?

  25. Dear Madam,

    I have been diagnosed with possible stage 4 endo and my tubes are open but abnormal in the end.. I am obese too. I am 31 now and we have been married for a year. In the past I followed Naturopathy treatment and lost close to 10 Kg, and eventually lost 10 more kg.. but its been a year and half of no or rare exercise and I have this painful period continuously for the past 2 months.. minimum dark discharge etc.. The doctors in the US are saying that we need to do a laproscopy, remove the endometriomas, pull out the polyps if any thru an intra uterine procedure and check the tubes and if they are bad, he would remove them.. we r yet to have children and I want a perma cure.. As much as I hate pain killers, I am virtually living on them.. I have consulted an ayurvedic doctor from Chennai and he has said that this can be cured.. I have started by leaving coffee, but please can u also suggest a complete personalised food plan because I have low haemoglobin (10.3), low vit D and border line high TSH.. Thus, I am on medication for all three…

    • Hello

      If you have read the article you would come to know that endometriosis as per modern diagnostic definition in brief relates to cells of endometrium which shed outside the cavity of uetrus or places they are not supposed to and cause bleeding and other disorders. These may cause adhesions etc preventing fertility. These cells are hence checked for malignancy and other factors and similar procedures and treatments advised. There is another procedure also known as endometrial ablation where the lining is burnt and rendered inactive but causes permanent infertility

      Fertilty and endometriosis are 2 different issues though related. If you were getting treated only for endimetriosis not wanting conception, the doctors would have advised you ablation or many times removal of uetrus. Also remember fertility just does not mean implantation but the child too needs to grow functionally without any ill effects

      My opinion would be that, if you want to try natural methods like Ayurveda you do that before any surgical procedures as many times such procedures may cause irreversible damage from pathological point of view. In my practice I see many patients come as a last resort where everything has been done. Also do not do invasive procedures unless required.

      No pathy is bad, its just the way how different sectors approach things, but ultimately its our body and our choice. Talk to your physician in chennai on what lines you are being treated. Understand and research your ailment throughly before you do any procedure. Remember hormonal disorders just do not imply weight gain etc but work on deep levels. So pick your target. You want conception than just be focussed. Once you account for this things will work out.

      Hope this helps

      • Dear Doctor,

        Thanks a lot for this. I want to try natural healing and eventually get pregnant. My TSH is boder line high.. I need to also increase my haemoglobin count which is now 10.6.

        I had PCOS as per my doc from the past. But the doctors in the US are saying it is possible stage 4 Endometriosis. I want to permanently get healed from Endo, feel better and try natural conception. I also have Hydrosalphinx (with open tubes). One family friend(Gynaec) suggested that I keep turmeric powder under my tongue every day so that the inflammation will reduce.

        I am unable to get my medicines till now from India (Ayurvedic). Please suggest me home remedies.

        The Ayurvedic doctor in Chennai also suggested that I take Ashoka Rishta, carrot juice, figs, dates daily.. I have completely eliminated coffee.. what about tea?

        I am making a herbal tea with Some Thrikatu Thrihala, turmeric, some milk, jaggery, dry grapes, some fennel seeds and just drink that. or I drink ginger tea (normal tea powder).. I am on veg diet for almost 18 days now.. I am going to be like this for 40 days.. I applied castor oil in my head before hair wash..

        But the US doctors have put me on Birth control pills.. Its been 6 weeks now I am on active pills only.. I have no pain, no periods no pain killers for 10 days now..

        My husband is really concerned and he does not want the endo to afffect me further..

        Please suggest me a better remedies which will completely cure endometriosis..

        Thanks a lot.


      • hello

        first of all there is nothing called as borderline thyroid, either ur gland is function well or not. Also get checked if you have autoimmunity. Read my article on Thyroid
        Hydrosalpinx is often associated with low pregnancy rates. Remember only conception does not mean pregnancy but full term healthy baby is something you should aim for.
        Getting a baby is important, how you get it must not be the question. If it occurs by combining ayurved and modern techs so be it. Yes as a cure for your problems always choose the natural methods, but conception is different
        If you take birth control pills u are suppressing ovulation, so tell me how will you conceive if there is no egg???

        Your possible solution is 2 fold
        1>get your hormonal balance straight
        2>produce good eggs [having pcos does not mean you are not ovulating. stop bc pills for 2 cycles and do a follicular study without hormones to check that]
        3>create and fortify your endometrium for proper implantation and growth

        Now your issues are
        1>Hydrosalpinx , though corrective surgery can help open the tubes it does not guarantee conception. So ayurved meds to encompass above points plus procedure like UTTARBASTI would be beneficial
        2>Endometriosis though a grave disorder is with right grit and approach can be tackled very easily, only some mental resolve and support is required, It may so happen you may bleed for 20-30 days but one must be patient and it will improve. The hb levels do not drop and as long as they are above 8-9 and bp above 60-90 no need to worry. I have seen women bleed for 4 months in varying degrees and conceive with total reversal. The workings of body are really amazing if we do not panic

        So in brief try and get evaluated on above lines. First start ayurved treatment UNDER SUPERVISION to first balance your hormones, create good eggs and probably to work out your Hydrosalpinx through uttarbasti if required. Once you are assured your eggs are proper etc you can then go for IVF if you are short on time which would have a better success rate if these measures are taken

        Always plan , and apply logic. Do not waste time and money in advert and claims. Its our panic and impatience which leads to much chaos. I am not against expensive treatments , but one must first have an idea what you are trying to achieve. Understand your problem and then approach what you deem is best

        Hope this helps

  26. Dear Doctor, im Srilankan 42 years of age. i had a choc cyst and removed it in 3 years back by lap..copy. after removed another one apeared in right overy. i have two kids by cesserion.. in 2002 and 2006. first cyst was appeared in 2009. done surgery. in 2012 i started ayurvedi treatment for the second cyst with a doctor who is popular for ayurvedic in sri lanka .very first my cyst started to reduce very fast like 8cm to 5cm with in 3 months. after then it didnot reduced as fast in that way and found another cyst on my left overy also by altra sound scan.she treats me with both srilanken and indian medicines. Ak,vpk,gst, TLK, Ln kashaya,Ld,Pk, she gives me like in rotating method. and also doing some paste teatments to adbnomel area and vasti . i dont know the correct names of this short formes. i dont have any bad pains or any other bad sufferings. even nearly 1 year i did this treatments.even though redusing also happening only on right overy cyst some times. left overy cyst is growing. before it is 2 cm and now it is 4 cm. i wantted to know are thease treaments too much? if i stopped this treatments will it be faster grow bigger? i believe in ayurvedic and it gives me good results too . is it good to take those medicene long term? when i stopped or skipped medicinne my circle get strart irregular. i dont wont any surgery. please help me to dossolve these faster by food or any other way . thank you!

    • Hello

      First of all understand that cyst come and go on their own when hormones are influenced, so even if by any medicine u dissolve them they will grow back again if you have not treated the root cause of hormone imbalance as egg stimulation occurs every month. Also you have done operative procedures earlier. So please understand what you are trying to achieve.
      If you have normal periods are ovulating properly than cyst may not cause you any problems. They may come and go. Yes you can alter your diet and lifestyle mentioned in this article for few months and see. If cyst remain constant at say 2mm without any apparent changes in symptoms like weight, facial hair acne etc and good health than no need to worry about them. Do check your insulin and testosterone levels every 2 months.
      So my advice would be not to be obsessed with ultrasound. If your hormones stay balanced for 9 months your cyst may shrink and if they go in imbalance even in one month you may develop a cyst as big as 5cm. So you see, try and focus on getting your food habits and timings right and think ahead. Do not only rely on meds.
      I cannot comment on the medicines of your doctor as in ayurved each practitioner has his own way of diagnosis and treatment an d ay be different from what i advise or write and still be correct. The only thing I can advise is to understand through this blog what you need to achieve and check the parameters.
      You can lead a very normal life with cyst and on other hand have all problems even if they are not there yet the hormone pathology is not stabilized
      think about it

  27. thank you madame. i feel you are a god that help us in correct path. i try my best with food. what shall i do to balanced hormone levels.exept food. is pancha karma like ksheerodaara oil massage for head ?
    thank you and long live to you again maam.

    • Hello

      As I have already stated in my post you need to be strict with timings and sleep habits. I am writing few ips which I have generally repeated in my blog. However understand that if you are taking Ayurve medicines from your doctor please follow their advice as too many cooks spoil the broth. If you are not taking any treatment you may follow this

      1>Get up bfr sunrise, sleep atleast 2hrs bfr midnight
      2>Have carrot juice 50ml each day for breakfast along with fruits/ boiled egg or some preparation with very little salt
      3>For lunch prepare food without salt. Mix very little rock salt in water and sprinkle over the food, take only one helping
      4>Have dinner before sunset
      5> Have rice water without salt after susset each day atleast 500ml [1part rice 6parts water cook till til rice is well done, slowly drain water into new vessel without filtering or stirring and use]

      Now avoid the following completely direct or indirect use also [means not to eat food that contains this ]
      1>Chillies, mustard, hing(asafetida)
      2>Pickles, curds, sea food, cauliflower, brinjals, peas, peanuts, chana, choley, tur dal
      3>Bakery products, tea and coffee

      Boil black sesame seeds 5gms in 150ml water reduce to 50ml, filter and drink fresh each morning empty stomach and at 4pm
      During menses leave salt completely for 3 days, go on a diet of papaya and rice water only . just sponge your body do not take head bath. On 4th day take head bath and have food only once with salt and 5th day again start schedule

      During menses have an additional home made decoction /tea of
      Water 100ml, Jaggery 15gms, Ghee 20gms, Ajwain 3gms, Sunth [dried ginger] 3gms, Haldi 1gms. Boil this mixture till it reduces to half, filter and drink once. This will clear the menses
      Leave salt completelet for 3 days of menses[go on papaya rice water diet]

      If menses bleeding does not stop
      Take apple cider vinegar 20ml with 200ml warm water 2 times a day till it stops or use the remedies mentioned in my article

      All this is done properly for 3 cycles will help.

  28. I am 32 yr old . I live in bangalore. TTC since 2 yrs now. 2 IUI failed, had hysterolaproscopy. Right overy polycystic, have been mild endometriosis. uterus is normal.. On ayurvedic medication taking phalasarphis, mahadhanvatarigulika, kalyanagulam since 2 months. am visiting a doctor in shivajinagar.. do i need to change the medication ? am confused.. is IVF my last option / i hear IVF might not be successful with everyone.. Any help will greatly benefit me…am craving for a child since 5 years… Please help me !!!!!

    my periods are normal 31 days cycle, forgot to mention

    • Hello

      First of all , see if you are ovulating. If your periods are normal then do a follicular study without hormones to see the progress of eggs. Many times ovulation can occur but can turn to luetinized cyst. Also wit conception one needs to eb patients especially if you want it naturally
      Understand that only conception is not the issue but full term development of the baby. You do not want conception and then miscarriages. Yes in IVF with cases like yours there is more risk of failures. Plus IVF exposes you to many hormones which may cause irreversible damage to ovaries in case that fails. I always suggest to get system right and then if required approach IVF so chances improve.

      My advice would be to first decide what you want, conception naturally or conception artificially. If you want naturally, i would say relax, research and understand whats going on in your body. If signs are promising than you will conceive, only faith and patience is required.
      be free in mind, do not obsess much, do your protocol right and you will be rewarded. Only check if your treatment is progressing on lines advice. If not discuss with your doctor and take as many opinions as you can and only continue with one who is working on definitive line.

      Ayurved management is individualistic, so one medicine which i may deem unfit other physician may cure you with the same. Its how a physician asses your case. So it would be wrong to ask advice about treatments on net. In-fact you may end you confused and in clutches of material minded people. Trust your doctor, discuss, understand and move ahead., Medicine is no lottery and miracles if any happen only if we work in right direction.

      Hope this helps

  29. I am 30 yr old.i have pcos problem from 4years.i am tring to concevie.last year taken infertility treatment, loke egg maturing injections for 6 months, but not success to conceiv.my husbands reports are normal.NOW we turn to ayurveda..dr. given me kulathadi kashayam, kumari asavsm+ashokarishta, chandraprabha vati from 2 months.But not get periods ..now dr.replaced kulathadi by saptasharam kashayam is it ok for me?.. my hb is also 9.5 .so what will we do?

    • Hello

      Similar questions have been answered through the comments section umpteen times. Please use the search option and go through comments. It will help you. Reposting same information again and again causes accessibility issues. Anyways, understand

      “It does not matter how long periods take as long as they are OVULATORY. Once they come rest assured they will come in a normal way provided you follow the instructions properly. Do not expect to get the periods as per month because it takes time for the ovarian function to restore and hormones to balance
      2) you have to persist the protocol and check if other symptoms are dissapearing
      3) once this occurs you can be assured you are on right track”

      So on the above and your history if you had earlier taken egg stimulating injections, your ovarian reserves deplete. you can do a AMH test to know the status of your reserves. Ayurved will try to rebuild the reserves and create good quality eggs. But this depends on lost of factors . Talk to your physcian, understand his approach, do your research, be patient and move ahead.

      • thank you so much madam for your information.i am already strated to apply protocols,& I will try my best .thank you

      • Dear madam,

        Further to the suggestion provided by you, I wish to share and have more information on below points
        1. AMH : 6.82
        2. Rest all tests including thyroid are normal
        3. HB : Less I.e. 9.6 earlier it was 11.5
        4. Sugar normal both fasting n post diet, except PCOD/OS, all health tests normal I.e.ECG, STRESS ETC
        5. Weight 65kg height 150cm
        6.both ovaries are open
        My last period date was 19th Aug.13. No symptoms symptoms of period& UPT is negative. Feeling fatty. Started Saptasaram after Kulathadi chnaged to it as advised from a week now
        What is this indication? any suggestion to move forward

      • Hello

        You can start the black sesame decoction mentioned in the article [or refer the remedies under pcos article]. Also follow the diet. Once you get menses do a follicular study to see if you are ovulating. As far as AMH is concerned [please also post normal values as per the lab you have tested]. If it is low also get the inhibin B tested and FSH on the 2,3,4 day of menses. A low amh, low inhibin B and high fsh may suggest ovarian failure. Also get your insulin and testosterone levels checked. Even if your TSH is normal get Anti-TPO [thyroid antibody checked]

        Understand weigh gain is a sign of reproductive stress so follow your timings. Also please consult a good ayurved physcian near you and get a long term solution. Only medicines would not help. You can mail me your location, if required I can give you certain references in your area if you have not consulted anyone.

  30. Hi…I had laparoscopy to remove cyst on left ovary in 2010. actively trying for baby.. Had 4 failed iuis and 1 failed ivf . only 1 egg. Currently having cyst on my right ovary and advised of donor egg. Is this our only hope? Currently doing acupubcture and homeo.pls help.
    By the way forgot to mention..I have very low amh now..less than .30..undetectable..

    • Hello

      First understand that only conceiving does not mean you will have a baby. It requires to go full term and without any defects. Since your amh is low it means that previous active stimulation of your ovaries due to ART, have depleted the ovarian reserves beyond repair. Now even if you take donor egg which as per your scenario is the only option and you still conceive , it is very likely that miscarriages may happen. My advice would be
      1>To understand your problem [go through articles on Infertility in this blog and also search for comments on AMH ]
      2>By above you would understand that you need to rebuild your hormonal system and in that process hope that your ovarian reserves increase
      3>Suppose your short on time and cannot wait for the reserves to increase at-least you must undergo natural methods for 6-8 months to strengthen your hormonal system and reproductive stability so that your chances of Embryo transfer succeed.

      Understand with every failed ART, your chances of conception are ni and only option that would be left is surrogacy with a donor egg which itself have their moral implications and if open to it you can consider that

      Acupuncture, homeopathy or ayurved whatever you undertake please first understand your problem in a logical manner as tried to explain in this bog through various articles and comment section, make a decision , chalk out a long term plan,. Discuss with your physician about the goals and only go ahead where you are on common lines. This treatment could be a long process. your chances are going down so use them with care.

      Hope this helps

  31. Hello doctor,

    I need ur help. Am 27 and my husband 31. Trying for a baby since 4 months . Nothing happened so we decided to take fertility test . we had no symptoms at all . I was diagnosed to have endometriotic cyst on left ovary 3*3cm , and my hubby was diagnosed as teratozoospermia. Sir we are devastated. Is there any way we can conceive naturally with ayurveda? We DONT want to go for IVF at any cost . please sir advice and help. Thank you.

    • Hello

      See the cyst may not prevent fertility, so you may well conceive in-spite of cyst. You may need to do follicular study to see if you are ovulating. Now for your husband he may need to undergo therapy to see if normal sperms can be produced or if the present sperms can fertilize. All this along with certain uterine therapy to ensure your baby if it conceives goes full term. As you see this can only be done under supervision of a good Ayurved physician I would not recommend you to waste your time and money searching cures on net but consult a good physician if you want to conceive naturally.
      If you tell me where you are located maybe I can suggest few good references. I also think you must not cut of the IVF option though in your case the most viable option may be ICSI [but mature and good sperm collection maybe an hindrance]. So you can first get treated on ayurved lines to see you are free from any disorder and can go full term with conception. Once thats done and if y chance your husbands condition does not reverse you may have chance with ICSI but thats just an option .

      Hope this helps

  32. I am 32 year old with 1 child almost two years.I have PCOD for more than 7 years.I had difficulty in conceiving and had taken duphaston on and off for almost 1-2 years. Lost one child during fourth month due to multiple anomalies-(Non immune Hydrops). So went for complete ayurvedic medicines after that for healthy pregnancy.But after my delivery I have got periods only after 1 year and its been very irregular every 3 months or so .in between i had DUB uterine bleeding for 5 months. A USG showed severe PCOD after my full term delivery.I have started taking kashayams for the past 3 months. Started with Varnathi Kashayam, then Sapthsaram and this month I am taking Sukumaram Kashayam with Rajapatha pravarthini .
    I’m still nursing my child.Could this be the reason for irregular menses? Also my life has been quite stressful especially the past 3 years after i lost my first child.How long will i have to take medication to get periods regularly and remove the PCOD?

    • Hello

      I have made it clear umpteen times through my comments that no disorders can be CURED. Your problem is proper ovulation and good hormonal balance. Having cyst does not mean you have the disorder. So my advice would be to have regular ovulatory menses and not have any symptoms regarding to it. It than does not matter if you have cyst or not.
      Also till you are breast feeding [6months][ do not try to induce menses. After 6-7 months best option is to regulate your eat and sleep timings and take the black sesame decoction. Periods resume in 8-9 months. Also conception is the best and only chance to reverse PCOd as for 9-5 months ovulation is naturally suppressed.
      Follow this tips,keep a long term approach consult a good doctor of ayurved and you would be good to go

  33. Hello Dr.

    I am suffering from stage 4 endometriosis and chocolate cyst on my left ovary. My right ovary and tube is normal however i am unable to conceive sice 3-4 years. I have a d laparoscopy but they could not remove the cyst as they could not see my ovary due to dense adhesions.
    Is there any medicine for curing Endometriosis and adhesions and help me conceive. I am unable to to conceive which is the major problem. My periods are regular and get positive ovulation tests. KIndly suggest what to do.


    • Hello

      Your case is first of weak hormones which is preventing fertilization. Also in many cases of endometrial adhesions the women develops antisperm antibodies which prevent fertilization. I hope you have done the antisperm antibody test for yourself along with your husband’s and also his semen analysis.
      If everything is fine you may need to undergo protocol to balance your hormones and create a congenial environment for fertilization and implantation. Many times along with medicines and diet panchkarma protocols like uttarvasti helps, but all this needs to be done under supervision
      You may safely follow the diet guidelines given in my article. Along with this you can take ashok bark boil in milk [as mentioned] in the article once a day and continue with this. Each cycle do maximize your chances. This will help.

      Try consulting a good Ayurved physician near you at earliest. Do not waste time as once more adhesions sets in even if you fertilize, implantation becomes a problem. Also avoid any contraceptive pills or ART before you try other natural options

  34. Can you provide the name of the Oil for the Uttarbasti Treatment. The one that has been suggested by the Ayurvedic Lady Doctor for my wife is Kasisadi Tailam which after my research is for Piles. Its a but shock to me though!!! Your assistance will be of great and immense help.

    • Hello

      Pls understand, in Ayurved there are no pinpoint drugs like allopathy. One medicine can be sued in any disorders depending on discretion and diagnosis of the vaidya. For example Ashokarishta which is used in female disorders is also used by many in heart disorders. Similarly Tail are used by vaidyas understanding their mode of action and subtle influences on the body. Hence it would be wrong to presume that Kasisadi taila is only used for piles. Yes many manufacturers write the indication on it as per the reference they find n the treatise. So if you are getting treated under a vaidya than please follow their instructions. Kasisadi tailam is also used to clear obstructions of fallopian tubes and fibroids very successfully by many vaidya
      Hope this helps

  35. Hi Dr,
    I need a good ayurvedic physician in bangalore for the treatment of endometriosis. I am 29 years old. Already I undergone through laproscopic surgery at the age of 25 yrs old. Again recently I gone through ultrasound scan and diagnosed as having cyst in my left overy. Still I am not married.I don’t want to go for surgery again. Please suggest me a good ayurvedic doctor in banglore for the treatment of Endometriasis and Asthama-Allergies.Thank u so much for your great work in advance.

  36. Hello mam,

    You have given very good information for enodmetriosis. I am 34 year old suffering from endometriosis. I had chocolate cyst of 6 cm in both my ovaries. So had laproscopy in 2010 and removed both cyst. Doctor has given me lupride to suppress menses for 5 months. But when my menses started 2 cycle was ok. then cyst came back and after that so much pain and Then after I have pain during ovulation also (From day 8 to day 14) in lower abdomen left side. The pain is horrible and full day it remains till i sleep. Then I have started ayurvedic medicine for 6 month but no relief. Went ahead with IVF – two cycle. But got failure. Then again went to another ayurvedic doctor for 3 months. No improvement. Stopped all medicine for 1 year. only walking and some yoga postures. Then now also I am taking ayurvedic medicine since last 6 months but I always found in ayurvedic medicine – 1-2 month is improving but then after same as before. I am really fed up with this disease. I am getting bleeding for 3 days. I am not sure after bearing this pain even I can conceive or not. Chances are very less as per my age and I don’t want to go with another surgery which I am avoiding since 2 years.

    Please suggest me some good ayurvedic doctor in Ahmedabad because I have already tried 3 doctors but no improvement. You can suggest me in Gujarat also if not in Ahmedabad.

    • Hello

      Your problem is because you have not tried to understand the causes behind your agony. Understand that as long as endometrium thickens beyond permissible limit or has inflammation it will bleed. With time this patches get lodged elsewhere and bleed with menses. Along with medicine you need to have a strict diet.
      Cut out all sugars from your diet for 2-3 months, do not eat after sunset. Eat less grains more veggies with lunch. Eat and sleep on fixed timings and you will ind good relief. I do not know much doctors in Gujrat but will mail you few if I get some references.

  37. Hello My name is Rani Mahour 41 years of age, 23 years of marrige . I had taken ATT treatment 1992 , (utrous). Ectopic in 1998, another fellopin tube blocked, contains hydroselpincs. 6 times IVF failed ET lining 6.3 (maximaum) since May-2011. 2nd Fellopin tube clipped in January-2013, in Mool Chand hospital by Dr. sheela Mehra. Another IVF failed in Dec. -2013. 6 Nos. Embroys are frozen in Akansha IVF centre ( 2nos, 6 cells A)(1no. 4 Cell-A-grade)(3nos. 6 cells-B-grade).
    I desperatly need to be pregnent, any how. FSH-6.4, (Very-Low Endometrium Thickness ) . Please guide me what can I do.

    • Hello

      You have done many treatments and it has affected your reproductive system more structurally causing implantation anomalies. I would suggest that
      1>First you get under good ayurved physician and balance all your hormone etc for minimum 6 months along with PK to see if your fallopian tubes open
      2>After 3 months start taking chances naturally
      3.do periodic follicular study etc
      4>however after 6 months if no result you can go for IVF again and chances of success would be more

      I am saying from my experience of treating cases like you where the age is more than 40 and structural anomalies are thereI advise women to go for IVF after 6-7 months of treatment which fortifies the reproductive system and in almost all cases the first IVF succeeds .

      However be very methodical, do not go on abusing your system by trying too many things and you reach a point of no return. Just relax, research, strategize and you will be successful. never loose hope that you cannot conceive. Where there is a will a way will surely be seen, just be rational, logical and move ahead

  38. My !st fellopin tube was cutted out in 1998 due to Ectopic, 2nd tube was already blocked carrying Hydroselpicns, could not be opend and at the end Tubel clipping was done on Jan-2013.

    An ayurvedic treatment was taken since June 2013, proper VIRACHEN was done during 20 days and Ayurvedic Medecines was given for 3 months. The EMBRYO quality and quantity improved (3 nos. A-grade + 4 nos. B-grade = Total 7 Embryos). One Early blast B-grade was transered, which was not success( Vidaari Churna & Ashtha Bhavic Manjishtha was taken). Now Still 3 nos. A-grade & 3 B-grade Embryos are frozen at the hospital. During last 2 cycles and follicular studies it was found that the Endometrium lining get down before day 15 and also not crossing 6.5 mm, thickness (Tripal layer) . This Cycle is due on 15th March , and I want to go for Embryo transfer(Frozen) in this cycle, may be on 31st March. I am taking Kushtha powder BD (water) and Vidaari Powder OD(Pipli boiled milk ) advised by an Ayurvedi physician. Kindly let me suggest what is better for me.

  39. Hello my name is Diana. I always had menstrual cramps as a young girl, but my only real sign of a problem was infertility. I was diagnosed with Endo in 2005 after lapro surgery. I had a moderate-severe case. After surgery, I was on many hormones for a planned IVF which never happened. I was a very stressed person in my marriage. I since changed my diet, was vegan for 2 years and now I don’t eat any dairy at all, but at times have seafood (easier when you are out to dinner). I also practice yoga regularly. So I felt great for awhile. I am 40 yrs of age now. I am no longer in that stressed environment and I decided to go to a fertility specialist to see my options. She said that I’m not ovulating as much but thats normal given my age. Since all looks good, she assumes the endo is back. She said it grows back after about 3 yrs. Not sure if thats true?? But I think thats probably it. I eat great and workout 5 times a week, but lately I always feel bloated no matter what I do. I’m guessing its the endo. My question is should I have the lapro surgery again (like she suggests) or see an ayurvedic practitioner?? Not sure if the surgery will leave me at a good baseline so I can then take care of my body using ayruveda. I’m very confused. If there is a chance I can conceive, I really want to know. Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • Hello

      I hope you have read through the blog and comments. I would also recommend you to read the PCOS article and comments where many women suffering from endo, having done surgery, suffering from ashermans etc have discussed their problems which may give you a pointers. Now there are 2 ways of approaching this
      1>Do you want to conceive , naturally or naturally cu artificial where you fortify your system to first try naturally and then go for artificial after that which increases your success
      2>or you do not want to conceive at all

      See as said you can either do surgery or remove the uterus but agin it has its further implications. Endo is a hormone related problem which means anything that raises your estrogen values ever so slightly may cause symptoms. Also doing diet which you may feel give s you a sense of well feeling is of no use. I have found people who eat sea food especially prawns etc are liable to endo more as it causes immunological responses in the body. Anyways thats just an observation

      I would always recommend you firs research your problem wrt to medications and available symptoms , then approach 4-5 ayurved physcians understand their approach and the go for it. As mentioned surgery must be your last option and only if it is a necessity. By taking right steps in my practice atleast I have never seen any women go for surgery and in-fact conception also occurs. One must only think the right way.

  40. Thank you for reply. I do want to conceive naturally. When they removed moderate endo 7 yrs ago I was doing a lot of hormone injections and I did not like the side effects at all. I have stopped all seafood since your reply. I made a consultation appt with a recommended ayurdevic practitioner for April 13th. I hope that my window to conceive has not closed. Thank you again.

  41. i am 37, can you please let me know, good ayurvedic doctors in kolkata, West Bengal, regarding treatment of endometrosis & infertility problems

    • Hello

      Currently I do not have any references in your locality. However I will keep your query on hold and if I do come across some good setups will guide you. However till then do your research and visit few doctors understand their approach and then continue ahead

  42. Dear Madam,
    I am 28 yrs with 2 yrs married life and trying for baby from last 1 nd half years.
    According to my last pelvic scan report(19/3/2014).
    My left overy is bulky in size and measures 4.5 x 3.5cms.It shows 2.5 x 1.8 cms cyst with dense internal echoes and 3.7 x 1.1 cms simle exophytic anechoic cyst.
    A convoluted 3.4 x 1.1 cms anechoic lesion is noted in the adnexa from right overy and superior medial.

    My LH(Leutinizing Hormone) is 23.65 mIU/ml which is very high also FSH IS 14.42 mIU/ml.
    Earlier in the month of June 2013 I shown a gyne that time there were 1 more endometric cyst was there in the left overy and 1GF-2.48 X 1.51 cms cyctic lesion was there also there were right hydrosalphinix.She gave me injections and contraceptive pills for three months for the treatment.But based on my current report there is no much improvement.After 3 months treatment she tried for super ovulation by giving Sirodin (FSH) injections for 2 months and then I stopped all these medications from September2013 as tere were side effect and no much improvement.
    Recently I started showing Infertility doctors and they are all experienced and they are saying I have to go for Laproscopic surgery where they will remove the Right Fallopin tube as it caused hydrosalphinix and then they will go for IVF.Doctors are telling that there is no option left apart from trying for IVF As my LH AND FSH are very high which shows that there is no egg formation in my body.
    Hence after analysing my case Please help me and suggest me whether I can conceive in naturall process?
    Whether I should go for Laproscopy?
    And If they remove the Right fallopian tube,after surgery whether it will creat indrance for conceiving naturally?
    Is there any medicines for curing hydrosalphinix,endometric cysts?which will really impact and any medicine which will help to creat eggs.

    Please suggest me what shall I do?
    Please reply me ASAP,because the Infertility doctor has called me for test in my coming Day 2 of my periods and she wants to go for surgery in the Day 7 of my cycle.Please help me and suggest me the best way as there is hardly days left to take decision.
    I want baby naturally and a good health.

    I would like to add that I am suffering from heavy pain during my cycles.Recently I am suffering from pain during intercourse.And there is a constant mild pain in the right side of the lower abdomain even in the normal days(period less days).
    Please suggest me in this also along with the abvove situations

    Waiting for your kind reply

    • Hello

      First of all relax, its not end of the world 🙂
      Now to simplify it I would like you to make decision
      1>do you want to conceive naturally
      2>Do you want to try all methods of allopathy and god forbids it does not work out and then you have no choice but to go for Ayurved etc and hope for a miracle

      See in life one cannot keep measures , you just follow your gut feeling. If you yourself re-read what you have written you will see that you have been treating symptoms to bring about something thats natural. If it was that easy that no one would be without a baby. Before abusing your body with all hormones and surgical option try the natural method first. You can always use all this later,
      but if once your body is damaged than even antural methods will be difficult

      First of all do not keep a time limit. Be firm and get your hormonal problems rectified. Once that done then you can think of other things

      Please visit a good ayurved physician near you. Procedures like Uttarvasti under expert guidance can remove hydrsalpinx and open the tubes. Also strict diet and medicines will help hormonal stability and produce good eggs. Understand having cyst does not mean you cannot ovulate, You can. In my practise I ahve seen women conceive with 3-4 cyst, so do not matter body is great enough to handle itself. You just need to make right choices
      Sit down with your husband, make an informed and wise decision, do not be in a hurry. You want a healthy baby. Its not a competition out there. Do the right thing for your family.
      If you tell em where you are located maybe I can give few references
      And never loose hope you wont have a baby, I have seen hopeless cases start a family.I have even seen women abort the child after conceiving 2nd time quickly after an infertile period of 10 years where they would do anything for a baby. So just trust nature, put in hard work, relax, research and all will be fine

  43. Hi
    How does mixture of Yashtimadhu+Kapikacchu+Gokshur, putrajivak helps in for getting pregnant for last 15 days?]
    is this uterine tonic? does this helps implantation.
    Last month I ovulated but pregnancy didnt sustain.
    Appreciate your response.

    • Hello
      If you have got this combination from an ayurved doc he would be the best to answer. Understand there is no pinpoint analogy as modern meds in herbs. Herbs act by afflicting hormonal response and providing increased output to glands to facilitate actions. These actions being homogenous and not induced or manipulated by synthetic drugs give a natural acceptance towards overall facilitation of things.
      the herbs you mention work on the hormonal complex of the body and with the time of consumption, diet and vehicle of administration can be influenced to work on the reproductive apparatus of both male and female. Secondly ovulating does not mean you will conceive. One can quantify quantity of egg and response but not its inherent quality. there are lot of theories and unexplained facts as to how egg pulls the sperm or how sperm gets entry through some mechanism . The intelligence behind this is still not understood. So on broader scale when all factors in your body along with uterus, hormones etc will be correct, the sperm quality correct pregnancy will take place
      hence do not try to conceive. Just enjoy your reproductive life and you will conceive with it. if you make conception a moderated technical exercise you will feel more frustrated.

  44. Hello..
    I had posted u once before. Your answers are so satisfactory to all. Thanks for giving us such nice guidelines.
    I have PCOD since begining of maturity. I get my periods only if I am on tablets else no periods even if it is a year or more. I had asked u wheather sidda medicines works for my problem. I also hav endo in stage 3. Two cycts on my right ovary which measures 3.3*2.8 and 3.3*2.9. I took sidda medicine for almost 1 year. Dint notice much difference in it. It reduced my other problems like headache, tiredness but not pcod and endo.
    Its almost a year i hav had my periods now. Full in confusion what to do next. Gynec says nothin helps other than laproscopsy followed by IVF. Ayurvedic doc says lap n IVF can never be a solution. Right now I hav stopped everythin. Me and my husband are desperately wanting for a baby but not getting which way should we go. I hav a very low interest on intercourse, I always agree for it that I should not grab my husband’s interest on it and that i want a baby. I feel I can keep trying normally untill I find a way out, but scared of the painful sex and no ovulation since a year without periods. How can i get my periods naturally?? Please suggest me to proceed with the proper diet and proper way further..


    • Hello
      first if you are doing any natural treatment, you must try to get ovulatory periods. understand cyst does not eman you cannot ovulate. You can have cyst and still conceive, so do not be just obsessed with cyst
      second it dies not matter if you get 4 menses a year as long as they are ovulatory
      With IVF i have certain reservations: understand you can ahve a embryo transferred but if your hormonal profile is not good will the baby sustain and hence in many Ivf cycles miscarriages occur. Add to it trauma of losing baby and the high cost involved
      If you do not enjoy sex, try getting self orgasms to induce good hormone secretion. Get some guidance under good ayurved physician with an aim to get good ovulatory periods and once done you can go for IVF if not interested in sex , so at-least your chances of success are good
      Understand no pathy is bad as long as you know what you need to achieve. In my practice too in-spite of so much rationale and thoughts fertility is a complex issue. Yes menses and other things get sorted very easy within months but in-spite of getting good ovarian function many times conception evades. Its something nature selects and hence give yourself good chance to conceive
      Aversion to sex itself depicts your hormones are not in right frame because as species we must always have a natural tendency to reproduce. so meditate, educate but get your hormones going
      Do not try and search solutions here and there but have a complete approach, target your goals and than take the right choices.
      You can follow the diet tips mentioned in my blog. Cut out salt but mostly cut out sugars to all point. Follow eat and sleep timings and take the sesame decoction which will help. However for long term gain, always advisable to do a individual treatment under supervision

  45. oh my god. What a blog this is. I also suffer from PCOD, endo and no sexual appetite with my husband. Do anything I cant induce orgasms on myself or enjoy sex with husband. Added to this, reproductive treaments have made me more sick. Only thing we want is baby. 2 failed IVF and doctors say, after laproscopy try IVF the chances will improve. Why do these artifical procedures fail inspite of getting good embroys? I read all your procedures and articles of infertility and pcod. Can I work with ant ayurvedic doctor to form eggs naturally and turn my cycles ovulatory. If I get a follicle with egg….can I try insemation procedure of IUI because my husband sperm count is normal. I hope atleast natural way of eggs gives sucess to conception.

    • Hello
      understand that IVF [egg + sperm fused into uterus and environment created by hormones for sustaining]. It is very difficult to manipulate natural hormones with artificial dosing and hence is a women has hormonal problems most times IVF will fail as we cannot assume how body produces and utilizes hormones. So My advice is that first get your hormones straight, have at-least good ovulatory cycles and then if you go for IVF [because your sexual life may not be good] it has more chances of stress. Get intelligent choices in life. We can all spend money but time and abuse to rthe body may not be reversed, so use your limited chances with proper research
      If you cannot induce orgasms than it is a chemical sign that your body is in reproductive stress as the general tendency of any species is to reproduce. Any aversion to sex denotes fallacy of hormones. Treat life as chemical and try and achieve means to get optimum functions.
      You can work with a good ayurved doctor, but read the blogs and comments carefully and understand what you need to achieve and then select a good doctor to work with.There is always hope if the right approach is taken. Just do not be obsessed with baby , try and get a good healthy natural sexual life and through it a good offspring will surely deliver.

  46. Hi..
    Thanks a bunch for the quick and proper reply you always do. I totally agree with you and will proceed with the same guidance. Can you suggest me too with the name of any good ayurveda doctor in mysore please..


  47. Dear Doctor, i m 29 yrs old , i had a baby boy through normal delivery3 yrs back but he expired in 3 days due to certain health problems . we took a gap & now we were planning for a baby but after initial test i was diagnosed with complex cyst on both ovaries suspecting it is endo cyst . My Dr advice laparoscopy , i m very nervous to do this surgery . I don’t have any severe pain . Kindly advice me any other treatment for this .

    My Dr didn’t prescribe any medicine for controlling these cyst . Also doctor is it so that if i conceive with these cyst these problem will be cured .
    But one question always comes that since these are cyst & that too complex cyst will it be cancerous . I am totally confused in taking decision for surgery coz i feel i shouldn’t loose my natural way of conceiving

    • Hello
      As mentioned in the article and comments, do not do an surgical procedures unless an emergency as most times this may render your ovaries futile. Laproscopic drilling is done to remove cyst and ensure ovulation but it rarely succeeds . I would suggest that you consult a good ayurved physician and first get your ovulation proper [can confirm with follicular study]. Once done and producing good eggs you can then go for any fertility method you chose
      Understand that a weak hormonal system in-spite of artificial conception may not sustain the baby leading to miscarriages. Since you have already delivered a baby back [unfortunate it did not survive] you have more chances of conceiving naturally again if you take good ayurved guidance, be patient and follow the guidelines

  48. Hello Doc,

    Thanks u very much for sharing this information. I wish I could have seen this blog before my laproscopy.

    I am 34 yrs old. I am having endometriosis since last 7 yrs. Did one laproscopy in 2010. Had 2 failed IVF’s in 2012. Still no child. I am having chocolate cyst in both the ovaries and adhesions in area. Ultrasounds are not very much clear due to endometriosis

    I am having much pain during menstruation as well as during ovulation. I have started ayurvedic medication since last 2 months. Doc has prescribed me Sukumar Kashayam, kumaryasavam, shatavari, M2 tone and saptasaram. But Still I have much pain both times and this time pain continued even after ovulation. Then I stopped shatavari tablet and pain gone after ovulation. So it seems I had pain due to higher estrogen during ovulation. whether this medicine should i continue or not?

    Dairy product almost stopped (90%) since last 4 months. Sugar/jaggery very less (20%). If needed i m using honey or date paste. Doing daily morning walk and dinner by 7-7.30. I am vegetarian.

    I have few questions.

    1. Till decoction is required or one can eat raw till?

    2. My cycle is 28 day with 3-4 days of menstruation. So from your suggested medicine only chandraprabha vati and ashwagandharishta needs to take. Can you suggest me any other medication? also should i need to go for any test for my hormones?

    3.Can you suggest me diet for endometriosis which I can follow?

    Once again thanks you very much for sharing this information.


  49. Dear madam,
    I am a 30 year old unmarried woman. I had normal 30 days cycle till january 2012 with severe pain and blood flow for 6 days. Bt afterwards it became spottings which lasted for almost 11-15 days without any pain. I consulted an OB n she prescribed me metformin which i continue till date. Now that i have severe hairfall and hairgrowth in face. Kindly prescribe me an ayurvedic solution to my mail.

    • Hello
      Hairfall and growth indicate Hormonal changes. Please investigate Testosterone, Ferritin, Insulin levels. Consult a good Ayu doctor for long term solutions. The entire symptoms why they occur and their treatments have been throughly discussed in the blog and comments. Please take out time to read through them and you may gain good insights to your problems

  50. Hello Dr,

    i am 33 years old and have been married for 1 year. After marriage i had lower abdominal pain and pain during sex. Then we found that i had endometriotic cyst in my both ovaries and large fibroids in my uterus. i got surgery ( cystectomy and myomectomy) to remove them. Right now i am taking treatment ( follicle studies) for IUI. Along with this my allopathy doctor prescribed some ayurvedic medicine ( vayalmruth, amrutha aristam and dasamoola aristam with suriyaprabha guligai) to balance my hormone level.This month ultra sound results shows the recurrence of chocolate cyst and fibroids. So that i am worried about my health condition i don’t want to do surgery anymore. please help me to get rid of this problem. Actually i am from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Could you please suggest me a Ayurvedic doctor in and around Coimbatore or anywhere of tamilnadu.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello
      You are taking ovary stimulating medicines for fertilization and since you have hormonal balance it will lead to cyst. Please consult a good ayu doc in your area and first balance your hormones natural way and try for natural conception. Check your AMH leves to see if you ahve not depleted all your eggs else you may need to rebuild your system trgh ayurved[long time]. So consult fast.. I will mail you few refernces

  51. Hello,
    I am 29 years and I have endometriosis and cysts .an year back I had surgery to remove cysts and later now I have 2 cysts on right ovary.one is app 6 and other is 3 cm
    I had started taking shatavari and ashwagandha for 2 months and have found a great change. I get my periods regularly and ovulating too which I did not ever earlier!
    Initially after my surgery I had one cyst on the right.later I went for 2 IVFs one did not succeed and other miscarried.
    Later in December 2014 I got the other cyst same on the right.
    I am in the USA and in just followed Baba Ramdev’s advice on cysts.
    We don’t have Ayurvedic practitioners here in my place.
    I am now using these as per Swami Ramdev’s advice in his video for infertility.
    shatavari 2 tsps and ashwagandha 1/2 tsp in lukewarm milk.
    Kanchanar guggul 2 twice daily
    Phala Ghrit 1 tsp with Luke warm water once
    Chandraprabhavati 1 each
    Shivlingi putrajeevak powder
    For now at least for 7 months it’s a little difficult for us to come to India as we have visa problem.
    Kindly let me know if I can remain on these medicines for now.
    I don’t want the medicines to increase my problems.though I trust Ayurveda 100% it’s just that I never had good luck with anything in life.

    I had irregular periods for which they put me on BCP which gave me horrible pain during periods.I had stopped taking them.
    Ever since started shatavari and ashwagandha only the immediate next period was painless and easy.i never had clots or heavy bleeding also.
    After I started taking these kanchanar guggul and phala ghrit I started feeling something uneasy on my right side.its definitely not any pain.. It’s just some feeling.
    I do keep checking my temperatures and see if there is any swelling to make sure.
    But I do not understand what this is .
    I hope the medicine is just working.as when my cysts grew I never had any symptoms apart from pain during periods.

    Please let me know your opinion.
    Thanks a lot for patiently reading and replying to my concern.


    • Hello
      only way to know that you are ovulating is by ding follicular study. the medicines in ayurved are individual based and though meds you suggested may work on long term basis you have to chalk out whether it is giving u the apt hormonal balance. too much of Kanchnaar guggul can reduce your blood levels which may hamper fertility. Its not about cyst but about good quality egg. Are you only on ayu meds or taking some allopath fertility medicine too in conjunction. Are you symptoms liek weight gain, facial hair, hair loss etc decreasing or stable. If your libido increasing
      Only regular menses does not mean you are ovulating
      Just couple the diet given in this blog with your medicine along with the lifestyle changes and see how it works
      cyst more than 4mm hardly dissolve or do with much effort
      hope this helps

  52. Dear doctor, I ve read your article and replies in the blog and i was very much impressed about your explanations. i am 46 years old I have been having heavy periods 6-7 years and was regular every 25days i got my periods . 2nd 3rd day had heavy flow with clots and severe pain. Last year (2014)due to my severe pain and less bleeding i went to gynae they did a scan and it said rt ovary chocolate cyst,adenomyosis, the doctor advised surgery as i have two big children. I told her that 1998 i had an umblical hernia repair with mesh, then she said those repairs will be knicked off ….then i was bit worried but trusted in God ,changed my life style, am already a vegetarian using dairy products like curds, paneer, cheese slices. exercising daily, drinking carrot + beetroot+ ginger juice daily on empty stomach and i felt much difference and comfort.past one and a half months as i was very busy i could not drink juice, did not execise that is from february and put on.weight (i was 50 increased to 55) .on february i got periods 0n 21st and was expecting periods on 17 th of march but did not get my periods. On april 2and 3 had slight spotting and mild pain. And again on 13and 14 slight spotting and on 15th started bleeding .on 17 had heavy flow with fresh blood and reduced on 18th but with severe pain. Today 19th bleeding is much reduced but it seems for me it fresh blood is it normal doctor and has pain at the lower back. When i take brufen feels better. As i dont want to have surgery and to have a quality life i would go with any change of diet and life style. I dont drink tea or coffee. Doctor may i request you to kindly advice me and if you can tell your location i am pleased to come to meet you. Please help me doctor. Iam located in ernakulam, kerala or can you advise any ayurveda doctor known to you in my place.thank verymuch .sheeba

  53. Please suggest the treatment center in Bangalore suffering with small ovaries and what about the conceiving changes with Ayurveda treatment.

  54. Dear doctor,
    I am a 37 year old lady who lives in the caribbean. I am do not have any children. Lately I have been noticing that whenever I am about to menstruate I get a swelling under my navel which become hard and feeling like a ball is there when I lie on my stomach. During this time, I become incontinent with almost total bladder control. As a remedy for the bladder control I started to take magnesium tablets and acv which greatly helped. However I am concerned about the swelling that comes before and goes after I menstruate. I have been to the gynecologist and she prescribed me a combination pill. She hasn’t explained why I get the swelling or why the incontinence bouts.
    I have been diagnosed last year with adenomyosis and previously with pros after which I was told that I they weren’t seeing any cysts. I get painful periods and my flow has also become very scant( light pink almost watery) and lasting for only 3 days to the most. I am also looking like I am at least 4 or 5 months pregnant.
    I do not have any ayurvedic doctors where I live. Can you recommend me some herbs that I can buy at the natural health store to help my problems?

    I am taking flax seed oil, saw palmetto, red raspberry tea and bought ashwahanda today to. I take these tablets to help my symptoms( mild pros symptoms: mild facial hair growth, pain,fatigue, bloating and weight gain in the stomach area.)

    Thanks for your response.

    • Hello
      The swelling could be a heamatoma which may be building up before period and moving out. From your symptoms it seems you have horminal imbalance
      Please follow the strict timings diet and sesame seed deciction as given in the sample chart in the blog article
      Once done and finding relief i will inform you about some marmayog exercises which you can do to get rid if this problem

      • Thank you doctor for the quick reply.I will try what you recommended and will follow up.
        Thanks again.

  55. Dear Doctor, My sister is 34 years old and she is suffering from Adenomyosis. Her periods and ovulation period is very painful that she is not able to perform her daily routines as well. She had a surgery 6 months back to get her infection in the Uterus cleared and she was under the harmonal medication to supress her monthly periods for about 5 months. Now that her periods are back, she is undergoing the same pain and she was scanned with cyst. Kindly suggest how to move forward and she will be happy to take a personnel consultation. Please help.

    • Hello
      he condition can be helped with proper diet medicine and yoga. I have given lifestyle diet and some home remedies on the blog which she can try diligently for few months. Meanwhile consult a good yoga teacher who has some knowledge about ayurveda or the body and work it out. If you tell me where you are located I can help you much more

  56. Dear Doctor,

    Thank you for this wonderful article. My cousin has been diagnosed with huge fibroid. She wants to consult ayurvedic physician. Please advice good ayurvedic doctor preferably lady doctor in Hyderabad at the earliest. my email address is: saipooja21@yahoo.com

  57. Hi Mam,
    I am from Bangalore, I am having lower abdomen pain in left side for last 1 and half year. Everyday the pain will come 3/4 times and it will be there for 15-20 min. Mostly my pain will be after wake up from bed or urine pass or If I take heavy work load. My periods are normal. Initially I didn’t had pain following 2 /3 days after my period. But now even after period also I am having the same pain for the whole month. I am really have visited lot of allopathic Doc and did lot of test. Below are the summary of my report from last week.
    **Small posterior intramural fibroid
    **Endometrial lining appears intact, thickness -10mm
    **Hemorrhagic cysts(15×14 mm each) in right ovary
    **Minimal free fluid in Pelvis
    Bilateral ovaries are adhered to the uterus.

    Can you please tell me what is the issue here, is it adhesion or cyst, which one is causing the pain. Also how Ayurveda will help me in this case and how long it will take to recover from this situation. Also I want to visit you if you are in Bangalore. If not please suggest some good doctors. Please help me.

    • It is mix of both, the cyst and adhesions pain when menses process occurs thats contraction and stimulation. You may get a herb called Gorakhmundi (entire0. Boil 100gms in 2lt water and reduce to 1ltr. store this and drink 50ml morning evening empty stomach 10 days before menses
      also take sesame seed concoction as mentioned in the blog. follow diet lifestyle and join some good yoga class under supervision from a teacher who has sound knowledge of ayurveda and the body. I will be releasing few self help yoga protocols on youtube soon for this community so please keep a watch on this space
      I will email you few references in bangalore.

      • Thanx a lot for all your valuable information, I will contact the doc you provided. Thank you

  58. Hi, Mam- I am 43 year old House-wife, I have tried many times DONOR eggs IVF Embrio transfer , but failed due to ET th. 6.8-7.2, ET lining is not going good enough to cocieve, kindly suggest me few domestic/ ayurvedic medicine. (Naari-sakhi, Ashokarisht taken)

  59. Hi, i am 37 and suffering endometriosis and have a cyst in my left overy of size 5.5cm. My gyne. My gyne tried treated me with clomid and some hormonal injection to help me conceive. This went on for 5 months but it did not help. I also took zoladex inj for 3 months to control endo but that too did not help. Please suggest me ayurvedic medicine.. do you know any good doctor in Bangalore that I can consult? Thanks for the help.

  60. Hi,
    I am 29 years old women married since 7 years. My periods are irregular since puberty. Since 4 years am diagnosed with endometriosis with pcod. My endo dint grow fast as I never had my periods unless I take some medications for it. In december 2014 I had my periods from ayurvedic medicine which I had not had since a year. But badly periods continued for 2 months. Again with medicines it was stopped.
    But unfortunately in march 2015 I had a very bad pelvic pain which made me collapse and was put in hospital and with a scan got to know that the cyst was grown around 10 cm big. An immediate laparoscopy was done. Surgery revealed my both tubes are fine and doc put me on lupron the month ie in april following surgery. I had another shot in may too. I did a scan after that, which showed no endo or cysts and a normal ovary. So my doc said 3rd shot was not required. And she also said to wait until the periods comes even if it a year.
    I always prefer ayurveda, so thought of continuing with it inorder to take care that the endo doesnt return back.
    I somehow found a very good ayurveda doctor in pune. I had to travel very long to reach her. Still with the hope of getting healthier I started the treatment from her. I was started with virechana, basti and uttarbasti with other medicines. On the 3rd day of the uttarbasti I got my periods. It was all normal with no pain. But since 15 days i.e after 15 days of my periods I started feeling severe back pain, pain in buttocks which pulls down the leg with pelvic pain.
    I rushed for a scan which revealed the endo is back with a 2.2cm cyst on the right ovary. It just took my breath out..!!
    Pls suggest.. How could it return even when am on ayurvedic medicines with a very good doc. Is the medicines not reacting on me?? Can I not come out of this endo at all?
    I have not got my periods also yet which was due on 16th of this month as its always irregular. Doc has told to wait for a week for periods and then see her for the 2nd cycle of uttarbasti. Pls suggest how should I move on…

    Sorry.. Dint mention, we are wanting for a baby since 4 years with no luck. Can I have a baby in my health condition and a healthy life in future? Your answer is valuable. Kindly suggest madam..

    Thanks & Regards,

    • If you read the blog and comments you will get a fair understanding of your problem. Cyst may form each cycle, so unless your hormones become stabilized and corrected it will occur each month. You have to slowly but surely get into a pattern where these hormones balance. So do not panic. Stick with your doctor. Over a period of 5-6 months observe all your symptoms, think long term and eventually all will be fine. It may so happen that you may still ahve cyst but have a very functional menses so only be concerned with that. Once you start getting ovulatory menses and your endometrium improves you can definitely have a babay but first eduacte yourself properly, relax and think long term

  61. Respected sir, I was on lupride 3.75mg for 2 months…June 11th and July 11th…now after 2 months and 10 days endometrial thickness is 4 mm in scan…I wish to take a panchakarma treatment as I have had treatment of tuberculosis before 1year also…can I take panchakarma at this point as I have not got my periods after stopping the injection..awaiting your reply ….thanks in advance…we are married for 8yrs with no kids…Nithya k

    • Hello
      It depends on why and what type of PK you are taking. Take Pk as an entire treatment modality under a good ayu doc. Understand your problem from the descriptions in the article and try and get a good foundation to conceive

  62. Hi doc,
    I am 26 yrs old. diagnosef with large fibroid uterus(12 cm) and chocolate cyst(8 cm) in right ovary. Doctor performed open myomectomy for these on august 12th, 2015. Now I am taking cerazette pill daily for
    endometriosis.histopathology reports the lesion to be a cellular leiomyoma. Prior to the surgery I took zoladex injection for 3 months.my periods were regular since menarche but painful and heavy sometimes upto a month.please suggest ayurvedic physician in Hyderabad for my problem

  63. Hi,
    I have tried to contact you over email. I am 27 year female and I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. I am struggling since last 2 years. I am currently on progesterone to stop bleeding. Can you suggest some good Ayurvedic doctor in and around Bangalore? Where is your clinic? Please help.

  64. I was going through your blog. I am 34 year old have had recurrent ovarian cysts since i was 23 years. My doctor put me on hormonal pill endoreg and told me to continue with it for 10years. She has strictly asked me not let my periods come which i am not comfortable with.

    I want to try ayurvedic medicines . Can I take them along with the hormonal pills that I am taking ? or should I stop taking hormonal pills while on ayurvedic medicines. Please suggest.

    • you have to first correct your approach. taking hormonal pills means you have suppressed ovulation which will not only put you through reproductive stress but will affect slowly your mental and spiritual being. if you wish to start aye find a good doc that corrects the hormonal balance helps your ovulate and also rectifies your all problems. having cyst does not men you cannot have normal cycle.
      just read the blog well, the comments section where i have explained all this things in detail. understand, think over long terms. you are 34 and much of the youth may be effected.
      rest its choice of each ors comfort where they need to go

  65. Hi,
    I came across your blog through google. I am 29 years old and suffering from 4.9 cm chocolate cyst in right ovary. My hormones though came out to be normal but I used to have pain in my menstrual cycle but I used to avoid pain killers. Doctor has precribed me endoreg 2 mg. My CA-125 levels are also raised around 74. Please advice me something. My menstrual cycle till now have been normal. But I am scared to take medicine. Can I try conceving once? Can you please suggest me some good ayurvedic doctor in delhi-ncr.

    I don’t take allopathic medicines not even during pain in menstrual cycles. My hormone tests are normal. But doctor has put me on Endoreg 2 mg. i have taken 4 doses till now. I am doing castor oil massage and also I am taking iton supplements, avoiding milk products. Can you please help me and suggest some good ayurvedic doctor in delhi-NCR. Can i try conceving, half of the doctors are asking to go for surgery for which I am not willing. Please help.

    • Hello
      If you are ovulating you can conceive. CA125 rise need not put you in worry or panic. They rise sometimes in cyst does not mean you have cancer. Unecessary avoid surgeries. However if you are willing to work hard put in the effort of giving up foods completely and resetting your hormonal cycle you can very well achieve good health. Lot has been written about protocols and diet in this blog please refer to it. Read carefully and understand your problem and armed with information visit 3-4 ayurved doctors and only continue treatment where you can get a one stop solution for all your problem.
      Understand only dissolving cyst, or getting menses on time or reducing CA125 levels must not be the goal, but proper ovulation without any apparent physical problems [weight gain, loss, acne, facial hair], good libido and health.
      Taking contraceptive pills will eventually push you to infertility and more things like surgery. So take a call.
      please mail me at ayurvedaforwomen@gmail.com and I can help you with some references but do your research and stick to right person.

  66. I’m a 40 yrs old woman and before 6 months l was diagnosed with chocolate cysts in my right ovary and endometriosis. My gynec is advising to remove my ovary, which I really don’t want to do. Kindly refer me any good ayurveda doctor in Chennai. Thanks in advance.

  67. Hello Mam,
    I am staying in South Delhi Safdarjung Enclave. My age is 27years with 2 years married life. I am suffering with endometriosis in my right ovary since more than one year. Doctors are saying it is possible stage 3 Endometriosis. Earlier in the month of June 2015 I shown a gyne that time there were 1 more endometric cyst was there in the left ovary and was there also there were hydrosalphinix in both tube. But after 3 months they said there is only one cyst in my left ovary and no hydrosalphinix. My menses is normal and on time I am having little pain during menstruation as well as during ovulation. My cycle is 28 day with 3-4 days of menstruation.Doctor is treating me with contraceptive pills around 1 year. Now I stopped all medicine for 2 months and trying for natural conception. Doctor suggested me to undergo a Laparoscopy & hysteroscopy surgery that I don’t want to go for operation. I don’t know my fallopian tubes are blocked or not and I ovulate or not. I just want to know I can conceive with endometriosis. Which kind of test we required? Because I’m really looking forward to having a conceiving. Please suggest me the next level. Any medicines you will recommend for endometriosis cyst. Any food habits for improvement. Please advise how to finish endometriosis completely and stop cyst from coming back. I want to permanently get healed from Endo, feel better and try natural conception.Please suggest me a good ayurved physician near by my area.

  68. Hello
    Iam 23years old unmarried girl.my problems is scanty periods.I have periods only for 2 days from past 2 years.doc said my endometrium lining is thin.my periods are regular(the date I mean) no pain during periods my problem is only less bleeding during menses and my weight is increasing.

  69. I’m 35yr old unmarried wrkng lady.I’m suffrng frm thyroid frm past 3yrs& i’m on 50mcg Eltroxin .Since thn i hv been suffrng frm irregular mensus too.In Mar2014 my mensus stoppd fr 3 mnths..so i wnt to a dr. she prescribd me a medicine aftr takng which i hd periods in July2014 bt it wasn’t a normal period i ws hvng heavy bleedng wid clots &it lastd fr many days until i wnt to dr who prescribd me Drosmac 20…aftr takng it bleedng stoppd&i strtd hvng normal periods till Dec2014. In Jan2015 i agn missd my periods fr 3mnths…agn i sufferd frm above statd prblm..heavy bleedng wid clots stoppd aftr takng Drosmac…den mensus were regular till Decmber 2015 agn in Jan2016 i skippd my mensus fr 3 mnths i turnd Ayurvedic medication…i hd periods aftr 7 days means in Apr2016&agn the same prblm period lastd very long den aftr takng medicine period stoppd bt agn i missed my periods fr 2 months i took ayurvedic medicine&in July 2016 i hd periods agn d same prblm…I’m took M2tone forte syrup & possex forte capsules Bleedng stoppd fr abt 20 days bt aftr dat i hd bleedng wid clots.. i told my dr abt bleedng she replacd M2 tone forte syrup with Ashokarist Syrup.i hd Ashokarist fr a week heavy bleedng turnd to almst vry light spottng i stoppd takng Ashokarist &turnd to homoepathic medicine in Aug2016 i hd it fr a week bt it wrkd vice versa…i hd heavy bleedng wid clots.i wnt ayurvedic dr.She gave M2 tone forte wid othr medicines bt i cudnt see any improvemnt instd m having spotting regularly 5-6 drps btt frm past two days m having heavy bleeding with clots…should i continue with ayurvedic medication or turn to other…if i continue d same please suggest me proper treatment and diet plan regulate my periods in a healthy and proper way…

    • helo
      you need to take into account the higher pathology and not just concentrate on menses. if u hv read the thyroid article first rule out antibodies. then follow the lifestyle changes mentioned. check ur ft4 tsh every 45 days. sometimes dose adjustments is required. consult a good knowledgeable ayu physician who knows abt complexities of thyroid. this is long term treatment. only replacing ayu medicines or for that sake any other medicine wont help
      eat sleep on time. eliminate sugars completely. follow the do and do not list in the article. this will help

  70. Hi,

    I’m married at the age of 27, 1 year 1 month since married, I was informed like I have endometriosis cyst of 6 cm, Is this curable and Can I have chances of conceiving. Since 5 months only I started to mensuration period gap for 33 Days, my complete bleeding is 2 days only. I used to leg pain and back pain, since 5 month i started to get fever in 2nd day. doctor suggest me to do laproscopy , but still she has not assured the chances of conceiving. Pls suggest me wat should be done next, I’m totally vexed. Can my issue resolved through Ayurveda ?

    • Hello
      It has been mentioned and explained in the blog and comment section about your problem in detail. Please educate yourself throughly by going through it. Having a cyst is a functional problem. Getting recurrent just is physiological. Cyst impairing your hormones and causing ovulatory etc disorders constitutes the syndrome. Having cyst does not mean you have PCOS. You must do a follicular study to first check if you are ovulating well. Get thyroid level checked. Apart from this follow the diet and lifestyle methods mentioned in this blog. They will help you in long run. There is no magic pill in any science to cure. Disorders cannot be cured. Once you go and implement all this [sugar abstinence, eating sleeping on time] and you start seeing some results consult a good Ayurveda physician in your area who knows about the problem. One cannot recommend or say who is good and bad. Arm yourself with knowledge from this blog and meet 2-3 physicians and see what goes by the air. Where you feel comfortable as this could eb a long term process.

  71. Hi,
    This is in refrence to the post on Dec, 15. I would like to thank Dr. Sumit for his generous help by writing article on Endometriosis. I was diagnosed with chocolate cyst in dec, 15. My tumor markers were positive. I was in dilemma as doctors said It needs to be operated or else I will not concieve. This led me to depression because surgery is bot an easy task. But, by god’s grace I found this blog and hence, started following everything mentioned. Trust me it worked and I concieved in Jan,16. And have recently blessed with baby girl. I would like to thank Dr. Sumit.
    God bless.

  72. my endometrium is 19.8 in march 2016,dr,done d&c and put me on DEVIRY tablet for 10days a month for 6month. my biopsy shows SIMPLE HYPERLASIA.my periods are less amd missinf for 1-2 months.I’ve a overy cyst also.I donn,t want to take allopathic treatment.46yrs old mother of two kids.

    • Hello
      First get Thyroid antibodies tested.

      Anti-TPO or AMA
      Anti- Tg

      This will show if you have auto immunity. please read article on Thyroid, endometriosis and pcos on the blog]
      also listen to audio lecture and implement the diet lifestyle changes mentioned. You may need to wean off Deviry and start implementing protocol to strengthen your reproductive system. This can happen under guidance of good aye docs. Just follow the lifestyle changes mentioned in the articles. For medicine in your locality if you can find Ashoka tree (Sarac asoka/ saran indica). get its leaves fresh. Crush them on stone to create a fine paste. Take this paste with water 10 gas morning evening empty stomach. rest follow the diet instructions about sugar salt etc mentioned in the lecture. Do this for 2-3 months. stop Deviry. if you get good results consult a good aye physician for long term treatment

  73. Hi, I have chocolate cysts for many years. I also have spotting for more than 7 days after menses and 7 days before menses. Is there a way to reduce the size of the cysts and stop spotting? Your help is much appreciated.

    • Hello
      Cyst formations happens due hormonal malfunctions. Only reducing cyst does not mean they won’t come back again. Cyst is least of your problems unless its big and causing torsion. Long term changes on lifestyle diet and medicine will definitely help if you put in the effort. Only medicines or procedures won’t. Please make changes as suggested in the audio lecture [spice] published on the blog. also consult a good Ayur physician near you for long term gain

      For spotting etc you can use the remedies mentioned but cut out sugar completely and eat and sleep on time

      • Hello
        Yes you can. However if its more do consider taking tranexemic acid for few days along with it. Once it stops discontinue it and be on the acv mixture. However changes as mentioned are must. Only meds won’t help

      • Thank you. You had mentioned in your lecture that fenugreek is very beneficial for women. Do you think if I can take it as well since I have endometriosis? Many thanks!

      • Hello
        yes you can have it as mentioned although it must eb coupled with other lifestyle and diet changes mentioned. Remember only medicine never helps. Its an all integrative process

  74. Hello madam,
    I am being diognised with a severe endemetrosis stage 4.. I have had Laprotomy in 2015 and have recently undergone Laprotomy in December 2016. i have a daughter 8years old. and trying to conceive fro the 2nd child. but in between had too many problems in terms of cysts. and after this 2 surgeries they say my chances of naturally conceiving are just 10 to 20%. Is there any way i can share my reports to u. and guide me if i should follow ayurveda. as they say cyst will keep coming back, and will have to go thrugh surgeries every time. or need to stops periods completely, which will cause me other side effects

    • Hello
      First ovulation and hormonal profile must eb rectified. For that a long term approach with proper diet lifestyle changes and certain medicines will help. You can refer the audio lecture an certain remedies mentioned to do that. Once done then you can think of conception. Contact a good Aye doctor in your area

  75. Hi
    We are doing IVF. Egg retrieval is over. This cycle preparing for good uterus lining for FTE (Frozen Embryo Transfer). Wanted to know if i can continue to take Putrajeevak Beej at this stage.
    Pls advise.

    • Hello
      If you have retrieved egg you can stop putrajeevak . The whole concept of this must not only be fertilisation which is just first part but proper growth of the embryo in situ. For that follow proper lifestyle and timings and see that the uterus and body creates proper hormonal response for the childs growth

  76. Dear sir,
    This is my second post.
    I was diagonised with endometeriosis in the month of November.
    Following are observations
    1. Cyst observed 26mm in the month of October, later 56mm in the month of November, now my cyst size is 19mm, Question is does cyst varies ? Could it be cleared naturally ?
    2. Estrodoil – 34.94mm, FSH, 5.22, LH – 3.11, Prolactin – 27.1, AMH – 6.04MG/ML
    Current ly I’m drinking ginger, with lemon unpeeled, aloe vera and raddish mixed drink, Daily a fever nut with powder.
    Will this give remedy or should I try anything else. I’m desperately waiting for giving birth to a child.
    For past 2 months, I didn’t have rupture stomach pain and fever, my menstrual cycle Is normal with 2 days flow for past 7 months.
    Please suggest me and help me blessed with a baby.

  77. Your article is very informative and it shows you have deep knowledge about endometriosis and its treatment. I had stage 4 endo which was removed through surgery 5 years ago. Since then we have tried several rounds of ivf but even after having good embryos it failed to implant. I have always beleived in ayurveda but since both of my tubes are clipped i have no option but to go for another round of IVF. I have tried virechana,shirodhara,pranayam yoga,accupuncture and siddha medicine before ivf but none worked for me.Recently I consulted a Patanjali doctor who prescribed me shivlingi beeg, putrajeevak, phal grit and stri rasayan vati to help in my next IVF.Can you pls suggest me the best suitable ayurvedic approach for succesfull implantation and good quality embryos. I will be highly thankfull to you. It has been a very painfull journey emotionally, physically amd financially since I am trying to conceive. Also if you can suggest me a good panchakarma centre in bangalore (whitefelid, marathalli area) where uttarbasti treatment is given by experts. Thanks in advance. Stay blessed.

    • as you have understood fertilisation is just one step. the whole growth of baby matters which is response of the body to nurture life. this is an hormonal complex created by the body. If the body feels it cannot budget for a child however hard you try it won’t succeed. I would recommend to undergo strict diet lifestyle changes (as mentioned in my audio lecture), cut out bread sugar, defied flour, tea, caffeine, eat and sleep timings and follow it for good 3-5 months. then ivy may be success. But better consult a good aye physician who understand your issue and not just find solutions in medicines. Understand ayurveda doe snot mean herbal. Ayurveda is a set of principles which work through dosas. even modern chemicals influence dosh. So do what ou feel will generate a good healthy progeny. All the best

  78. Hi,
    My age is 29 and married. I have the problem of PCOD from 2010. I was under allopathy medication for a very long time. In the year 2016 I did my full body check up and consulted my gyne with reports. She gave some medicine for few months, and after that she stopped the medication as my period cycle became normal and told me to do some exercise. After that I started doing yoga and follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I was getting my cycles within 5 to 6 days or on due date as well. From Jan 17 I got sever pain in my abdomen during my period and went to see a gyne she suggested me to ultrasound. And diagnose with endometriosis with a size of 8.2×5.6×6.5cm in my right ovary and pcod in left ovary 10cc.She suggested me for a surgery. After doing so much exercise, still this problem arose.I did not understand why. I dnt want to go the surgery as this might recurr in future again. I wanted to cure this problem and lead a healthy life before I conceive. Can you please suggest me the cure for this problem naturally and suggest some good Ayurvedic centres where I can get a proper consultation in Bangalore.

    • Please read the article carefully and comments. Most grief stems from ignorance and false beliefs. You cannot cure your problem as your ovaries are weak or hormones not good. You create eggs each month. so if 2 months go fine 3 month cyst can come. having cyst does not mean you have cos. You can ovulate and yet have cyst. If you follow good strict diet etc [healthy is a misconception, veg, satvik doe snot mean healthy. what you can assimilate well si healthy). Follow the instructions in the audio lecture (summarising the blog) and do it strictly 3 months. think long term. you may get occasional pains here and there but eventually it will be alright. Cyst which are more than 3-5mm hardened may not go but may remain asymptomatic. Get a good ayurveda physician near you and follow guidance

  79. Hello,
    I have a chocolate cyst on both ovaries.. Size of 8 cm and 4 cm. What kind of panchkarma treatment shd i take n how long?
    Plz give some home remedies, too.
    No painful periods but some sensational feelings on both ovaries..
    My prakruti is pitta and imabalances of vata is there

    • Hello
      pleas consult a panchakarma expert. all people need to be evaluated first to determine therapy. also only pk wont help, follow a good diet lifestyle to get good hormonal balance. please read through the article and listen to the audio lecture to get an overview

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